UPDATE: “Dead bodies everywhere” – 20+ victims being reported – Shooting at Florida high school

There’s been a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and it appears that multiple people (at least 20-50) have been injured. The school is on lockdown and the local news is reporting a possible active shooter…


Here’s what’s being reported…

I’ve already seen on video someone being taken on a stretcher into an ambulance.

Police are warning people to stay away from the area near the school.

We’ll update with more as soon as we have it…


WSVN is reporting that the Active shooter is on the 3rd floor of a 3 story building. Swat team has just pulled up to the school…

WSVN is also reporting 20 victims


It’s now being reported as a ‘mass casualty’ incident:


Shooter still at large:

Possibly a former student:

UPDATE 4: Troubled student…

Student talking with WSVN says the shooter was a troubled student and went to an ‘alternative’ school and would be about 20-21 years old. He didn’t say the shooter’s name, at the request of the reporter, but he did say that the shooter loved his guns and put off a weird vibe – ‘like you don’t want to mess with me’ vibe.


OANN host reports the shooter is Nicholas Cruz and is in custody. I’ve heard this name several times and a woman even almost said it on the air with WSVN, before they stopped her. I have heard it confirmed that the shooter is in custody.

OANN host is also suggesting shooter is suggesting he planted bombs on campus:

Video of shooter in custody is now all over the news…


Here’s a video from someone’s phone from within the classroom where the shooter was shooting. You don’t see anyone getting shot, but you do hear the gunshots. And a lot of them. It’s very chilling…


Shooter’s name finally confirmed by law enforcement as Nicholas Cruz:


7 confirmed dead and 14 injured:


Dead bodies everywhere:

It’s being reported that the suspect was actually 15 years old. He’s at the hospital now for some reason…

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