BOOM! Dan Bongino serves the GOP establishment with divorce papers

Dan Bongino just wrote this open letter and I second it:

An open letter to the establishment GOP.

I am serving you with divorce papers. For those who are unaware of what happened, the establishment wing of the Party has openly declared war on the grassroots.

For those who say this fight is hurting the Republican “brand” I reply; it is those on both sides of the aisle who have betrayed their principles in the name of Party, that have destroyed their “brands”.

As for the GOP, we used to stand for something; a lean, effective government, vibrant and robust individual liberty, and a passionate defense of the value of hard work and a commensurate respect for your wages by consistently fighting for your right to keep more of them. Where do you stand now? I know where the grassroots does.

This is our Party and we will demonstrate to the people we hope to represent that there is a group of people out there who refuse to be part of any “managed decline”. We will only be part of a spectacular American resurrection.

America’s best days are ahead and you and your fellow insiders and cronyists and “Party before country” loyalists, on both sides of the aisle, can bathe in your titles and power now but understand that I, and many others, have dedicated our lives to draining the dirty water from the bathtub.

Consider yourself served.

BOOM! Count me in.

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467 thoughts on “BOOM! Dan Bongino serves the GOP establishment with divorce papers

  1. There is a growing thought that America is now in fact two countries sharing a common border and (mostly) a common language but divided along the answer to the question: DOES THE GOVERNMENT SERVE THE PEOPLE OR DO THE PEOPLE SERVE THE GOVERNMENT? Sooner or later you have to decide which country is yours. Choose carefully.

    1. That divide is also marked by two different political allegiances: The democrats look to Marx. Patriots look to Madison.

      1. You totally missed the point of this post. The divide is the Establishment Republicans/Democrats verses the Grass-root Patriots. The “democrats” you mention are in cahoots with the Establishment Republicans that are SWORN to the Federal Reserve Bank that is not FEDERAL, has no RESERVES, and is not a BANK. This private company has a MONOPOLY on printing Federal Reserve Notes that we have to pay taxes on the interest they create out of thin air. Why are there so few people that actually see the real problem. This private company prints or creates electronically out of thin air, the currency that is loaned to our government that we have to pay taxes on and our government can do whatever the hell they want to do with it. This country was hijacked 100 years ago next week.
        You just want to fight the “democrats”. That is what they want you to do. Keep watching TV so you will never figure out what went wrong with America.

        1. Sorry to disabuse you of your assumption, but I “totally” got the point of the post, and my post was in response to Francesco Marioni.

          Did you miss that?

  2. The Democrats have a JACK~ASS, The Republicans an Elephant.
    We in the Constitution Party are represented not by an Ass or an Elephant but by the greatest document ever written in this Country the Constitution. In other words we are represented by an Idea called Freedom ! Come Join us !

    1. But our Government was taken over by a Central Bank 100 years ago. Those that control a countries currency, control it’s government. We were all enslaved in 1913 by a private banking cartel. Everyone wants to talk about Democrats/Republicans, but no one wants to talk about the Federal Reserve Bank that owns both parties.

      1. FedSlave1913, That is why I urge people like you to leave these two parties and renew the Constitutional movement.
        I suggest to go back further into American History, you will find out why Andrew Jackson is on the Twenty Dollar Bill.
        During his life time Congress and the Executive helped create the Bank Of The United States, They wanted total control, Andy was opposed to them and he went to war at great cost and took out the Bank Of The United States and a note of interest he is the only President along with a congress that paid off all our debts ! The Rhino Republicans and the Bolshevik Democrats will never take on the Federal Reserve and will never pay off the $17 Trillion Dollars.
        That is why we must move and go to the Constitution Party and revive a Constitutionalist Movement !

  3. Politics is the art of the practical. No matter what and no matter how right what the Tea Party proposes just isn’t practical and will not happen. As the man once said the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. Any other method you choke to death. Get real people. Your intransigence guarantees that Obama and company will win. But I fear you are too stupid to accept that.

    1. 235 years ago they said that about John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, George Washington, James Madison, Ben Franklin, etc.
      Craig had they listened to people like you they would never have tried. The fact is the power of our government does not lie with them, it lies with us, We The People.
      Why do you think they attack the Tea Party and why both parties write rules that marginalize other political parties !
      Because they are afraid, of us !

  4. Any politician who capitulates in the manner that Boehner and co did or attack Tea Party Patriots are simply Statist. We should recognize those on the right or left who are the “Statist” as they have become as one.

  5. And for those who doubt Republicans hate conservatives more than Democrats, let’s not forget how Romney and his establishment cronies undermined and virtually eliminated any grassroots activity for the future in the 2012 Republican convention. The Republican establishment is not our friend, never will be, and has changed the rules to ensure that.

  6. AwwWwwwwwwsome! Revolution by Article V. Plan A: attempt a peaceful resurrection of the Republic. Plan B: A resurrection of the Republic!

    1. Yes. To split our party affiliation plays right into the power-mongers’ dirty hands. That’s how they’ve been winning. Libertarians and GOP need to unite behind a strong conservative candidate. So far, I’ve seen Ted Cruz endorsed by both.

      1. The objective is not to split but to defund the Rhino Party.
        By moving to another political party, called the Constitution Party that actually supports the Constitution, by the way their candidate for the 2012 run was a former Democrat.
        And also supports all the founding documents and original intent. The Rhino~Republican Party, just like the Bolshevik~Democratic Party donot support the Constitution.
        Prime example department of Education, elements with in the Rhino~Republican Party supported this Department and many still do. The fact is no where in the Constitution does it grant the Federal Government that kind of power, besides this Department has been one of the biggest failures in American History and we have wasted hundreds of Billions of Dollars. That is but one example !

    2. The Rhino’s have always controlled the Republican party, Elsie Hillman was the power to be. When Ronald Reagan won the nomination , she went to him and told him if you want to win the presidency you had better take George Bush as your running mate.
      What does this mean Elsie was threating to cut off support .
      A lot of folks say she was gave a helping hand in the defeat of Barry Goldwater as well.

    1. This is what i did ten years ago. Republican party in its current state does not server my interest or the country’s interest.

    2. However in MD and other states, an independent cannot vote in the primary, so others select the candidates for you. Just saying.

      1. The primaries are rigged too. It really does not matter what we do. As long as a private company is in control of our currency, they will always control our elections. Congress needs to repeal the Federal Reserve Act before anything positive can happen. We are all doomed as long as we have a Central Bank. As long as congress continues to spend money that we do not have, we go deeper in debt to the private Federal Reserve Bank and the ‘Bank’ stays in control of us.

        1. We The people are at fault for the primary’s and what has gone wrong in our political process,. It is we who will force change and only we, we must get out the message and get people to call and e-mail the politicians and to net let up. We have done it before.

    3. Iam fine with you not supporting a party, But do not support the candidate, Support the Idea ? Our Founders gave us the Idea, it starts with the Declaration Of Independence, followed by the Articles Of Confederation and The Constitution of The United States and the Bill Of Rights, if their Ideas do not jive with those documents than please do not support them. One more piece of advice from Ronald Reagan, Trust but verify, Just because some one is saying all the right things, does not mean he practices what he preaches, Barrack Obama is the perfect example.

    1. They already exist. The two parties have an electoral dictatorship, and that is how they control 90% of the political power. They make sure that no other party can compete by making all the rules, and changing them mid course when needed. A founding father famously said that a party system would be the end of our republic. That happened many years ago.

    2. I have long advocated that we start a new party and call it THE PATRIOT PARTY. It’s so appropriate in that Patriots are who started this country. We have drifted little by little away from that humble beginning. We as a nation have been a lot like the story of the frog and hot water……Take a frog put him in a pot of boiling water he’ll jump out. But in this case we were the frog put into a pot of cold water and slowly brought to a boil. Now we’re trying to get out and it ain’t so easy. WE THE PEOPLE have been abandoned by both parties. The only solution…a new party. THE PATRIOT PARTY !

    3. I helped set up the startup of the New Conservative Party and after a while gave up and joined the TEA party local organization to change the GOP from within.
      The state laws are set up to prevent new parties from getting on the ballot. In some states even the two major parties have to have petitions signed to get on the ballot and they have to hire people to even do that effort.
      The Constitution and the Libertarian Parties exist and one can see that the general public is not attracted to them in great numbers.

  7. Look Dan, we are not like the Dems. We are grown ups. You can’t always get your way and playing the “I’m not going to play with you anymore” card is simply childish and beneath a leader of the GOP.

    I do not agree with the budget deal either, it does not mean I’m getting a GOP divorce over it. Keep fighting the fight and moving the bar and we will get there. The liberals did not successfully take over the Democratic party by quitting, that’s lesson we should learn from them.

  8. Mr. Dan Bongino is right on this one and 2014 will definitely prove it when the American people will vote with their hearts minds and spirits to change this Good vs Evil situation in Washington where both Political Parties are involved. R or D mean nothing anymore when it come to having the American at the front of the issues.When Country come before Job then we will be heading for the right track. Until then no way.Think. An opinion.

  9. Boehner you think attacking the Tea party did what for you exactly? 2014 is coming quick and I for one well not give my vote to anyone that does not stand and fight for the basic tea party principles.America would have been better of with the sequester in place.The sequester could have given the conservative movement a chance to show how the government could live within it’s means.You Mister Boehner have no vision and no plan.Now you have lost my trust as well as any credibility you once had. Sadly I believe you are waiting until next year before you sell us out with a weak immigration bill.If that is done so is the Republican party.

  10. Sadly, it’s just a matter of time before this politician turns his back on us too. So much damage has been done by politicians that I don’t trust ONE SINGLE ONE OF THEM!!

  11. I think we should all send similar letters to the rino’s in congress. They continue to attack the Tea Party candidates but just maybe if they knew how many of us support them, they may not be so smug.

    1. That is because he is running for the MD 6th District. I live in the 5th (Steny Hoyer-WAHHHH!!!). I am officially adopting Dan as my rep after this “divorce” from the establishment GOP.

  12. Ryan and bonehead are now working for the likes of Mark suckerberg owner of facebook and other rich elites who want amnesty for 30 million illegals.. then put them on obamacare with our tax money.. then they want to increase BH1 visas for millions of foreign workers to screw American workers even more… amazing… both sides Dem and Rinos are out to destroy this great country… fight them never give up people…

  13. Mr. Bongino, I believe you are a candidate for Congress. If you were my candidate, you would have my vote. Your comments were right on…were are the rest of these people that claim to be conservative?

    1. Okay ya’ll.. I was just kidding and wanted to see how many people would get worked up. The reality is that Boehner DOES HAVE TO GO!.. along with everyone that doesn’t support a balanced budget (preferably a balanced budget amendment), deficit reduction, repeal of Obamacare, term limits,etc. This congress and this president and spending this country into oblivion.

  14. Why marry a party when you can get the kool-aid for free? Serving divorce papers to your political party only makes sense if you were foolish enough to marry it in the first place.

  15. Anything to make it easier for Democrats to win. The Democrats are desperate so I imagine there is going to be a lot more agitation to try to split the Republican party. Going to see who the REAL RINOs are.

    1. The GOP may fractionalize, but the Conservatives will take it over, and return America to it’s core values. The GOP has not articulated the Conservative values of most Americans in decades. And be not mistake. America is a Conservative country. It just needs articulating as clearly as Dan does; as clearly as Scott Walker does; as clearly as TEA Party does.

      1. OK,, but the Tea Party was not formed as a “Conservative” movement – it was initially Libertarian, Constitutionalists, but hijacked by the former Moral Majority, Conservatives. Not grass-roots, more like grass fed Bible thumpers.

  16. Boehner must go and now I am afraid that Ryan has been corrupted also. They seem to forget that they serve at the pleasure of WE, the people. WE need to primary them OUT. Also, we desperately need for the STATES to call a constitutional convention to take power BACK from the federal government with new ammendments and a repeal of the 17th ammendment. This has never been done but the constitution does gove the states the power to do this. All the federal government would be able to do would be to watch and whine. This pressure cooker cannot be allowed to keep building up pressure, the states really need to act. I fear that if they don’t, the people will. We will not tolerate tyranny for long.

  17. To paraphrase Santayana, learn from history, or repeat it. The Republican Party came to be because the Whigs lost their way. If the party can’t find its way, it needs to go the way of the Whig Party. If we stand for nothing, surely we will fall for anything!

    1. The Roman and Ottoman empires also exemplify lessons to be learned from history. Let’s hope that the American electorate has not as yet been infiltrated by a majority of those who are willing to exchange their vote, their independence and their freedom for a plate of Obama’s table scraps.

      1. Which goes to show why our founders tried to avoid “Empire Building”. All empires fall under the accreted weight of their excesses. Even Chinese ones, although they prefer the term “dynasty”. It wasn’t until after the Civil War and the damage done to the Constitutional limits on Federal power that we saw an “Imperial America”, complete with gold fringe on the flag!

  18. Hip hip hooray to this magnificent man! WOW!!!!!! Finally, someone with integrity and honor stands up! God bless you Mr. Bongino!

  19. Have they forgotten that they were sent there to provide the American electorate with an ALTERNATIVE to the pablum pukers. If they’re more concerned with representing themselves than representing the majority of the American people, then there is an obvious choice…..CHANGE PARTIES!!!

  20. Salute to Dan. He speaks as a patriot to a party that has abandoned their oath to defend the Constitution and defend our rights and liberty.

  21. To the GOP “ins” that have apparently adopted the, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” philosophy, you can join ’em as they’re being marched out the door in the 2014 midterms. Moreover, if you’ve lost the nads to represent the majority of your constituency, then you shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

  22. I agree, The Republican Party MUST begin to play together as ONE, if we are to defeat the Liberal destruction of this country. I can’t believe they are so ignorant to think that they need not compromise on some issues so we take can the WH and Senate. Then we can move forward.

  23. They used to say they loved Reagan, but now we know they were just getting a free ride on the band wagon, looking for a power seat. The Truth of the matter is, THEY ARE AFRAID OF GUYS LIKE REAGAN.

  24. Oue system is broke and can’t be fixed. Both sides have become corrupt on their own self serving power and they now feel we are there for Them not the other way around.

    1. You are right about it being broken but wrong about “Can’t be fixed” . Article 5 of the constitution gives the states the power to enact amendments while circumventing congress. This power was given to the states by the founding fathers
      . From there we can pass a term limits amendment, a balance the budget amendment, and others to help reign in the federal govt. Our founders never intended the federal government to be more powerful than the states and this needs to be rectified as soon as possible if we are to get oumorningr country back on track. take a look at the book called The Liberty Amendments by Mark Levin.

  25. Dan Bongino impressed me ever since you put up a video of him talking to people about gun control (IIRC), rightscoop.
    I hope this letter finds lots of co-signees, and I pray that he will be elected in Maryland next year.
    In his biography he describes how it happened that he lost to the Dem opponent when he ran for Senate: in the last weeks an ‘independent’ candidate turned up, who had been trying to run for the GOP several times. He had a war chest of several million $$$, way more than Dan Bongino, and he ran attack ads against Dan, which Dan could do nothing about for lack of money.
    Sounds familiar?
    That’s why you need to be vigilant – and all who can, do support him!

  26. Psychology 101

    If you start with a cage
    containing five monkeys and inside
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    This, my friends, is how CONGRESS operates… and this
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    ALL of the monkeys need to be

    1. Excellent, except only one monkey benefits from the banana under the original scenario. The bananas come from outside the cage. That would have to be like the taxpayers providing the bananas. In a real scenario the monkeys juke the system so that they fill the cage with bananas and the more conservative monkeys who don’t want to pull in more bananas than needed get squashed by bananas and pooped on by the greedy monkeys.

    2. I like it, but is there some way we can just replace “monkey” with “asshole”? Yes, yes, I know, it rings much truer, but it would be too difficult to understand, sort of like “assholes”, um, I mean congressmen.

      1. well actually, a bunch of baboons together are called a “congress” so it’s closer than you might imagine 😀

        1. Yes, that’s so true, and come to think of it, what’s the most noticeable thing on a baboon? I mean really, what “sticks out” like nothing else on that little congressman? His “asshole”, like a beacon to his party members. Ugh!!

          1. Might want to read the Comment Policy.

            A passing excremental/orificial reference is often something we let slide, but don’t make it the focus of the comment.


  28. Unfortunately as I get request from the party’s, tea party, republican party the conservatives I have decided the party I am going to support is the party of ME, vetting my candidates, donating to my candidates and nothing more nothing less. The tea party comes out singing the praises of the likes of Paul Ryan, Randy dandy Paul, Kelley Ayotte, Marco Rubio. They have got to be kidding me there isn’t one single candidate above that I would support, due to the fact that they are all AMNESTY HAWKS the likes of John McCain and Lindsey Graham Cracker. the republicans have presented me with less, I do like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Jeff Sessions. And the conservatives I can’t trust either. So being a conservative, for the constitution and representation for WE THE PEOPLE, I have taken we the people to ME THE PERSON, if that can’t support my ideals they don’t get my support.

    1. I stopped giving to the GOP a couple of years ago and now give to particular political campaigns, some in my state, some in other states. I think Freedomworks is worthy too but have not yet given to them. I’m glad I have not donated anything to Paul Ryan….

    1. He’s saying we are taking our party back! Are you with us or not?Throw the buffoons out. Make Tea Party members Republicans. I.m sick of the “Establishment” just like they were in the 60s and 70s. Take OUR party back, people. NOW. They can make fun of Tea Party all they want. What don’t you understand about I’m “Taxed Enough Already”? Is it that hard? Look how a good portion of the Farm Bill is going to Chicago. I had an uncle that had a 169 acre farm. when I was about 10 he had a strip of land he called “Government Land”. The federal government paid him not to cultivate that land. Subsidized. Made no sense in 1972, makes absolutely no sense in 2013. Now it’s just going to reward cronies. And you are paying for it. Dolts!

        1. I’m going to do my best, my friend. Whatever it takes. our country is at stake. No more sitting on the sidelines and watching us go down the tubes. I’m afraid it’s at a critical point.

  29. Also a Constitutional Conservative TEA Party Member not really happy with the bland GOP right now …but I will never vote for another lying Democrat

  30. Boner, Ryan, et al have proven they are D lite… real difference… real reason to vote R over D.
    Time has come to stop playing their game and do everything possible to prepare for the end of the Republic.
    Vote Libertarian and take a chance.

  31. I cast my very first vote for a Republican. There don’t seem to be any Republicans left to vote for, only stinkin’ RINOs or outrite liars, like that New York fella, Bloomberg! Virginia keeps voting in people from California and Massachusetts. Everyone BUT Virginians. We NEED the Tea Party here real bad.

  32. I left the Republican Party 1 year ago, when Boehner and McConnell, caved once again. They refuse to listen to the Conservative Base and Confront Obama. I am a Constitutional Conservative…. I am also a TEA Party Member. I am tired of Boehner and McConnell’s confrontation of the TEA Party. They need to be confronting the Democrats and Obama. Not us.

    1. Jared: YOU said it all
      never seen gutless Boehner go after obamaer the liar creep
      but he attacks us all the time
      I called his damn office today and let them have it
      they think 3 million didn’t show up for Romney well….good luck now lying jerks GOP

  33. I don’t understand why there isn’t someone out there UNITING the party instead of tearing it down …. all sides, the true conservatives, the RINOS, the establishment. We grip that Obama ran on being a uniter, I’m not seeing anything better from the GOP. Very disappointing.

    1. Ted Cruz tried with his attempt at filibustering Ocare. Mike Lee stood with him. McCain called them whackobirds. Had he stood with them how many other Republican senators would have followed? He had his chance on multiple occasions and failed.

      Boehner is selling out conservatives, the same people made it possible for him to be Speaker of the House and the establishment is declaring war on conservatives. I’m not disagreeing with you but the pattern is pretty obvious anymore.

      1. Frustratingly so. Put Rand Paul into the mix, too.

        I can deal with the not-so-great budget deal just to actually HAVE a budget. The Dems haven’t produced one in four years, and if we don’t compromise some on this, the GOP gets blamed for all four years … because that’s what our press and the Democrats do. What I can’t abide is our Speaker dumping on those who are questioning it. People have the right to object and question what’s been decided. Thumping them instead of the Democrats who wanted even more spending and more budgetary shenanigans is ludicrous.

        1. Thank you for reminding me of Rand Paul. The budget deal is just the GOP’s way of trying to get some good press but it won’t work. Not with an Obama loving complicit media. I say forget about the MSM. That ship never even came to the harbor let alone dock. Many people are starting to open their eyes about Obama, too little to late I say.

          I could learn to not hate the POS budget deal if not for what was learned today about it. They have taken to calling it the Nuclear Option 2. Bad news.

      2. I still feel dirty from standing beside the road waving a McCain sign in 2008. A few years earlier I had said that I could never support McCain for president… then along came Obama. If I had it to do over, I wouldn’t do it and I learned a lesson. I will never dirty my self that way again. I am still amazed/disgusted that the GOP actually ran McCain as a presidential candidate, that should tell us all we need to know about the GOP. There is one thing that we desperately need to do as a country and that is to repeal the 17th. That would change SO many things for the better. Passing the 17th was a huge mistake for the states.

        1. I’m still surprised that they ran McCain. Palin was okay, as she was the only one with a spine in the whole damn race on both sides. Repeal of the 17th would be a good start. Term limits would also be a good thing.

  34. I second the motion.

    We are in a battle for the very heart and soul of the bastion of freedom, so either get in the fight or get the hell out of the way!

  35. Yes please. I would love to see a Republican party divided. DO IT! can’t wait for 2016. Even if the libs choose a cat to run the cat will win.

  36. I agree 100%. The RINOs like Boehner have got to be taken down a peg or two or three. They are self-serving political hacks and DO NOT represent conservatives.

  37. I’m twisting the end of my mustache, ready to cackle with glee. So pleased to see this happening. The GOP/Tea Party schism is proceeding apace, right on schedule. I predicted this would happen after President Obama made mincemeat of McCain. The GOP will go two, or maybe three separate ways: On the far right, the wingnut-o-sphere of religious kooks; on the center-right, the bankers and establishment moderates who were too afraid to be the Democrats they actually are; and in the middle, the libertarians who couldn’t give a rat’s behind if they win another election, so long as they stick to their principles. Clinton 2016, Warren 2024, and Gillibrand 2032. No Republican in the White House until I’m too old to care.

    1. Is it difficult to type with a straight jacket on?

      Besides, didn’t you leave out Chelsea, Michelle and the Obama girls in that fantasy wish list?

      1. Funny you mention that. See I’m a college student and my English Comp professor approved my last major paper topic. The Negative Treatment of Black Conservatives in America. Guess what it isn’t mistreatment by conservatives. Perfect score baby. I’m definitely not a liberal.

          1. Not really all that brave as my professor and I have spoken politics and he is also not a liberal. Though I know he would have torn my paper apart had I not argued the case and taken an intellectually lazy route. Thanks though as we can always use some encouragement.

            On a side note when I got the paper back there was a question as to whether I had considered a career in writing…makes ya think.

      2. I am a dental hygienist and a die hard constitutional loving conservative. I am proud to be far right wing and I am not a religious kook, just someone who believe in an empowered, hard working society that is as respectful as it can be considering we are human.

        1. The reason i said that is because i have a lot of conservatives “friends” that say state college are for the liberals. Perhaps they just want to have an excuse to not go to college? Good for you if you went to college.

      3. Da, your getting a little rude. I ask you please to not do that. Your entitled to your opinions but keep it civil. OK?

    2. Most Dems don’t care who the person is or what that person stands for as long as there is a “D” behind the name. McCain is NOT a Republican. Care about what Ed Porter?!

    3. I always have to laugh at you arrogant jerks… here’s a clue … dumping the RINOs will be no great loss. you are getting your information from deranged left wing morons, quite like yourself. They see the ultimate demise of the GOP when in fact it will be a welcome purge of only a few. See, the RINOs do the same tactics as you leftees … lie through their teeth. Most people do not invest that much and vote for the RINOs cuz they are too ignorant to care. But now, you scumbags have *really* done it … and 100s of Millions are going to get f*d by O-care … and you lying libs and the French RINOs are not going to have anywhere to hide.

      I might be a lot more inclined to be worried if I thought people actually bought into progressive BS, but the sad truth is they buy into the garbage about screwing the other guy. Well now they got screwed, 10s of Millions, with 100s of Millions more coming soon, and y’all will pay for that.

    4. You know Ed…..coming to this Conservative sight and voicing your opinion is fine. It’s a free country and all opinions are welcomed here. But coming here and gloating and referring to people here as wingnuts and religious kooks is rude. We on the right like to be courteous and respectful. I am asking the same of you in the future. Use your manners and be nice. Thanks, and Merry Christmas to you and your family and friends.

      1. Nice post…poptoy1949. I am a Democrat. Even though we have political differences ….we are all still Americans!

        1. Yes we are. LeBlanc? your French. I am also. Cajun French in South Louisiana. Can still speak the Cajun French dialect. A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family and friends.

  38. Its sad that the GOP has come down to this. Conservative grassroots groups are why Boehner is Speaker and he talks about them like he did yesterday and today. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Stupid move John. Dan B, Ted C, Mike L…whats you plan?

  39. I really think that Boehner and Ryan fantasize over the good old spending days of the past. And feel that if they cannot drag the old GOP carcass across the finish line of the next presidential election they will not be able to fully enjoy their positions of power as an insider.

  40. It’s all or nothing. I’ll watch it burn before I vote for another establishment candidate. I will go so far as to vote left if they refuse to give me a real choice. Keep it “good ol boys”. We the American people will be waiting to talk to you on equal footing after you are voted out!

    1. Um, c’mon people … this kind of stupid is about as dangerous as you can get with the current freakshow in the WH. Yes, FIGHT LIKE HELL to overthrow these RINOs in the primaries … but when that is done you MUST make the best choice of the two candidates, and with the demoncrapts on a death march, it HAS to be the Re-pube-ican, PERIOD. I get it … it is frustrating that we do not have a lot of stand-up conservatives … but at this point our very survival is on the line

      1. No, we do not MUST. We have a nuclear option–to vote against both parties, by voting 3rd party or write-in. That’s what I’ll do down the line, and the GOPe can choke on it.

    2. I agree Richard but I would never vote left. Maybe stay home and not vote but I think my fingers would fall off if I ever voted left. Merry Christmas….

  41. This has been the issue for decades now… and until WE reform THEM… there will be no change… term limits, recall legislation for all elected officials, NO immunities, NO retirements, NOTHING but what we get… good enough for us, good enough for them… No unanimous consent, and no more bravo sierra from these g00ns … and when they don’t do their job by providing a balanced budget… immediate elections… time for us to tell them how things work and make it happen… and there is time… organize, and VOTE… flush Washington…

  42. He says, in plain language, what a great many of us feel.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Enforce the 10th, repeal the 17th, support the Convention of States and may God bless the United States of America.

      1. For a patriot constitutional lover you aren’t that patriotic. Since we are talking about repealing let’s repeal 2th too.

  43. The way I see it : There are strictly ‘Obama Forces’…that manipulate the Masses and they are “In Control”…then, there are the ones down-below…. The republicans and democrats ! All are being “Used and Manipulated”! All Americans have ” ONE, Common Opponent” …and no body ones to see it .

  44. The Republican party will commit political suicide when they pass immigration reform Along with this bogus budget. The party will cease to exist in the 2014 mid terms

  45. While it’s respectable that he’s walking away from what he perceives as an ineffective GOP, at the same time, the democrat party is salivating. They see division with blood in the water and a rift within the GOP that very well could catapult them to victory in 2014 and 2016. The democrat party is quite adept at manipulating and taking full advantage of a “divide and conquer” ground game. In fact, they’re masters at marginalizing their opponents. Cleaning house may feel like a viable solution to the problem. True conservatism will be eluded without attacking what threatens it from a unified front. The opposition is licking its chops while the right is licking its wounds. Don’t make it any easier for them than it already is.

    1. Who cares what the demonrat party is doing – as it stands now the establishment wing of the gop is half demonrat and half reacharounds anyhow. The time to split from the lame ass gop is NOW.

    2. lots of words there. Candidates that support freedom and liberty will destroy any communists every single time.

    3. I bet the Whigs thought the same as the Establishment GOP does now against the grassroots, look at the good it did them. Back to basics and we will overcome ALL of the leftists.

    4. I would not be so pessimistic at this point. While the Democrat Party holds together their message is getting old quickly for a lot of the new college grads coming up. There could very well be a turn around with young voters.

  46. It sounds promising. Only time will tell. I no longer know my old party anymore. Right now, I’m not missing a thing.

  47. Boehner,
    pisss off the tea party and nancy Pelosi will have your fn job soon.
    how do u think you got to be speaker? alienating the conservative base?
    Lancaster, Taxifornia
    push 1 fo English ONLY in the USA

  48. “I did not leave the Republican Party, the party left me” – Ronald Reagan

    Good words, Dan, the problem here is consultants like Rove and his ilk who are making millions and doing nothing but selling us down the river.

  49. I support this 100%!! The GOP establishment can kiss my rosey red buttocks. When will they finally learn that over 40% of the country still identifies as being conservative. That doesn’t count those who are moderate leaning conservative. Less than 35% of the country support liberal policies they just happen to inhabit some of the largest inner city and metropolitan areas that hold a large share of electoral votes. We need to start voting with our principles and we should be spending with our values as well.

  50. I quit the Republican Party about a year ago and never looked back. Every day they pull these stunts convinces me I did the right thing. I am a TEA PARTY member and damn proud of it. Every time I hear a disparaging comment about Tea Party members (and they come from both sides) it makes my blood boil. I am NOT a racist – I am NOT a homophobe – I am NOT a “domestic enemy” – I am NOT a terriorst, bigot, or clinging to my guns and religion (well, ok – the last one would be true if I were able to get a gun in NJ, and past my wife….. but that’s not important right now).

    Go Dan Bongino
    – Go Cruz.

    1. I’m exactly with you on this. The Tea Party is largely the younger brothers and sisters of the “Greatest Generation” and couldn’t be more benign in their efforts. To ascribe to them the mantle of “racist” or extremist for merely advocating the very basic principles of our Founders, principles that allowed this nation to become the tower of freedom and opportunity that is quickly slipping away is a gross injustice.

      And that freedom is slipping away just as John Adams predicted in 1774 writing: “Nip the shoots of arbitrary power in the bud, is the only maxim which can ever preserve the liberties of any people. When the people give way, their deceivers, betrayers, and destroyers press upon them so fast, that there is no resisting afterwards. The nature of the encroachment upon the American constitution is such, as to grow every day more and more encroaching. Like a cancer, it eats faster and faster every hour. The revenue creates pensioners, and the pensioners urge for more revenue. The people grow less steady, spirited, and virtuous, the seekers more numerous and more corrupt, and every day increases the circles of their dependents and expectants, until virtue, integrity, public spirit, simplicity, and frugality, become the objects of ridicule and scorn, and vanity, luxury, foppery, selfishness, meanness, and downright venality swallow up the whole society.”

  51. The House sold Conservatives out today. Time to send these RINO bastards home where they have to work a real job and stop them from stealing from our Grandkids and their Kids.

  52. I left the GOP after 2007 fiasco and then the 2008 election. The rose colored glasses sure came off after all that bull and I am not falling for it any more.

  53. Since military retiree pensions are being cut, then these socialist rinos should have their salaries cut in half.

  54. This is Our Country. We pay them. They need to be fired. When you get fired you don’t get your pension. They can get a job at McDonalds. If they will even have them.

  55. Finally someone gets it. When the Tea Party stands for the same principles that our country was established on & Constitution written on. When we are called fringe & terrorist that shows how far our country & leaders have betrayed WE THE PEOPLE! @ttechsan

  56. We need to open a WEEKLY thread that shows the vote of all so-called republicans. We can judge for ourselves who the REAL republicans are. I have written Boehner and Priebus, asking that candidates be forced to make a pledge to support the republican party platform wholeheartedly or look for another party. We have MANY republicans who are really democrats, but they live in red states, or red areas…those who consistently send republicans to DC. If they CANNOT embrace our party platform, then they are NOT republicans. PERIOD. We WANT republican-minded candidates, not just those who see a chance to win by running on our party’s ticket. Republicanism stands for something that we DON’T want to lose. Let the pretend republicans find a party that suits them.

  57. The Democrats are Communists and The Republicans are their bitches!
    America must purge the corruption, send the traitors back to the HOLES they crawled out of.

  58. I will only support a party who is after ending the war on drugs. If they cannot support that, then I know they are not about liberty.

      1. Yes, that’s what she means. She must be lost on this site! She doesn’t understand that EVERY single time drugs are legalized, organized cime has moved in to take their piece of the profits! WHO, in their right mind, wants to encourage crime!?! Who wants to encourage kids to use drugs!?!

        1. Only if you impose regulations and taxes on the sale and distribution. When there is a true free, unfettered market then the profits are greatly reduced and opportunity for crime organizations to intrude.

        2. Influence, Jersey, and Jo. Those are arguments to have AFTER we restore our Constitutional Republic. If the Constitution was followed as written; the Feds would have no control over most stuff. It would be up to each individual state, where if you didn’t like the way that state is being run, move to another more to your liking. That is liberty! There is a place for everyone who loves our country and her Constitution.

          And btw, just like everything else in the last 60+ years; what may have started originally as a good idea, even the “war on drugs” program has, become out of control behemoths, sucking up multi-billions of our tax dollars. Have you ever noticed nothing ever ends, or is solved??!! It’s about the Benjamin’s and power now, nothing else. Wouldn’t surprise me to one day discover that our own gov’t dabbled in drugs. I’d believe almost anything anymore.

  59. The elitist establishment Republicans have destroyed any possibility of a conservative resurrection within the party by what they have done over the past 25 years since Reagan. Conservatives, let us band together and form a new party, a party of principle not power that returns this nation back toward the vision of our great Founders, a party supportive of limited Federal government, freedom, individual responsibility and accountability. I believe we can do this in a reasonably short period of time and challenge the establishment Republicrats. The time is NOW! Let’s do this!!!!!!

  60. As much as I see the trend with Judge Andrew Napoletano and now with Dan Bongino moving towards a Libertarian point of view, people might consider the growing presence of the Libertarian movement and even the Tea Party movement as a distraction from the next presidential election which might very well include Hillary Clinton.

    If she is on the ticket, third and fourth party’s that enter the race, may take votes from the Democrats and Republicans, but they may create an imbalance of numbers which will create a Clinton lead in the polls. Either this is by design to have more parties enter the race, or its due to public disenchantment with the present administration. Either way, if Clinton wins, we are in worse shape than with Obama, and that’s pretty bad. She is a Council on Foreign Relations member, she has been fired from her duties as a lawyer in the Watergate hearings because she lied, and then there is Benghazi, where she once again lied. To have her as the next leader of the United States is a scary thought.

    If the Tea Party or Libertarians enter the race, let them win in a major way and lets get away from the two party system. However, I’m afraid that’s not going to happen because most elections are rigged even though they may appear on the surface to be genuine citizens like Dan Bongino who are running for offices, but are not destined to win due to the fix.

    1. The problem is that in 2020 the same problem will exist and the dilemma will remain. Although I share your concern the question really is: “if not now, when?”

    2. Freeman, based on all of my years of research, I expect the Clinton’s to place a 3rd or 4th ringer in the mix. Ross Perot was supposed to get a major government contract should ole slick Willie get re-elected for his second term.

  61. I’m sick of BOTH parties. Demorats are the worst, but the Repubs are right behind them. Their all a bunch of power hungry crooks who could give a rats behind about us. It’s all about THEM getting re-elected and lining their pockets! Most are lying scum bags that should be FIRED. We’re paying these liers and crooks 170K plus for WHAT! I’m so fed up a civil war is what I believe must happen to take OUR country back.

  62. This letter is the clearest call for a strong mid-range political / Libertarian third party that I have seen . Dan Bongino is making a great deal of clarity for a person aspiring to a political career.

  63. I left the GOP in October 2011. Letters like this, as well as the actions of Boehner and Ryan this week, confirm that I made the right decision. It is time for a conservative party, whether the GOP or a new party, to take a stand.

  64. Wow, and from such a good Italian boy, too. BOOM!!!! The GOP needs to get back to actual conservative values or wither on the vine and be devoured by vultures.

  65. Why is Boehner leading the Congress to start their Christmas vacation tomorrow and the Senate under Harry, the fearless, is staying another week? I don’t think that decision reflects well on our party and their leadership of the House of Representatives.

          1. Obviously, someone without a single feck! (Seriously, this is the definitive application of that delightful word.)

    1. you mean Boehner is leading the House. congress refers to both houses, the House of Representatives AND the Senate. as to your question, I suspect because he can.

    2. Because if they’re gone then the Senate either has to act or the deal collapses due to a Democrat Senate failing to address the budget agreement.

    3. Each body sets their own schedule. Go to and They post yearly calendars for each year.

  66. It is hard to say but; The Grand Old party (GOP) has become the Gone Out to Patrue Party adn a new wave of courage and a forward thinking aim for good is what we now to stand up to the cowards who are seeling us down the river from the banks on both sides of the isle.

  67. The best of intentions are fruitless if you can’t win an election. As the Republican party stands now, they cannot…and will not win. Such is the nature of politics.

  68. Here’s another thing: The GOP needs to FORGET this ‘moving to the middle’ nonsense. You will not win a SINGLE Democrat’s vote that way. Do you see any Democrats ‘moving to the middle’? Of course not. Even if you did, would you vote for them? Of course you wouldn’t. So why would you think you’d win any Democrat votes by moving to the middle?

    GOP needs to understand that liberals hate the Republicans guts. There is no point whatsoever in catering to liberals or so-called moderates; they are lost forever. They will fund whichever Republican candidate they feel is weakest by running smear ads in the primary against his opponents, then vilify, mock, and smear the winner in the regular election (reference: McCaskill vs. Aiken). They are the lowest of the low. Write them off. You CANNOT win them over.

    Instead, run candidates who appeal to the conservative voters who stay at home rather than come to the polls when the choice is either a Democrat or an Imitation Democrat.

    1. “moving to the middle” also plays into the narrative that the “typical” GOP position is radical, while the typical democrat position is actually “in the middle”

  69. OK, so we want CONSERVATIVES to win, but what is politics? It is the art of what is POSSIBLE. So run, run well, and run hard, you CONSERVATIVES in the GOP primaries. Learn how to SPEAK IN PUBLIC! Bring your ideals and actions to your local GOP, and then SUPPORT with MONEY and actions, WHOEVER wins your GOP primary. Do not withdraw your support from a GOP incumbent or RINO or whatever you think they are. If they won the primary, they are the best POSSIBLE outcome for that district or office. We should have won with Romney, he was the BEST POSSIBLE outcome from the last cycle, BUT WE WITHDREW SUPPORT from him because he is 1) Mormon 2) supposedly not Conservative enough 3) etc. Now we are saddled with how many trillions in additional debt, Obamacare, judges to the left of Karl Marx, and God only knows how many scandals and crony backroom deals!?

    1. Sure keep voting for the lesser of two evils cause it has done the country so good while doing that for the last 50+ years. If you still think there is a difference between dems and repubs then you are part of the problem.

  70. More words. I get fundraising letters all the time from political organizations headquartered in or around DC and they all seem to be written by the same copywriter and use the same trigger word: “establishment.” The establishment bogeyman is also sure-fire ratings and money for the professional right. Anyone who makes money from our conservative movement from Mark Levin to Jim DeMint will spend hours telling you the story of the establishment bogeymen. There’s a kernel of truth to this narrative, but a lot of nonsense, as well. But. who cares? The story yields better ratings and more dollars than the truth, which is that Democrats as well as changing demographics and values are the bigger problem. John Boehner isn’t the most ideological member of the House and not the most loyal to movement conservatives, but he is quite literally more conservative than any Democrat in the House right now. Sure, Republicans haven’t put it all on the line, but that’s because they can do math. The spectacular “American Resurrection” will require votes that currently belong to Democrats. Populist losers like Dan Bongino will not be able to deliver those votes by preaching to the choir and bashing fellow Republicans.

    1. I’m an active Tea Party member and volunteer for AFP and agree with many of the points that I’ve heard from Levin (although I rarely listen to him…but when I have I have generally agreed with his viewpoints but couldn’t say about everything cause I haven’t heard them all….that’s my disclaimer) but I had a real problem with AFP and others tubing the Agreement before it even was announced. Even if they had an advance copy I find it hard to believe that given all the Rube Goldberg parts that are involved; the significant push back from the general public to the “shutdown” and the prospect of a replay of that next month, and the Defense Prostitutes in Congress running like rats because of the sequester cuts that were looming, amongst many issues, that they could form an opinion against the deal that quickly. So I agree with the substance of what you say.

      But I’m also troubled that given breathing space to deal with these issues we are now going to get an immigration bill that grants amnesty and more. (And Joe Wilson was right about the immigrants getting health care folks when he yelled “You LIE!” )

      …I’m a lawyer and the only living person I know that has gone through the Senate Bill and am now looking at HR 15. I’m telling you that the Senate Bill artfully denies healthcare to those who register, but DOESN’T when their status is then “adjusted.” That adjustment can come almost immediately under the law and without any way for Congress to stop it. It’s a classic basic provision hidden in plain view that allows them to say “if you like your policy, you can keep your policy. PERIOD” for health care to illegal aliens.

      Frankly it’s time to start occupying offices and performing acts of civil disobedience.

      1. Pretty soon Gatortrapper . Yes Boehner is setting up for Amnesty after the holidays. In fact, I would bet dollars to doughnuts that Boehner (through all his little minions) leaked info early.

  71. I have always been a lifelong Republican but now I am a very strong conservative I am very disgusted with much of the Republican Party.

    1. The problem I see with ‘conservatives’ is that most want people to live by the their rules/morals based on a book. I’m not saying that is you, but as long as that what conservatives stand for they are going to have problems, that is not freedom that is a theocracy. Get them to stop bending over backwards for the church and they might have a chance.

      1. The rules conservatives want to live by are the rules of the law and the U.S. Constitution, not the Bible. Progressives are ruthless, absolutely committed to their ideology, and never, ever give up. The opposition needs people with principles who actually have a set of stones, not people who throw their hands up in the air and say “what can we do, we don’t want to be unpopular.” What on earth is the point of electing a politician if they are as weak an ineffective as McConnell and Boehner are? Was this country built by simpering weaklings who roll over and play dead when their opponent says “boo?”

        I’m not sure why I’m even responding to you because you’re most likely a paid troll from the Chamber Of Commerce or maybe OFA.

        1. Not a paid troll, and I’m just telling what I have seen from ‘conservatives’. Again I am not saying all conservatives are that way, but all repubs/tea party call themselves conservatives and every one I see/hear talk about things like DOMA, and court the religious to get votes. Once they get those votes they bend over for the church to make sure they get reelected. You can tell me I’m wrong which I’m sure you will, but I can give lots of examples proving my point so give me some proving I’m wrong.

          I also don’t throw my hands up the air, I just don’t vote “the lesser of two evils” I vote for people/parties that are truly for freedom usually libertarian.

          1. My apologies, I was confusing you with another poster who posted several times, I thought you supported weak kneed spineless “Republicans.” I don’t vote the lesser of two evils either. I just don’t vote if there’s no choice, which is essentially equivalent to voting Libertarian. Not like it matters, anyway, I live in New York City, there’s like 2 conservatives here.

            In any case, I don’t think the “social issues” are the problem with the Republicans. Gay marriage is a distraction. Politicians of both stripes use it to get their bases fired up while they rob them blind of their money and freedoms when their heads are turned. The Republican’s problem is that they’re absolute mush on issues that most Americans actually care about – the economy, liberty, national debt, etc. Democrats have a clear stance, and Republicans let themselves get smeared and walked all over like a bunch of scared little children. Either that or they’re actually on board with the Dems on these issues, as they are with giving giant corporations an unending cheap supply of foreign labor via “immigration reform.” Say what you will about him, Cruz, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee have courage and principles, and they are the type of people we need as leaders.

          2. Mark, if we reboot this thing and actually return to the Constitution and rule of law, “social issues” will not be a DC issue. Each state can do their own thing. The Founders hated the fact that there had to be a Fed. gov’t, which is why they severely limited the Fed powers in our Founding documents. Actually the swaying factor to creating even a limited Fed gov’t was the fact that a few of the original colonies failed to pay their portion of the money they all had agreed to, to support the troops during the Revolutionary War. One of the very first words…Provide for the common defense.

            1. BigMama I think it would be great if we went back to the Constriction and the rule of law, I just don’t see any politicians playing for the red of blue side that are wanting to do that.

  72. This morning I filled out a poll from the GOP wanting my opinion on a whole list of our party’s politicians as to how I personally felt about each of them. They also left a couple of blanks for write ins. I added Dr. Ben Carson to the list. The party, I guess, doesn’t consider him a viable possibility/candidate.

    After the list of candidates was a question as to my beliefs. The choices were: conservative, moderate, libertarian or tea party. With Tea Party the last choice. I guess Tea Party ranks right up their with the Communist Party with the GOP establishment. I proudly marked Tea Party and, of course, gave the GOP establishment $0.00 to cover the bs questionnaire, because I don’t think that the establishment even gives a shit about what we old fogies think. Goldwater in ’64.

  73. Be patient. Demographic shattering and economic erosion will combine to rid us of the current system. Unworkable. A total rebuild will be required.

    1. And the long term damage done unnecessarily for delaying the reforms will set us back generations, condemning my children and theirs to extended periods of hardship along with their peers.

  74. Get on board, the choo choo train is building up steam and is getting ready to roll and rumble across this great nation. The scoundrels and wastrels who have brought us to our knees are about to get a whippun.

  75. As rational people, we realize because of our national debt we will inevitably have to make some hard choices and deal with the short term consequences of those choices in order to get things going the right way again. Perhaps we really need to embrace that rationale when we think about creating a party that better represents our interests. If Democrats and Republican can be expected to act like Democrats, then why the heck are we still supporting Republicans?

  76. The reason conservatives are a minority in Congress is that not enough of us have been willing to make the sacrifices and discipline to be candidates in primaries–even when we have little chance of winning at first, or donating our money and time to those who do. The establishments of both parties don’t have this problem. If an establishment candidate loses, the establishment rewards him or her with some government job or contract that often pays more money than the office the candidate was running for. Anyone who runs for public office knows there is a high learning curve and most serious candidates will do better or even win their second or third try. Conservatives can blame establishment leaders, or say the system is rigged. But the only way to change things is to learn the system to beat the system by running serious candidates for all offices in the June primary elections–just like the establishment leaders we complain about. Liberty and Prosperity!

  77. The gist of the matter is that the grassroots of the Republican party want CONSERVATIVE candidates who will then govern as conservatives. They’re not getting that, and are getting fed up with the actions of the GOP “leadership.” I use that term loosely.

    The last time the GOP fielded a true conservative for President, he won in a landslide. Twice.

    Starting with old man Bush and his “kinder, gentler” policies, they have either lost or barely won.

    Run actual conservative candidates and watch the results. Continue to field RINOS at your own peril.

  78. I am all in with this divorce, we need to rid washington of the RINOs and old establishment types. This is a battle and it isn’t for the faint-hearted. We need more leaders with the guts of Ted Cruz, the corage of Sarah Palin, and the fire of Allen West. In short we need leaders who show no fear, not wimps who will kow-tow at every turn. The more we compromise the more we lose our freedoms. It is time to draw a line in the sand!

  79. I don’t have much but the GOP/(D)em-wit lites get ZERO…Strictly TEA and even then EXTREME VETTING. This gentleman is top of the list.

  80. you conservatives need to understand that you are not a majority. unless you are willing to approach the middle you can expect to never again win the house. its not selling out to compromise or look for common ground.. it doesnt have to be all just your way or the highway..

    1. you liberals ALWAYS say that conservatives should compromise, but if it isnt YOUR way it is always the highway! Hmm, here’s an example…You say you are pro-choice (on abortion) but if a woman CHOOSES NOT to kill her baby in her womb- you criticize, insult, belittle her.

      Another example…
      Womens “rights”- if a woman wants to live an old-school traditional life, the feminazis condemn her as a traitor and say she is not a “REAL” woman.

      another example:
      civil rights: If a black candidate is conservative, you call him a traitor to his/her race- he cant be “black” unless he is a democrat/liberal (which is ironic, because all of the legitimate civil rights advances in our society were delivered by conservatives)

      Hmmm, compromise?

      Government shut-down…could have been avoided with the slightest bit of compromise on Obamacare, WHICH by the way would have been better for Americans. The Republicans offered to compromise 3 times and were rejected by Harry Reid and Obama.

      John Albrecht, stick your “compromise” up your ass. You are obviously a moron because you still think it is us against them, citizen to citizen- not smart enough to see that it is us against them citizen to politician.

      You believe the propaganda, which is KEY to identifying your ignorance. Morons like you are easy to spot. Just as easy as you are to exploit by your masters.

      A little insight for you dimwit, if you call yourself “liberal”- you might want to recognize that liberals have the most to lose by drinking the Progressive/Marxist Kool-aid your Democrats are feeding you. Easy concept…more government, LESS liberty. Not hard to understand pal, unless youre a complete buffoon.

    2. John, simply ridiculous. Conservatism is what drives this country. EVERY SINGLE POLL conducted in the last 2 years shows a huge lead of Conservative vs. Liberal in the general ideology of this country. You just refuse to believe it because you’re too busy thinking you’re relevant. The mainstream Republican Party is nothing but more shine on an already corrupt Democrat Party. They are one and the same. Washington needs an enema!

    3. So, we are supposed to give up and you “moderates” will not join us. Wonderful, look where that has gotten us and look at where that is going to get us…. nowhere. Of course, we are supposed to give up our principles and join you and the RINOS. It cannot be the other way around???? With your and the establishment thinking we will never turn the bus around and we haven’t since Woodrow Wilson. We have just let the progressives keep on progressing us into big government socialism.

  81. They own the voting macines. They change the rules of the game when someone learns them…I.E. Ron Paul delegate strategy. Our political system is a sham. Just like our legal system. The principals meant well, but lawyers destroy everything. Regular people have always been slaves to the elite. ALWAYS. It will not change. Not without a whole lot of blood shed. People would rather live as slaves accepting what they are given instead of having the intestinal fortitude to do what is right, no matter how violent or unpopular the action needed may be.

  82. The old die hards are more intuned to their own needs and have forgotten they are there for the people…..not themselves.

    1. Well, we better decide and start supporting somebody pretty darn quick, and forget all these differences, or we’re gonna find ourselves with four years of Hillary.

  83. They don’t need divorce papers. Hello, can we stick together and stop infighting? We don’t need to hand LIBERALS a WIN on a Silver Platter here, but all this fighting amongst ourselves seals our fate. Get it together TEA PARTY, GOP, LIBERTARIANS, CONSERVATIVES. Whatever you call yourselves, we need to come together. Splintering only helps the enemy…and if you like helping the enemy then I guess that makes you the enemy. So STOP IT!

    1. Did you read the letter Patricia? Why stick with the GOP if all they do is manage the decline and sell out the grass roots? I wanted Newt in the last go around and we ended up with Romney, but I put a smile on my face and thought he is better than nothing, and watched him totally screw up his chances because he would not go after the dems hard! Just like the bloody GOP who bash the grass roots and play kissy face with the dems….so I say ENOUGH!

      1. I did read the letter. And I didn’t need to read the letter…I’m actually paying attention to what’s going on. You stick with the GOP and force them to bring the grassroots into the fold. You don’t turn your back on them. Why reinvent the wheel? The structure is there, just get the right people into the right positions. I wanted Newt as well…I could just imagine the debates and him shredding Obama to bits. What you call kissy-face, I call a necessary evil to get things done.

        1. I understand that everybody needs to come together to beat the Dems and that they always stick with each other no matter what, but watching this constant decline into bankruptcy while the establishment smiles and says “there, there dear don’t worry your empty little heads, we have it all under control” No! I cannot do it. Newt would not do it either!

        2. The structure isnt there anymore Patricia. Thats the point. JUST LIKE liberals should recognize their Party’s structure has changed too. If they would, we wouldnt be in this situation. WE wouldnt have to worry as much about our party if they were smart enough to have kept an eye on their own.

        3. They’ve been doing nothing but kicking the grass roots OUT. Boehner and others did more of it today. People are sick of compromising principles and having those they elected spitting in their eyes.
          Necessary evil huh? Good luck with that- that’s what’s made this country the mess it’s in now.

    2. No. WE DON’T stop it. Someone needs to stand up and say to HELL with compromising principle. My GOD given Rights, are not Republican, nor Democratic, they are mine. They are Not for sale. They are not for compromise. The discussion is over. Molan Labe.

      1. The discussion is over? Well, that attitude doesn’t represent anything but rolling over and playing dead.

          1. have you ever played on any kind of team? The coach needs to get the players together, those who don’t like each other and remind them they are ON THE SAME SIDE!

            1. We are not on the same side.Until the GOPe returns to their conservative principles and stops caving to the dems(socialists)I consider them no different than the dems.Say bye bye RINO’s!

        1. Patricia, your heart is in the right place- I disagree, ONLY because of current circumstances. If the difference between the GOP elite and Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, etc wasnt as significant as it is, I would agree with you. However, we are not going to unite as conservatives until the GOP gets rid of those who are no longer conservative at all. The old “whacko birds” in congress/senate need to go, they were asleep at their posts when the Jihad Communists infiltrated and invaded our government- and now they are too out of touch to know the enemy anymore. They are weak kneed and soft. They gotta go. They’ll get their pensions, and for them to stay is ONLY detrimental to our country.

        2. I don’t compromise Core Principles. You may not agree. You may not like it. You however, must make your choice for your family. “I rather die on my feet, than live on my knees.”

    3. No we will not stop the GOP needs to go back to their conservative views. This country is dying because of the jihad in the WH it has gone left way too far we need to go back and fight back with the most conservative values we have to bring back this country to some kind of normal.

    4. Boehner, McCain, Graham, etc. LEFT US. After Obamacare, Amnesty and the Budget Deal there will be no functioning GOP. Put social issues (which the left constantly brings up to divide us) on the back burner and we can discuss them when we have taken over the Senate. We need Libertarians, Independents, Hispanics, Conservative Democrats, disgusted Blacks and other common-sense folks in a coalition of the willing.

    5. Good sentiments Patricia, but not good practice. This infighting should have been going on now for decades- it seems like a bad thing because everyone waited too long to wake up. The infighting may cause temporary setbacks when it comes to winning elections, but we’ve seen elections are pointless anyway (now). However, if this infighting had been going on years ago, there would be no GOP establishment like there is now. Boehner, McCain and others would have had to actually work for a living, like those of us they have sold out.

  84. anyone who tucked their tails between their legs and sided with that traitor obunghole,will be voted out…

  85. John Cornyn will be defeated March 4th. Vote for Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) who said…===> “And now, it looks like Cruz was right and Cornyn was wrong,” Stockman said. “He sided with the President, essentially, in making sure Obamacare became law while Cruz did everything possible to stop it.” Elect Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas)

  86. I am DONE with the Republican RINOS! I will now donate direct to CONSERVATIVES ONLY! Starting with Boehner and McConnell’s OPPOSITION!

    1. The RNC kept bugging me for money I told them to take a hike. After 40 plus years as a pub I now consider myself and independent conservative; Sick of the party of no balls

      1. Amen! I consider myself a Conservative Federalist now. I’ll be donating to the primary opponents of Boehner and McConnell…Lindsey Graham’s opposition too. McCain is just sadly too infirm to pay attention to any longer.

  87. Can’t decide who I hate more: Libscum Dems or Lip-service RINOS. We expect Libs to be jackasses. GOP- Wake up or find yourselves lost.

    1. Oh, I’m MUCH more pissed at the repubs. At least the liberals are honest with being libs, for the most part, but the gopE has BETRAYED us!!!! They say one thing and do another on the sly! They PRETEND to be for lesser government and lower taxes blah, blah, but they LIE!!!

      Dunno about you folks, but I take issue with being LIED to and BETRAYED!!

  88. I totally understand where the more conservative voices in the party are coming from, but at this point I am for doing what ever it takes to win the next few elections. If it takes some selling out in the short run, so be it. If enough of us band together and find we can win by sticking to our principles, I am for that too. In other words, I want to win back the Senate and the Presidency so we have a chance to implement realistic reforms. We can’t do that if we keep losing elections.

    1. I must disagree in the most strong terms. This attitude is what has allowed the continued decline of the country. I saw NO MORE and if it means open warfare….then let’s get it on!!

    2. If we get another Bush and we continue to speed towards the cliff’s edge, then tell me what do you win? Superficial thinkers such as yourself don’t understand the game. You’re too quick to sell our future for bragging rights. You don’t seem to have a problem voting for a Barack Obama as long as he has an R in front on his name. Both sides are the same. They only care about their power, their money, their clout. Do you know what the difference between a Republican representative and a Democrat representative is? Their constituency. That’s it! They pander to different constituencies for their job so they have to say different things to win. When it comes to any major issue nothing is different. We’re told that Obama and Bush are on entirely opposite sides of the political spectrum but tell me on what are their actions different? Bailouts? Expansion of healthcare entitlements? Wars in the Middle East? Same endgame. Different strategies. In the end they all only care about their own and they are both destroying this country in the meantime, only at different paces. We’re not playing to avoid losing anymore. We’re playing to win. We’re going on offense. Your efforts have proven futile so either get on board or get out of the way.

    3. ‘Selling out in the short run’ is what got us into this mess. The Dems are much better than lying than we are as they have much more practice.

    4. There is not a dimes difference between the establishment Republicans and the Democrats…..both have betrayed this country…… Why has Obama not been arrested yet????? Why do they bow done to him????? They are afraid of his henchmen. Many people have died to keep Obama’s secrets secret….

  89. In reading a lot of the comments below I realize just how upset everyone is. What we need is a clear leader to voice our views with logic ….understanding….and a plan. Right now the comments sound like a lynch mob about to hang the wrong guy.
    If that happens the progressive liberals will clean our clock. Be patient….the Milenials will join us as soon as they realize they have been sodomized.Rob

    1. Sorry Robert. Our Country, as we know it, doesn’t have time to wait. The Speaker compromise was simple cover for the 2014 Mid-terms. This is why we MUST have term limits for Congress. This is exactly why we need a State constitution amendment program.When people must question the integrity of their electoral process,…it’s time to change the process.

  90. Our country is obviously coming apart and the crowd called congress is worried about who will be blamed. The RNC, as Dan Bongino so eloquently spell out, is doing everything it knows how to crush Tea Party candidates; knowing full well that those candidates are the choice of the grassroots base of the Republican Party. It seems to me as it does to others that the GOP is about to lose another presidential election if we see another patty cake nominee such as Jeb Bush. If the GOP can’t win an election after experiencing B.O. there is no reason to exist.

  91. I divorced the GOP party when they caved in Oct … Changed my party affiliation to independent … Fluck the GOP … They’ve received the last dime from me!

  92. Elections are not working; time for a revolution and a total housekeeping, clean sweep of the federal government.

    1. OK…at 0300 hours, Linda you and 10,000 patriots assemble East of the objective. 20,000 patriots in the center, with 10,000 to the West. The sound of the first shot will signal our advance. Do not fire unless fired upon. Under no circumstances are you to halt or retreat.

  93. Thank God, it is way past time!! That emotional cripple aka John Boehner has no back bone at all. He has been in that cesspool we call Congress for 20 years and has NEVER accomplished one single thing. He makes the case for term limits of Congressmen like the president. The principals of the TEA PARTY are the same ones all of the Republican Party needs to adopt period!!

  94. Excellent! These people have forgotten that it is ‘We the people’. Instead ‘we the people’ are being called the enemy by those sent to serve us.

  95. Boehner, Cantor, Reince Priebus, Paul Ryan, Juan McShame, Lindsey, Flake, Rove, Rubio and the other la raza supporting RINO need to be forced out one way or the other. They’re not even Dem light, they are traitors just like the Dems.

    1. I like you Elizabeth have already switched to Independent Conservative living in Northern California of Mexico.

      1. The Republican party are going to regret betraying their constituents. They are going to lose us in very high numbers. We may see a whole new Presidency.

        1. The get what they deserve. I’ve also read on Breitbart, that this budget deal is opening the door for amnesty.. These RINO fools will pay dearly for their treason. Then Boehner tries to say the Tea Party has no creditability.. I guess he doesn’t know what’s in store for his butt yet? But we do!! It’s time for them to go!!

          1. I am so Tea Party and if that makes me a so called terrorist, so be it. People like you and I are moving towards a new America and that is basically the old America. We want God back in our Country, but more importantly we want the freedoms we so rightfully fought for.

            1. I was just on the Huffington Post site and they were talking about Rep Steve King of Iowa, and it amazes me how the left thinks. I like you, am a Tea Party member and am also a contributing member of FAIR and NumbersUSA.. We are enemies of la raza and their liberal supporters. The GOP establishment are right there with Obama and the Dems, yet talk a good game about small govt and such. They are RINO frauds.

              1. “At the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, Benjamin Franklin was asked what form of government had been created. “A republic,” he replied, “if you can keep it.”

                You see Don, that they even say our forefathers were domestic terrorists. Now I think maybe the British may believe that, but seriously it is getting out of hand. This president has totally ignored the Constitution and all the laws governing our “Republic” it really is time for him to go and all those in the GOP who are protecting him have to go to. Even Boehner is calling the tea party “terrorists.” I believe that if we do not start fighting back we will lose this country.

  96. I divorced them when the RINOs attacked Senators Cruz and Lee. I was a registered Republican since 1968. Now I’m registered as a Conservative, or as the People’s Republik of Kalifornia calls it “Other Party”.

  97. It’s time for all the true American Conservatives to stand NOW and let’s clean this disgusting mess up, finally!! Kudos to Dan Bongino!

  98. Cap a politicians pay rate to $20.00 an hour with mandatory Obamacare and 36% tax rate and let’s see if these old school GOP are still there tomorrow.

  99. It is a sad state of affairs that to have small government values, the want of passing a budget and sound economic policy makes one an extremist. Wow. Never thought I’d be an extremist, but I guess I am.

    1. YES!! WE are, otherwise, the Republic is doomed without someone standing up inlue of the madness embarrassing our country.

  100. Love it. America’s grassroots have been bound by the container of Big Government and Progressive propaganda for too long.

  101. Instead of picturing Dan with a Pen and paper in hand, as I read this he was holding a AR15 in one hand and a SWORD in the other.

  102. No longer will I be giving money to the RNC. I will donate to the campaigns of those individuals who believe in the constitution and are willing to stand against this madness.

  103. No longer supporting liberals…from either party. Only donating to and voting for conservatives who will get us out of this financial quagmire.

  104. Hoping people from both parties realize these career politicians are into this for power and themselves. We “MUST” take our country back. We need people that follow the Constitution that is in place for our protection from those very politicians.

  105. In Texas we elected Ted Cruz over an establishment “better” and “better funded” candidate. They told us we’d be sorry for electing someone inexperienced . Did it anyway. Let’s do it everywhere. @USAWhiteDude

      1. The way define experience? We have too much of that.

        William Buckley once said the country could be improved if Congress were replaced by drawing names at random from the phone book.

      1. Stockman is leaving the House and has declared he will run against Cornyn for Senator. Stockman has proven through the years he is a conservative and planning to stay that way. I am in for Stockman.

    1. God bless Texas brother! I know there is a push to turn it ‘blue’. And I’ll move me and my wife to cancel that crap pronto! And I’m not alone!

  106. Every conservative needs to stop giving their money to the RNC!Hit them in the wallet!I stopped giving to them long ago,and send my donations directly to the candidate of my choice.

    1. Last summer I received a form letter signed by the speaker of the house….I faxed by reponse to his officer and told him to purge the RNCC and RSC of any record of me. I will never give them a dime unless they get their heads out of their asses. But I will donate to a conservative who challenges Boener…he needs to be defeated.

      1. Me too.I am from Ohio,but Boehner is not in my district.Nevertheless,I will donate to any conservative candidate that runs against him.I will also help with their campaign if at all possible.

  107. dirty bath water is a good one but I like flushing the toilet better. Get rid of Rove, McConnell, Bonehead, McCain, Graham and any others that have become rich while we suffer they are our servants not the other way around.

  108. This is really a great letter, but, they will still sleep peacefully tonight. They have to be hit where it hurts and that is party finances. Than their sleep will be miserable.

  109. Washington’s government is an absurd comedy. It has accrued a debt+(unfunded liability) of nearly $225 Trillion (according to Lawrence Kotlikoff…no conservative he). This is mathematically un-payable.

    Washington’s worthless fiat currency is doomed to collapse. But of course, that was the design of the central bankers all along. Like Nixon and his mythical “speculators” (of 15 August 1971), the powers that be will try to pass the blame off on some nefarious other party. But, it is the collusion of government and bankers that will have destroyed your savings, your investments, and your equity. It is the people who will suffer the most.

    The only solution that promises hope for our children is to end the welfare state. End the warfare state. Bring the troops home. Stop spying on American Citizens. Stop killing people overseas.

  110. AMEN!! I’m only donating to individual candidates from now on. The GOP can count me out since they filtered my donations and withheld them from TEA Party / Conservative candidates in recent elections.

  111. Damn right that was the message we should all send. Support him and any grassroots candidates. If they lose we just may be in civil war sooner than we like due to the downward trend these liberals and non-conservative republicans have us on.

  112. Count me in. We have four miserable rinos in TN, bob (little short man) corker, deadbeat lamar alexander(other than kiss osamaobama’s ***, he has only accomplished one thing, keeping a fishing hole for the fishing boys, marsha marsha marsha blackburn, who only just goes bla, bla, bla and says nothing and of course diane black who listens to the big boys and then runs to an open mike and repeats just what she has heard and claims it as her own. just taking the taxpayers money, not worth a crap. can’t wait to get rid of all four.

  113. Sending guys like Bongino a “Starbucks” ($5 or 10) helps turn grassroots into kudzu. We start getting Conservative candidates funded outside the GOP, we can reverse course on the runaway progressives.

  114. $20.14 money bomb for Dan Bongino. Let’s help him get elected. Send another bold conservative to D.C. and retire the career politicians who only want our views when it comes time for re-election.

  115. “Shock and Awe” for Establishment Politicians in BOTH parties is coming in 2014, and again in 2016. Thanks for you courageous and inspirational “divorce” letter Dan!

  116. They need to go…period and I am proud to spread the word I took my oath and I won’t stand by to watch them destroy it

  117. I divorced the GOP a few years ago when GW spent like a drunken fool…the Patriot act was too much IMO as well. Expose all of the progressives in the GOP…vote them out and save the country. Either the GOP listens to the base or they are going to die like the Whigs.

  118. I still prefer the guillotine over the gallows for most congressional members and all of the present administration…

    1. (Sigh) It’s a difficult choice. They scream so beautifully when they see the blade about to be released, but they squawk so entertainingly when the noose is tightened around their necks….

  119. cowards like boehner, ryan, mccain, graham, murkowski, snow, hatch, flake, etc need to go. I would NEVER vote for a POS democRAT but I will skip over these RINOs as they are no different than the democRATs who infest congress.

  120. I’m in. I’m done with the National and State GOP as well.
    Not going to throw the local committee under the bus, because they actually move us in the right direction.

  121. I was just thinking the same thing when I listened to John Boehner on the way home….time to say goodbye to the establishment “club” members and get people in there who want to SERVE a term and then get back home to their real lives….NO MORE CAREER POLITICIANS!

  122. The establishment GOP should really start paying close attention to the grass roots GOP. There is one thing about this budget deal I do understand. We do not want another government shutdown debate. That may be why they are doing this. The republicans will lose that one. Want proof? Go to the congressional record. If you read it you will find in the last debate, the Republicans in the House voted three different times to fully fund the government with three exceptions. The first was to defund ObamaCare, the second to delay ObamaCare 1 year, the third was to remove the exemption for Congress. So what really happened. The Democrats turned down a fully funded government to get their way. That is not what the media told America and the democrats relied on that media reporting as they always do. I have an idea. When the media reports inaccurately flood the newsroom with phone calls.

  123. “There is a group of people out there who refuse to be part of any “managed decline”. We will only be part of a spectacular American resurrection.”
    Yes, sir!

    1. Can you hear that?….
      It’s the sound of the Beat of a Different Drum!
      We Must Beat this Drum!
      We must Drum the Riff-Raff out of Congress 11 Months from Today!

      1. “Do you hear the people sing? Singing the song of angry men. It is the music of the people who will not be slaves again.”
        (curtesy of my daughter who has memorized Les Mis)

  124. If anyone is donatin to these campaigns, please be sure to send the money directly to the candidate not the RNC! We are. We live in Washington Sate…Ugh, so our donations will be spread all over the country to people like this and Cruz and alikes so do your own homework folks. Even it’d it is only a few dollars, every little bit he’s. We need to take our country back….NOW!

  125. People of the United States of America
    Yeah well, Maybe if the TEA Party,Independent Party and Conservative Party could somehow merged together they could be a Contender vs Democrats.Republicans as stupid,blind and soft as they are is the only real game in town to go up against the Socialist Democratic Machine

  126. A patriot and a courageous fighter. I am gald he is on our side. Palin, I believe said, time to drain the jacuzzi in DC. It assuredly is a fetid little conjugal swamp. Bongino will join with Palin, Levin, Cruz, Lee and a growing list of other patriots to effect the restoration.

  127. Dan Bongino stood in for Mark Levin a while back. I was both impressed and entertained. Honestly, I don’t bother listening to the other Levin guest hosts. They seem like nice folks, but they don’t make the cut with my listening time.

    I’m seeing a bright future for Mr. Bongino if he can get into office. He has a lot of potential.

    1. Uphill battle in Maryland but he has chosen to run in the sixth congressional district which would afford him a better shot at winning.

    2. I do like Brian Sussman. He gets outraged like Mark though nobody can really fill Mark’s shoes. Dan did well the night he hosted.

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