BOOM! New SuperPAC Ad shows Donald Trump SINGING THE PRAISES of Ted Cruz

The Donald has gone so nutso, calling Ted Cruz a nasty individual that nobody can work with or that nobody likes, that one of Ted Cruz’s Super PACs has put together this new ad that shows how much The Donald really liked Ted Cruz when he wasn’t running for president.


Trump admitted as much during the debate, saying he’s only chosen to go after Ted Cruz recently because Cruz has risen in the polls. Before that Trump even said that Cruz was perfectly eligible to run for president.

This is a great ad because it reveals just how nasty Trump himself has gotten in recent weeks, saying not only that Ben Carson had a pathological disease but now that nobody likes Ted Cruz and that he’s a nasty individual or something.

Ted Cruz won a huge election in Texas just a few years ago and he is well liked by voters. The only people who don’t like Ted Cruz are the establishment hacks in Washington DC and this attack by Trump just shows that he is once again siding with the establishment against Ted Cruz in order to beat him.

How pathetic is that?

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