BOOM! @MichelleMalkin TORCHES Al Sharpton, says “he’s got blood on his hands”

I’ve never heard anyone, so articulately, put such a fine a point on the race-hustler Al Sharpton and his National Action Network. She totally destroys him.


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56 thoughts on “BOOM! @MichelleMalkin TORCHES Al Sharpton, says “he’s got blood on his hands”

      1. pajamakat DebbyX You really shouldn’t throw that race card around so much.  You’re running out of points.  Except for the one on your head!

    1. DebbyX to me you sound any pro-Al Sharpton by your words If you are you need to get out of the dark and turn on  the light of understanding for GOD fearing people.

  1. It’s about time somebody started telling it like it is about Sharpton, and Malkin did a great job. Sharpton has been a liar and a fraud ever since the Tawana Brawley case and Sharpton should have gone to jail for years because of he lies he told during that manufactured incident. I don’t know why ANYBODY listens to that man and the people at MSNBC should be sued for putting a fraund and a criminal on the air on a regular basis.

  2. I consider Michelle to be in the same category as Bill Whittle. Never at a loss for words. Articulate and pointed in her descriptions and fearless. Her investigative work has also been outstanding. We’re very lucky to have her on our side.

  3. Can you imagine Ms. Malkin on The View saying those things? I would love to see the reaction of the the women with the ant size brains particularly Sherie[Don’t criticize blacks] Shepherd. She takes no prisoners!

  4. MLK Jr would roll over in his grave and start crying if he saw how Jackson, Sharpton & all the other race baiters have perverted his legacy.

    1. yazz55 MLK wasn’t even in his grave yet, when Jesse started plotting and planning for his own agrandizement.  Jesse knows better, but he just can’t seem to help himself.  He is one sick puppy.  Michelle is completly right about Sharpton.  That man should be in jail forever.  He is evil.

  5. I’m always amazed at the morons who follow evil idiots like Sharpton. Are they all mentally challenged?

  6. Rush, and Hannity are morphing into O’Reilly.  Even the Great One spends most of his time humping his own books, I’m tired of it.

    1. Desjardins 
      Do you have any idea how well that illustrates that you don’t listen to any of their programs?

      1. K-Bob Desjardins  Well, K-Bob i guess you never want to hearthe truth and you probly are so far on the left side of thought you couldn’t see the Grayhound BUS coming

  7. SLAAAAAAAM  !!  You Go Michele Malkin.
    I love the articulate “In Your face” raw truth about this fascist race hustling opportunist slime of society and humanity. Al Sharpton speaks the very same hate rhetoric as Hitler did. Because he is what he is, as well as all of his ilk, they must never be appeased, reasoned, and or capitulated to, but defeated, period.

    1. RReaganRepublic AND yet the Big three Networks will never boardcast  what  Michelle Malkin- a woman of color- has said about Al Sharpton because they know it is the truth.

  8. God bless you Michelle Malkin.  A strong, conservative, consistent voice who has no fear.  She and Gov. Palin are examples of who we need in DC to change our government mess.  Press secretary for Michelle?

  9. She kind of spanked Hannity a lil’ bit, too.
    She’s been the most consistent guest commentator on Fox for the entire seventeen years they’ve been on the air.

  10. its too bad that Michelle Malkin’s words won’t be broadcast  on the three Obama networks

  11. I love Michelle Malkin.  What a magnificent conservative voice, what a patriot.
    As always.  Thank you.  You and your family are in my prayers.

  12. Those recordings are seriously scary !
    After spending so much time , AND growing up in a Detroit suburb in the 70’s and 80’s, I get this, but I do NOT get the reverend (Of what church??)  I get this because the blacks of that time needed correct direction and were looking to King for a better leadership, but, MLK got killed. Now all of these wanna-be’s, Reverends of what dang church, think they have the same cause! WHAT A FLIPPIN JOKE!!
    less-than-Sharpton, and Jackson are reverend’s of satan’s demise. Someday they will answer, bow down, and be told their hatred and answer for the hate they spred.
    Personally, I hope the get a bunk in the same room as hitler! They are SO MUCH THE SAME HATRED MONGERS AS HE!!!!!!
    They too are responsible for hundreds, and possibly thousands of deaths!!!!!!!

  13. Great job Michelle. We in NY will never forget Yankel Rosenabaum and the Crown Heights riots

  14. She went there with the Little Richard Pancake 57. LOL! That means Sharpton is gay (or bisexual).  No wonder Obama and Reggie Love likes him so much.
    How you doin?

  15. I love Michelle, BUY HER BOOKS!
    But Sean? I know he’s friends with Mark Levin, but while flipping channels today I heard him say he was having fidel rubio on to explain how he was caucusing with Mike Lee and Ted Cruz and just about hurled.
    If Sean wants to be taken seriously, he will have to start standing up for conservative principles and stop being such a progressive gop’er.

    1. No_BlahBlah You must not have listened very long. He loves Mike Lee and Ted Cruz. Hannity is an anti GOPer and is definitely annoyed with Rubio over amnesty, as are many conservatives but Hannity definitely still likes Rubio. He was prob quoting someone else.

      1. aeconnelly
        “You must not have listened very long,,He loves Mike Lee and Ted Cruz.”
        No, I Don’t listen to hannity’s radio or tv show. I was flipping during commercials and heard, as I noted above, that he was having the 3 of them on to discuss their position and strategy regarding defunding oCommieScare.
        What else do I need to know? He is allowing rubio to try to rebrand himself by associating his name with true conservatives. See how that works?
        Thanks sean. Thanks for participating in the deception. Either he isn’t all that bright or he is willfully helping rubio.

  16. I love Michelle Malkin. She is one of the most articulate & intelligent pundits on the circuit and she doesn’t take shit from anyone. She’s excellent.

    1. Proudhispanicconservative  How`s it goin` with your friend and instruction, if you don`t mind me askin` ???

  17. Michelle…You are as awesome as ever.  Keep up the good work.   I love your commentaries.

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