BREAKING: Armed Standoff Between BLM and Bundy Ranch Over As Feds RETREAT! – Update: Crowd Cheers!

Fox News is reporting that the Nevada standoff between the Bureau of Land Management and the Bundy Ranch has come to an end. The feds are pulling out because it has become too dangerous for their employees and the public. In other words, the Bundys win:

Previous Right Scoop coverage here and here.

UPDATE: Crowd Cheers As BLM Withdrawal Announced
From Caleb

Fox reports that 400 of 900 cattle have already been rounded up, but the operation is now ended before it was completed. This means that the intervention of the activists and supporters who have camped out near the disputed area was successful. The crowd, claiming that victory, cheered loudly as the sheriff announced the end of the operation.

The BLM is asking for people to allow them to withdraw safely and without incident. Stay with The Right Scoop for further updates as the day progresses.

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353 thoughts on “BREAKING: Armed Standoff Between BLM and Bundy Ranch Over As Feds RETREAT! – Update: Crowd Cheers!

  1. Those worshiping collectivism fail to realize that aggressive human instincts were present long before liberty, prosperity, and profits.

  2. there trying to take it away for building a walmart and china aquisitioning land. DOES ANYONE BLAME THEM? if you impose more taxes on ranchers they cant make it, these are generations of cowboys on there land, not someone who bought a condo. I applaud the oath-keepers for standing up for freedom and the constitution. They did not want a fight, It seems to them they wanted them to kill those young men in uniform.

    Don a

  3. Well, I’m sure glad this is over so they can get back to important issues like Oscar Pastorius and the missing airliner.

  4. As I stated in the previous article, There were two BLM officers to every one patriot. Seeing they were grossly outnumbered, the government pulled out.

  5. I love the commitment and the strong words. The instant internet media is a great tool. Didn’t our street punk in the five thousand dollar suit just hand over the internet to the UN ? Next stop, agenda 21.

  6. On the local CBS page linked from Drudge, there are comments about this not being about the turtles or solar power plants, but instead – natural resources. Rare earth minerals mined for China as well as fracking. Makes sense. We are not mining any rare earth minerals and China has been buying them up everywhere.
    So this must be stopped – for the Bundy’s and for America.

    1. But if the feds take it over, will they allow fracking? Isn’t that the current, most evil, environmental disaster waiting to (not) happen?

      1. That was my first thought too, but realized that it is America that may not prosper. As China holds so much of our debt, they may be making demands.

        Recall the “economic zones” set up for Chinese manufacturing? In Idaho I think. And they were bringing in Chinese workers. Here is one article that talks about it, but it is just the tip of the iceburg. There are many other states with similar.

          1. Isn’t it though? I guess it isn’t enough that we have run all our manufacturers out of the country and sold the de-commissioned plants to the Chinese. Now we have to let a foreign company build a plant here and hire completely foreign workers. I have worried about this ever since I heard about the Bay Bridge being erected by a Chinese company.’
            People dang well better wake up and smell what’s brewing.

  7. A few musings from the last 2 day’s events in Bunkerville:
    1.) It is a lot easier for “Joe Citizen” to find a BLM ranger than for a BLM ranger to find a particular “Joe Citizen”
    2.) Most the time that the BLM rangers are out in the back country, they’re out there alone
    3.) The desert in the summer is a bad place for your vehicle to break down or for you to get lost, particularly in the event that you’re injured and/or your radio malfunctions
    4.) Most the time, the first time an animal knows he is being hunted by a human is when the projectile rips through him.
    5.) Regardless of how well you know your patrol area, there are areas where people can see you and you can’t see them
    (See also #4)

  8. This is not the end. you can bet there will be a next time and then the feds will be much smarter to have the situation be favorable to them. Washington DC is committed to Agenda 21 and land grabs are just a part of our freedoms they want us to surrender.

  9. The Feds must be up to something! Was this an experimental test to see how far America would go?

    1. I think you’re on to something. Dear Leader usually doesn’t back down, unless your name is Putin, then he soils himself.

      1. lmao, Putin has more balls that Obama does. Putin grabbed Obama by the balls and pulled and all Obama did was sputter and make weak idle threats.

  10. Isn’t over, never will be .. Gov find another way .. courts .. means to an end. That aside .. good day for the little guy .. we the people .. strength in numbers, Silent Majority Rules .. ballot box clear sight .. America Rising.

  11. You know, as I sit here, re-reading the Seventeenth Amendment, I don’t see anywhere that it says the state legislature cannot remove a sitting Senator.

    More to the point, I don’t see language in the unamended Aricle One, Section Three, where state legislatures were expressly given power to remove a sitting Senator. Evidently this power was assumed to attend the appointment power.

    But the Seventeenth doesn’t rescind anything, it simply adds that Senators are elected directly, for a specific term.

    I don’t see why states should have to accept that the Seventeenth was a full repeal of their sovereign representation in Congress. So I wonder how that works.

    Anyone know of analysis relevant to this inquiry?

    1. Picture worth thousand words .. America’s founding = wild west .. Guns .. horses .. the more things change the more they stay the same .. Ride Cowboys ..

  12. Today I watched my govt. send armed men to surround peaceful citizens, Today I watched the last news agency on cable sell out. I hope Fox apologizes to the viewers.

    1. You got that right. Fox is setting up their next block, guess what…missing Malaysian airliner. They are no better than the scum they brag about beating in the ratings. Thank Goodness for the net.

      1. They’re about to give it more coverage, sharing tweets, etc. Might be interesting. At least they are giving it more time. Let’s see.

        1. The one tweet was so Fox could point out the one person with a rifle trained on the BLM…the woman anchor (sorry, can’t remember her name) was quick to point out the fact BLM had snipers pointed at the Bundy’s.

          1. I’d be willing to bet there were some patriot snipers covering the BLM’s own snipers, too.

            1. I agree. And some comments on other sites suggested that the reason the feds backed down is that the patriots had them placed in the strategic areas before the feds could take the spots. It leads one to believe that there would have been a far different outcome if BLM had truly had their way.

              1. My sources tell me when the BLM realized it was two of them to every one patriot, they realized they were outnumbered and stood down.

                1. :). Wouldn’t you hate to be there protecting the wrong side?
                  I wish I could remember what site I read this on, but the gist was that the feds gathered all the data they needed to identify the Bundy supporters and the weapons they had and will retrench. Believable.

                2. I would hate to be a LEO sworn to uphold the law thrown into that situation. It would call for some tough decisions. Not 0’s goons, but a local caught in the middle.

                3. Yes, I would hate to be LEO who is there to serve and protect the public in this situation. It sounds like the BLM agents think they have the right to act like storm troopers.
                  Why aren’t we hearing more about Harry Reid? He is at the core of this.

                4. Hairy Reed has a D after his name and is receiving the usual cover from the dinosaur media.

                5. You’re right of course. One might think there is a limit to how much dishonesty and corruption people are willing to overlook. I can almost see the idealogue protecting the political stance, but not using public office to enrich himself. But what do I know. I don’t think the way they do and I have no desire to start.

      2. I truly believe the internet is the only chance we stand of holding off the powers that be…but then the con man gave away the rights and it’s only a matter of time before this ends too.

      3. Yes! The news got out despite the lame stream media–and that includes FAUX. It took them almost an hour to get to a short 1 minute update (maybe less) on the situation. The lead story was that stupid airliner to tell us that they hadn’t found anything!

        1. I saw a report that it is on the ground in Kandahar with all passengers alive but being held as hostages

    2. Do yourself a favor and stop watching Fox.Lump them in with the rest of the State run media.

      1. I blinked. Didn’t see it. Wow, these are monumental things happening and the media doesn’t consider it news!
        Well, when the camps start getting filled we’ll know how it could’ve happened.

  13. I wonder if Judge Jeannine will cover this tonight. Sure hope she’s not stuck on the missing flight or the grid. I would love to hear her opening statement on this one.

    1. All but the few of us apparently aren’t busy playing a fiddle while America burns….really pathetic.

    2. Oh it any wonder why I no longer view Fox News?With the exception of what is posted here at RS.

      1. Back in the day that would be considered cattle rustling and there was swift justice for such things.

          1. It’s how the West was won. Open carry and you better not think about touching my property.

      2. Interesting that libs would be furious if these were poachers running down caribou or deer or something.

        1. Or trying to build a pipe line or drill where they live…never mind it helps the caribou…the left have hit a level of stupid, perhaps never before seen.

        2. Isn’t it though?Suddenly…silence.I wonder why they aren’t crying about the tortoises that have been euthanized?Maybe if Sarah Palin had been in one of the choppers,then the left would be screaming.

          1. And another thing. Those cattle are A, natural and B, have been grazing there for over a century.

            Are they a threat to the turtles, but Lord Reid’s solar panels are not? Tyranny! Expose the scoundrels!

          2. It’s only OK when the left does it. But we know it’s not about turtles, snail darters or polar bears, it’s about power and control.

          1. I know it. And crickets from PETA.
            Guess a crap load of dead turtles doesn’t fit the narrative.

      3. And some of the calves who lost their mothers will die. They were not part of the 130 other cattle that were killed.

  14. So, they have cost Bundy thousands of dollars, in cattle and equipment, and then they ask that they can leave without being harassed. Wonder what Harry Reid is going to do about that Chinese solar plant?

    1. What happens to American citizens on American soil is of no consequence to those dolts. Missing planes from another country….well, that’s news!

  15. This wasn’t over, Foxnews was just reading from the BLM statement

    The protesters were there for the cattle that BLM ceased ,
    The full video was the protesters demanding the cattle back
    They then went to the underpass for a stand off, Cowboys on horseback, other men, women ,children. , against heavily armed Feds and LV SWAT.

    THEN they BLM agreed to give the cattle back

    Foxnews is useless

  16. This isn’t even remotely close to being over. It’s just been taken out of the direct light of the media. The BLM still have the herded (stolen) cattle, the protesters have blocked half of I-15 to get them back and it’s only a matter of time before somebody with an itchy finger turns this into a shoot-out. :-{

      1. I’m watching them being released. But, they did lose 130 head to the stupid BLM in the way they were rounded up.

              1. We all should be compensated. The feds spent millions of our tax dollars on this illegal act.

              2. If you go to that link, (it’s off air right now), but advance the clip to about 1:25:00 and you’ll see the first release.

      2. Oh Hell no. Now, they are saying the BLM will release the cattle (the surviving ones, anyway).

    1. It wouldn’t have been in the media in the first place if the internet hadn’t started reporting on it, especially Drudge. Finally the mainstream media caught up with it.

      The same thing will happen again when or if the BLM returns.

      1. “It wouldn’t have been in the media in the first place if the internet hadn’t started reporting on it”.
        Why do you think Obama is in such a big hurry to give control of the Internet over to the UN? :-{

  17. My opinion, it only stopped cuz it was found out about Harry Reid……if not for that, they wouldn’t have backed down…

    1. Now lets see how Reid gets out of this. The man is one of the biggest thugs in government, but it took media reporting to turn it around and put egg on his face. This is how we will win.

      1. Help me out here. Where in the MSM is this story being told right now. I’ve been viewing the live stream here, the Masters Golf Tourney and switching from Fox and CNN don’t see it either place. Where else?

              1. No need to apologize, we know when you’re able you’ll do it. You need a raise! Well, maybe you need to get paid in the first place…then immediately a raise thereafter! ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. It wasn’t even the “media” that put it out there, it was the internet…Alex Jones broke it. MSN will sweep it under the rug…like they always do..

  18. This has had to cost the taxpayer millions of dollars, so far they’ve counted 82 BLM and assorted other vehicles leaving the area, to one finger salutes, I might add. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. AT the minimum that cost. I’m figuring it was close to 10 mil. After all, this is the US gov-ment and you know how thrifty they are, right? 82 employees on hazardous duty pay, per deim, travel time, mileage, vehicle expenses, on and on the list will go. This was the “Water Loo” for the left and it didn’t go as planned. Let’s see what they throw at us next. I’m up for it!

  19. How many vehicles are in this BLM convoy currently leaving the area? Enough to secure the Mexican border one would think.

  20. This is why we must not back down no matter how much they increase the pressure in every way they can. The Sheriff of the country finally came forward and said the feds should leave but if not for the pressure of the internet information and people showing up it wouldn’t have happened.

    1. SCOTUS has ruled in the past that the sheriff is the highest law enforcement officer in the land and can legally tell any federal agent to get out of his county.
      โ€œAny legislation including the Patriot Acts which attempts to compel
      State Officers to execute Federal Law is unconstitutional. Further, any federal investigational liberties can be forbidden by the Statesโ€™ highest law enforcement officer. Finally, any attempts by a federal agency to coerce compliance to such liberties can be grounds for arrest of any of their agents who do not comply with the directions of that officer.โ€

      Apparently the sheriff finally did his duty, and they left.

  21. Apparently the SPLC has listed the Bundy family as domestic terrorists.
    Not that the SPLC has any authority in this…but, I still don’t find that laughable.

  22. The fight isn’t over yet! This is only a setback for the BLM. Stay on it people!! Beware off back door maneuvers. They still want this land!

      1. History in the making! What’s not to love about this? Govt. corruption exposed, cattle rustling, citizens standing strong and fighting back, cowboys, horses, herding dogs and best of all LIBERTY! (I think John Wayne is smiling!)

  23. It appears to me that this is a State’s Rights issue, and the NV Governor should have stepped in long ago, ordering the BLM out of the #BundyRanch area

    It’s possible that Sen Harry Reid is behind this tyranny (because his son is heavily invested in some big solar power deal in this area and they want the cattle out of there)

    Surely Brian Sandoval, the NV Governor has more power in Nevada than Sen Harry Reid? …. maybe he has moved at last, with this withdrawal today by the BLM

    Apparently Cliven Bundy used to have 52 Rancher neighbors and they have all been manipulated off their land by the govt … with Bundy being the last hold-out.

    If cronyism and corruption are really behind this whole issue, then maybe it’s time for Patriots to play …. Cowboys and CRONYISTS … or Cowboys and CORRUPTOCRATS .. (or Communists…)

    1. so, the NV Governor, Brian Sandoval has used his authority over *Sen Harry Reid* at last?

      btw, Chuck Heath Jr posted this on his FB page yesterday … stating clearly he was standing with Cliven Bundy … it was a NV State issue

      #BundyRanch State’s Rights should prevail ~> RT @CoolChange80 from Chuck Heath Jr brother of Sarah Palin ~> โ€ฆ โ€ฆ

      1. The sheriff is the one with the authority to tell the feds to get lost. He finally did, and they left.

  24. Trust me folks, this isn’t over till Harry Reid is exposed and this man gets his cattle back. I can’t believe they want to sell his seized property. With the feds, you can’t let your guard down with these folks.

    1. that is a BRILLIANT photoshop!

      but some ugly, ditches have been dug in the terrain ahead … insurpassable even for a tank …

      #BeClingers ———————–> #AmericaRISING

  25. Harry Reid part in this land grab/donor payoff has been exposed so the plug got pulled!!
    Remember blm top dog is Reid’s bitch!

  26. Good point just made re: Cliven Bundy situation that I must Share:

    “Chris Day posted: Remember that the county sheriff in Idaho thought he
    had brokered a deal with the ATF/FBI to leave Randy Weaver’s family
    alone, before they slaughtered his 13 year old son, (shot him in the
    back as he ran from them) and assassinated his wife while she was
    standing unarmed in the front door of their cabin with an infant in her
    Remember that the county sheriff in Waco, Texas thought that
    he had brokered a deal with the ATF and the Branch Dividians, before
    they stormed their Christian retreat facility and slaughtered men, women
    and tens of children. Be very careful!!”

  27. The Feds didn’t expect the peoples militia to show up! We need to find out who these men and women are and thank and support them. Takes a lot of courage to stand up to the big guns…

  28. Like a puppy testing boundaries, the feds nipped at the people and they got swatted on the nose. Mr Bundy has done nothing but live by the agreements his family has with the State of Nevada. For the federal government to invent a claim after 100 years of him using that land is typical but not Constitutional.

    It all comes down to corruption in Washington DC. Once the truth got out about what the criminal politicians were up to, they knew they had to back off. My fear is that they will wait until its quiet and pull something even more underhanded in the dead of night.

    Dont forget about Mr. Bundy. Its never over when the federal government is involved.

    1. Last night on Hannity, he said that this is STATE LAND and the Feds had taken control of it BECAUSE of the turtle. IF it is state land then the Feds have no business there.

      1. Back on.

        Edit: At intervals it looks like it’s down (blank screen), but then breaks for commercial, after which, it comes back on. Sometimes you simply have to hit the refresh button.

        Fox News is cutting to the live scene too from time to time.

      1. Now you are correct. This is unfolding by the minute Sheer. Scroll up or down, depending on your point of view, and look at what else I’ve posted, more recently.

        The current posts are the most recent ones available. So, look to the most recent. Check out those videos.

  29. I’m gonna have to see what the MSM has to say about this: UPDATE! Beloved BLM driven from ranchers property by mad and crazy armed ranchers!

  30. What happened here is important.

    We, the people, stopped illegal Federal action…..Bundy who stood his ground…..People who showed up and risked their safety and freedom……People on the internet who managed to get out the facts and the truth despite the US media.

    Only the individual is sovereign under the US Constitution.

    The politicians who passed this unconstitutional legislation are not.

    The judges who upheld unconstitutional decisions are not.

    The BLM brownshirts sent to enforce illegal judicial orders are not

    Their power is derived from us.

    Only we can stop them. Only we, the people, can restore law in America.

      1. Thanks ABC.

        It is very real for me. I have been through this fight and lost my rights. I know from staring them in the eye that these politicians and bureaucrats are wholly corrupt. They have no respect for the law or the citizens.

        They are unashamed and believe they are the law – the final arbitrator

        There is no other way but to become a wrench in the works.

        1. My in laws and others have been fighting various ‘agencies’ for years. so far we’re still here, but always vigilant about county ‘doing’s’.
          I know you’ve been fighting tooth and nail on Agenda 21 and related stuff sDee. Glad you’re always keeping it out there for people to see.

            1. The left are screaming into the night over the idea a Godly man, directed by God is running for the Senate.
              He’s a Christian and a pro life OB/GYN. To the left he’s their worst kind of nightmare. Light vs. dark.
              Dear Jesus, please give him great favor with the voters. In Jesus Name. Amen.

            2. Dr. Brannon saved my oldest granddaughter’s life. The episode was hilarious. This guy has a sense of humor that hasn’t been seen by the public…

          1. Thank you Duckie (and all the Scoopers) for being ever vigilant and fearless in confronting thuggery head on. May God bless you and all who continue the fight for His gifts of Liberty and Freedom.
            Now, let’s send those 200+ BLM Brownshirts (and over a dozen snipers) to the Arizona border with a couple hundred “endangered” tortoises and relocate them and protect them and cleanup the area from several million actual “criminals”. What do think?

    1. I posted the story about hairy reed on the original you tube video of the confrontation as well as other places. I linked the story you had posted. I took some heat from liberal drones about the “source”, When one guy called me ignorant for posting a story linked by mother jones, I called him ignorant for attacking the messenger rather then the message and would he please debunk the story if he could….never heard back.
      Can you imagine how much further down the road we would be of totalitarianism if not for the internet and social media!?

  31. I’d like to see the BLM personnel forced to lay down their equipment, cell phones, etc., marched through the crowd so that the crowd can spit on them, placed on rickety school buses, and then taken to Barstow CA and left there to get home by any means possible.

  32. That is awesome, but I find it hard to believe that it’s truly the end. They may just be regrouping. They may have won the battle, but they haven’t won the war.

  33. Yea, I wonder if the fact that an estimated (govt.estimate, so its probably more) 30,000 more militia are headed there had anything to do with their reasoning.

    1. And what is it with the “First Amendment Zone”? They pick and choose WHERE we can voice our opinions now?

      1. Our benevolent dictator takes away our rights and gives us the privilege of of a small area to voice our opinion that they don’t care about anyway.

  34. I think they want the media to go away, then they wait for a bit and start up all over again. I pray that I am wrong, but my gut tells me otherwise.

    1. I think you are right, they will move in as soon as everyone leaves! When they do it will be a fast destroy. I also fear for the Bundy family safety.

    1. Lol, I put the same thing but forgot to press enter and went to see what my kiddos needed came back pressed enter and then read what you put! oops! Good post btw!

    2. The media can also come back with reinforcements. They can’t keep this matter in the dark now.

  35. Technically, the mere pointing of a loaded weapon at a person not violating any law is a felonious assault, if BLM thug snipers engaged in such activity they should be filed on by Clark County. What does the BLM need snipers?

  36. Oh this isn’t over, not by a long shot. In addition to stealing Mr. Bundy’s cattle, they’ve pulled down fences and knocked down a water tower. What’s next? Are they going to take away his water rights or send the EPA in to monitor the watering ponds?

    BLM is pulling out for now just to get the heat off in hopes everyone will just shut up and go home. I sure hope this story doesn’t die and others will have the courage to stand up and fight like the Bundy’s.

    1. Did you notice they said they were pulling out for the safety of the government employees (yes they said the public, too, but the fed was afraid for the safety of their employees)? What a crock.

      1. Once they found themselves outnumbered, they “reassessed” their plan. But I agree with MaxineCA that this is far from over. They’ll wait until the crowds and what media their is dies down and then come in with plan B.

        Several years ago, I saw a story of a family who had land that bumped up next to government land. Government wanted that land, but they wouldn’t sell. Suddenly, the government declared that marijuana was being grown on that land. They denied this. The land owner ended up getting killed and his common law wife did not have rights to the land, so she was forced out and the government got what they wanted.

  37. They should get the names of snipers and armed gov. employee for doing their job…..following Unconstitutional orders.

  38. This is just the first skirmish and the good guys won. Now we need to ready for their next foray into the lives of We the People.
    We need to be vigilant and keep following the money. Harry Reed (spelling intentional) will need to be observed like a laser beam. As well as his crony in charge of the BLM-big surprise.
    Priceless times we live in.

  39. The radical Communist bastard occupying the office he usurps is creating the climate for this kind of confrontation in our great Republic.

  40. If not for the internet and bloggers who exposed the connections to Harry Reid and the UN this would have been another ruby ridge. The media would have set the stage for bloodshed.

    They will only regroup. This is going on in every state county and city in America.

    I am proud of Bundy. I am proud of those who stood with him.

    Time for a revolution.

  41. When they get every cow and calf accounted for, paid for those they lost due to the thug tactics the federal government used, and aren’t harassed anymore by the government- the Bundy’s win.

    This was never about turtles, never about cows. Dingy Harry is involved in this and if the feds are backing off- it’s because dingy doesn’t want more coming out about him.

    and this earlier by toongoon- look at the date of the article, then half way down, look at Clark Co. Commis Tom Collins (Good friend of Reids) says about turtles and cows.

    1. Endangered species act. The EPA is built on self proclaimed power derived from Mother Gaia who lies above any mere Constitution.

      This is why we must never ever support a candidate who will not stand to begin the immediate dismantling of the Federal oligarchy. Starting with the EPA.

      The EPA and affiliated agencies like the BLM are pure gestapo – they are stealing our land and nullifying our property rights.

      I know. I lost my right to build on my land due to a capricious environmental ruling. These people are the worst of the scum.

      A greater and fast growing danger festers in our cities and counties where this same UN model is being implemented via “Sustainable Development”.

      Agenda 21.

  42. they’re asking to be allowed to retreat peacefully. now now … isn’t that interesting. they didn’t give a flyin f* about any kind of peace when they barged onto that land …

    1. They want to retreat peacefully, but they sure had alot of violent rhetoric when they were playing Master. … such as people coming down to support the rancher better be ready for a burial or some such garbage.

  43. If a rancher and a small group of people can stop Obama’s socialist fascist tactics with meager resources, why can’t the RINO lead Congress not do the same.

      1. I think the McConnell’s and the Boehner’s are afraid to take on a black president. Heaven forbid if they are called racists. Do you recall how Ryan had to crawl to the Congressional Black Caucus to apologize for nothing IMO?

        Paul Ryan to meet black U.S. lawmakers after ‘offensive’ remarks

        “(Reuters) – Republican Representative Paul Ryan on Friday agreed to meet with the Congressional Black Caucus after members of the group branded his remarks about inner-city poverty this week “highly offensive”…”

        His comments weren’t offensive, but he folded and apologized to the race card players and I’m sick of it.

        1. Yeah. You’re right about that. Ryan should never have put his tail between his legs. Wild animals smell the fear and become more dangerous.

        2. That is the main reason they got rid of Allen West. He attacked the race baiting con game and did not back down.

        3. I’m not so sure it’s fear to oppose a black POTUS as much as the probability that Obamao has threatened to start a race war if he’s opposed too strenuously.

  44. It’s come to an end…….for now. Once the heat is off, expect the BLM to come back – with a vengeance! Dingy Harry Reid won’t allow this man to stop him, or his crony corrupt deal with the Chinese.

    Ever vigilant.

  45. ~~ Just as “healthcare” was never about “healthcare”….this “turtle” BLM thing is not what it is about….there is some other motive….!!!

  46. Sadly, they will regroup and return with even more garbage. Need for vigilance is clear!

    1. I don’t have accounts to either, what’s the consensus?
      Ok, didn’t see the pic when I asked.

        1. Is this guy up for reelection in November?

          sheesh….I didn’t see the reelect part…slept in and coffee hasn’t taken effect,…those are my excuses.!

          1. His term ends in 2016, and due to term limits he can’t run for commis. again, but speculations are growing he’ll run for lieutenant governor in 2016.

  47. Correction, they ‘win’ for now. There will be a series of dirty tricks advanced here by this corrupt and lawless administration. Will Holder’s Department of Injustice get involved?

    1. Maybe the IRS will audit him into oblivion or OSHA or the EPA or the vegans or something.

  48. Where are the cows? I was watching it live, the crowd doesn’t know this, so how does Fox.

    1. Good point…do the feds have to give the rancher back the cattle they rustled? Or pay him for the ones they may have sold?

      1. Maybe they’ll call it “even”, with their phony million dollar bill they say he owes. They stole and killed then buried enough cattle to make it so. What a waste, not to mention the calves that are dying now because their moms are gone. Idiot feds.

    1. I was looking for the militias to get some payback upon the Fedcoats.
      Those worthless cowboys that went on the side of the Fedcoats should have gotten their just….

    1. That’s what I’m wondering. Someone somewhere wanted this to go away. Why?
      These leftists don’t give away anything to “we the people”. I hope Mr. Bundy knows to watch his back even more now.

      1. Maybe the creepy feds just figure they will wait the old man out and his heirs will be more compliant. Progressives are the patient communists, after all.

      2. They are caught in their own web. Solar and Wind farms have massive environmental impacts. But solar and wind projects are now a major tool to transfer the wealth of the citizens to the globalists.

        So when they build their money pits on pristine land, they get around their own environmental impact rules by “setting aside” similar acreage as an “offset”.

        Of course they will just confiscate someone else’s land or prevent use/development by declaring it “endangered”.

        BLM is the the agency that launders all these land deals.

        That is what was going on here. Bundy’s land was to be an “offset”.

  49. Hawwy Weed the Beetle Larva Senator’s little secret squirrel plan was exposed so he retreated to prevent more exposure of this and (probably) other cute little plans. The more quickly the whole thing disappears the more quickly he can get back to whatever filth he was generating. Beetle Larva’s Plan B is probably already in the works.

    Meanwhile, score one for the rights of the people.

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