BOOM: Gov. Kristi Noem explains why Joe Biden will NEVER sign a TikTok ban

Kristi Noem was on Fox on Friday and just leveled Joe Biden over his interest in protecting Americans and this country’s national security.

Biden, who was storing classified intelligence practically up his druggie son’s nose (which was a very busy place to be), has more ties to China than my local Hunan Palace Buffet. And as Noem points out, he has “proven that he won’t protect America” or any of our interests, “over and over again.”

“I don’t think he will sign it. Because over and over again, this president has proven that he won’t protect America and he won’t make the right decision, especially when there is pressure,” she said. “And the reason that I think he thinks he can get away with that is because it was just weeks ago we had a Chinese spy balloon flying over this country and we quit talking about it already.”

But the real boom came at the end of the clip.

Biden “thinks if he can just change the narrative, maybe come out with some other political scandal against the other party or a former president, that the American people will just move on and forget about the fact that he is giving away our country, and he is giving it away to the enemy,” she said.

That’s a BOOM because that is the truth for dang sure. And honestly you don’t hear that many Republicans say it out loud. You THINK you hear a lot of them say it, because the media falls to pieces each time. But it isn’t that often.

Definitely not often ENOUGH.


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