BOOM! Mark Levin says Mayor of Toronto is more coherent than most Republicans

Mark Levin played a clip of the Mayor of Toronto bashing Obamacare and said he sounds more coherent that most Republicans and most certainly Democrats.


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24 thoughts on “BOOM! Mark Levin says Mayor of Toronto is more coherent than most Republicans

  1. That’s it! That’s the solution… Obama just needs to get his hands on the good stuff… the stuff that can only be obtained in Canada. And here we thought Obama was simply a crypto-islamist Marxist. The real culprit in Obama’s bad decision making is the bad drugs he’s using. : )

    P.S. And maybe Chris Matthews can have a few drinking sessions with Rob Ford … a litle Canadian Club. That’ll straighten him around as well. America needs prohibition again. Then She can get her booze Al Capone style by liquor running across the St. Laurence and get her drugs through the Indian reserves along the border areas. Only then will America’s politics turn around. It’s all so simple really. Reach back into history for solutions.

    [sarc. now off]

  2. …P.S. RS you should get the most resent remarks by his Brother Doug Ford on the Media AMBUSH his brother is receiving ever since he was elected Mayor of TORONTO !”

  3. There is nothing wrong with Rob Ford’s mind, fiscally speaking that is. The city of Toronto was going the way of Detroit with multiple years of socialist mayors that bent over back wards for the unions and the city was drowning in debt, all of this with more and more taxes. Since he has been in office in North Americals 4th largest city, he has cut taxes, come down hard on the fat cat unions and brought the city from the brink of bankruptcy.
    If my two choices were between a mayor who indulges in some excesses in his private life but does not steal money from the taxpayers and runs a tight financial ship or a slick, progressive, socialist who drowns me in taxes while the city falls apart…I will take the boozing, drugging, one each and every single time! I am from Toronto and my family still lives there and the difference in the last 7 years has been night and day for the better.

    1. While I do not for a moment condone Rob’s drug use, I second your comment Max…I was born in GTA, lived in Cabbage Town, Rouge Hills, Pickering, ….Best thing I ever did was decline my father’s invitation to return Toronto when I was 17, and I now enjoy PEACE on 220 acres in the Ottawa Valley….

      1. I was born in Toronto, had to get out when it went so far downhill (now living in Hamilton) now the first mayor in a century that is making an honest attempt to repair it is being ripped to shreds! Makes me sick !!

  4. …did not Obama admit to smoking dope in a Van and doing cocaine in his dorm room or where ever . Yet not a peep from your LEFT WING MEDIA HACKS and he became President ?????????????
    As a resident of the GTA (greater Toronto area) 905 to be exact . The Mayor of Toronto ROB FORD is a small government fiscal Conservative.Who is running a PROGRESSIVE SOCIALIST CITY COUNCIL and is being railroaded that is right RAILROADED out of power by only ALLEGATIONS of supposed wire taps taken from a Somali Gang of Drug Dealers.
    The main reason for this attack on Mayor ROB FORD he is getting Toronto back to a balanced if not a surplus budget for the year 2013 . Taking away the($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$) from the GRAVY TRAIN SPENDING SOCIALISTS who sit on the city council .”

    1. The week after the city council stripped Rob Ford of many of his mayoral powers, they voted for a pay raise for themselves. The gravy train gis back on track!

      1. Yup… THEY’RE BAAAACK! But what really gets me is how the Toronto Police are releasing dribs and drabs of innuendo and hearsay as evidence all in the name of unbiased and non-partisan concern of course. What the hell kind of legal system allows a police authority to do such a thing? At the end of all this I am sure there will be some sort of lawsuit against Bill Blair the Chief of Police for Toronto. There should be more calls for his resignation.

        Now if only Rob Ford can stop stepping into dodo for the future… but it seems he’s on a one-way street to destruction in his personal life. Too bad too… I like the man… but there is only so much one human body can take.

  5. The guy’s mind is half gone from booze & dope and he still is 100% smarter then Obama and 95 percent of congress.

    1. This “druggie” saved the city of Toronto billions of dollars in the face of a liberal media and liberal politicians were out to lynch him.

      He’s not a “druggie”, but someone who used drugs, something I disapprove of, as do most people. But, like all of us, he is human, has his failings and still has a huge base of support from the people of Toronot and beyond.

      1. I am aware of that. As I always say, his future is in the hands of the folks in Toronto. As for me, I’ll worry about what goes on in my State.

        EDIT: One thing about me is that I try to be consistent. Those things that I would criticize the left about is exactly the same things that I would criticize my side as well. I think we can look for better representatives of our cause.

    2. Bear in mind my friend the use of common sense, his enemies claim he is unfit and a drug addict and he can’t control himself, yet after 6 months of following him and thousands of hours of wiretaps Mr.Fords voice does not appear on one single phone call.

      How is this possible, I also don’t condone crack smoking but logic is dictating that this was some kind of one off and Ford’s notorious way of taking pictures and visiting any constituent that calls him is probably how he got caught up in this blackmail attempt and make no mistake that’s what it was.

      1. You are right. Innocent until proven guilty. I haven’t followed this case that closely ’cause he’s all the way in Canada. But he does have almost a year until elections. What bothers me(from what I’m seeing in comments) is how after they stripped him of powers the city council gave themselves a raise.

        That’s kind of shameful. And it makes this onslaught on the guy appear transparent. But only time will tell.

  6. Ok I admit that while I don’t approve of drug use this Toronto mayor sure is making the left live by their own standards. For decades they have classified bad behavior, such as alcohol and drug abuse, as a ‘disease’ and now they have to put up with it from someone they despise.

    The Schadenfreude is superb.

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