BOOM SHAKA LAKA – Col. Ralph Peters TORCHES Kerry over his “stunning and revolting” hypocrisy on Syria

Sometimes you hear something so good that it just leaves you satisfied when it’s over. This is one of those times:

Nailed it. Nuff said.

(h/t: Townhall)

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57 thoughts on “BOOM SHAKA LAKA – Col. Ralph Peters TORCHES Kerry over his “stunning and revolting” hypocrisy on Syria

  1. DavidZimmerman2  
    We should be afraid to engage, but the White House won’t listen because Obama’s a warmonger.

  2. In WWII we won
    In Korea we had a tie
    In Viet Nam we had a loss
    In Syria we had a hollow threat and a fear to engage.

  3. Dr. Strangelove colliemum So far we have had more than four and a half years of whine.  😉

  4. What are the American interests in Syria? The blatant stupidity coming out of this administration is karma. They seek to politicize every single solitary thing and now are learning when doing so you self create a situation for yourself that is not winnable.

    Well done Colonel.

  5. I salute the good Colonel for his excellence in truth telling.  Good man and patriot.  Keep it coming!

  6. Dear Leader – having only experience as a marxist community subversive is showing the depth of his “experience” – ankle deep would be an improvement.
    All of the genuine bad boys of the region are playing our Clown in Chief like the naive fool he is.  He operates on two things his hubris and his ideology.
    This is what happens when you have a leftist politician elected by a liberal base – both operate on emotions, ideology and “dreams.”  Facts/reality don’t enter the picture.

  7. ryanomaniac  Ah – the Frogs …! 
    We think they’re conniving bastards with an exaggerated sense of their own importance, but we like their country, their food and their wine.
    After all, Aquitaine and Normandy once were ours … 
    That’s why there are quite a lot of Brit ex-pats living there.
    Oh, and their health service is better than ours – so far.

  8. Excellent points!!! I believe its Hezbollah or the Revolutionary Guard of Iran dressed in Syrian military gear. They want this fight. They want this disaster. They want Israel. They may get it.

  9. Some commenters on a German blog have asked pertinent questions about that Kerry document.
    They ask if Assad bombed the area (allegedly) which had suffered the chemical attack to destroy evidence – why would he have needed to use chemical weapons in the first place if he was able to bomb there?
    Then they look at the numbers, and ask if that area of the gas attack, with Damascus in the middle, could in reality have suffered such attack without far more casualties?
    Finally they ask where those numbers actually came from? The doctors in those hospitals would have had to treat 3600 patients in three hours – really? Who brought the patients from these areas to those hospitals? It would have needed 600 cars, they would have had to queue for hours at the emergency departments (nobody saw that?) and that during an alleged bombardment by Assad?
    I wish someone with a calculator would take a long hard look at those numbers as well. People are rightly sceptical, given the preparations for the war in Iraq.
    Oh – and those bombs in Iraq? Yep, our old friend al qaeda said they did it.

  10. In other news, John F’n Kerry has announced he will reenact his performance of throwing his medals over the white House fence.

  11. Right on the $ Ralph. Too bad we have a bunch of “over their head frauds” running the country.

  12. Strange, isn’t it, how your and our military commanders (those of the real, fighting forces, not the “supreme” ones) know that this is a thoroughly stupid idea – but the warmongers don’t listen. And that at a time when your and our Armed forces have their budgets slashed to the bone, and the veterans are treated like dirt. 
    As for listening to the people, the citizens – forget about them.
    Well, I hope the POS makes certain that his ‘oldest ally’, the French, bring a nice large number of accordions. And cheese, naturally …

  13. Col Ralph Peters did
    an great job at exposing Obama’s and Kerry’s in your face hypocrisy in this
    instance, not to mention’s Hillary Clinton’s outrageous hypocrisy of lies, let
    alone any and all other liberal Democrat’s hypocrisy in any other matter, for that
    and his crony henchmen/women, aka Democrats, are not about America first- they
    are all about their political ideological agenda, and in Obama’s case, it’s all
    about installing islamic muslim terrorist groups he likes, like the Muslim
    Brotherhood in control of all Arab States in the Middle East.
    islamist Al-Queda affiliated terrorist groups in Syria, are NOT Freedom
    Fighters (as stated by that leftist Obama McRINO tool idiot McCain).
    why, and to whom do you think all those Surface to Air missiles, and other
    military weaponry were secretly transferred from Libya to Syria by the CIA were
    along with his useful idiot McRINO tools have but one goal, and it’s not to
    free the Syrian people of Assad’s tyranny- it’s to replace Assad with a
    pro-Muslim Brotherhood Islamist extremist regime- and as noble as some might
    think that to be, it is not.

  14. Opps…my bad! How could I have forgotten Hillary “What Difference Does It Make” Clinton! And I agree with you…both of them were terrible selections for such a critical position.

  15. Great point.
    100,000 people are slaughtered… including how many women and children? Obama and his regime didn’t even bat an eye… Now Obama has opened his big, ignorant, arrogant mouth once too many times and will be embarrassed because of it… whether he does or doesn’t. And Kerry is a cartoon and a fool – perfect for his role as a puppet.

  16. Army_Pilot1967 tinlizzieowner 
    Just for the record, he didn’t throw ‘his’ medals over the White House fence. The medals he threw over the fence, belonged to someone else.
    One of the Purple Hearts he wrote himself up for, was a (Band-Aid) hand wound he got while firing an M-79 grenade launcher, himself, at an enemy that members of his crew testified, didn’t even exist.
    I despise this piece of pond scum even more that I despise Obama and that’s saying something.

  17. Army_Pilot1967 tinlizzieowner Ever since the “winter soldier” bullshit I have no respect for Kerry. Matter of fact he makes my skin crawl. This POS was an opportunist then and he’s one now. 

    What country could meet with him and believe anything he says?

  18. Army_Pilot1967 Hillary/Billary was not any better…….i think it is a tie……so far.  LOL.

  19. This is why I despise the left.  Say anything, do anything that fits the moment to advance their agenda.  Truth be damned.  We have no leaders in this administration.  None.

  20. tinlizzieowner Army_Pilot1967 Yeah, you’re correct, TLO.  Didn’t he almost win the war singlehandedly?  I know he got a fair amount of ribbons in a very short period of time…but those were earned honestly…weren’t they?  I know he valued the ribbons so much that he wanted to share with the president so he threw them on the White House lawn.  What a dirtbag!!!!  And he’s Secretary of States?  Gimme a freaken break.

  21. Well, it had to be said. It’s seems when you get into power, things change all of a sudden. SCOAMF hasn’t convinced me and a majority of the American people as to what our business is over there.

  22. Now that is what I call a big slap down.  Kerry, had it coming.  But what do you expect from someone that turned on his Viet Nam Brothers In Arms, decorated himself with a Purple heart, and took the side of Hanoi  Jane?  And to think we still have over 3 years of this so called Administration, unless of course, obama leaves office.

    Flip Flop? Double Standard?
    Once staunch opponent of Bush Iraq policy, Obama faces similar path on Syria
    August 30, 2013
    During an April 2007 speech to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Obama said the U.S. cannot try to “bully [the world] into submission.”
    In a 2007 essay in Foreign Affairs, he specifically warned about breaking off from European allies: “In the case of Europe, we dismissed European reservations about the wisdom and necessity of the Iraq war.”
    During his July 2008 campaign speech in Berlin, Obama told Europeans that “no one nation, no matter how large or powerful, can defeat such challenges alone.” He warned that “on both sides of the Atlantic, we have drifted apart, and forgotten our shared destiny” and that neither America nor Europe can “turn inward.”

    Flip Flop? Double Standard?
    The Vice President has been mighty silent regarding the President’s intention of the US going it alone without Congressional approval in a strike again Syria. Could his following words in 2007 have anything to do with it?
    Video: Biden Threatening to Impeach President (Bush) If He Launches an Attack Without Congressional Authority
    27 Aug 2013
    Biden (2007): I was chairman of the judiciary committee for 17 years or its ranking member. I teach separation of powers and constitutional law. This is something I know. So I got together and brought a group of constitutional scholars together to write a piece that I’m going to deliver to the whole United State Senate pointing out the President (Bush) has no constitutional authority…to take this nation to war against a county of 70 million people unless we’re attacked or unless there is proof we are about to be attacked. And if he does, if he does, I would move to impeach him. The House obviously has to do that but I would leadan effort to impeach him.”

    We Still Have a Choice on Iraq
    Senator John Kerry, D-Mass.
    New York Times
    September 6, 2002
    “For the sake of our country, the legitimacy of our cause and our ultimate success in Iraq, the administration must seek advice and approval from Congress, laying out the evidence and making the case. Then, in concert with our allies, it must seek full enforcement of the existing cease-fire agreement from the United Nations Security Council. We should at the same time offer a clear ultimatum to Iraq before the world: Accept rigorous inspections without negotiation or compromise.”

  26. Nailed it…Lurch the GUY WHO VOTED FOR IT BEFORE HE VOTED AGAINST IT….Great contrast and highlighting the uttter hypocrisy of this cheap dime store administration.  An administration FILLED with people WHO LOATHE THE MILITARY then have the GALL to ask them do save the PERSONALITU DISORDER of the Fraud in WH…to see Kerry lecture about Assad and then transpose him against Bush with Saddam is PATHETIC…just PATHETIC….this man has no business opening his MOUTH…he is nothing but an arrogant left wing crack that will always use whatever means to save FACE, look TOUGH and hide their FAILED AND MISERABLE AGENDA…Shame on Kerry…but a MAN WHO SERVES ANOTHER THAT EQUALLY LACK HONOR could not even find the WORD WITH GPS or WEBSTER!!

  27. Obama: “There won’t be boots on the ground”.
    Then, why did you send an amphibious ship with 300 Marines on it, over there Barry? Are they going to be ‘advisers’ like Kennedy and Johnson sent to Viet Nam in 63-64? 😉 😉

  28. Precisely what I was saying in the other topic (that has disappeared, now that it is the only topic in the news). :-/
    ‘Hanoi John’ Kerry, the anti-war protester during my war, is all of a sudden ‘a hawk’ and advocating we we should bomb a foreign country and possibly get us into another unpopular war. Remember this ‘Hanoi John’?
    ‘Hey hey LBJ. How many kids have you killed today”. Well, ….. “Hey, hey ‘Hanoi John’. Where has the anti-war protester gone”. (You 2 bit, situational hypocrite, opportunistic, bottom feeder).

  29. Tell it like it is, COL Peters, especially about the worst Secretary of State ever….John Kerry.  I will add that even though Kerry is a terrible SecState, he fits perfectly with the obama administration.

  30. Boom Shaka Laka is Right Scoop (pun intended)!  Wow, just wow!  This man calls it out exactly.

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