UPDATED WITH 9/11 TRUTHER VIDEO – BuzzFeedBenny: Million Muslim March “should be renamed the 21 person march”

BuzzFeedBenny visited the Million Muslim March and verified it’s even tinier than we expected:

And last but not least, courtesy of Ironic Surrealism, an aerial view of the Million Muslim Man March:



UPDATED: MRCtv payed a visit to the Million Muslim March and let’s just say they found people that aren’t convinced that Muslims took down the twin towers:

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56 thoughts on “UPDATED WITH 9/11 TRUTHER VIDEO – BuzzFeedBenny: Million Muslim March “should be renamed the 21 person march”

  1. NPC1
    Good post. Rule #1 when observing Muslims. The hand they are waving in your face, isn’t the one you need to keep an eye on. 😉 😉

  2. tinlizzieowner SheerPolitics ‘Liked your post tinlizzieowner, I would like to mention a word of caution though , let’s not get over confident for the simple reason that we don’t know what is lurking in the shadows. 9/11 is prime example, in the years leading up to it, we threw all caution to the wind, and I’m referring to us teaching these people how to be able to fly  planes, but threw all ‘signals’ to the wind knowing they didn’t want to learn how to land a plane. duh!  From what little we know about their religion is, that lying, cheating, is all sanctioned to enable to reach their intended goals. We’ve had a beautiful start in achievements with, Colorado,  D C BIKERS run, New York’s Spitzer and the Wiener losses. We need to rack up a lot of victories, in order to re-install the confidence of one people, before we tackle some of the big issues, in addition of cleaning house, and get our country back in one piece. At this state of affairs we need to be cautiously jubilant.

  3. The Muslims are too busy planning their next attack on Christians and Jews to just stand around in DC..

  4. SheerPolitics 
    I thought it was called “The Million American March against Fear”? Looks like it turned into ‘The million chickensh*t disappearance’, to me. 😉

    Like I said before, they were just bummed out when they found out they couldn’t bring bombs.

  5. Mr. West seems to have forgotten about all the innocent unborn babies being killed daily in our own country (and others).

  6. stage9 Either they landed on their heads or were deprived oxygen on the way. I guess it doesn’t matter much the end result is the same…

  7. Dr Cornel West; Professor at Princeton University. I think the the Ivy League schools are growing weeds. Enough said!

  8. I love the free pork guy!The Mooselimbs probably heard that DC was going to be full of hogs.Hahahaha!!!

  9. warpmine”Update: Only 21 people showed up for the “Million American March
    Against Fear,” falling just 999,979 people short of its goal.” 

  10. I have been removing/blocking all truther BS…I am sick of hearing that mindless BS from those pathetic clowns…

  11. jgilman They wouldn’ t recognize the truth if it hit them in the face. Then again it’s job security, who else would put them on their payroll.

  12. WhiteGuy2 based on today’s mentality don’t expect much more. Most of these people do not have much more to offer to society, and will do anything out of the ordinary to get a rise out of people, mostly they will get the thumbs up from people in their own environment.It gives them the approval they so much hunger for. So even in the dredges of society there is approval obtained.
    You wouldn’t want to go to war with any of them unless, you could keep them in front of you.
    Some people just refuse to grow up. But then again, what leadership are they following?

  13. Ive been trolling truthers all day on utube. Apparently there is some 3rd edition loose change video out  that some kid made while living in his parents basement.These truthers are convince the government orchestrated the whole thing to get at middle east oil.
    I dont understand how anyone who has lived thru the past 20 yrs of government , could possibly think the government is capable of pulling off a massive fraud like 911.

  14. kong1967  Most of Obama’s domestic drones aren’t tenured professors at elite universities, Exhibit A: Cornel West, the knucklehead of knuckleheads.

  15. Seems I recall Mr West and DC Mayor Barry being best friends. Hasn’t there been for many years a free Clinic for substance abuse?
    My goodness the left again just a bit short of the million mark, once again 999,818 Muslims didn’t get the memo. Oh well all the better. May God Bless us.

  16. I’m a truther….
    I don’t believe liberals are human. I believe they were dropped here by alien ships from outer space to stress out normal and sensible human beings causing us to die earlier so that their alien race can come inhabit our planet.

  17. Why didn’t any  media reports  connect the truthers  to the  million muslim march BEFORE it happened.  It is almost they  hoped  to downplay that fact to get a bigger turnout.

  18. Chris Phillips typical lib, “I’m asking questions and finding my own truth”. Sorry Chrissy there is already the truth no need to look anymore.

  19. CalCoolidge Seems to me that each person finding his own truth is why we’re in the mess we’re in now!There is ONE truth!Jesus is Lord and will be returning soon to straighten this mess out!

  20. You want the truth?  9/11 truthers are idiots.  I don’t even think Obama would do something like that, and he’s on their side.

  21. Cornell West… just the sight of him makes me laugh. He makes Al Sharpton seem sane. Well, maybe not…

  22. Each person must find his own truth?
    And that is why he is there to talk with OTHER PEOPLE to find HIS OWN truth?

  23. For the first time since 9/11, my thoughts on this day have returned to patriotism, and what out country can accomplish when we ban together….Thank you to everyone who participated in the DC Biker Rally…..Very proud of you all!

  24. Bwah-ha-ha-ha!!!!      I’m having a ham sandwich and singing ‘God Bless America’ to commemorate the occasion.

  25. I guess I am glad it turned out like it did. America is my country, I was born and raided here..I believe in the constitution of this country, My dad was in WW1 and I had 3 brothers in WW2 so I feel I have some rights in this country..And I believe in Jesus Christ that he is the son of our living God who will come back and save this country from non believers..GOD BLESS AMERICA

  26. I have no qualms whatsoever laughing until my sides hurt, AT the muzzies today!
    Serves you infidel, murdering bunch of hell bound haters, right!

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