BOOM! Greg Gutfeld TORCHES Dennis Rodman, calls him “lil’ Kim’s little bitch”

My favorite part of The Five is when Greg Gutfeld says what we had all wished we had thought of first. And in this instance, the has a great target, Dennis Rodman, and puts it in terms that even Dennis Rodman can understand:

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55 thoughts on “BOOM! Greg Gutfeld TORCHES Dennis Rodman, calls him “lil’ Kim’s little bitch”

  1. Rodman is like so many leftists who hate America – they have no problem kissing the butt of murderous totalitarians.

  2. Gutfeld is right , know he will be called a racist , was Rodman speaking Korean , or was that bitch talk ? Rodman should get out his wedding dress , looks like him and Kim might be thinking about getting married .

    1. I quit shelling out bucks for cable in 2008, after the election. We don’t miss it. We know others bailing out, also.

  3. Some preach morality but then support hate and degradation like this. Hate begets hate. If society wants to heal, we must counter hate with love.

  4. This is already a disaster. Here’s the sad part…the other NBA players are probably regretting volunteering for this debacle. They should be scorned for getting in this mess. I have no sympathy for any of them. They have agents, they should have known better. I hope they get booed during their next game.

  5. Did anyone even … I mean, really! Did anyone understand a single syllable that epic dumbass regurgitated? I sure as heck didn’t… Americans should be banned from flying into North Korea…and if they insist on going over there anyway, they should sign a waiver understanding the U.S. will do nothing to save their sorry behinds.

  6. Rodman metamorphosed into a really strange dude.

    When he played for Detroit, he was known as the guy with the best work ethic on the team. He looked normal, acted normal, and worked really hard to deserve to be on a championship team. Kids looked up to him. Parents would point to him as great role model.

    Then he went to Chicago and went absolutely, totally, bat-$#!+ insane.

    1. Like all former stars, this has-been that once was craves the spotlight and will go to any extreme to get it.

  7. “Totalitarian buttkisser’s to hide a defective intellect.” Love it.

    Greg can find consolation in the fact that out of everything he said the only word Rodman will understand is “bi#ch”.

  8. I watch “The Five” now and then for a couple of reasons….Gutfeld for his wit and the long legged gals.

  9. If Gutfeld writes his own monologues, he’s a genius. If Gutfield hired some people to help him write them, he’s a genius. Either way,,,he’s a genius.

    1. I think I remember him and his co-hosts saying he write his own monologues. My hope is that when he has enough monologues written that he will put them into 1 book to sell.

  10. Bingo. With any luck ‘Mini Me’ will grow tired if this ignoramus and feed him to the dogs.

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