BOOM! Gregory Hicks testifies “The Youtube video was a non-event in Libya”

Gregory Hicks states clearly to Rep. Patrick Henry that the Youtube video the Obama administration blamed for the attacks in Libya was a non-event in Libya:

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30 thoughts on “BOOM! Gregory Hicks testifies “The Youtube video was a non-event in Libya”

  1. Perhaps the wrong person(s) was put in jail over this video.
    “Lies do not become us.” Heads must roll…

      1. The Sentinel  PhillyCon The last a couple of us searched, we could not find him in the federal prison database.  Have you seen anything recently?

        1. Orangeone The Sentinel  PhillyCon 
          I’m basing my response on (I think it was Rush) what I heard on the radio yesterday… Hannity  or Rush said he was still in jail. It might have been The 5… but not sure.
          So, basically, I have no proof. Sorry if I’m wrong.

        2. The Sentinel  Orangeone PhillyCon I’m not saying you are incorrect at all, word is that he is still in prison but it is disconcerting to discover he isn’t in the database, especially with the $ 1million warrant out for him from Egypt.  So sad to think that a person, who shall go unnamed, might have turned him over and collected on the reward.

  2. We knew it was a non-event but it is still gratifying to hear it out loud in testimony.

  3. As soon as Cincinnati leaves the radar… Obama will need another distraction… and it’ll have to be big now, won’t it.  Either that, or he can rely on the good ol’ palace media to shield him.

    1. Las1 Believe it or not Obama and the left still depend on outside events to react to. So far society has provided very well.

      1. Yup.  and I understand that the Jodi Arias trial verdict will be announced at 4:30pm EDT.  So, another distraction.

    2. Las1 We are still awaiting the Reichstagging. It’ll be big. Conservatives will be blamed and the Republicans will join the Democrats and Progressives in condemning the conservatives.

    3. Las1 Cleveland but close. Well that is already being buried, looks like 2 of the rapists are not being charged (at least yet) and both have “alien issues”.  I’m not much of a betting person but I wager all 3 are illegally in the US and would hurt the amnesty push so that case will get buried 6 feet under. The girls are all with their families in their homes (not in seclusion) so I have to question how much debriefing was done to build a criminal case.

  4. It takes time for Washington to catch up with common sense and intuition. 8 months later. What we all knew immediately, Washington is just now getting a clue. Well, everyone outside of the administration, that is. The administration knew all along what they were doing. Crooks all of them!

    1. stage9  C r o o k s… is that Arabic for  s.u.b.v.e.r.s.i.v.e.s. ?  My google translate seems to be on the fritz.

  5. Drip, drip, drip, as the Obama administrations story about Libya keeps falling apart. I just hope a lot of Americans out there are listening.

    1. Libertyship46  While their listening we will of course have to remind them of everything Obama and Clinton said afterwards along with their mouthpiece Rice. To many Americans memory level only allows for today’s news.

    2. Libertyship46 Yeah because they are scrambling as we speak to cover up for him. They know if Obama goes down they all go down with him…especially the media!

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