BOOM! NEW Hillary emails show campaign ILLEGALLY coordinated with SUPERPAC!

Trump’s absurdly offensive tape was dropped right about the same time that this emails came out which seem to show John Podesta of the Hillary Campaign literally coordinating with a SuperPAC – which is illegal.

Take a look:


There is supposed to be absolutely NO interaction or coordination between a campaign and a SuperPAC, but there it is. David Brock runs a major pro-Hillary SuperPAC, and they’re emailing him.


Here’s how Podesta responded to the Wikileaks drop:

Sooo.. he admits that he WAS hacked, and that some of these are real.

I’m really beginning to think these might be a big deal. Why would they release the Trump video on Friday afternoon on a holiday weekend? It’s literally the worst day and time to do so. Perhaps… they are trying to bury what might be found and reported in the emails?

But if you’re a Trump fan and you want to whine, “see I told you so!!” then I have one question for you – why is Hillary out-Trumping Trump? She is literally using the media the way you said that he would in order to push her agenda. You asked for this, we warned you, and now you have to own it.

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