BOOM! Ted Cruz HITS BACK at liberal blog attacking Fiorina endorsement by RETWEETING IT!

Far left blog Think Progress ran a story today hoping to harm Ted Cruz, by pointing out that Planned Parenthood’s worst enemy, Carly Fiorina, just endorsed Ted Cruz.

But Ted Cruz’s response was awesome. He reveled in the leftist attack by embracing it and taking a screenshot of the article and tweeting it for all to see:

Of course he retweeted a screenshot of the article so as not to send them any actual traffic. But the point stands that what Think Progress believes is an attack on Ted Cruz is something he absolutely celebrates and embraces. Because that’s just how detestable Planned Parenthood is.

Point, Cruz.

As an aside, I’ve been looking for a reason to repost this video of Carly Fiorina destroying Hillary Clinton in an interview with Chris Matthews back when she was running for president. And this is as good a reason as any.

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