BOOM! Ted Cruz exposes the media with one tweet!

There’s a lot of outrage and obsession in the media today over a NY Times article alleging all these connections between Trump aides and Russia. So Ted Cruz decided to post a tweet that really puts the media’s outrage in perspective:

Here’s the video he linked to:

Obama told the Russians in an election year that he’d have more flexibility after the election, and the media basically yawned. They didn’t care what he meant by that. They just wanted to defeat Mitt Romney.

Look I know Trump was a horrible candidate who said a lot of crap during the election. But he won the election, fair and square, and I want him to succeed as president because he’s doing mostly good stuff for the country, so far.

He doesn’t deserve the media outrage obsession that he’s getting now. Flynn made a mistake with respect to Pence, but there’s still no evidence that he ever did anything wrong with respect to his conversation with the Russian ambassador.

My position on Trump is simply that as long as he does good stuff for the country, I will praise him. As I said, in these things I want him to succeed. But when he does stuff I disagree with, I’ll criticize him. It’s like a friend of mine told me today, he treats Trump like a puppy. He praises him when he does good stuff and scolds him when he doesn’t.

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