BREAKING: Allen West wins retabulation of ALL early votes by St. Lucie County Canvassing Board

This is huge and I’m shocked. It appears Allen West was won a victory from the St. Lucie County Canvassing Board in having all early votes recounted. And It begins tomorrow morning at 9AM:

THE BLAZE: The St. Lucie County Canvassing Board has ordered the retabulation of all early votes in the highly contested congressional race between Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) and Democrat Patrick Murphy, according to Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, a volunteer lawyer for the West campaign. The board voted 2-1 in favor of recounting the votes.

“This retabulation of all early votes as the Supervisor of Elections originally planned is a victory for democracy,” Shapiro told TheBlaze. “This restores some level of trust and public confidence in the system… it was the right thing to do.”

Election officials will begin retabulating the roughly 20,000 additional early votes at 9 a.m. on Saturday, he said.

West needs to gain just 249 votes in those 20,000 ballots to trigger a statutory recount under state law, Shapiro told TheBlaze. West gained 535 votes in the initial recount of 16,275 ballots. Both candidates combined lost 800 votes, however, 80 percent of the decrease was owned by Murphy.

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411 thoughts on “BREAKING: Allen West wins retabulation of ALL early votes by St. Lucie County Canvassing Board

  1. We need more polititians like West that actually have a pair. If Romney had fought like this we’d have a new president now.

    1. The only win election in USA whos the most play DIRTY LIES KILL UR OPPONENT AND WHOS THE MOST
      give FREE Shiiit (STOLE /BORROW from china FROM TAX PAYER TO BUYING VOTES for corrupt political tyranny power ) no body care about moral ethical value anymore, their sold their
      vote for free shiit , ad food stamp in mexico right now,cons is dead . America
      has entered a new ugly phase in our history unless the republican start buying
      vote and giving up their moral integrity they are dead as political party .

      MAN OF ABOVE THE LAW obama has brought the DIRTY CHICAGO political machine IN NATIONWIDE AND WILL BE FOREVER Just like chicago always democraps win and all of its criminals
      to WA and now we are screwed AMERICA IS LOST forever only crook polticians filty
      rich like in third world country ,and this college kids they will get FREE
      condoms HC but no jobs and back to basement and free student loan they all WHORE’S

    1. Right, it worked for Al Frankenstein so there you go. Haha I’m leaving the change auto-correct provided. How Freudian.

  2. Could it be too little, too late? It seems so suspicious that counting votes could be in question. I bet I could take my time and get an accurate count the first time—all by myself. Bet anyone could.

  3. Something very, very rotten is happening in Florida at the recount. I just saw this at Allen West’s facebook page. Don’t you all feel so very helpless in the face of evil? One good man standing up to fraud and where are all the other @[email protected]#!#!# republicians????
    UPDATE ALLEN WEST – SOMETHING ODD AND FISHY PER @Gary_Galiano – they are shutting the mall down at 11 (an abandoned mall) for the alarm is set automatically at that time. They counted 37k votes in 12 hours but can’t count 304 votes in 2 hours. They kept yapping about the deadline and now this. SOMETHING IS ROTTEN IN DENMARK FOLKS BE PREPARED. They want to come back at 8am and their deadline is tomorrow by NOON.

  4. According to a Jane Von Mises on twitter, Allen West has won a full recount… that was 5 minutes ago. But, lets not jump the gun until we hear from the horse’s mouth. Twitter statements are often proven false.

  5. Scoop, your headline was a bit misleading. I thought for a second that Allen West had already WON the recount.

      1. Ask Gov. gregorie of Wa. State. The demoncrats kept counting ballots until she finally won…it took THREE different counts of election officials finding *ahem*…misplaced ballots.
        You don’t win an election against a demoncrat with just the first count, the count must go on until the right ballots magically appear for the demon..

  6. More proof that Alan West is the ONLY candidate out there willing to fight for us to be heard! This entire election was a scam and the major screw up of this small district is only the tip of the iceberg of deception that is the Democratic party. What was the GOP promised to throw the election? We deserve to know why our Constitutional rights were infringed upon! It isn’t for just one party…this was a fixed election, where billions of our tax dollars were spent to put on a show. This election was just like the ones you see in third world nations…it was corrupt to the core on every level. I can accept loosing honestly, but this wasn’t honest in any way! The media has been eerily silent about the whole debacle. Fox News betrayed all of their conservative viewers and proved they are no different than “the lame stream” they claim to not be a part of.

    1. You are right. Kabuki Theater

      Everything is so well orchestrated and scripted. All of it right on cue. For these things to play out with the media so well positioned , so scripted and consistent.

      What is that last little piece that just never adds up?

    2. AGREED!
      aren’t there any intrepid Conservative Republicans anywhere who are willing to go into any of those dozens of precincts that reported 99%-100% for Zero?
      if a mere handful of Romney voters are upset that their votes were stolen and identified themselves, wouldn’t that change everything?
      is anyone willing to search out stolen Romney votes? all we need is one in a 100% precinct, right?

      on the other hand, if the election tabulations are true, then we should verify that too.
      To me, that would be absolute proof that we must seek DIVORCE NOW! you can figure out why

  7. wonder what he’ll say if this moves him further away from the recount trigger. somehow i doubt he’ll accept that any more graciously than he’s accepted anything else.

  8. Go West!! Keep fighting like the warrior you are!

    We need people like West representing us instead of the limp d**k GOP establishment.

  9. “West gained 535 votes in the initial recount of 16,275 ballots. Both candidates combined lost 800 votes, however, 80 percent of the decrease was owned by Murphy.”

    800 ballots that didn’t exist and 80% were for Murphy? Oh I’m sure that’s just a coincidence, right?
    😉 😉

        1. Get real! Conservatives warned you we would stay home. Your Etch-a-sketch lost. He had no base! AND His inept team stunk! So much for what a great executive he would be. How’s that Etch-a-sketch is the only one who could beat Obama workin’ out for ya?

          Loser Etch-a-sketch didn’t even invite West to the convention. He was embarrassed to be seen with REAL conservatives.

          1. How’s four more years of utter failure working out for ya? In two weeks we have had the stock market crash, thousands more lose their jobs, and zero hope to get Obamacare wiped out! OOOOO…you really showed us….you useless, short sighted fool!

            1. You are the fool who keeps running around like a chicken without a head believing the gopE’s sky is falling propaganda scare tactics.

              The gopE allows the Democrats to do their dirty work and then cries like the Crybaby speaker that we can’t change anything because we only have the HOUSE! All legislation starts in the HOUSE, duh! What did Pelosi do when she only had the House? You are a sheeple not a leader. West is a leader. The corrupt Bush crime family doesn’t want a leader. They accuse him of grandstanding and providing the masses with “red meat” when he sincerely means what he says.

              We will get a conservative next time because of how bad Obama and the corrupt go along to get along gopE will make it. You can’t win if you don’t fight and Etch-a-sketch didn’t fight. He thinks Obama is a nice guy, so do the Bush crime family. Where did you think you were going to get with the 3 Stooges, Etch-a-sketch, the Crybaby Speaker, and Murkowski’s corrupt buddy leading the government?

              Every time we have Democrat against Democrat-lite, the REAL Democrat wins.

              The corrupt Bush crime family wanted to lose. Who in their right mind would have someone from Wall Street be their nominee when the public is still incensed about the mortgaged backed securities debacle? Did you read the FDIC documents on the Bain bankruptcy? Their documents, they don’t lie! No, you just went along with the gopE propaganda. Who in their right mind would have the father of socialized medicine as their nominee and take Obamacare off of the table? It’s time to start thinking for yourself. The reason why the country has moved to the left is because the gopE has SEVERELY moved to the left and they want Big Government. Wake, the hell up!

          2. Allen West was on the Campaign trail with Romney so I am not sure what you are getting at.
            I agree Mitt wasnt conservative but he is still better than Obama.

            1. I reside in Fl-22. Don’t attempt to give me any gopE propaganda about Allen West. If you assisted us in January when the corrupt gopE redistricted him out of his seat we wouldn’t be in this situation now. You watched West’s videos and said how wonderful he was but you sat on your hands and did not give the gopE any lip.

                1. If you sent money thank you but what we needed at the time was a massive get in the gopE’s face. Everyone just bought the gopE propaganda about the redistricting. When in reality West was being punished for telling Wasserman-socialist off on the house floor after she trashed him. Conservatives aren’t allowed to defend themselves. You know like Palin was responsible for Gifford’s shooting.

                  There will never be more Allen West’s because the gopE will always take them out until we say ENOUGH, we aren’t voting for your Etch-a-sketch’s any more.

                  Big Government republicans look to the base to enable their spending addiction.

                  How can we complain about Boehner not fighting the liberals when we refuse to fight them in our own party?

                2. Look, I live in Arizona, there isnt a whole lot I can do re to West being redistricted. I sent money, I looked up zip codes in his “district” so I could send emails.

                  Personally, I would love a Constitution based, small government, steeped in personal freedom, justice and receptive to pushing personal responsibility and accomplishment- —One that has a primary focus on reducing our debt/deficit…

                  But we have to wait four more years for that.

          3. So you cut your nose off to spite your face!!! Your purist ways are not going to get you anywhere. The country did not vote in the primary for your guy/gal-time to get over it and move on. The country isn’t conservative no matter how much FOX says it is! Open your eyes and look at it!

            1. Your Bush crime family Romneyspeak has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt with this election to be pure unadulterated BS!

              You cut off your nose to spite your face. You chose to not have a conservative as a nominee to make Obamacare the law of the land. Etch-a-sketch’s buddy former Utah governor Leavitt set up the means to get a seat at the table of the health care exchanges. The corrupt gopE is going to make a bundle. YOU chose Big Government and screwed the people.

              This is only the tip of the iceberg. Your corrupt crony capitalist ways are going to be exposed.

              This country always was and always will be center right.

              The only thing moving this country center left is your “SEVERELY conservative” corrupt gopE who like the libs means to redefine words. Conservative means Big Government to them. They mean to repeat it often enough until it becomes fact.

              You are corrupt to the core!

              “The man who has been selected to head up Mitt Romney’s potential transition to president is reaping a profit from a law that Romney has pledged to repeal.

              Former Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt (R) has been offering his consulting services to companies and states implementing health care exchanges, which are a key component in the Affordable Care Act. Romney, on the other hand, has pledged to repeal Obamacare on day one.” D.U.H.

              1. Millions more like you flipped the bird and didnt vote– out of protest because a Conservative didnt get the nomination? I think the estimate was 400,000 votes was all that was needed for Romney to win.

                Ive been voting for over 1/4 century. I take it seriously. I didnt want Romney in the primaries- but all told I decided putting on the brakes was better than skidding over the embankment, and going thru the guardrail.

                1. You are entitled to your opinion and we are entitled to ours.

                  You way isn’t working. That is what we have been doing for over 30 years. We ARE off the cliff. It’s time to try something else.
                  Insanity is having the same behavior and expecting a different outcome. It’s time to start thinking outside the box.

                  We don’t need two parties of Big Government. The gopE thinks they are better at managing Big Government than the Democrats. That is not a solution.

                  All you are doing is enabling Big Government. All you are doing is giving an addict money for his fix because you don’t want to deal with the consequences. You have to go through withdrawal to get clean. There is no “not going through the pain.” Sorry, but you are not dealing in reality.n And you are angry with those of us who are.

              2. You’re casting an awful lot of blame and accusations about there. There is plenty of blame to go around in this failure, and pointing the finger at those here solves nothing and garners little support for your perceived grievances. Especially considering you are exhibiting that “take my ball and go home” attitude, perhaps you need to take your own advice and “grow up”. If you want to cast blame for the election results you need look no further than those that do not turn out to vote, look at the percentage of the electorate that do turn out and ask yourself why nearly 70% of Americans do not vote. Did you cast a vote or did you shirk your responsibility?

                BTW; your tossing about the label of “purist” is truly a case of “pot meet kettle”.

                1. Ken, You on Right Scoop decided that you were going to back Romney. That is your right. And for the rest of my life I will fight for you to have the right to decide who you want to vote for.

                  However, we in Florida 22 have been taking a beating here for the last 5 years not from the democrats but from our own side. We have the scars from the beating. The writing is on the wall that there are more of us who are center right. We are just being led to believe that we are in the minority by the so called “conservative media.”

                  West built a winning coalition here in Florida 22. He united whites, Hispanics, blacks and Jews. In other words, conservatism sells. We know it. We proved it. And the gopE didn’t assist us one damned bit.

                  Do some research for yourself before you falsely accuse me. You will see that Florida 22 is smack in the middle of Broward and Palm Beach Counties. We made a mockery of the gopE’s BS that moderate sells. That’s why they had to kill our success story. We were ruining the gopE propaganda.

                  Florida 22 is 1/3 Republican, Democrat, and Independent. Check it out. Then I will listen to your argument.

                  We have been on the front lines and have the battle scars. The gopE means to “Palinize” any conservative that gains any traction. They all have GHW Bush disease.

                  Thanks Ken for listening.

                2. I’m not falsely accusing you, my observations came from reading your post. As to the folks that post on this site or RS himself backing Romney, that did not happen until the dust settled at the end of the primary. Apparently you didn’t pay much attention to the pretty venomous infighting that went on here during those primaries. They chose to fight with the weapon they had at hand, unlike those of you that just flat surrendered.

                  As far as supporting Allen West, I don’t think there is another blog out there that ran more positive stories on West, search the archives, and pay attention to the comments with the pledges of support for West.

                  Nor are you the only state or district that has been on the “frontlines” of this struggle, to suggest that you were borders on arrogance. If indeed anything can be truly blamed for this defeat it comes down to two things, general apathy of the electorate, resulting in low turn out in general, and sour grapes syndrome of those that stayed home or refused to cast a vote for president, when the primaries did not go the way they wanted.

                  As for me, as I stated before more than once, I have never been a registered member of any party, and have more than once stated my complete distrust of the Republican party. I consider myself a constitutionalist, however I am also a realist.

                3. ken, what was the purpose of the Tea Party if everyone should only go back to their old behavior and vote for the next gopE Big Government republican? The Tea Party warned the GOP that they weren’t in love with them either. Why give idle threats? Some of us meant what we said.

                  The Tea Party drew a line in the sand. You can call us names like purist or whatever. Big Government GOP is over. We don’t owe our votes to Romney just because we don’t agree with Obama. Our behavior is not going away. It is the new reality of the GOP. You can call it arrogance but we believe Romney’s entire campaign was arrogance. The new reality is fight Big Government or be the permanent minority party. Already the gopE’s arrogance is showing. Their attitude is accept immigration. I’m with Mark Levin. Hell, no. The base of the GOP does not agree with the elites of the party. It’s their problem not ours. At least Obama listens to his base.

  10. West needs to gain just 249 votes to trigger a statutory recount under state law out the 20,000 ballots that will be recounted today. Recall, West gained 535 votes in the initial recount of 16,275 early voting ballots.

    It appears that its highly likely West will pick up the 249 votes he needs for a statutory recount of all votes cast in his district. Thus, this race will most likely not be decided anytime soon, but Allen West’s chance of holding his seat looks very good.

    1. I am appauld that a sitting congreesmen would have to defend himself amend admission by the supervisor of elections that she was incompetent. I think that being a sitting congressmen should mean something especially when cheating is suspected. While this is not over yet at least the recount might trigger a full recount if not exposed the fraud which is necessary given the tactics used in this race.

    1. America need West to defend it from Muslim terroists that are gaining ground in Isreal. We need leadership from the top to help restore peace on earth.

  11. Excellent news !! The reverse would have meant that Americans and people watching from outside the USA would have lost all confidence in the electoral system and those involved in it.

  12. If West wins this thing, we need to draft him to run for POTUS in 2016. I just think that he has the leadership and the character to make for a presidential candidate that would invigorate the GOP. He is the real deal and we need someone like this to make up for the sorry state the party is in. The problem with the GOP is credibility. Allen West would instantly bestow credibility on this party. There will be no doubt about who is and what he stands for and I think that people respect that first and foremost because it’s a leadership characteristic.

    People want to elect a leader. If they are not sure of who you are and what you really believe, they will not follow you (McCain and Romney). But they will follow West, especially in the aftermath of standing up to voter fraud.

    People hate corruption and any leader that shows their ability to stand up to and root out corruption has cross over appeal to independents and democrats. Let’s pray, pray, pray that West wins and if he wins, let’s not be afraid to demand he run for the GOP nomination in 2016! West/(fill in the blank) 2016! (I think West/Paul)

  13. and yet where is the media, journalist to cover this. if this were the oposite ( which it wouldnt because now more then ever the conservative want only the truth, even if it means obama won fair and square) but we know in our heart of hearts that this regime is working againt the good in the world.

    1. And that’s why the media is every bit as evil as the current administration and must be destroyed!

      (I say this a tiny bit tongue-in-cheek, but only a tiny)

  14. In a couple of districts around the Philadelphia area where 19,600 people voted, not a single person, not one, voted for Romney. NONE! ZILCH! Is that even possible out of all those voting? Surely, there was at least one Romney supporter in the mix. I do not believe it was possible. I believe something was very, very fraudulent about that situation and it makes me very angry and so very disgusted.

    1. Yep. I don’t mind losing FAIR and SQUARE – but I have a very strong sense that the election was stolen.

      And not only does Obama not give a flying fig about it, he knows that he can get away with it – in huge part due to the media taking his side in all things, and even worse, running shotgun towards anyone who dares to dissent.

  15. You really think Obama would have won if it was an honest election? The Dems lost the Gov. recall election in Wisconsin and they realized they needed to cheat even more.

    1. Obama would not have one the first time nor the second had the not-so-free press simply told the truth.

      Voter fraud and the lack of concern over it is a symptom of the same problem.

      We live in a propaganda nation.

    2. exactly. but what worries me more are the arms that obama is giving to the evil that exists in this world. The earth is in great danger of destruction from all the bombs that will be going off thanks to his lack of honest good leadership

  16. The narrative and the numbers (fewer votes for Romney than McCain got) suggest one of two things. Either
    1. Numb nut conservatives really did follow through on their promise to “never vote for Romney” after he won the nomination. or
    2. there was wide spread, systematic voter fraud

    I honestly don’t know which one it is.

    1. we cant get past the fact that there are a large number of blind follweres of the regime that has been put in place. When I speak to anyone that supports obama they do seem to believe that he is the greatest thing ever. I just dont get it. Shouldnt the proof be in the pudding. I guess the bar has been lowered over the last four years an people have lost all hope. Also people think Romney was outdated but our history is exactly where we needed to go to fix our nation. LOOKING back is the only way to move forward in a positive way. Its our history that has made us the nation that we are and to move away from it has destroyed America. No liberal can see this and refuses to believe that obama could ever lie to them.

    2. I’d bet your Number 2 above is more likely. I believe conservatives were fired up and would have voted for Romney whether they loved him or not, anything to get rid of Obama.

  17. It seems to me a lot of rats throwing Romney under the bus here! he had to concede you can’t go back and count those computer screens. I believe, even though dishonestly gotten, Obama is there as God’s way of giving Americans (not all) exactly what they think they wanted….but they are going to get what really is! Our country has become a very Godless country! when you have “Christians” voting for ungodly policies what can you expect, like OB said “there are consequences for your vote” he spoke that not because he really understood what he was saying..I believe God put that in his mouth! Americans will get consequences for fact! Do you really not understand..this is not really about America it is about a One World Government! Start reading God’s word!

    1. this is exactly what I think. When I look at Romney I saw the 50’s ….to me the greatest era of the US he represented. The leave it to Beaver America. Wholesome and apple pie. America wants to kill this era and thats who votes for obama. We live in a world now where people are self destructive. Pick and choose your friends and yes family very carefully. Trust in God and the few that you know believe in the same.

    2. This is a battle for a free nation. We are under attack from deeply within by an enemy intent on our destruction. As West has done, a leader fights such evil no matter the odds.

      1. Hi again sDee…Regarding the aftermath of the election: What I’d say, about all the babble (BS), and reasons and excuses flying about by the so-called ‘experts’ is nonsense. None of it matters. None of it at all. Not until, we get this simple truth into our hearts, our minds, and our guts … that our opponents, be they…democrats, commies, Marxists, socialists, progressives, Islamists, or, whomever … see our elections as ‘WAR’… take no prisoners war. Use any and all weapons. It is kill or be killed. Until the ‘right’ realizes this truth and fights like ‘OUR’ lives depended on it, we are doomed.

    3. I honestly do not believe God has much to do with this crummy election. God sits back and watches his children run wild, go crazy, keeps loving us, gives us choices, and sometimes practices “tough love” which no child likes. This crummy election was a “man made disaster”; we have brought in on ourselves by allowing so many things to continue on and on for years in our government that we were too lazy and complacent to try to put a stop to. God did not do it, we did it to ourselves.

  18. thud…………. sorry, that was me falling off the chair in shock. Col. West, carry on toward the leadership of a conservative contingent within the republican party. If we see no improvement with what the republican party stands for by 2014 elections we need AW to energize the Conservative Party into a major THIRD party we’ve been looking for. Make it known now Alan, we will not compromise on economics, gun control, EPA strangulation, and entitlement spending.

    edit: literacy

  19. Fantastic news for Col. West & the rest of the country. This makes the case for a recount of the entire country!

    I signed a petition for complete recount of 2012 election at:

    Can also find impeachment and other very relevant petitions there.

    I urge everyone to sign all that are important to you!

    Anyone who doesn’t recognize rampant voter fraud in this election is, imo, working with less than half a brain.

  20. Romney conceded without any fight. Not that I blame him… we see how easily the machine and the media will take down a conservative.

    1. …but I still hope he does something, perhaps taking a page from West’s book. This is too important to just let go.

    2. IMHO Romney never really fought Obama enough on many areas. He had proof and strong evidence on so many things that he could have knifed Obama with but remained too gentlemanly and soft. I really liked Romney and felt he would have helped this country at least a little out of the horrible mess it’s in, but he just absolutely would not come out fighting and put on the tough gloves to go after Obama in the same way Obama went after him. I cried election night; it was the most disappointing night I’ve experienced in a long time.

      1. we all cried election night and wake with anxiety now every day. We now have the middle east turmoil in our backyards. Romney could have restored some peace to the world but we see there is too much evil-devil in the people. God is not happy…. we all must prepare for the worst. God will save us from this horrible fate and weed the bad out at some point and time. WE must be patient and pray more than ever….

  21. But if there was a miscount in the early vote who is to say that the total vote was miscounted. Sounds to me like they are throwing West a bone but will ultimately give the election to the democrat here.

  22. Praying for strict oversite and for a VICTORY for Allen West. I’m so thankful that he has persued this to the full extent of the law. I have read and seen some very unsettling reports of voter fraud. This has to stop.

    1. Thanks for the link!

      Well well well – why would the Murphy lawyer yell about getting an injunction? Might it be because they can see their goose is being slowly but thoroughly cooked?


  23. It took a Marine to fight for what is right. Col. West if there is ever an opportunity for me to vote you in any capacity, YOU GOT MY VOTE. Thank you for your service sir! GODSPEED

  24. It took a Marine to fight for what is right! Way to go and Col. West, if I should ever be able to vote for you in any capacity- YOU GOT MY VOTE!

  25. West is the only politician with balls and if the rest of the party grew a pair there would be more turnovers. This is just the tip of the ice berg, the “smoking gun” of the way these low lives will and do cheat to win.

    Mandate my ASS!

    1. That video is stunning to hear. I dont understand why so many people want to be dishonest and not worry about the consequences. It so much easier and satisfying to work hard in live than it is to work hard at not working in life.

  26. So which is it? Election fraud, Media bias or The Obozo team? We have to make our minds up soon you know. Or was it all of those things.

    Personally I don’t think conservatives lost anything in this election. In fact, the three million who stayed on probably think they won this election. Their protest against the Repooblicans was registered. But will the Repooblicans listen? See the WHIG party.

  27. I’m so glad I mailed a donation to West’s recount fund! I hope everyone can help him with something. Go West! Certo! Fight!

  28. I hope there are lots of watchers and lawyers at the ready for this recount. I don’t trust the originals. They apparently have the same ‘math’ issues O has.

  29. Good for Allen West. I hope he prevails in this recount because the country needs him and a lot more just like him.

    1. All the more reason to initiate a new party. If the law stands, what’s preventing the people of the Tea Party (and any other freedom loving people) from forming a new group? This is between the DNC/RNC. Or is this about the DNC against any other party?

        1. Some good points in there that are hard to argue:
          On what basis will the party unite? On fiscal responsibility? Romney and his cohorts have said nothing about serious entitlement reform; the Tea Party, meanwhile, calls for it daily. On taxation? Romney has a 59-point plan that smacks of class warfare; the Tea Party wants broad tax cuts across the board. On health care? Romney and much of the establishment aren’t against the individual mandate in principle; the Tea Party despises the individual mandate as a violation of Constitutionally-guaranteed liberties.

    2. There is always ways to get around that law. The GOP doesnt have to be the initiator to the investigation. It can come from states, govenors, citizens , private sectors.

    “This afternoon, President Barack Obama consulted with MSNBC host Al Sharpton, who’s also associated with the National Action Network (NAN), about the fiscal talks between the White House and Congress. At the same meeting, Obama also consulted with other “leaders of civil rights and civic organizations.”
    Prezzy forgot to talk to Jesse and homeless people in his home town……….

  31. This is encouraging.

    I’ve grown pessimistic over the last 4 years and still think the fix is in… but hopefully, West will prevail and the gross incompetence and criminal activities will be exposed and corrected.

    Allen West deserve better treatment than this. It’s pathetic that this is even close.

  32. Helluva way to have to do business, but this is the Barack Hussein Soetoro Onyango Obama Left folks, your daddy’s dimocrat party left the building…

  33. WOW!!! I am so happy to see this. I saw the judge in the circuit court denied it… (what a waste of airspace…). I am excited to see the outcome and thoroughly expectant to see someone go to prison for election fraud/rigging/etc… PRAISE BE TO GOD, our Heavenly Father for this wonderful news. Whew! 🙂 God Bless Allen West…He’s fast becoming my political hero.

  34. Oh oh, now if West wins this, well…Murphy who is up on the hill already and who has been laughing at the recount with his buds…will need to apologize to us all.

  35. Good news but I wouldn’t say it gives me any more faith in the Florida system. Especially after the debacle in 2000 w George Bush. I’m still not convinced he won that fair and square.

  36. If this is true, Hallelujah! Republicans and everyone can learn from this good man. Hard Work, Perseverance will ultimately pay off. A true warrior who didn’t allow the machine to keep him down.

  37. Anyone think West will run for potus in 16? I hope he does. If he is allowed to by the dictator in chief that is.

  38. I would encourage all my patriots here, please do not get your hopes up, the people there in St Lucie County specially Gertrude Walker is not a very reputable fellow, there have been a lot of irregularities in the process from this crook, who is an elected individual and should not be trusted. Example: On the day of the elections at 1:00 Am Allen West was winning by 2400 votes, and an hour after Murphy was winning, and the counting was done behind closed doors without supervision from the West campaign, which is a violation under state law. Another example is that St Lucie county is republican stronghold here, there is no way that Murphy won this section of the state, and West won the liberal side which is West Palm Beach, there is no logic for Allen West to be losing. A lot of time has passed since the election now, so I believe that a lot of ballots will appear out of no where, dogs, dead people, double ballots, etc.. Lets just prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

    1. Good points. I am cautiously optimistic about recount. But what we do know is that if there are more ballots than registered voters or vice versa then that will also be revealed and is really grounds for a law suit. Mr. Murphy is going to court to stop the recount so that tells me that he supports the cheating and is not worthy of being a Congressmen. I think Allen West is prepared for whatever the outcome maybe.

      1. Yes I read that Murphy has lawyers ready to appeal this decision, thats why Allen west needs our support, lawyer fees are very expensive, please lets give him our support he needs it more then ever.

          1. He may be working pro bona but probably is a libera and is being paid by the liberal party to make it not work out for West is my guess. All lawyers have a price and he may be working pro bono just to satisfy the conservative. We need real support from the right. Where is Donald Trumps 5 million when you need it!!

        1. Though Shapiro is working pro bono, Allen West will need funds to pursue the findings to their conclusion. I hope others will step up to the plate but hard cash will be required. On Mark Levin’s show West said he cannot use campaign contributions for recount expenses and has set up a specific recount fund.

          I donated to him when he sought a re-count not knowing this, but will be sending more to help him fight the fraud.

    2. How can one underestimate the power of such eternal evil?

      I believe Colonel West has chosen to stand at the gate.

  39. My local tea party been their for 3 days now , poor Ms Walker is in The hospital getting test done. maybe the thought of jail time has made her sick . Although his district is less then a mile from mine we support Mr west completely. I hope this opens a big can of worms , We need voter ID and fair elections or why bother ,

    1. I just returned from a Tea Party meeting with Mark Meckler. He was very optimistic about the future BTW…! The voter fraud/ID subject was raised and he said there is real progress being made.
      Mark is working on this himself with some dems who are concerned about voter disenfranchisement. The crux is to do away with voter registration. Every citizen who turns 18 gets a picture SS card that must be presented to vote. No more absentee/mail in ballots PERIOD!

  40. Awesome! God Bless Allen West and his fight for the truth! I will be thinking of all you Floridians tomorrow. I pray for a national recount also.

  41. I hope he is victorious! We need Allen West. This guy is the scourge of the liberals. I hope he wins. I really do.

    They even need a full recount. Some folks might be ending up in the slammer!

  42. wait… what?!!

    i said a prayer for this election to be counted fairly and encouraged others to pray about this but honestly i didn’t think this would happen… XD

    prayer does work =D

  43. In what I’m sure is a completely unrelated story, the head of the local elections board is in the hospital for “unknown reasons”……. Jessie Jackson Jr anyone????

  44. Would LOVE to see Allen West win this recount after Pelosi made a point to introduce Murphy at a press conference so all the Dems there could laugh about West losing that election. What a hag.

    1. Yeah, if the liberals didn’t already change the votes……Pelosi is the disease of this country…………

    1. They stoop to low-down tactics like publishing West’s sexy letter to his wife – the most despicable thing I’ve ever seen a campaign do. I pray West wins.

        1. Yes, Murphy got hold of a letter West wrote to his wife when he was in Iraq and it was very sexually graphic; he released it. I don’t have a link, but maybe you can google it. It never came out how he got hold of the letter. Perhaps an operative broke into the West residence.

      1. Corruption is all we’ve seen from this Administration. Lie after Lie! He must think we are so stupid we can’t tell the truth from the lie. Or that since he is the president he can lie and get away with it. He stands there with a straight face and lies to the dumb press. Well we are not all the press!

        1. ovomit has a narcissistic personality. He is stunned that anyone could possibly not be enthralled with his being. The election just confirmed to this malfeasant he is correct.

    1. It would say what we all know. Our American system of voting has been corrupted to the point of being third world.

  45. West is whom today Conservative found to be the rep. that wont’ fade and run scare from the forces that are so restless in their attempt to dishonour and change the fundamental belief this nation is built upon.

    I will continue to support West in all endeavors he chose to defend and uphold pertaining to our constitution.My prayers are that the Lord guide and protect and empower you West with wisdom in days ahead.

  46. If you live ANYWHERE near there, PLEASE SHOW UP! Allen West NEEDS people to WATCH! 9 AM, 4132 Okeechobee Rd Fort Pierce, 2nd entrance

  47. They knew the outcome would probably change in Col. West’s favor. That is why they fought so hard to suppress the results. Can you say “disenfranchised” with a straight face? 😉

    1. Something IS happening about Allen West that CANNOT be denied! The power is in force and CANNOT be denied. Even IF there is not an outcome that WE like, the Righteouse are going to prevail and Allen West IS part of it, as is Sarah Palin and Mia Love and many others. The righting of this injustice is a big beginning, IMHO!!!

    1. Like all things Canadian, we get news seven hours late up here.

      But as to your “boom chicka wow wow”, while not exactly what I would put forth as a celebratory expression of victory, does nonetheless rather effectively grind Ms. Walker’s nose in her own doo doo.

      The best part is how the guy looks away thinking the girl is intending her gyrating for someone else. Hilarious.

  48. Someone help me out here and fill in the blank. I watched the court proceeding online and the judge denied the recount request, but I did hear discussion about the canvassing board. Was there a meeting of that canvassing board after the judge’s decision that led to this news?

    There is a report that was released an hour ago that Supervisor of Elections for St. Lucie, Gertrude Walker, is in the hospital undergoing tests. It says there is an audit going on, but says nothing about retabulation happening tomorrow.

      1. And why would any ballots be in Gertrude Walker’s closet? (which is what I read somewhere) Charge her with voter fraud.

    1. The judge ruled that he did not have the authority to order the recount. But it just so happens that the board does have that authority and exercised it after the judges ruling.

      1. HA HA!

        When the story first broke out, my buddy told me it was to avoid a criminal prosecution (prepare a defense case). I, even at this point, was too naive to think that they would sink this low…..I actually had to text him while he was in vacation in FL, that he was 100% right, on the day I heard about the investigation on the radio.

    1. But if he doesn’t I think he’s OK with that because all votes would have been counted and if he does not prevail then he will certainly be welcomed in other forums. He may not be in Congress but he will be in on another national forum. I just think that heads need to roll and people should go to jail. And if it’s discovered that Patrick Murphy had anything to do with this then he needs to go to jail too.

      1. Of course Patrick Murphy had something to do with it, but whether it’s provable is questionable. I think it may be too late for this country, but we should demand Voter ID and doing away with voting machines! I’d even go with having to stick my finger in purple dye after I place my vote. Also, I’d limit early voting days to just a few days before the election. I’d also make it a law that the results could not be released until after all the military votes were in and counted.

        1. I agree! I think these voting machines appear to be vehicles for the fraud. I think that all the democrat election supervisors must go to a school somewhere to learn how to commit fraud because it’s just so prevalent and ubiquitous nothing else explains this other than they are being trained to comment fraud using these machines. Let’s remember that not every State has voting machines. In fact some still use the punch cards. I like the machines but if in the wrong hands they will find a way to install software that allows them to cheat.

  49. This IS the BEST news I’ve heard ALL day. Get The true count, Allen West, You ARE a winner to the patriots of this country!! We will always support you!!!

  50. I am stunned. Haven’t had much to be joyful about for the last week and a half. Standing on principal does still pay off in the universe. God bless Col. West and am praying for a winning outcome.

  51. Fantastic news. Finally something to celebrate!!!

    Fingers crossed for you Col West.

    Aside from Sheriff Joe winning re-election for Sheriff, Allen West is about the only other great—great– news that can come out of this election if he wins.

  52. Wow! Congrats!

    Even if he doesn’t win the recount, he has done his duty to uphold the validity of our vote.

    1. It seems our Republican Politicians do not want Romney to win after all, even Romney ran away like a coward and betrayed all who believed in hiom and voted for him….good riddance.

      1. I totally agree. I feel the Dems are laughing at us – they want us to believe this election was a joke. I amupset the Republicans don’t care about the voter fraud. I would still be happy if there was a recount or a legitimate emergency election and Romney /Ryan won. I do believe we need fresh young leaders.

            1. Dem? Think again Josie. I’m sorry you can’t deduce the logic of pressuring the repubes into cleaning up future elections

                1. Indeed it is. Perhaps a little less listening to RINOs and a little more to Constitutionalists would save our nation

                2. You are correct and your term for the GOP is appropriate.

                  Republicans have proven to be corrupted (or at least moderate) during this election. Putting up McLame in 2008 and Romney in 2012 was bad enough. But they rolled over on almost everything important in between (I’ll just note the Debt Ceiling issue and voter fraud issues). Don’t get me started on Fast and Furious, Benghazi, or Obama’s amnesty for illegal aliens… they’re letting him pass EO’s like a pusher giving drugs to school children.

                  The GOP isn’t supporting solid conservatives (like Backman and West) or anyone affiliated with or supported by the Tea Party. Akin and Mourdock had no support whatsoever by them. Thank God Cruz and Flake won… Today’s GOP hates true conservatives who want to fix this nation and who won’t play ball or accept the status quo.

                  As long as the GOP remains a roadblock and a lie towards getting back to a Constitutional Republic, they have become nearly as bad as the Democrats. Listen to Bill Whittle and Mark Levin for a more convincing and eloquent indictment of the GOP.

                3. yes sober thinking i saw it in that the republicans are going along with the dem / commist socialist because it has gotten to the point where the repubs are saying to the dems we in the house and the dems in the senate will be the noble men and of corse the president and his wife will be the king and queen and we the people the subjects

                4. It’s not a case of “pre” judging them… they’ve already shown to be ineffective…

                  However, I should quit judging altogether.

                  I’m patiently hoping that a 3rd party will emerge to compete with the two other failing parties.

                5. And who was the one to back Cruz and Flake? One Sarah Palin. She had a 75% success rate. GOPE snubbed her to their own detriment. The didn’t like the crowd she drew to the CPAC in March were there had to open 2 more rooms just to accommodate the people and at the end of the convention. Seams like the just cut their nose to spite their face.

              1. With the Leftwing media, the Republicans are damned if they do or don’t. Don’t be intimidated by people just because they’re on TV. There’s a lot of crap on TV, including Follywood movies promoting left wing ideas as part of the story.

            2. You are right. I was having the same thoughts, but we MUST vote and someone with a backbone should demand a recount of the presidential election, but no one in the republican party will demand a recount. Even Bobby Jindhal and John Boehner seem like they are losing their guts and want to accept the presidents doubling down on his tax proposals. Who has the backbone?

              1. The Republicans want Obama to hang out to dry, and believe they will take over the Democrats places IN TWO YEARS. The Dems know that, too. But now they’re stuck with a guy who wants to ‘solve’ problems without their help. Romney told us about that during the election.

            1. Gene. The Republican Party survives as a political entity only as long as there is a perception in society that they are viable at some level. Break the perception and you break the party’s ability to garner political funding. Once you affect their funding capability you’ll have their undivided attention.

              1. That is false.
                The GOP stands together to oppose Modern Liberalism and will do so
                to defend the country from incredibly short sited programs. Further, the GOP is a massive system of personal, offices/equipment, marketing, legal premises, ideas, funding and most importantly – favors. People in politics do favors all the time – whether in relationships, with candidates, or in other ways. Those favors are chits on the table and they are going no where until they are called on to repay the favor.

                DEMS do this as well – Pelosi is perhaps the Queen Bee of record keeping when it comes to political favors. She dolls them out and collects and keeps them like a banker counting pennies at the end of the day. She keeps a book – names, dates, favor, etc.

                The system needs leaders and visionaries – and right now the GOP fell short.

                1. Bullet. If you don’t know how we got to this state in our nation I can’t really help you. The GOP has played an complicit and integral role in the creation of the leviathan that is swallowing up your posterity’s liberty.

                2. The Republicans have enough vision to want to be energy self sufficient. Imagine Obama stopping Alaskan oil with over 100 regulations, and not wanting to import oil fron western Canada. Is he nuts? Take your blinders off. We could be cut off from imports at both ends of the country. 1- From China, great, for wAmericans can get back to manufacturing the basic, everyday products again.
                  2- Iran threatens to destroy Saudi oilfields. Canada has a pipeline that can send oil to eastern Canada, and from there to eastern USA.
                  Why doesn’t Obama want that|? Because he’s protecting his muslim friends in the middle east. Don’t you recognize a pretender and deceiver when you hear one, or is the oratory too overwhelming for you to think by yourself? I’m sorry to have to say that, but there’s too many of you who stole the election from Romney.

              2. As people get older, they get wiser and vote Conservative. That’s why there are always 50% Conservastives, generation after generation.
                Once young democrats realize that solving economic problems takes money out of their pocket and redistributes it to loafers, they finally see the light. It really is quite simple. Republicans are always more generous with their money than liberals and socialists—especially the leftwing union bosses.

                1. 1 Americans are getting statistically older. Under your premise we should be getting more conservative and wiser. While some are good luck arguing we as a nation are getting wiser with age.

            1. Don’t take the name-calling personally. It’s hard to believe how corrupt and spineless the GOP has become and some people may still be in denial. That doesn’t make you a Democrat for believing it to be true.

              I hope to see a greater resurgence of the Tea Party in the coming years. If the GOP won’t get the job done… we will.

              1. Thats just the thing ST. These days, if you don’t by the lie that the Repoobs are the salvation of America, you’re either an extremist who isn’t being realistic or worst of all, they’ll call you a Dem. I’m sorry but the Repooblican party became a dead party a log time ago. Its just sad that they’ve pretended to be the conservative standard bearers for so log that many conservatives now can’t see themselves getting of the partisan plantation. They’re in the same mess as the socially-conservative blacks who can’t bring themselves to vote against Barrack Hussein Obama. I believe this is the perfect time for conservatives to break away from the Republican party. If not now then forget it. Nothing will save us! And by us, I don’t mean conservatives; I mean America.

                PS Solongsong and others like him sound like dyed-in-the-wool automaton party apparatchiks, I’m sorry to say.

                1. There’s nothing wrong with being an independent. It shows you are thinking with an opened mind, and seeking to be accurately informed. That’s why the Republicans got so many independents.

                2. The democrats continue to earn their reputation as an immoral party. This is inviting terrorists inside the country. You know who they are.
                  The present situation is worse than the Trojan Horse story.

              2. It does appear that the GOP have accepted the “If you can’t beat them, join them.” meme over the past several Decades. Trying to please a totally corrupt anti-American anti-GOP MSM/Press is a dead give away!

                1. You’re so quick to judge. Wait a while. Obama can only blame himself this time around. The last government was HIM.

              3. Unfortunately the crack cocaine will prove too much to overcome. Look at Greece. austerity is for thee but not for me. Most Europeans think like that. In my great circle of friends and family i estimate only 20 percent actually work and do something useful. The rest get a benefit of some kind or other. And they all say they have paid their taxes over the years so they actually feel it is their right to suck on the government teat.

                1. That’s unfortunate. I have a few in my family too.

                  We have to fix the way America thinks…

                  Thanks for your response.

                2. All those socialist professors in university are programming young minds. It will all blow up in their faces when the students experience the slippery slope of liberalism that leads to socialism and finally to Communism. It gets worse and worse all the time, until people smarten up.

              4. The big problem is that the TEA Party members were older Americans and many died in the last 2 to 4 years. That was the reason for 3 million less votes. They didn’t just stay home… they are dead. New members need to be recruited.

                1. I think I know what you are saying… but I’m not sure what you base that fact on.

                  I honestly believe there were 3 million fewer votes for Romney because 1+ million of those conservatives voted Libertarian. The rest couldn’t stomach voting for another moderate candidate. Regardless, they and all of America had the chance to stop the coming evil of a revenge-filled 2nd Obama term… and they blew it.

                  Note: I also think the corrupt media and rampant voter fraud had something to do with Obama’s win… but that’s another discussion.

                  You are spot on with “new members need to be recruited.” I’d be stunned if after 4 more years of increased national suffering, if the Tea Party ranks didn’t swell to HUGE numbers. But then again… many Americans have been indoctrinated through public (government-controlled, union teacher infested) schools and liberal colleges. It may already be too late. Though I have faith that it’s not…

                2. How refreshing it is to read such an enlightened letter. I read it 5 times. I thank you for taking the time to express yourself. Love it.

                1. We should have all voted for Romney imo… at least we could have slowed the coming disaster until we could elect a more permanent solution. Time is what we needed… and to those who didn’t vote for Romney, time is all but run out with the monster back on the throne.

                  We’ll have to see what God will do now. We need to build up the Tea Party and dig in for some rough times. I hope America will wake up and realize that the garbage the donkey people are pushing is worthless.

            2. Good democrats and good republicans, and the supreme court. There has to be something in the Constitution to cover that. The Founding Fathers thought of that, because of the experiences from the land they came from. Remember?

              1. 1 You again miss the point. I indeed remember the founders put in place the mechanism but “remember” its a political mechanism and “remember” the politics of the corrupt Senate favor Obama thus derailing the likelihood of action.

                1. What goes around comes around. Nothing ever stays the same.
                  I do understand your point of view. It’s a good one. Thanks for writing a reply. All the best.

                2. And to you as well 1. Indeed there is no avoiding the consequence of what we do. Whether in this life or next we all reap the consequence of what we do. I pray justice comes on this side so the world can see it.

            1. I appreciate your tenacity but I think princess pelosi is now sorting their mail and frankly my dear, I don’t think they give a darn.

                1. I didn’t mean to imply that we should forget about those brave souls… I’m just concerned that they want America to forget about it. Heads still need to roll… I’m worried though that with dear ruler being re-elected, this may never be properly or completely prosecuted. I’m with you… we must keep the pressure on them and persist.

        1. Notice that in the days after election, the media avoided any mention of voter fraud?

          Ann Barnhardt wrote on November 7: The results of this election were determined in 2008, including the faux-opposition candidate. You people who have spent the last several months breathlessly agonizing over this, analyzing fake polls and deluding yourselves into believing that this was somehow a legitimate operation are just sad. You’re like the people in Iraq who supported the opposition candidate to Saddam Hussein for all of those years. Yes, Saddam Hussein held “elections”. Regularly. That is what happened here yesterday. We had a Saddam Hussein “election”. …
          The Republic was overthrown in a neo-Stalinist putsch four years ago. Stalinists don’t walk away. Ever. Stalinists don’t hold elections – they put on shows to delude the masses, which they consider to be vermin, into believing that they still have some say and some degree of freedom. And when even that gets tiresome for them, they start slaughtering people. By the tens of millions.

          Note that all of the so-called pundits on the so-called “right” are avoiding the issue of massive voter fraud. They’re all just spewing the same nonsense as ever:

          The fight has just begun! This is when the real hard work begins! Yay! We’ll show ’em in 2016! Yay!

          1. by 2016 there wont be anyone left to fight. The battle is on now, not four years away. Strengthen yourselves, the battle is at the door, the smell of smoke is in the air and battle cries are heard over the land.

          2. The problem with your conclusion is the economy. It is in such a volatile state right now. The Federal reserve is neither federal, nor does it have any money in reserve. It is a private bankers’ organization. The USA is bankrupt. The federal reserve has no choice but to continue printing money. China now uses the Japanese yen. It continues to draw money from exports to the U.S. and put us deeper in debt to them, but one day they’ll pull the plug. For now, it helps them to build a huge military. 250 million soldiers, according to the Pentagon. Saudi Arabia will not be able to send oil soon, and Alberta, in Canada has more oil than they do. But Obama doesn’t want it. Windmills are so much better. Yeah, right.
            There will be peace for a time, but it will be used by the enemies of Israel and North America to gather their forces. Then all hell will break loose. It’s in the book. What book? The Book of Revelation, written so many centuries ago.

            1. Ann Barnhardt’s conclusions, not mine. I thought she was pretty astute about elections being a farce to appease the sheeple.

            1. When we worked local with illegal community, there was active support and advice from social workers and government employee unions to register, organize and transport illegal voters. All the families we worked with had anchor babies which is essentially Carte Blanche to tap into any program, benefit, or system.

              We are a laughing stock.

        2. Calling Hugo Chavez. Hew, what happened to those highly regarded UN observers?
          Never heard a peep after so many irregularities.

          1. What the UN observers were amazed at was that in many states we did not require ID’S to vote….even third world countries do that before they get their purple finger!

            1. Probably thought, Americans have the sole right to defraud the entire system because they wanted to. Very sad indeed.

        3. Why shouldn’t the Dims laugh? They lied and deceived so openly a complete idiot could easily see it and they won. When you have an Attorney General who is undeniably a corrupt racist, who can take on the Justice Department? The dims own the mainstream media and the Attorney General. Benghazi removes all doubt they own more than just that. We have been taken over by the most corrupt movement in our history. We haven’t seen anything yet. In a year we will look at the record unemployment rate of 8% for the last 4 years and call it “the good ole days.”

          1. You say we need “fresh young leaders like Rubio…”, to do what?

            And I say “Leading from the Senate is as far as Rubio will get, and if you dispute this, take it up with the millions of Americans who are still disgusted at the continued presence of the usurping occupant of the White House…and the insistence of the persistently ignorant members of our population (either party) to remain so.

        4. The Republicans aren’t running away from anything. They said they would give Obama some time to see what he would do on his own. In other words, give him enough rope to hang himself.

      2. He didn’t run away, he respectfully let the “winner (?) take the glory” I still think Obama’s people committed fraud again like in 2008. The liar in chief did not win.
        There is a programmer on video who claims he was asked to program the votes
        given to Romney to go to Obama. I think Romney would have taken this country
        out of our sea of red ink. A man who never really held a job and has been spending our money by the trillions can’t possibly be trusted to run the country.

        1. There’s no way the majority of voters didn’t want energy self sufficiency. Rspecially when Obama stopped oil exploration on federal lands for so long, and stopped oilfields in Alaska from operating, with over 100 regulations, and didn’t want access to wester Canada oil from Alberta, where there is more oil than in Saudi Arabia. Jobs and money stayong in North America instead of Saudi where the money is used for terrorists.
          There’s nothing more damaging than uninformed voters who listedn to left wing media with some suspicious agenda. Remember the One World government idea? At whose expense—-yours. The biggest redistribution in American history—YOUR JOBS.

      3. There are two types of politicians, 1)those that kick ass and 2) those that kiss ass. Obama and his thugs belong in the first category. They will lie, steal and cheat with absolutely no regards for the truth. The republicans are cowards who will fold at the first sign of politcians #1. Allen West is a conservative who will fight rather than grab his ankles in submission to politicians #1. If this voter fraud is as bad as it looks like, it will be because he is a leader rather than a cowardly RINO. This election proves the RINOs are now the third party. Time for American leaders to stand up to these thugs who are stealing our way of life. Allen West is one of those kind of leaders.

      4. I think Romney was deeply hurt. He wanted so much to help the American people with a good economy, and said so when he conceded. Give the guy a break, will you? He was very gracious and must have had mixed emotions when Bill Clinton phoned him to say he should have won the election. Imagine that. What a mean thing to do.

    2. I don’t think Mitt Romney has it in him! When all the cards are on the table I don’t think I would want Mitt Romney ib the fox hole with me. I only want those who will defend the republic at all cost!

            1. As you know my Canadian friend, those who come to America because they truly understand liberty, are it’s strongest defenders.

            2. Fight on dear lady… don’t dare you leave. I’ll just refer you to my response to Josie below here to remind ourselves that Canada is no slouch in the freedom department the way some think it is… and right now Canada is much less left than America is under the Obamas.

          1. Trying going back to? WTH does that even mean? Do you know the borders of the U.S.A are the least defended in the world?

            1. Only the southern ones Darkbella007. Unfortunately if I ever do get the chance to visit back home, I have to go through a zillion legalities to do so. I guess I could swing wide and go through the south 😉

              1. Canuks may lean left but they are not so dumb as their southern cousins. They’ll send illegals packing before their beer gets warm.

                Still leaves ’em with that pesky moose limb problem tho.

                1. Thankee sDee… I’ve been listening here and the truth is those RINOs could learn some good lesson from Canada including any uninformed here who may quickly talk empty about Canada.

                  The truth is that Canadians are truly shocked about the slide into tyranny south of our border, while for now Canada is going in the opposite direction.

                  Here’s Ezra take on the American election and Canada’s opposite trajectory including her ability to win the minority vote.

                2. “The Blind Leading The Complacently Unemployed Blind”

                  This man is completely correct. It’s downright sickening to think America has changed. I don’t ever see her coming back from the brink. If ovomit could win under the conditions he did, then there’s not even a snowball’s chance of us ever seeing a truly conservative president again. At the very, very least…not in our lifetimes.
                  I’ll probably hear how negative I’m being, but I can read the hand writing, there are just entirely too many takers.
                  I heard someone say once that eventually people will choose perceived security over liberty.
                  We just saw it. And it’s a sad, sad day.

              2. I disagree here AmericanborinCanada. Our northern border is the least defended ever. I was proud of that for years~ Not because it was “hands across the border” as my scout leader said, it was because they had the same principals as we did. The southern border does not share that.

                1. Well I do agree there, but it’s a lot harder to cross than it used to be. Last time I went back, drove all the way, had no problem getting through the customs guy. Now I practically have to have an FBI background check with a passport, my birth certificate and green card. OY! And hopefully they won’t block me from coming back in… that’s my real worry if I go back up there.

                2. Last time I went though it was easy to get into Canada. Getting back was a different story. I didn’t say anything at all, I got stopped because of my old transmission in the back of my truck. (It had broken down and I had to replace it) I had to sit there for hours as I watched people with passports from the middle east walk though like butter. I got so frustrated I wanted to know what the hold up was. He looked at this Germanic woman, slender, no threat to him, and said we have others waiting… You have every right to worry.

                3. I feel your pain. Same reason I don’t fly. I’d not take kindly to be standing in line being felt up by strangers while women in full burkahs got a pass. I don’t think I’d go over too well.

          2. This is the one and only warning you’ll get, dial it back or you’ll be done here. DO NOT DISRESPECT MY MODERATORS. Capice?

          3. Josie “FRIEND”…

            I encourage you to brush up a bit about whatever you think you may know about Canada.

            I hope you are not one of those who think that America is the only bright light on the planet. Canada has exactly the same British common law roots as America which engendered almost exactly the same freedoms as America. Our founding documents struggled with the issue of freedom and saw the exact same political philosophy of John Locke and God’s providence as a good which also inspired America’s founders.

            Canada’s freedoms inspired millions to emigrate here in exactly the same way they came to America. The two brightest lights on earth are Canada and America and right now, unfortunately, Canada’s is looking much brighter for reasons that would take much too long to go into here. And I increasingly come across Americans who lament this sad truth. Not because Canada is brighter, but because America has become dimmer.

            Suffice it to say your comment belies a deficiency in your understanding about Canada.

            Even Canada’s SUN News goes places FOX fears to tread. Here is their take on the US election… just one such small example.

            1. Canada is brighter than the USA because Canada has blessed Israel over the last several years, whereas, the USA (leaders and some citizens) has cursed Israel for several years. Those who bless Israel will be blessed. Those who curse Israel will be cursed.

              1. Although that is true, Canada has it’s Israel haters as well.

                One of them is the Minority Foreign Affairs Critic, Libby Davies. And she shares dubious good company with countless other leftists in Canada including OFL leader and former CUPE leader Sid Ryan who ran a project of divestment and boycott against Israel. So is it any wonder that Ryan was a recipient of the Social Justice Award by the Canadian Arab Federation in 2007.

                Ryan’s a creep of the first order and does not dare show his face anymore on Michael Coren’s show after he man handled SUN’s Jacqui Delaney. He avoids close scrutiny.

                Pray that Canada’s left gets no closer to the reins of power in our fair land and that our Conservatism gets stronger and more principled.

          4. You won’t last long around here coming in attacking one of the most beloved and America loving posters on here.

      1. I’m totally shocked by comments like this. Romney is EXACTLY what we needed. Not a career politician, a man who knows how to balance a budget and :::gasp::: make us self-sufficient by mining our own resources instead of depending on people who hate our guts and want nothing more than to kill us. Shocked. Truly shocked.

          1. Write to your government leaders. When millions do, it makes a difference. Flood CNN with demands for balanced representatation of both parties, including Christian leaders. Ted Turner didn’t want anything to do with allowing a voice to Christians. He made sure all that were hired agreed with him. So watch out what the media is trying to indoctrinate you with. They really ARE trying to.

        1. Shocked, but how far off is it? Romney never talked of the Constitution, personal liberty, limited government, or state sovereignty. Nor was he willing to tell America the truth – that government healthcare in any form is evil, that our government has intentionally take us down this path of destruction, or was he willing to brand Obama’s sinister brand of marxism.

          What good is a balanced budget, a strong economy and lots of oil derricks if built on a hollow shell of liberty and the Constitution?

          1. WHOA! I’m shocked by the lot of you! ABiC, sDee, etc…I’m mostly a lurker, but I can’t imagine that you’d rather be in the foxhole with Obama or have him run the country than Mitt.

            Mitt would make a GREAT president. It took us 100 years to slide down to where we are now and it won’t be fixed immediately, but to suffer through four more years of obama because you don’t think Mitt was perfect…

            SHOCKED by the lot.

            1. “I can’t imagine that you’d rather be in the foxhole with Obama or have him run the country than Mitt.”

              Well then perhaps you should not imagine things, nor draw false conclusions.

              1. Seriously, though. This is mind-blowing to me that – unless I’m gleaning wrong – y’all aren’t furious that Obama was re-“elected”, when pre election day I thought I was amongst people that felt the same way I do.

                Kind of like when lovable Tom Hanks came out all liberal. Not trying to be rude here, just saying.

            2. SoLongfriend, a lot of folks voted for Romney, including my husband who registered this year for the first time in his life, because we knew that we couldn’t have 4 more years of dear leader. We might not believe that Romney is the best choice, but we realized he was the only choice we had left and voted for him. We know and remember however that while he is a decent man with great business sense, he is not a small government Constitutional conservative. We’d still take him over dear leader, but we know he wouldn’t have done much other than staunch the bleeding.

              1. I didn’t care for him at first either, in fact I was hoping for Rick Perry or (gulp!) Chris Christie (I thought we needed a fighter and liked what I saw), but Mitt really grew on me and I was SO enthused about him.

                I would much rather staunch the bleeding than hemorrage to death. And I think with Ryan on the ticket, he might have done much, much more than that. And I shudder to think what the country will look like in four more years – perhaps beyond saving by then.

                So, yes. In this midst of this happy news, I’m disappointed.

            3. Campaign season is almost two weeks passed. Please pack away the placards already. Mittens himself has. So what’s your beef.

            1. When? When did he talk about those things? In between genuflections before Obozo on his foreign policy decisions throughout the third debate? Or do you mean when he was calling Obama a nice guy? Oh no, you must mean when he was busy compiling his tax returns for the media like a good spineless little boy? Oh no. So sorry. I think I know what you mean now. You must mean the time when he was speaking about ‘Repeal and Replace’ and defending RomneyCare. Or wait. I think you mean that time when he was bashing 47% of America, only to then come out and apologize. Or you must mean when he was defending unborn babies apart from those nasty ones with rapist fathers. Or the time when he said the boy scouts had no right to exercise their freedom of association/speech by refusing sodomites? Yup I think you’re right. He did speak about all ‘those things’.

              Pffft. Please Jeff. Please.

        2. Nonsense! Romney was a weak sister all along…he refused to blast Obama with negative ads, as Obama did to him starting in May. We need a fighter, not a “nice guy”. We all know where they finish.

          1. Excuse me for liking a man with ethics and grace. I truly apologize. Yes, we should have had a shark. Not hardly.

            1. Grace? You mean Stiffness right?

              Ethics? Yh, erm … Those several wives who have to produce little eternal babies for him in the afterlife (FOREVER!) probably disagree.

              1. In comparison to ovomit, Romney does have ethics in the way he approaches his daily interactions with fellow human beings, via work, friends, associates, etc.. Religious beliefs aside. Unlike ovomit, who wouldn’t know the meaning of ethics, including his religious beliefs.

            1. I think you are wrong about this. They did attack their characters. Remember when they called Mitt a “felon”? None of it was true, but the dems did make many, many attacks on the character of Romney and Ryan. And unfortunately low-information nitwits lapped it up.

              1. “And unfortunately low-information nitwits lapped it up.”

                Therein lies the reason conservatives lost so badly this election. The press spoon fed these “nitwits” the lies ovomit told as if they were truths.
                Neither Ryan nor Romney had any skeletons in their closets, so they made things up, told out right lies and nobody called the ovomiters on any of them. They got away with being liars and were rewarded handsomely for their efforts.
                Remember Cutter…yikes, there’s a low life scum bag if there ever was one…and every single lie she told paid off.

        3. I ‘m sorry your shocked, TrishJensen:(. You know in the whinning hours of the campaign I asked myself one question and that is, “what could Mitt Romney have done better?” TrishJensen, the one thing that haunted me was his inability to communicate and articulate the Constitution. In the first debate he hinted at it but never really develop the argument for the Constitution in addition to free enterprise and Capitalism. Now thats not to say that having a stellar reputation as a business man and one who served in Government are not admiral qualities its just that he left the defense of the Constitution on the table. For example, he never mention the relationship between the individual and Government as is laid out in the Constitution. The health care law is an area to further point out that relationship but we bith know why it wasn’t done.

          1. that would have won him exactly no more votes than he got … lovers of the Constitution didn’t need Romney talking about it … and Obama voters are terrified of it …

            1. That’s even more reason to emphasize the importance. Look we have people in this country who have no idea about out Constitution and what it does. We have to make the case that it protects us from a tyranical over reaching Government which is why many of them leave their countries. And we have to argue that the Constitution protects our rights to make our own decision and reject authoritarism.

              1. We have people in congress who have no clue about the Constitution.. Just today Pelosi sounded like an idiot when she said “What amendment is that? 11 or 14? Whatever! I’m for the Constitution…(!!!) She is either senile or she never took the time to read the Constitution that gave her the right to be where she is!

                1. FYI I wasn’t really talking about Nanacy Pelosi, Obama, or Reid. They are anti-Constitution but there is no excuse for the Republicans not knowing.

                2. Some do no know it, did not read it and do not care.

                  Others know it well and exploit ignorance and greed of the politicians and public, to eat away at it like termites.

                  Now, can anyone explain Justice Roberts?

              2. You have to do it locally-like we did in AR! And now our state is ALL RED!!!! We have both houses and all Congressional districts. There was a lot of work going on statewide teaching people about the Constitution etc and it paid off!!!

              3. If we the people don’t hold our govt. accountable to the Constitution, why would the immigrants? The social welfare benefits far out weigh any moral obligation we or the immigrants might have to our Constitution, as evidenced by Obama’s re-election.

                I don’t have anything against Obama. As a human being, look what he accomplished in his life. He simply is underqualified for the job of President of the United States and doesn’t share in traditional American values or adherence to the Constitution.

                I miss my country. The 4th of July, apple pie, church on Sunday, new marriages, new babies, working at the mill, purchasing your first home, dad’s retirement, Christmas; all that American Dream stuff.

                Personally, I prefer a presidential president, not a regular on the talkshow circuit. That doesn’t make him bad, and I hope he’s enjoying himself. It’s unfortunate that he’s doing it at the expense of the demise of our country, but hey, he’s the people’s choice.

        4. I believe Romney would’ve been a good President, but he was too honorable to run the kind of campaign that was needed to out what has been going on these past 4 years. I don’t know who his campaign managers were, but they should never run another campaign because they gave him some bad advice, imo.

          1. We literally have a treasonous marxist usurper, dismantling our naiton from within, aided and abetted by a lawless Justice Department, a corrupt Congress and a subversive judicial.

            I cannot imagine Romney did not know this, nor the grave implications should he have lost. Any campaign strategy to expose it would have provided the State Media all the ammunition needed to destroy Romney.

            One has to be damn good to play the devil at his own game.

            The fate of a free world for our children and theirs, is now up to us – if we can find a way. No politician can save us.

            1. At one point Romney seems to be there for this fight.Other times he seems to manage this fight not to loose. Except not won yet.

              To fight a pig, you’ll get dirty and filthy. If you are there to win this match, you will smell like the pig and look like the pig, but then you have a choice to go home at the end of the fight and take a shower. Otherwise someone else can do a better job with taming that pig. I only know if someone throws nails at me, I’ll throw whale’s harpoons at them’

              Romney were never the speedy warrior to face this evil force. Now , our work has cut out for the next 4 years. I would like to encourage all, I intend not to rest yet. Over in Half Moon Bay Beach in San Mateo County, best tubes to ride are the most scary huge ones. You slide out in the other end of the tube, it’s a heaven in the ocean.

              If no one else step up to fight with us, I know I’ll still fight with many constitution conservative remnants. Let us stay in the match not just to the end, but to conquer and overcome

        5. Bravo Trish, You are absolutly right! Obamacare will be big news. Benghazi will be big news. They are already trying to cover up! Petraeus is telling the truth you can bet on that!

          1. It breaks my heart to hear people say that we have to get down in the pig slime with them to win. Whatever happened to believing that class and grace is a bad thing? And trust me, I’m not old. I was just brought up to value different things, apparently.

            BTW, I don’t believe for a moment that Oblamer won. He stole. And he’s about to steal the rest of what this nation’s all about. Or used to be all about.

            1. Half of the population gave up on class and grace, maybe more. They prefer the mud and slime. Sure makes it hard to fight with truth.

              1. Oh, yes, Sam! I believe EVERYTHING the NYT says. They’re so honest and judicious. :::snort::: I wouldn’t believe their help wanted ads. Oh, wait, they probably don’t have any, as no one’s hiring.

        1. We have had Obama’s marxism shoved up more than our foxholes because, in the 30 years since Reagan the Republican Party has tripped over itself to see how far left they could go, how fast. Well they got there. So damn close we got the father of Obamacare running against its own progeny.. This time they lost the big one, big time, with a big government Progressive further left than Bill Clinton.

          I held my nose again while I donated and voted. I was in all they way so save your innuendo.

          Had a Conservative like Santorum or Palin won the nomination and lost to Hussein, there would be loud cries that “Conservatism is dead” trumpeted from all corners of the nation.

          Well, a New England Republican Progressive won the primary and ran on “fiscally responsible big government”. He lost to Hussein. The silence is deafening.

          1. Well, I’m yodelling pretty loudly over here, so there’s ME…also, my sister is yelling pretty good too…

            If a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one around to hear, does it really make a sound?

            I think people are yelling PLENTY loud, but the MSM more and more doesn’t report things they don’t like. Benghazi, for instance.

        2. What part of defending the Republic do you not understand, Arthur? I said defend the republic and I don’t think you can equate anything Obama is doing as defending the republic.

    3. Sure wouldn’t be obama!!! Seriously I think we should push for a recount. If there was ever an election stolen it was this one. Makes me sick!!

    4. or not:
      “The president deserves kudos for having a fantastic ground game, … & the point I’m simply making is, he won. He won fair and square. He got more votes. And that’s– that’s the way our system works. And so he ought to be congratulated for that.” – Rep. Paul Ryan

      & GO ALLEN WEST!!

      1. fair and square? look at 99 voting areas of philly. zero votes there for romney. look cleveland 59 vote areas. zero votes for romney. what are the ODDS? no romney wouldn’t have won, but this election was far far from fair and square

    5. I received a call last night on this as it broke…from a dear friend and True Patriot…Evidently, Mr. West requires a mere few hundred to win it, and let’s hope the Dems screwed themselves by faking ballots…

      After that, I believe Mr. West would be a beacon of INTEGRITY to shame other Republicans to push for recounts!

      GO WEST GO!

      1. That would be the BEST THING of all. Mr. West is leading by example – and a sorely needed example at that. We have to stop being the polite good guy, and instead be the good guy that kicks butt when wrongs are committed.

        It’s like we’re a bunch of ants and they are the grasshoppers. We need to realize there are more of us than there are of them no matter WHAT they say and how they shout.

        I suspect if there were more recounts the future of our country would look very different indeed. If there’s any way to remove Obama from office and avoid the point of no return…MAN….

    6. I agree 100%, providing we could trust the counters. How about those who broke the law and counted behind closed doors?! Hmmm
      The Founding Fathers would be disgusted.

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