BOOM! Richard Grenell: If Bill Clinton had a son, he’d look like Bob Finer

Yesterday San Diego Mayor Bob Finer admitted to sexual harassment after a council member called for his resignation. Initially he denied it but finally came forward yesterday releasing a statement saying ‘he needs help‘. His video apology seemed more like a creepy face-saving move to me – a politician to the end.

Media critic Richard Grenell has been tweeting this morning about the media ignoring the story:

My favorite, of course:

And more:

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23 thoughts on “BOOM! Richard Grenell: If Bill Clinton had a son, he’d look like Bob Finer

  1. Richard Grenell, the male version of Sarah Palin.
    TRS, please keep posting Richard’s tweets, when calling out the hypocrites, in the corrupt, liberal media.

  2. Lol, that’s funny.
    If Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz had a son it would look like Ronald Reagan.   Ok, maybe that isn’t funny but it would be a great kid.

  3. Richard Grenell is a HOMOsexual! According to the values promoted on this blog, HE IS GOING TO HELL!!

    1. GarthAlgar Values….funny things, those…always getting in the way of the homosexuals and or their sympathizers. I guess responses such as yours are expected when decency and value-laden MORALITY are UP IN YOUR FACE! There is no escaping your guilt, is there?

  4. here is a serious news flash
    CSPAN just started a HERITAGE discussion of the Filibuster rule. In the opening remarks, the guy referred to an article in Mother Jones – jan 9th, about some meeting that included SEIU and others strategerizing about a ‘progressive’ transformation, and one of the TOP items was getting rid of the Filibuster.
    So Filthy Harry did not come up with this just now – it was already in the works.
    here it is:
    Revealed: The Massive New Liberal Plan to Remake American Politics
    A month after President Obama won reelection, America’s most powerful liberal groups met to plan their next moves. Here’s what they talked about.
    —By Andy Kroll
    Wed Jan. 9, 2013 4:06 AM PST
    It was the kind of meeting that conspiratorial conservative bloggers dream about.
    that sure is a heck of a way to begin an article !!!!

  5. There’s nothing Finer about Filner, just saying you spelled is name incorrectly, haha.  
    He isn’t just harrassing women, he is also harrassing the office of the city Attorney and anyone who gets in his way.  Plus, taking “bribes”, but when he got caught, he appologized and it all went away.  Unlike the republican Duke Cunningham, he went to jail for taking bribes. But, what the MSM isn’t reporting is the fact that Filner’s fiance called off their wedding, that should speak volumes.  Maybe she was tired of the harrassment, too, or She finally saw the light!

  6. Usually liberals work their butts off trying to keep this type of thing under wraps, but it was liberals who held the press conference exposing Filner on this, so you know it must be something pretty serious if they’re willing to actually hold one of their own accountable.

  7. Well, its not NY this time but it IS California another bastion of liberal thought and perversion.

  8. LOL  Every single one of those comments were funny.  Made me smile just a little bit.  Oh what am I saying, I was Rolling on the floor laughing

        1. Proud Army Wife WolfieUSA 
          I just started following you too… Now that I know you are on Twitter. If you would like to follow back I’m @whitewolf2011

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