BREAKING: Cliven Bundy Responds To Charges Of Racism: ‘The Statement Was Right’

“That’s exactly what I said. I said I’m wondering if they’re better off under government subsidy, and their young women are having the abortions and their young men are in jail, and their older women and their children are standing, sitting out on the cement porch without nothing to do, you know, I’m wondering: Are they happier now under this government subsidy system than they were when they were slaves, and they was able to have their family structure together, and the chickens and garden, and the people had something to do? And so, in my mind I’m wondering, are they better off being slaves, in that sense, or better off being slaves to the United States government, in the sense of the subsidies. I’m wondering. That’s what. And the statement was right. I am wondering.”

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Full segment transcript here.

H/T Grabien and the Peter Schiff Show.

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2,676 thoughts on “BREAKING: Cliven Bundy Responds To Charges Of Racism: ‘The Statement Was Right’

  1. After 2640 comments, most of the important points of this have probably been touched upon. It ignited a field fire on the internet. The reason of course, is that a single individual American took on the Federal Government. That sort of thing doesn’t happen every day of the week.

    But Cliven Bundy did it. A large majority of us supported him, in his effort. Many of our friends on the other side, did not. It was a good discussion, overall, and a lot of good things came out of it.

    Number one, what right does the Federal Government have, to own land that belongs to all of us? The simple answer to that question is, the Federal Government cannot own land, by The Constitution. What the Bureau of Land Management does is, they manage the land. But they manage it in such a way, as to make everyone believe they own it. They don’t. Because we, the American people, own it. They just manage it for us.

    It is curious to me, having read a large number of the comments on this, that so many Americans don’t understand the powers of the Federal Government. That is, the powers that were given to the Federal Government by our Founders, by way of The Constitution.

    Your Government does not have even half the powers over you, that they say they do. You just don’t know it. What they do, is ASSUME power, and see if you object. When you don’t object, they assume you gave them that power, and so it goes. Obama is a master at this. He does it every day of every week, and no one says a damned thing.

    Cliven Bundy is the first real American to go against the Federal Damned Government in a long time. I hope he’s not the last. Cliven Bundy and people like him, are the only remaining thing between us, and Communism.

    1. Gene White and others have pointed out, the underlying issue on the land rights part of this case rests upon whether or not the federal government has the authority to own public land. In order to correctly pose the question, it should be revised to: Does the fed have the authority to regulate or control how public land is used? Along with that, the question must be added: Does a private business enterprinse have the right to use public land for their own enrichment without compensation to the American people?
      On both sides of that issue, Bundy fails to justify using what he says belongs to “We the People” to make his money without cutting the ‘owners’ in for our share. Isn’t it a bit hypocritical to talk about Negroes getting government subsidies (our taxes and fees collected by the government) being such a bad thing on the one hand and him (Bundy) using public resources to feed his family and grow his personal business?

      In his words: “I’m just wondering…”

  2. The current dust-up in Nevada is a continuation of a dispute between the western states and the federal government that has it’s roots in the “Taylor Grazing Acts” of 1934, Public Law 73-482. A number of western states have never formally recognized the fed’s claims of jurisdiction and fueled what is know as “The Sage Brush Rebellion”. Many supporters of the “Rebellion” feel the time is right to challenge the “Taylor Acts” in the courts and return control of these lands to the states. The fact that a sun bitten elderly rancher has made the federal government blink in this long running “Range War” is in itself a testament to the American spirit when it confronts “Tyranny”. To life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  3. Often people join these conversations, without having prepared themselves to comment. It might be well for some of you to look at all that has happened, on sort of a timeline. The Washington Post did something like that recently. I don’t like the Washington Post, really, but when they do something good, I am not afraid of giving them a thumbs up.

    Everything you need to know about the long fight between Cliven Bundy and the federal government.

    Here’s the site reference.

    1. Surprised that the Washington Post, just as part of where the fee’s came from made no mention of the Exec Order #12548 Pres Reagan signed setting the current charges.
      I’ve read accounts where Mr.Bundy has paid those fee’s rather selectively or more or less by who might have been occupying the White House.

      Some of the details listed in an article from a local NV station seems to dispute some of the claims to that land by Mr. Bundy.

      1. I just got home PoliticalThorn. I will take your advice and read those posts and get back to you tomorrow. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Say what you will about Cliven Bundy, it’s the crapsuck BLM that left Nevada with poop in their pants.

  5. I just love that some many wingnuts continue to support and make excuses for this despicable racist lawbreaker. Tells you all you need to know about the present day conservative movement. Keep telling everyone that you are really not racists.

    1. I love how people who are unaffected by an issue are quick to jump all over those who are, and are standing up to it, and label them as “lawbreakers”. They do this as they are texting and talking on their phones while speeding to try to make up 15 minutes because they couldn’t be troubled to get out the door on time…and that behavior endangers others. This guy is just challenging the government’s right to sieze his family’s land that they used to raise cattle to feed his family and then charge him to use it…this battle has been going on for a very long time and goes beyond this one ranch, but go back to your latte and standing in line for government subsidies while the real people do the real work that pays your bills.

      1. Was never his family’s land and he has had his day in court and lost. He is a lawbreaker. He is a moocher. He is a deadbeat. He is stealing taxpayer dollars. He is an ignorant racist. I am glad the right has embraced him

        1. What about the 11 million illegal moochers that sneaked across the Mexican border to get all the freebies here. What say ye?

    2. I just came home, Joe. Your post was one of the first I happened to read. My first reaction to your post, was that The Right Scoop was becoming Breitbart. I sincerely hope that is not true. I hope The Right Scoop remains what it is. A place for Conservatives to gather, and discuss the things that are important to us.

      By your history, I don’t really know if you are Conservative or Liberal. By the way you present yourself, I don’t really care. You have a confrontational attitude, that all of us have seen before. You are even so bold, as to attack the Moderator. In this case, someone all of us respect.

      I guess what I’m trying to say, is you sort of made a mess here, on this rather Conservative site. Not only that, but you seem to be proud of it. Well I guess everyone else is tired of you by now, but I have a few minutes before I retire for the evening. If I don’t catch up with you this evening, then perhaps some other.

      Here’s a teaser for you. You are not half the man Cliven Bundy is.

        1. K-Bob, you run a good site, just like the Canadian Duck. I’ve been on Breitbart. I don’t want The Right Scoop to become Breitbart.

          1. Thanks, GW! I agree. I don’t want this place to just be an echo chamber, but I never cared for the kind of “forum” where people just throw garbage across the line at each other, either.

    3. Of course you love it. You race-obsessed, totalitarian clowns wake up every day wondering what or who else you can accuse of racism to hide the fact of your skin-color obsession.

      Go back to your KKK meeting. I’m sure you have some crosses in your garage you’d love to burn somewhere.

  6. Here is the FULL 40 minute press conference. Take it from the 11 minute mark to get the earlier context before he begins talking about his experience in the Watts riots which led to his comments on blacks in the projects and slavery.

    He talks about a Russian-American friend of his who was under the overpass holding a flag during the standoff, who told Bundy he wanted to jump the fence and be the first to be shot by the BLM because he never wants to live in another communist country ever again. Next, Bundy addresses his concern that he saw mostly all white people at the big party the night before. And note the plaintive tone of his voice when he talks about this. “Its been on my mind through this whole thing, but especially last night. You look around and, we are all basically white people. where are our colored brothers, where are our Mexican brothers, where are our Chinese.. where are they? They’re just as much American as we are and they are not with us. And if they are not with us, they are going to be against us”.

  7. He is right. Welfare makes slaves of long time recipients. It teaches lack of responsibility it accountability to your life and those you share it with no matter your race.

      1. And you have no conception of what it means because you are a slave to your own narrow mindedness.

        1. So getting food stamps is the same as being whipped? Having your wives and daughters raped at will? Having your children taken away from you and sold? Working 17 hours a day in 100+ degree heat? Really? You really want to make that argument?

          1. Sound like Detroit or the Chicago South Side. Actually it could be Kansas City or South Central LA as well. No, slavery was not pretty but neither is the dependency culture designed to create dependable votes out of human misery.

  8. Read the whole thing…
    It seems that this is yet another example of journalists taking a small portion of a speech and twisting it to suit their agenda…Bundy is obviously not a well spoken man. His verbage is antiquated, as is his ideology. Welcome to the world of ranchers. They live on their land and come into the city for supplies and the occasional night out, but they aren’t likely to be large into the club scene…nor are they always up to date on slang. Negro used to be the politically correct term for a black man. Now, that term is associated with racism. So are colored, black (oops, I used that one earlier…shame on me), and a number of others. Even the term “thug” (which REALLY means low level mob peon or hired muscle) is taking on racial implications, thanks to rap music/”culture”. Bundy’s message, when read in it’s entirety shows a man who values hard work and sees things like having “nothing to do” as torturous, as many ranchers do. They work hard and find it satisfying. Taking that work away from him and putting him on subsidies with nothing real and meaningful to do may seem TO HIM a worse type of slavery than were he to be forced to work other people’s fields. If you read the rest of his speech, you find that he’s all about real freedom and, especially when you read further down, immigration rights. I say shame on all you “news” reporters who repeated this blatant hack job of a story to falsely crucify an arguably good man. What, are you trying to make good with the federal government over your snowden stories?

      1. …Says the guy who simply accepts what he’s being told by the “news”casters and politicians…do your own research and you’ll find the truth.

        1. I listened to the man himself and I agree with Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Charles Krauthammer, Eric Erickson and dozens of other conservatives that find his words racist and reprehensible. Who agrees with you spunky? David Duke? The Grand Wizard?

    1. “Not well spoken” and Rep, Paul Ryan is “inarticulate” But they both made racists comments.

      1. Yeah…now. I know you sent paying attention. Paul didn’t say anything racist here. In fact, he (wrongly) backed away as soon as the stupid hack journalists lied (by misleading through omission) and spread bullspit rumors. Read the excerpt I posted, our even better, watch the whole interview at the link jester provided, and THEN say these were racist statements…but then, that would be informing yourself about the things you have opinions on…you then again, you probably won’t understand half the words. He uses quite a few that have more than one syllable…

  9. Makes sense to me. Not one word he said was untrue. If they want to claim him mistaken, they need to PROVE him wrong by bringing back those old fashioned values their grandmas tried so hard to teach them well. I live in northwest Arkansas. We don’t have that crap here. Black, white, Asian, whatever, we all work together and it’s the best place in the world to live. But we can see that mindset among many blacks, especially the young ones, setting in. We do NOT want that here.

  10. Oh wow, all the left wing blabbermouths are going on about it.
    How about interviewing random folks from Newark or Detroit and plastering their comments.
    Or better yet – lets follow Joan Walsh or Brian Beutler, or Johathan Chait, around and plaster their comments. Let’s wait for the ‘makaka moment’ and put it on youtube.
    Funny how Alternet goes after Bundy, and then has an article on what makes marijuana have an ‘incredible aroma’ – but nobody calls them on it, or any of their other destructive garbage.
    it amazes me how the Self Appointed Language Police are given ‘legitimacy’ by default – like if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all – except that does not work with the Left. They don’t believe that. Somehow they then get away with making obnoxious comments about Christians every day – and they don’t pay a price for it. In fact they make obnoxious and idiotic comments every day about all sorts of things, and totally get away with it.

  11. What an amazing amount of traffic! All over plain spoken man who seems to understand more about human nature than all the the members of the ‘educated’ class and the political class put together. Not a lick of common sense among any of them. It is all about the ‘agenda’…………a racial one at that. The racists are the ones using the word, constantly. We all know who they are, and it isn’t Cliven Bundy.

    There is a phrase from a song from “South Pacific” about racism that keeps running through my head. “You have to be carefully taught”. That seems to me exactly what the race baiters are trying to do. Teaching the populace to hate……………everyone. It’s a plan and they are trying very hard to execute it.

      1. Wow, you are a douche. I have examined this issue closely, but the fact remains that in any discussion of the welfare state, you do not have to wonder if black people would be better off as slaves more than they are now!

        1. Of course you can’t see that such political hyperbole is meant to shame the government and not to advocate slavery? And you ignore the context where before any mention of slavery he said we don’t ever want to go back to slavery?

          “We’ve progressed quite a bit from that day until now, and sure don’t
          want to go back; we sure don’t want the colored people to go back to
          that point; we sure don’t want the Mexican people to go back to that
          point; and we can make a difference right now by taking care of some of
          these bureaucracies, and do it in a peaceful way.”…

          “When I go, went, go to Las Vegas, North Las Vegas; and I would see these little government houses, and in front of that government house the
          door was usually open and the older people and the kids…. and there was always at least a half a dozen people sitting on the porch. They didn’t
          have nothing to do. They didn’t have nothing for the kids to do. They
          didn’t have nothing for the young girls to do.

          And because they were basically on government subsidy – so now what do they do?”…

          This has been a national discussion for decades and was Bundy’s way of pointing out the obvious and shaming the government for their treatment of minorities. And it is a shame if you can’t see that.

          1. It is piss-poor poltical hyperbole.

            And i never claimed he actually wanted to go back to the days of slavery, but the fact that he “often wonders” if they would be better off and more free as actual slaves, is messed up. there is no denying, and there is no defending that.

            1. and you are used to the silver tongued efforts of academic wordsmiths. This was a rural salt of the earth cowboy making his best effort after being attacked by a rogue government agency. It was clumsy, but honest and definitely not PC.

              Notwithstanding all of the real problems and abuse of considering humans as property. The historical FACT is that black slaves were treated better, on the whole, then those blacks who are tricked into a slavery they cannot grasp today.

              Not everyone is educated enough to say that in a politically correct fashion, as a matter of fact the truth is so anethma to the PC crowd that there is NO pc way to articulate uncomfortable truth, only varying degrees of “wrong”.

              But honest people do not deny facts, and will even try to articulate them regardless of the social consequences of doing so.

                1. You and the other moderators here really rock and don’t tolerate any flak… That being said, there is a related article on Breitbart today (Militia to BLM: ‘We Are Prepared to Use Deadly Force’) and you would think by the comments that they were hosting a troll convention. Thanks again to you and your associates.

                2. Once in a while Scoop lets us know what he tolerates here, so he really sets the tone. So he’s the one to thank about that. Duckie and I would be here anyway, so if we weren’t mods it probably would take you guys a few weeks to even notice!

                  Several of the magazine sites have comment sections that resemble a swamp. I don’t know why they do that. It would be better to have no comments at all, like an actual magazine, and only publish acceptable letters to the editor.

                3. Just did in a different comment to you.

                  Oh, and its not a “mind reader” thing, your sarcasm isn’t helping your case. I say he has no understanding because HE SAID:

                  ” The historical FACT is that black slaves were treated better, on the whole, then those blacks who are tricked into a slavery they cannot grasp today.”

                  That is appalling and shows his lack of understanding.

                4. Tell that to the millions of ghetto blacks who are genociding one another every day, who have been driven out of their minds with hopelessness while believing they are free and in control of their own destiny.

                  I deal in reality. I respectfully decline the version of history written by the biased victors of the so called war against slavery and the version of the cultural marxists of the modern public schools as well. I also refuse political correctness.

                5. If you want to argue the points, argue the points. Leave the personal BS out of it. You dojn’t know what anyone thinks but yourself, so pretending you do is not discussing the merits and points of argument. That’s a troll’s game, and we don’t tolerate much of it.

                  We do allow some rough and tumble, maybe a few thrown elbows. But stick to the issues.

                6. I would gather I have a superior understanding being I rejected anything ever taught to me by cultural marxists via textbook or propaganda so called “historical non-fiction” and instead studied the works of the most non biased authors I could find, as well as compilations of testimony of slaves and their descendants.

                  Where as you mischaracterize what I say as if I am asserting their were not tremendous atrocities under slavery. You mischaracterize what I wrote because I specifically compared those blacks who were treated well under slavery to those blacks who have been set upon by government predators today, NOT those blacks who have been blessed with the fortitude and savvy to make something out of their freedom and succeed wildly in America.

                  You pathologically mischaracterize others because that is all you have to buttress your biased agenda.

                  Africans in the 1700s were largely prisoners of monstrous savage Chieftains who sold their ignorant people into slavery in exchange for goods they couldn’t possibly create themselves because they were so grossly ignorant and incompetent to advance a civilization. Any wise Europeans who cared enough to do something for the Negros realized they were little more than ignorant children as they came and only over generations would they be able to be educated and acculturated to the best of what America could offer. And sure enough, skin color and race has nothing to do with capacity for enlightened civilized behavior, but conditioning sure does. The Africans were prisoners of their own time place and circumstance, and they and their descendants who made it to our shores are better off on the whole having been exposed to America to lift them up from the dead end of the African continent. Yet many retain the bad traits of their early fore bearers and this makes them easy prey to the modern day Slave traders who traffic in human misery under the guise of social welfare for their own benefit. Corruption is an equal opportunity employer.

                7. Given that I never read those “cultural-Marxist” textbooks, due to not having been enrolled in public school a day in my life, I don’t think your criticism applies to me at all.

                  What biased agenda do i have? I am a Conservative who hates racism and/or offensive comments about race. What Mr. Bundy did was make an offensive racial comment, and a ridiculous one at that. It doesn’t matter if his greater point was to attack the welfare state, if you say something offensive IN your attack of the welfare state, thats unacceptable.

                  The point here is, if you understand the mass atrocities that happened under slavery, you categorically cannot say that blacks today are treated worse than back then, which you did!

                8. You continue to choose to make generalizations that wrongly characterize the intent of both Mr Bundy and myself, generalizations that we were careful to repudiate and explain for those who were unable to realize from the context and tone in which they were spoken.

                  I can only speculate as to the exact agenda which informs this biased approach. I believe you are overly idealistic and afraid that what we face in the future demands some unattainable perfection amongst those who stand against it in principle. Which is understandable, but does not serve well.

            2. Read and follow the Comment Policy.

              No one defends the way he stated it. If you have a shed of intellectual honesty, you’ll recognize that. But the idea he expressed is a valid one, and only someone determined to live in ignorance would claim otherwise.

              1. If you insult me and my intelligence, I(‘m going to call you out for how you are acting; that is no violation.

                I’m sorry, in no way is it a valid point to wonder if blacks would be better off as slaves than under welfare. Here is a hint; slaves by majority were whipped without mercy, forced to pick crops in 100+ degree weather for no wage, were given shacks for lodging (maybe) and given the scraps for food, had their families sold to other slave owners as slaves or for breeding stock, had no freedom to leave the plantation unless on the Master’s business, and if they did, and were caught, were tortured or shot etc. etc.

                Yeah, I’d hardly claim its a valid point at all to OFTEN WONDER if they would be better off, happier, and more free as slaves. This has nothing to do with elegance or how he said it, its WHAT he said and how he thinks.

                The welfare state is terrible and a drain and depression on the black community, and Bundy is right to say that; but to even wonder if they would be better off slaves is unacceptable, and its appalling that my conservative brothers and sisters are actually defending the man and making excuses for him.

                1. I can’t see how you continue to insult Bundy’s intelligence as if his comparison was to the slaves who were treated poorly. And for you to assert that slaves BY MAJORITY were whipped without mercy, indicates why you are so vehement about this issue. Because you have been fed a lie and ate it up. Do some more research from non-biased sources if you can.

                2. What’s more appalling is how so many “conservatives” seem content to bury a man who is not running for office, not heading a movement, not a prominent minister of a major church, not a pundit, and not at all sophisticated, because they want to hammer his word choice.

                  An intellectually honest position would be to recognize who you’re talking about, recognize that his basic points were well intended and NOT racist, and that he made an unwise comparison.

                  But to pretend that anyone—ANYONE—seems to actually think there’s any chance slaves were well off in ANY way is really a sad commentary on how honorable men are willing to be anymore.

                  The man followed up, when asked, that he really was saying that the welfare state is a very bad deal for black Americans. But all of that got lost in the rush to judge, and it was a snap judgement reminiscent of something out of the mind of David Axelrod.

                  To even suggest that he meant they might have been better off, or worse, that he declared they were better off is simply dishonest.

                  And if you’ve followed any of the commentary in these threads, many people have made the case that no matter what the race-baiting leftists claim, no one can make the case that blacks, as a whole, are well off today.

                  Follow the links to Allen West and others that have been posted here. They say the same exact thing Bundy was saying, but they avoid the wrong terminology.

                3. no they weren’t maybe some were they were treaded a lot better than poor whites in the south a plantation owner would never give food a poor white scum he fed and housed his slaves

                4. they should not be slaves but they not be on welfare either why don’t they burn planned parenthood down Margret sanger wanted wipe out the blacks completely and keep them from multiplying half all black babies are aborted.we have a messed up system not just black folks on the welfare it has become systemic

                5. They were property. Property to be sold, raped, whipped and lunched at the whim of their owners. For you not to understand that is quite an indictment in our educational system.

        2. Namecalling as a defense of ignorance. How quaint.

          The fact is, slavery and the welfare state are two very complex economic systems. While a DIRECT comparison is repugnant, the fact remains, far too many parallels exist. Particularly salient is the comfort level the race-obsessed left has with the way people have to live under their “benevolence.”

          They are not well off by any means.

            1. Never been to Detroit, eh? Howbout them prison figures? Making you feel all swell are they?

              You skin-color obsessed totalitarians are running voter plantations on the backs of black Americans. They deserve to be free, but you want them to stay in the projects, texting each other on their Obamaphones, selling drugs to try to get ahead, and joining gangs to protect their drug business.

              You have ruined the black family, and turned the inner cities into hell on Earth. So in weak compensation, you claim we’re the racists.

              Only leftists care about skin color.

          1. “the fact remains, far too many parallels exist.” I guess only wingnuts get it. 🙂 What say we count the “wingnuts” on this site and see what the majority is?

            1. Heh.

              I’d bet if you could get the average American aside in a bar and ask him, without all of the pressure of politics if they also wonder why blacks are doing so poorly, they’d end up generally agreeing with Bundy.

              1. Of course they would. There is the “politically correct world,” and then there’s the real world. Which one do you live in?

  12. Dr. Thomas Sowell: “…The black family survived centuries of slavery and generations of Jim Crow, but it has disintegrated in the wake of the liberals’ expansion of the welfare state. Most black children grew up in homes with two parents during all that time, but most grow up with only one parent today…”; “The assumption that spending more of the taxpayer’s money will make things better has survived all kinds of evidence that it has made things worse. The black family- which survived slavery, discrimination, poverty, wars and depressions – began to come apart as the federal government moved in with its well-financed programs to “help.”

    1. I tried to make this point 30 years ago, not long after Alex Haley’s “Roots: The Next Generation,” had forever cemented in the American mind the “horrors” of the antebellum south. But I was a reader of Thomas Sowell and followed his work closely after “Free To Choose” was featured on PBS in the late ’70s, and so I was able to see that there was more to the story than the tendentious PBS spectacle would have us to believe about slavery in the south. And so I ask, by what empirical measure is the black family better off today than it was in the antebellum south? Intact families? Children brought to term? Honest, hard work that brings self-respect?

      Or are such considerations of human achievement, well-being, and decency excluded when asking these questions of our black citizens? And if they are taboo, and labeled as racist, I state without hesitation that that in itself signals not compassion for a people but rather contempt and an escape from reality, which sadly our leftist/statist/progressive compatriots have in abundance. The leftist, PC crowd cannot in all honesty roundly condemn slavery in the antebellum south and at the same time celebrate — and perpetuate through its policies — the slavery to the state that has brought the black American family to the brink of extinction.

    2. Well said my friend. I am from the rural farm way of life and Cliven Bundy’s sentiments were pretty close to my family’s sentiments. Grandpa said the same thing down to the word “Negro” which was the respectable name for the black race. I agree with Cliven Bundy just would have used a different set of words. He is just not a “East Coast” polished man.

      1. There is nothing wrong with using the words “Negro”, “Caucasian”, or “Asian”. Those are the terms used to define race which has nothing to do with racism. Just look at any physical or cultural anthropology text. Using the slang “Nxxa” is derogatory as is the term “white Cxxxxker”. That is what Bundy was taught and he was around a long time; long enough to actually see how unkind the Welfare mentality has been to the Negro race it was fallacious designed to help.

    1. I was going to point out that that’s from a year ago, but the point is, West is laying out the same exact case Bundy did, only with more authority, and better choice of words.

      Notably, West didn’t pussyfoot around the issue and chose very forceful language. And he meant every word.

      Good call.

  13. A man with an original thought and not afraid to stand behind what he thinks… How original… Most people would cave and back track in order to be popular. They lack a spine. You may not agree with his opinions and thoughts, but have to respect him for sticking to his convictions.

  14. the unadulterated transcript provided by Sundance from the Conservative treehouse..

    “and so what I’ve testified to ya’, I was in the WATTS riot, I seen the beginning fire and I seen the last fire. What I seen is civil disturbance. People are not happy, people is thinking they did not have their freedom; they didn’t have these things,and they didn’t have them.

    We’ve progressed quite a bit from that day until now, and sure don’t want to go back; we sure don’t want the colored people to go back to that point; we sure don’t want the Mexican people to go back to that point; and we can make a difference right now by taking care of some of these bureaucracies, and do it in a peaceful way.

    Let me tell.. talk to you about the Mexicans, and these are just things I know about the negroes. I want to tell you one more thing I know about the negro.

    When I go, went, go to Las Vegas, North Las Vegas; and I would see these little government houses, and in front of that government house the door was usually open and the older people and the kids…. and there was always at least a half a dozen people sitting on the porch. They didn’t have nothing to do. They didn’t have nothing for the kids to do. They didn’t have nothing for the young girls to do.

    And because they were basically on government subsidy – so now what do they do? They abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never, they never learned how to pick cotton. And I’ve often wondered are they were better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things? Or are they better off under government subsidy?

    You know they didn’t get more freedom, uh they got less freedom – they got less family life, and their happiness -you could see it in their faces- they were not happy sitting on that concrete sidewalk. Down there they was probably growing their turnips – so that’s all government, that’s not freedom.

    Now, let me talk about the Spanish people. You know I understand that they come over here against our constitution and cross our borders. But they’re here and they’re people – and I’ve worked side-by-side a lot of them.

    Don’t tell me they don’t work, and don’t tell me they don’t pay taxes. And don’t tell me they don’t have better family structure than most of us white people. When you see those Mexican families, they’re together, they picnic together, they’re spending their time together, and I’ll tell you in my way of thinking they’re awful nice people.

    And we need to have those people join us and be with us…. not, not come to our party.

  15. If you want a laff, google “Ted Cruz Bundy” and look at how desperate the left is to try and paint Cruz as a racist for supporting “a pro-slavery racist.”

    Reality is made up on the spur of the moment for these loons.

    Bonus laff: Evidently the loons tried to stir up a storm on twitter (a lot like playing in cat litter sometimes) over a pic of Cruz and Lee posing with a (probably fake) tiger skin rug. Oh, he’s a horrible, horrible man, just like that darned Cliven Bundy guy. We gotta get Jeb in here, quick!

    1. Interesting. The article links this article here at Scoop’s. That probably explains some of the traffic we’ve had tonight. I saw it linked at freerepublic, and maybe another place (I forget). Thanks for that!

    2. I love Alan Keyes. I’m such a racist. If I could have voted, I’d have voted for him when McCain was running.

        1. I like him too. Used to have time to read him, Mychal Massie, Alan Keyes on WND and always loved reading their stuff. Never have time anymore so thanks for linking these.

    1. A lot of other sites seem fairly dead right now. This topic is still fairly hot on the web, so that’s where all the traffic is.

      1. If it helps the site, so be it, people can speak their minds. Too bad so many outlets have hopped on the media hype. And our Duckie friend seems to have been working her tail feathers off attempting to moderate.

        I didn’t expect the same from Scoop. That’s OK.

        1. Well there are other topics. I know, that’s not what you meant. But still. Some of us are having fun with this, now that the conga line of race-baiting lefties seems to have gone away for a while.

          1. Hey friend, knock your socks off and take it to ’em. This old gal can’t handle close to 2500 comments and the righteous indignation I’ve seen from so called conservatives or libertarians. But perhaps these old eyes see things a bit differently. I’d rather see them through my grandpa’s eyes and history, than any politician or media outlet.

            Go get ’em and have some fun.

            1. Oh, I understand. Duckie and I have been with it since it was a few-hundred or so, so we watched it in real-time. I know folks who just peek in are put off by the thousands of comments. I had the same problem with Breitbart. Stuff just scrolls too fast.

              If Disqus didn’t have those nifty comment notifications popping up, it would be impossible to track.

        2. I’m grateful I had help 🙂
          Thank you Maxine. It’s been a busy week, but it is good for Scoop. It’s good to see him getting linked from more sites. Just kind of sad so many folks from ‘out there’ aren’t as polite and decent as folks we’re used to here.

  16. E.W. Jackson, the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, said slavery did not destroy black families, but government welfare programs launched in the 1960s caused them to deteriorate.

    Speaking before a small crowd Wednesday at King-Lincoln Park, not too far from where the first African slaves entered the Colonies, Jackson referred to his great-grandparents, who were slaves and sharecroppers in Orange County.

    “I am a direct descendent of slaves. My grandfather was born there to a father and a mother who had been slaves. And by the way, their family was more intact than the black family is today,” Jackson said.

  17. If you search for “Palin Bundy” on google, limiting the search to the past 24hours, you’ll see how they are spinning this as a full-on indictment of the right.

    So the Rove types out there recoil and clutch pearls over this, knowing full well this man is essentially a nobody, and will never run for public office. All over the fact that the left is always—ALWAYS—ready to smear no matter what.

    So they counsel Republicans to walk on eggshells and fear the right, and hug the left edge of the road. And for all of their grand plans, what we get is, shockyawn! a smear over something really minor, like Romney’s 47 Percent comment.

    Well sorry Mr. 1-percent ROI, the smears will happen no matter what. Walking on eggshells and running to the left are exactly how to avoid winning elections.

    If people want a Democrat, with all the promised free handouts that come with them, why buy the cheap knockoff?

    1. “So they counsel Republicans to walk on eggshells and fear the right, and hug the left edge of the road. And for all of their grand plans, what we get is, shockyawn! a smear over something really minor, like Romney’s 47 Percent comment.”

      SPOT. ON.

  18. The first minute and 20 seconds are missing from the most widely distributed version of what he said (ala Zimmerman). 😉 😉
    I had a link to the whole video where he says that ‘he wouldn’t want Blacks and Latinos to have to go back to the way things were before’ but it seems to have disappeared?

    1. it was a minute and 4 seconds tinlizzieowner. We’ve been stuck on stupid over a half clip that the mainstream media allowed their sheep to watch all day- so yes, I counted the time of what they purposely left out.

      1. Post a link to the whole thing, (if you can find it), so people can see the parallels between what the leftist media did to Zimmerman by cutting out the fact that the 911 dispatcher asked Zimmerman about ‘race’, before he said “I think he’s Black”, to tailor a specific result.

        1. Sorry tin, trying to get some other things done, coming back here every little bit to keep ‘watch’ and didn’t see this. Glad K-Bob posted for you and others. Farther down the thread quite a few folks posted it- but to trolls, they just have their minds made up already. The guy to them is a racist redneck no matter what he said.

              1. Got enough sleep to be able to contact the VA and try to figure out why ‘half’ the pill prescription I ordered didn’t show up. :-/

                1. After 5 minutes of pressing buttons, I finally got to talk to a ‘human’, the other drug is coming from a different supplier, which is kind of what I suspected but if I hadn’t checked on it, sure as shootin, the bill for it would show up and the drug wouldn’t. This ain’t my first Prom Dance. 😉 😉

        1. NP. For fun, note how at the end Bundy appears to be a fairly huge Amnesty guy, because he works with lots of Mexican immigrants who are “really good people.”

          Neither the hardcore right Bundy-bashers nor any on the left seem to have noticed a thing.

          Politico has a story on how the reporter got his quote. I lost the link, but essentially Bundy does daily pressers at 1pm to keep his story going. Evidently this means he’s also supposed to sound like Tony Snow in his prime, and not just a guy trying to keep from being the last Rancher kicked out of his business by the government.

          Anyway, the reporter claims Bundy was asked no questions on this, it just happened in the middle of a ramble. From the way the article reads, the reporter almost had a fit of rapture over the deliverance of this nugget of pliable race bait.

    2. By tomorrow, all of this will be washed as clean as new white sheets, and Journalism will tell the nation what happened.

      Cliven Bundy is a racist. That’s why he wants to graze his cattle on BLM land.

      1. Yep. The SNL live open will also have “Bundy” claiming the “darkies” are all singing and happy on the plantation, joyful over not being forced to take food stamps and free phones.

  19. Sounds to me like his comments were taken out of context. What I got out of it was that blacks have re-enslaved themselves, this time to the government and the sleazy politicians who run it! And, to add insult to injury, they have been corrupted to the point of social suicide by that same slavery

  20. So Al Sharpton angrily screaming “whitey” and Jesse Jackson throwing all that race baiting and Cliven Bundy is the racist for saying something that is his opinion?
    Agree or disagree with him, he is not a racist. That is not a statement out of racism. Stop playing the victims and enough with that faux outrage, George Soros puppets.

    1. Elli Wiesel, an Auschwitz death camp survivor said that he didn’t hate the German people despite the holocaust. He said there are only 2 kinds of people in the world, decent and indecent. I think Bundy is among the decent. I believe he is a man of good will though ham-handed in the handling of the question. Out there on the ranch he probably hasn’t had much of a chance to get that much political correctness education. When you get in front of the camera, they can have you saying things you don’t believe; stupid things.. The libs will turn you every which way but loose and they haven’t got the least concern about equity, fairness, honesty, or, yes, decency.

  21. What the deuce is all the flap about, Negro in Spanish translates to BLACK
    Youda thought Clive had called them something derogatory.

  22. if al sharpton can have a show on msnbc, clive bundy can say whatever the hell he wants.

  23. That’s not racism…what he said was the absolute truth. The real goal of the Obama administration is to eventually have everyone on food stamps…everyone dependent on Big Brother…then it’s game over.

    The Demoncrats pounce with their ridicule whenever someone speaks the truth about how truly evil they really are.

    These evil, godless, commies must be put down…it’s the only humane thing to do.

  24. Herein lies the problem for conservatives who supported Cliven Bundy. Yes, the federal government is too big and federal agents had no legitimate reason to storm Bundy’s ranch with assault rifles drawn. But if people had researched the matter further they would have realized that Cliven Bundy violated the law since he obviously hadn’t paid the necessary fees required by the Feds to use the land in question. If people don’t respect the ‘rule of law’ then chaos and anarchy will ensue suffice it to say. Cliven Bundy says he doesn’t owe the federal government any money but obviously he doesn’t have the law on his side because the federal government happens to own the land that Bundy’s cattle grazed on. Therefore it comes as no surprise that a person who breaks the law is now making racist comments that hearken back to the days of Jim Crow and those remarks should be condemned outright.

    Blacks would not be better off as slaves picking cotton. Those remarks are without a doubt racist and now several high-profile politicians who supported Bundy are scrambling to distance themselves from his inflammatory remarks. One of them is Senator Rand Paul who originally sided with Bundy against his own better judgment obviously.

    We all realize the first “black” (actually half white half black) President is in the process of running America into the ground and as we also know poverty has skyrocketed on Barack Obama’s watch. So Cliven Bundy is correct in that there are millions of blacks in America without jobs and many are sitting in prison and one of reasons why is because Barack Obama hasn’t done much of anything for the black community since he became president. Barack Obama’s policies have hurt the economy and blacks in particular have suffered disproportionately under his failed presidency. This is an indisputable fact. I might add that Attorney General Eric Holder wants to grant clemency to thousands of felony drug offenders and many of those offenders are African Americans. That will put thousands of criminals back on the streets prematurely which will make America less safe than it already is. Denying drug offenders the full responsibility for their actions is not a proven method of helping anyone and least of all the most serious of offenders who in many cases are blacks unfortunately. But I digress.

    But make no mistake. Cliven Bundy was dead wrong to suggest blacks might be better off living under slavery. Slavery was a horrible blight upon America and subsequently blacks are much better off today because of Republican Abraham Lincoln who as we know abolished slavery. Republicans were also instrumental in the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If it was left solely up to the Democrats in Congress the Civil Rights Act of 1964 would have never passed. Republicans are the main reason why blacks enjoy the freedoms they do today and yet is disturbingly ironic that in today’s society the black community overwhelmingly supports the Party that attempted to keep them enslaved and oppressed! Go figure.

    Cliven Bundy has shown a large degree of ignorance unfortunately. Not only in his disregard for the law concerning his cattle but also by a lack of character on his part regarding blacks in general. That’s why if someone knowingly breaks the law it’s better to forgo any support until all the facts are known. Because it may end up backfiring and in this case it obviously did.

    1. Another question, what makes you think that only conservatives supported Cliven Bundy? Did you read that on the apolitical, unbiased Media Matters website?

    2. What rule of law? The federal government rendered US law meaningless by breaking it routinely, especially with regard to illegal aliens. If anarchy ensues, they have no one to blame but themselves.

    3. Negro is not a racist term. It is a word used to reflect the color of ones skin. Blacks call themselves much worse than that. Mr. Bundy’s generation spoke in these terms showing respect over the other names used. Just because today the more common term is black, don’t forget about the existence of the NAA(Colored)People which would be frowned upon by politically correct pantywaste whites and their race baiting black darlings. No, Mr. Bundy was not being racist or rude he was using common language that he grew up with that was descriptive and not derogatory. If you listen to the interview he doesn’t even react to the accusation about the term Negro but rather about saying he”wondered if they weren’t better off as slaves” when their families were intact. Give this non-issue a rest.

    4. Wow. You spent a lot of space showing that you haven’t got a clue what Bundy meant, and that shows you didn’t listen to his actual words, just the ones you let the lame stream media show you.

      1. lol Duckie Stab “em when their up, kick ’em when their down… kinda keeps Moderator honest though…

    5. I’m sorry, but the ignorance remains in your camp, freedom.

      I wasn’t going to get into this argument so deep, but your comment was simply over the top. So I guess we are going to take 2500 to maybe 3500. Your choice, not mine.

      Cliven Bundy hasn’t spoken a single word since this whole thing began, that most of us did not understand. Sorry you missed the whole thing.

      Cliven Bundy and his family raise cattle. They have done so for going on three generations. They graze their cattle on land they have lived on for, again, generations. Long before the BLM ever existed.

      He has a right to graze those cattle on that land. There is no argument about that. If I have anything to say about it, he will continue to graze his cattle on that land. It is his right to do so. That is what started all this argument in the first place.

      The new argument you chimed in on, is his right to say Blacks in this country would have been better off, remaining slaves, because as slaves on the plantation, they at least had some sense of security and family. Something they don’t have, in Chicago or New York, or Atlanta.

      They do have food stamps, and cell phones and an endless amount of welfare, gladly provided by the Democrats, who need their votes to stay in power.

      But the lives they live, at the hands of the Democrats who provide all the candy they live on, is a miserable existence. Any thinking person knows that.

      For you to come in and attack Cliven Bundy, for telling the truth, is a comedy. I have been saying exactly what Cliven Bundy just said for years. Forget about Cliven. Go after me, because I’m your real enemy.

      Blacks in this country have had over one hundred and fifty years, to get their act together. They haven’t done squat.

      I am the biggest supporter in this country for Black Conservatives. I fully believe they are the future of the Conservative movement, and the future of this country. In the end, I think I will be proved right. Because of the likes of Dr. Ben Carson, and Mia Love, and Colonel Allen West, and Herman Cain, and Jonathan Dunbar.

      You have no idea, what Cliven Bundy stands for, because Cliven Bundy stands for freedom. Something you forgot about a long time ago, in your worship of this miserable government we are all forced to live with.

      Don’t think that when you speak, people listen to you. If you believe that, you are living in dream world.

      Cliven Bundy hasn’t shown any ignorance at all. The ignorance is on your part.

      1. Simply excellent. This reminds me of when I worked in South Africa for 2+ years back in the early 90s on an embassy project in Pretoria. I departed the country just before the elections that brought Nelson Mandela to power. Since then, I’ve had conversations with some of my friends (including a 747 captain for SA Air) about the state of the country these days and learned that it has unfortunately become a cesspool of crime and corruption. When I was living there, it was 2.6 Rand/USD, now it is 10.6 Rand/USD. This same pattern can be seen in other African nations that once enjoyed growing economies and prosperity such as Zimbawe (Rhodesia) and Kenya, both being former British colonies. It’s really simple, the blacks had to take over the mean, evil, repressive, racist, white colonial governments for the sake of “fairness” and “equality”. The same thing happened to South Africa… Nelson Mandella enjoyed a $2M Sowetto mansion while his followers lived nearby in absolute poverty (nothing here compares). What’s ironic is that the liberal leftists consider this “progress”.

    6. You know the Bundy family bought the grazing rights to that land before the BLM decided it was habitat for “endangered” turtles, don’t you? His case went to the 9th circus court, which we all know supports every liberal cause and big government.

        1. Since one does not “rent” the public land, but instead pays regular fees, that’s what is meant by “bought.” Perfectly usable language.

          Let’s not assume the most stringent terms here. We’re talking about a ranch on thinly populated land which most people would not know how to survive, not contract law.

        2. The Bundy’s have been grazing that land since 1877, long before the BLM even existed. This is nothing but a land grab with a facade of legality.

    7. If you had bothered to read this comment thread, and especially the other one that has over 2800 comments, you could have spared yourself much error here. You’ve merely repeated talking points that were ground to dust several times yesterday.

      People here have researched the matter, in depth.

      Bundy absolutely did not suggest what you say he did. To assume so is a bad faith argument.

      Neither did he “disregard the law”. He actually had the Sheriff on his side, and did his best to comply with a law that was increasingly applied to disadvantage the ranching business in his county.

      The fact that one loses a court case does not mean he is either a scofflaw or a deadbeat. It means he is fighting an increasingly abusive law that has never been properly adjudicated, and has never been seen as legal by most Nevadans who understand their own constitution.

      The man will lose his ranch, and that is a sad consequence of the law. But Nevadans and many Americans feel the law in question is unjust, unconstitutional, and selectively enforced.

      The problem for conservatives is that too many jumped like startled grasshoppers when they read that a white man uttered the word “negro”. Then they ran for cover when the left claimed Bundy was pro-slavery.

      Fortunately some have spines and can think. Perry was smart enough to brush the issue aside. Cruz and Palin never made a big deal about their support for Bundy, and instead focused on the inappropriate use of force by the feds.

  25. An ‘ol country boy makes some trite remarks about parallels between 19th century slavery and the current welfare state, and instantly gains media notoriety, whereas 4 American patriots die in Benghazi spawning a repetition of lies and sparse coverage by that same media. Interesting, but makes you wonder whether “What difference, at this point, does it make” referenced the wrong event.

    1. That’s because this is a “Squirrel” for the Libs to distract us from the truths of the world.

  26. Cliven Bundy was found in arrears for grazing fees on land that the BLM claims to have jurisdiction. Two Federal Court Orders have been issued, Mr. Bundy has not responded to either one of the orders as he disputes the BLM’s claim. The courts that issued these orders are under the jurisdiction of that champion of justice and the American Way, Eric (I not going to prosecute any one in the IRS) Holder; the orders issued by these courts are as specious as the Writs of Assistance issued by The Crown against Colonial Americans, Writs of Assistance were open ended warrants that gave officials leeway to confiscate property without due process of law. The courts that issued the orders against Cliven Bundy as just as suspect as the warrants issued under the auspices of the Writs of Assistance.

    1. We are all free Citizens, living in a free country, protected by The Constitution. Each and every one of us has the right to address the Federal Government, whenever the Federal Government encroaches upon our Freedoms, guaranteed us, by The Constitution that we all live by.

      1. Except Cliven Bundy doesn’t live by Article III of the Constitution since he won’t abide by the Orders of Article III Courts. We don’t get to claim to be in support of the Constitution if we support a man who doesn’t recognize the government established by that constitution and we think it’s perfectly OK to ignore the lawful orders issued by the Courts established under that Constitution.

        1. Nonsense. You don’t get to interpret that for a man you don’t even know.

          Have you never heard of disputes before? Courts decide them all the time. This man has a dispute. He’s lost his court case. To then just deride him for things you cannot possibly know (without mind reading) is silly.

      1. Laurel, when is the last time you saw an American Citizen stand up to the Federal Damned Government, and say not no, but hell no! You will not do this! Cliven Bundy did exactly that, and the Federal Damned Government backed down.

        There is a lesson there for all of us. This government that seems to be all powerful, able to control every aspect of our lives, is nothing more than a paper tiger.

        What is our government, actually? It is an organization of people, made up of ordinary people, just like you and me.

        If they are just like us, then where does the absolute power come from? It has no source to begin with.

        The source of the power that the Federal Government has on the rest of us, only exists, so long as we permit it to exist. It is really that simple.

  27. Can’t have the truth about government subjugation to the masses…so now they will freak out and only talk about this for at least a month…pathetic saps.

  28. Who is the true racist?

    The old rancher trying to maintain his family’s historic claim to ranch…or the Democrat operative whose life is devoted to exploitation of the race issue?

  29. Obama has made it explicitly obvious that Democrats would rather have government dependents than private sector workers. He has converted millions to dependency from selfsuffiency.

    1. Well, well, well. Getting a little close to that 3rd rail, aren’t we. You appeared to have blasphemed “our lord and saviour, Barak Obama”,-Jamie Fox.

  30. I just got home and it is difficult to come into a conversation with 2300 plus comments. Actually, I have never seen a thread with this many comments, so Cliven Bundy must have touched a nerve, somehow. It would seem he is both hated and loved, at this point.

    Loved, because he stood up to the Federal Damned Government, something that endeared him to a lot of us.

    Without going into all the history of the story, I think he stood on solid ground. Ground he had a right to stand on, since his family has been grazing that land for several generations, way before the BLM ever existed. That’s a minor lawyer point, by the way. There is precedence there.

    He’s hated by others, because I think they don’t understand ranching, or cows, or they’re just flaming Liberals. They don’t understand the West, and what it meant to America, and still means. What it means, is the last Freedom we are likely to see in this country.

    To be fair, there are some here on the site, who just believe we should follow the rule of law. There certainly is an argument for that. Only problem with that position is, that the law is increasingly being observed in favor of The Federal Damned Government, and away from The Constitution of our Founders. Courtesy of our current Muslim President and his Muslim Attorney General.

    It would seem we are gradually being taken back in time, to the time just before the American Revolution. King George was laying a heavy hand upon his most favorite Colonists. They weren’t behaving. He thought they should help pay for the French-Indian Wars. They didn’t think so, and they resented having to house garrisons of English troops. The very
    people sent there to make sure they behaved.

    The rest, as they say is History. Well Folks, History has a way of repeating itself. Something people wiser than me, have said more than once. In this instance, it appears that history has come full circle.

    The reign of King George III has been replaced. Replaced by a corrupt government that only PRETENDS to follow the guidelines set forth in The Constitution. Only as it suits them, actually.

    The American Colonists had more freedom under King George, than we have right now. They just didn’t know it. And because they didn’t know it, they started a revolution. The American Revolution.

    But you and I have the benefit of being able to look at History and compare it to what we have today. Compared to Obama, and his corrupt administration, I would take King George in a heartbeat. You would too, if you only thought about it for a moment.

    I’m sick of this President. I’m sick of his Communist buddies and their Communist ideas. I want my country back. How do I do that, actually?

    Well, to begin with, I have to wade through all the worthless candidates my party says I should vote for. Now there’s something to make you sick to your stomach.

    Okay then, the Tea Party candidates. God knows we love them. I think they have a good chance of changing things. But we need to support them with all our heart and soul. Ted Cruz would make a great President. If only we can get him elected.

    Dreams. All I live on anymore, is dreams.

  31. Look, I understand what he was saying, but it was not said well. He was trying to say that black people are just as much enslaved by the subsidy, welfare, and justice/penal systems today as they were to slave owners in the past. Similar statements have been made by others in the past (and just as badly) about the native americans. I believe it went along the lines of, “it would have been more merciful to force assimilation or to complete the annihilation that to force them to remain a conquered nation.” I don’t fully agree with either statement, but in the small degree that I do, I would add that everybody trapped in that system was in the same boat. That’s not what came out of his mouth.

  32. You can say whatever you want, but apparently Bundy is missing a few important brain cells. He didn’t just shoot himself in the foot, but he shot multiple rounds in himself and anyone else who debates in his favor the issue about out of control bully government. He gave Harry Reid and his followers the best tool they ever could have dreamed for. I know, his remarks don’t really have anything to do with the actual issue at hand, but since he became an icon for the issue, what he says now does have a large affect.

    1. Can’t have it both ways. He didn’t matter to you folks until he said something you could call racism. Now he matters?

      1. Not quite K. At this level no matter how we want to go back to handshake business and telling it like it is … is simply not going to happen in this political environment. I support Mr. Bundy. However, at this level in order to preserve the current support then garnering more Mr. Bundy, being the unofficial spokesman who is in the trenches of government overreach, needs help in getting his/our message out. I abhor what the Feds have become but if we want to win not the battle but the war we’re gonna need to give more folks like Mr. Bundy Professional Consult Proactively in our support. We have to find a way to get some communications team at the site of these flare-ups in order for the message to resonate in 21st century politics. It may be distasteful but the reality is no communications no support, no support larger obstacle to navigate. JMHO…

            1. What did Cliven Bundy say that was not factual or logical? So now, we have to be “politically correct” to get rid of political correctness?

      2. Way before the “racism” issue came up he had my full support concerning his problem with the feds, he still does and always will on that issue. As a matter of fact he had my support before he was even in the news. This isn’t a new problem with the feds. It’s been happening in other states for a while, but hasn’t been too widely reported. Bundy’s just another example and there will be more unless others are willing and strong enough to stand and take the risks he and his followers did. I honor his strength. He gave great publicity and credibility to the cause, which made more people aware of it. So, a press conference talking about things like ‘negros being better off picking cotton’ (not precisely, but something like that) hardly did anything good except for all of the Harry Reids. They love it and will use it. At issue isn’t how I or anyone else feels — one way or the other — about statements that are bound to be seen as racist. If it has nothing to do with feds taking land, why bring it up? It’s a free world, you can say whatever you want, but what was the gain? It’s sure to turn some particularly valuable supporters away. Like it or not, in the real world we do need them.

        1. Great points… I believe that he was “baited” into his comments by the media, after all he is just an ‘ol country boy. Secondly, I would question the loyalty of any supporters that are “offended” by this and wonder if they were just on his side for the sake of being “cool”.

  33. So what’s the government been doing today while everyone is fighting on who’s racist and who’s not based on what the lamestream media showed of half a man’s comments?

    1. He’ll no doubt get the same “fair” treatment by the media that George Zimmerman received.

  34. If the prisoners that Eric Holder is releasing had to hold a job as a condition of release, most blacks would choose to stay in prison.

  35. Standard NSA propaganda. An ad hominem attack completely unrelated to whether he has a right not to have his cattle executed and dumped in mass graves. Even If he is a racist, does that mean he has no Constitutional Rights? That would get rid of the Bill of Rights for most people.

  36. Racism will never die in America because most of whites don’t even knw when they are being racist
    They don’t see it,it’s in their genes.
    How is forcing some one to work without or with very little pay = govt asst
    How is lynching some one for their skin color fit in with receiving a freaking $200 a month food stamp
    Let me speak for all black ppl we prefer not to be slaves.
    Thank u whites.

    1. You should be thankful that you did not live through the Great
      Depression, as for most folks (to quote my late grandfather): “It was simple, you worked, or you starved”.

    2. Racism will never die in America because most of whites don’t even know they’re being racist.

      Gee, racism comes in more shades than white.

          1. Yeah I figured it would get bad. three topics draw people out. Race, Gay Marriage, Drug Legalization.

            And if there is a misstep in speaking on either side of the aisle then the mud slinging really begins.

              1. Please keep up the good work… I don’t post a lot, but this site is well-controlled. Thanks.

            1. Scoop will probably find a way to hit us with the perfect storm of religion, race, gay stuff, and Ron Paul. Then Caleb will find an angle that really brings in the cranks, and we’ll do the two-thread, mega-tango meltdown

    3. Do you believe in judge a man by his character not by the color of his skin? Character is not something genetically dispositioned, no race has a lock on it. Part of it is passed down, some comes from the goodness in the soul. It is not a default.

    4. You don’t have to like Cliven Bundy’s views on life, the universe or nothing at all. But reviling him and dismissing him based solely upon his personal opinions and beliefs? Dismissing and denying his right to freedom on the basis of your distaste for his having opinions that you simply do not like or accept?? Because your feelings are hurt? What are you thinking? Is that any reason to support and endorse tyranny and fascism?

      Many people on the left have called for the death of Cliven Bundy and the deaths of his family…for simply resisting the fascism which you all claim to hate more than anything on earth. The very fascism you now support and defend. You are no longer supporting freedom and liberty. Your friends on the right are certainly no better, for they also engage in such insanity, while claiming to know all about freedom and liberty and its history in the United States. Both sides support and openly endorse tyranny…but only if their side is in charge, and only if their side gets most of the money…from corporations, billionaires and graft.

      You do know that you’ve all become fascists? Under fascism, which is the ‘marriage’ of corporations and government, no man can defy the state. Yes, Democrats are as fascist as Pubbies. Have you noticed that politicians become wealthy while in public office? Currently, and for the last decade or so, the Democrats in D.C. have a slight lead in that race of corruption. There is a reason for that outcome and it has nothing to do with freedom or liberty or The Constitution. This is tyranny.

      When a politician can’t become an elected official without corporate ‘sponsorship’? When corporate lobbyists write legislation (which they often do)? When billionaires, like Soros, Koch, Steyer, Gates and Buffet guide and influence our foreign and domestic policy? When such corporations and billionaires can buy their way out of any trouble with the state? When laws are written to benefit the wealthy and the politically connected in both parties? When the same laws punish everyone else? When politicians enact laws that exempt themselves from the same laws that punish you, your friends and family members? When an individual citizen is punished and reviled for resisting such corruption? All of these things, and much more, tell us that we’re not living in a nation of free men. We’re living in a fascist state. We’re living in an oligarchic, fascist tyranny.

      …and people like you – on both sides – willingly endorse fascism and support a corrupt political class, while unwittingly fighting against freedom and individual liberty.

      When the rule of law is subverted by political corruption, corporations and billionaires, there is no rule of law. There is only tyranny. Under fascism, there is only slavery to the state and to the billionaires and corporations which have bought and paid for that state. You’re all slaves, already. Each and very one of you.

      1. Ummm…you kind of emulate Cliven. You start out well and then just devolve. Your accusations are of the blanket variety and you need to learn what fascism is.

            1. Which means that you’ll happily remain confident in your own ignorance. Thus, proving my point for me…



              noun ˈfa-ˌshi-zəm also ˈfa-ˌsi-

              : a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government

              : very harsh control or authority

              Full Definition of FASCISM

              often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

              : a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control

              1. And you are blissfully ignorant since that is incorrect. Hitler and Mussolini were not dictators. They were elected to their office that they held…and yet they were fascist.

                Fascism is the persecution and prosecution of one’s ideological opponents.

                And regardless you cans till post all the links and cut and paste posts all you want. It doesn’t make your post any better or anymore eloquent either.

                1. Fascism, according to Benito, himself, is the marriage of corporation and state.

                  Now, let’s watch the uncut video, instead of the version that was edited by the NYT, shall we?

                2. I watched the uncut video and it still doesn’t fix your original post.

                  I don’t really care what Benito called it…and reality is that is socialism. the application of fascism is just as I said.

                  Anymore distractions you want to make from your original post?

                3. Naw. You’ve plainly stated that you don’t need any facts in order to make up your mind. They just get in your way.

                4. The only fact I see is your post was poorly stated…very poorly. All your efforts to get me and others to look another direction aren’t working.

                5. Oh shut up stupid. All the links in the world aren’t going to save you. You had plenty of time to formulate your thoughts before hitting the post button and you didn’t.

                  Too late.

                  And trolling me isn’t going to fix it but it does prove me correct.

                  You give red necks a bad name.

                6. How about…if we take a look at an unedited video of Mr. Bundy’s interview and compare it to what the NYT heavily edited version?

                7. I did…and Bundy’s unedited video doesn’t fix your stupid post does it? We aren’t talking about Bundy…WE ARE TALKING ABOUT YOU.

                8. What does that have to do with your post?!

                  Nothing. Nada. Niente.

                  You keep trying to distract from your inadequacies.

                9. …and you seem to be confused about what fascism is, in spite of Webster’s dictionary handy definition…or what old Baldy had to say about it, himself. You know? The fascist bald guy who came up with the term in question. The same guy who wasn’t a ‘socialist’ because socialism didn’t go far enough, although he preached a gospel of national socialism. Yes, with that type of philosophical reasoning on his part, it is no wonder the term is difficult to understand…especially for the factually and historically impaired… like yourself, for example.

                10. You’d rather go with magical thinking and fantasy, then. Very well. That’s your choice, then.

                11. Trolls appear courtesy of George Soros… you can read their posts here and on Media Matters (same thing).

                12. Thanks for the heads up!

                  What I really find educational about all of this is the PC response for most of the media yet no outrage ever took place when Black Panthers Malik Shabazz called for the killing of ‘white cracka’ babies’.

                  It appears to me the real racists reside in the media.

      2. What I seek from this fiasco is a government that returns to the rule of law as prescribed by our Constitution. Our government has decided it is the arbiter of all things, this is antithetical to our Constitution. Just because you were elected to an office does not mean that the bounds of Constitutional law no longer binds you to your oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Far to many in DC have forgotten as well. The current system of elections that allows voting with out verification of your ID sets the stage for voter fraud. Another failing of our judicial system, the amount of money that flows into elections, the list goes on… infinitum…

    5. Well, the African Kingdoms were the only ones that would sell their subjects to the largely Muslim slave traders, so the Black African Chiefs deserve half the blame.

    6. I am an Irish, Swiss, German and Cherokee American. You seem quite the racist to me. But then, you might be one of those who have been cleansed of any animosity predicated upon race and am now perfect and angelic in your predispositions toward Euro-Americans. Hallelujah! But, have you been cleansed of the possibility of being racist toward my Cherokee side? Hmmm. How does that work in your mind? If you want to talk about murder, FBI stats relegate your argument to absurdity. Finally, do not presume to speak for all Black people about anything. You can’t even say that all people of any ethnicity don’t want to be slaves. (Yes, there are some of those people out there) But for the rest of us, none would prefer to be slaves. But then there’s plenty of things out there that slavery would be preferable to. Just ask the Christians in the Middle East, Mr.Ethiopian. They could give you a little perspective.

    7. Ask the democrats, they started the KKK and lynching people solely because of their color, they also lynched white republicans who helped them to defend themselves from the racism of the democrat racists. In fact, every issue that was meant to help blacks was opposed by democrats.
      When it was obvious that the democrats were going to lose the Equal Rights Act they suddenly wanted to help blacks and started giving them welfare, destroyed the black family through LBJ’s so called war on poverty and pushed blacks into slums to be forever dependent on government handouts.
      Blacks continue to be used for easy votes and all the democrats have to do is take more money from those who pay taxes and give it to those who they know they get a cheap vote from.
      When democrats don’t need the black vote anymore or if blacks start rejecting democrats you are going to see the KKK reemerge.

      1. How true… All those “illegal aliens” will transition to “undocumented immigrants”, then finally become “registered democrat voters”.

          They will even vote Dem from the grave, hence, the circle begins anew….

    8. Moree black people are murdered by other black people every year than were ever lynched by whites. Whites are over seven times more likely to be murdered by a black perp than a black person is by a white perp. And so on…

    9. Replace the word “Whites” for “Blacks”
      Black people ARE racist. See my post below for why you can not find a job.
      *Hint calling everyone “racist” for having a different opinion will get you NOWHERE
      For we ALL know you will bring that attitude with you to the workplace, and not every business can afford to defend against an affirmative action or discrimination lawyer.
      And THAT means back to the welfare line for YOU.
      And that’s been the Dems plan ever since it became illegal to burn crosses in people yards.
      You and yours fell for it HOOK, LINE, AND SINKER!!!
      You traded your CHAINS of Iron for CHAINS of PAPER. But for some reason, you can not escape from the paper chains. There is no “underground railway” to magic land where you can burn off your paper chains. Nope. You are bound for LIFE.
      And when your kids see how you live and follow your example THEY WILL BE BOUND AS WELL,

      And you know damn well THAT IS WHAT BUNDY WAS TRYING TO SAY,

      Change you attitude. You will be very VERY surprised the opportunities that would be available to you, and other blacks, if you just left the “Race Card” at home. If you just would CAST OFF YOUR PAPER CHAINS, and admit that you are NO BETTER THAN WHITES. Then, ONLY then, can WE as a NATION improve.

    10. And when you can find a contract with my name on it from some 200 plus years ago then you have a complaint. Other than that I’m liable for nothing as I judge a man or woman by their character. I’m done being somehow a part of some decision made 300 years ago I had zero to do with by default. It’s over. If you work for or with me, do the job and you and your family will be prosperous no matter your race, political proclivity, gender or religious philosophy. You come in with an attitude, you’re gone in timely fashion again regardless of race, political proclivity, gender or religious philosophy.

    11. That’s fine, but racists come in all different colors. By the way, how do you feel about most whites?

  37. From Black Republican candidate EW Jackson of Virginia.

    E.W. Jackson, the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, said slavery did not destroy black families, but government welfare programs launched in the 1960s caused them to deteriorate.

    Speaking before a small crowd Wednesday at King-Lincoln Park, not too far from where the first African slaves entered the Colonies, Jackson referred to his great-grandparents, who were slaves and sharecroppers in Orange County.

    “I am a direct descendent of slaves. My grandfather was born there to a
    father and a mother who had been slaves. And by the way, their family
    was more intact than the black family is today,” Jackson said.

    “I’m telling you that slavery did not destroy the black family, even though
    it certainly was an attack on the black family. It made it difficult,”
    he said.

    Jackson claims that new welfare programs created in the 1960s caused the deterioration of black families.

    “The program that began to tell women, ‘You don’t need a man in the home, the government will take care of you,’ (and) that began to tell men, ‘You don’t need to be in the home, the government will take care of this woman and will take care of these children,’ ” he said.

    1. The problem with your truth is just that. The race baiters do not want to have the truth out in the open. Just as the Democrats started all this crapola in the 1st place!

  38. It is long pass the time that we start looking at ourselves as Americans of what ever color. There are only two types of Americans good or bad and the is determined by your actions.

  39. Please black Americans, introduce yourself as such and chime in. Let us all know what you are thinking personally and not through mouthpieces like Sharpton and Jackson.

  40. Since Cliven Bundy doesn’t have the infamous ” …pen and a phone” and
    hence no ability to issue executive orders (or any other policy, law, etc. for that matter), can someone explain why his comments are such a big deal?

  41. Saul Alinsky would be so proud. Who of any of us has not said something that was stupid in our lives from time to time? The issue here is the right to own land and proper Constitutional) way for the Federal Government to act.
    “First Amendment zones” gad!!!!

    1. It wasn’t stupid. Maybe could have been worded a little better. But you are right about the true issues, of both land ownership and how the federal government should behave in a Constitutional manner.

      1. This cowboy out there working the ranch, which is more than a full-time job, isn’t taking the time to learn our latest politically correct nomenclature. You’ll need to know what you are and not allowed to say. NEVER go to the issue of race unless you’re online and can have some cover of anonymity. It is the 3rd rail of our political discourse. There’s nothing good in there for you. Holder wants us to have a “political discourse on the issure of race.” He says that so he can use the political bludgeon to assault his opponents with and destroy their reputations. But, you’ve stuck your head up out of the foxhole. There can be no salvation for you. We, the Conservatives, are quick to shoot our wounded without getting any clarification. And, libs don’t give a rip about any clarifications. They have their “gotcha” and that’s all they need or want.. Guess what that means for you. If you should manage to outlive this misstep, keep your yap shut about race…always.

        1. I agree with what you say, MBCO. However, I would probably be just as quick as Mr. Bundy to stick my foot in my mouth. That is precisely why I will never run for public office. Hopefully, I will never come to the attention of any news-people either.

  42. Is any man or woman of any color better getting paid to work or getting paid to do nothing? Bundy didn’t have to single out blacks, but he did so what? Is the statement any less true?

  43. I am Black and technically Bundy is right however families during slavery were separated by sale of parents or children. However Blacks did work and had a since of pride and family. Under this government plantation the families are destroyed, too many young people on drugs, too many out of wedlock babies. Blacks have been destroyed by affirmative action. I grew up in Segregation in an all Black neighborhood before welfare, Black families were strong, they owned their homes and businesses. No we were not rich however we had a pride of ownership and family and faith and more educated Blacks, while today there is neither of these. The Slave plantation and the Government Plantation are similar the only difference on the Government Plantation Blacks have no hope they are completely brainwashed used up and tossed out by the government and their own lots of Black on Black crime and murders. During slavery there was a since of dignity and hope, the common bond was not just based on skin color but true principled ideology.

    1. Thank you, people need to hear from black people directly and not through mouthpieces like Sharpton and Jackson.

    2. I hope that all Americans can return to dignity and hope, pride of ownership, and faith. We all have a common bond, which is freedom and liberty. Let us stand together to fight against these people who would take our freedom and individuality.

    3. We need to have these discussions without people immediately being called a racist. Bundy is saying it wrong, but the current system breeds dependence, and generational poverty. Throw in the incarceration rates, and abortions, and this system is devastating the black community.

      I think it’s a legitimate question to ask are they better off? Not in a sense that hey lets go back to the old ways, but in the sense of are our efforts working.

    4. I do not think that Bundy stated his opinion in a tactful manor, but I do believe that there can be a better way. No matter what color your skin is, jobs are a solution to many problems. Having an exit strategy for those on welfare would be wonderful. Today that does not exist. When you get a job, regardless of pay, your are on your own. There is no transition. Your are either dependent on the government for everything, or you are on your own. Not a good solution, as a matter of fact, it is pathetic. It is detrimental for many to leave the government dependencies. Can we not provide incentives, can we not help and raise the bar?

      1. Exactly, and the reason most people end up on welfare is due to a lack of job skills. So when they do go get that low skill/low wage job, the money doesn’t add up to what the government was giving. Free house, free food, free medical, a cash stipend in many states. You live better on welfare than a low skill/low wage job is going to provide, and that’s why the current system breeds generational poverty. People never get job skills, they never advance, their children grow up in this environment and its normal for them, and they continue it.

        What we need is to tie welfare to job training programs of some kind, these people need the tools to lift themselves up, i.e. marketable job skills, not hand outs.

        Tie getting welfare benefits to attendance in a technical school, a job training program, or the local community college. As long as you go, work hard, and progress, you can continue to receive benefits. Then when they complete these programs, they have marketable job skills that they can get a job with, and pay some taxes back into the system.

        1. I agree.Give a man a hand up instead of a hand out.Teach a man to fish,as opposed to giving him a fish.

        2. the problem is complicated, but not unsolvable. We need a community led program that provides a way to independence. The problem is that there are more circumstances than solutions. We need to get the feds out of the mix, and let our cities and communities solve the problems.

      2. Exactly. There is no reason for generations of people in the same family never having worked.

  44. Is the black person, better off on the Government Plantation than the slave plantation. Thats all he meant. It was all edited to take out the context. Did he say some things wrong, like pickin cotton instead of saying having a job? Yeah. What he said is the truth.

    But if Allen West says it, He’s a right wing wacko black man.
    In context it has everything to do with his situation. The govt decides it has the right to charge him grazing fees. Even though his family’s done it for decades. Does the Black have to live in a project home getting the only thing govt will give him? Keeping them limited to what the govt will allow him to get? That my friends is slavery and Govt slavery because its nearly impossible to escape. They replace whipping with withdraw of support if you make one dollar more than they say you can. etc.

  45. If you are better off taking money from the government than working for a living, there is a problem.

  46. My father used to say much the same. He didn’t assign it to any particular race, would be the only difference. If someone else is giving you the means to live, then you are a slave. If you owe someone money, then you are a slave. Pay your own way, pay cash as often as possible, and remain a free person. Mr. Bundy was not politically correct, but he told the truth. Sounds like he was set up to give the answer he gave, though.

  47. Is the BLM is not now off the hook all of sudden because and adversary of theirs made a bigoted statement about something unrelated to the conflict?

  48. I have a few of questions.

    We have all these white people, including myself, making commentary about Mr. Bundy comments, whether they’re racist or not.

    What do blacks in the U.S. think about Mr. Bundy’s comments?

    Why don’t white people get off their high horse and let blacks – all of them across the political spectrum – speak for themselves? (I hope my question isn’t patronizing towards blacks.)

    For example, what would Allen West think of Mr. Bundy’s statements? What would Clarence Thomas think?

    1. I agree, black scholars, do not go out of their way to support the black community. The problem is that they are government dependent. Any conversation against that concept is considered an attack. Sad but that is what the democrats have created.

    2. Depends, would blacks be allowed to watch Bundy’s whole speech or just the last half that the lamestream showed?

      1. I concur completely, AD. “… allowed …” is the operative word.

        Everyone needs to have all the facts before they decide — like a judge in a court needs to have — so that they are able to make an informed decision.

        The problem I have is that the arrogant main-stream media don’t think their readers are smart enough to make informed decisions and oh-so-kindly “help” their readers to make those decisions by filtering out some information.

        1. I agree. I just spent 45 minutes trying to explain to my 13 year old who happened to be over at his grandma’s this afternoon and saw MSLSD’s version and of course Al Sharpton’s and others commentaries on this. Then I showed him the complete video. He said “I never saw this part at grandma’s” I said- that’s the point, and what Ive always tried to teach you. There are more sides than what the news tells you and you need to find as complete of story as you can before throwing judgement.
          And then had to explain why I’ve been having to hang around Scoop all day because people are calling others racists for trying to say that Bundy had some good points, even if he wasn’t “articulate” enough.

          1. Sad that you have to explain it to a 13 year old at all but unfortunately these are the times we live in.

            1. Yeah. I’ve tried to explain it before with similar stories, and he kind of gets it, but I guess he gets it more than MSLSD brain sucked adults which is pitiful.

              1. The one thing that frustrated me as a parent that I could never get around was the cold hard fact that I had to teach all of this to my child early just so she wouldn’t be a brain washed dead from the neck up Zombie.

                1. So I’m not alone.

                  And now that she is grown I haven’t gotten over the resentment but I’m glad I did it.

    3. The reason we are making commentary is because we are human too. I for one, am sick of hearing white libs sit there and make others, just because they have the misfortune of being the same race, allow to be used as a punching bag. For example, my Chicago upbringing could provide some perspective that you might not otherwise hear. Excuse me, (I don’t have a high horse, just mustangs.) Your words may or may not be patronizing to Blacks but they are offensive to me. Tell me, what does Bundy think? Was he given a chance for clarification? Some folks are too quick to destroy the reputations of their fellow man without conscience. We Conservatives are too quick to shoot our wounded. The individuals you cite miight or mignt not have an interesting opinion on the matter (FYI – I hold them in very high esteem) but I don’t want to hear it until Bundy has the chance to clarify his misstep. Until such time, decency and good will demands it rather than mercilessly ripping him apart like a pack of wolves..

      1. My apologies. I meant no offence. I’m just tired of patronizing attitudes coming out of the high and mighty main-stream media. As far as I am concerned, people are intelligent enough to speak for themselves and decide whether they were offended or not based on all the available information.

        In other words, I prefer to hear the offended ones speak for themselves and not have someone speak for them.

        As for Mr. Bundy, I myself would like to listen to him and have a good conversation with him, with all due respect to him as a person.

  49. Bundy has hurt himself badly by opening his mouth about issues that have little or nothing to do with his cause. Literally millions of patriotic Americans held up Bundy as a hero and a victim because of his battle with the BLM and his cattle. The issue exploded as a referendum on the feds owning too much western land and too many federal agencies having too many armed cops, an out of control government that selectively chose which laws to enforce and which laws to prosecute based on who they liked and didn’t like politically. Now Bundy will be shunned and should never have run his mouth about the black population, even if what he said was largely valid.

    1. Whose going to shun him? People like you full of guilt and scared to death about political correctness? Sure he will lose lots of sleep without your support.

  50. What possessed this guy to expound on this topic? My Lord how stupid can you be?

    1. Nothing changes the fact the govt. sent militaristic personnel, equip, and leveled guns at citizens to collect a debt, but yes big mistake for Bundy to play into the lefts hands and bring race into a situation that has nothing to do with race.

      1. Not too mention the fact that the feds spent three times as much money on the operation than they were there to collect.

    2. Lefty reporter cadged it out of him. When you live out there, you take a man’s meaning, and assume he means well before deciding otherwise. Folks who don’t mean well don’t last long in tough country.

      A sneaky-enough reporter—that no one recognizes—could get that much (which isn’t much at all, but is being treated like the muthaload) out of nearly anyone who isn’t careful about who is standing around them at all times.

  51. The man has a point. Bit of a crude delivery, but nothing racist about it that I can discern.

    1. I’m not so sure about that.
      The argument is a mine field with far too many points to defend assuming they are defensible.

      Working for a white slave owner for long hours, living in shacks, eating what ever you can manage to grow, having your family sold off, beaten if you don’t work hard or try to run away is not an enviable position to be in and it’s not much better to have to defend as being preferable to living in a ghetto.

      Freedom is always preferable to slavery unless your master is giving you a palace to live in, a stipend to spend as you see fit with plenty of time off to spend and enjoy the things you purchased.

      Sitting on a porch doing nothing isn’t my idea of a good time but given the alternative of slavery in any country I’ll take the porch any day if that’s the only alternative. At least I can get up and leave that cement pad if I decide I’ve had enough.

      This rancher just lost my sympathy, and that’s too bad because I still don’t like what the BLM is doing and Harry Reid is still a putz in my book.

            1. You have to really squint to read between his lines to appreciate what he is trying to say. That’s assuming we really know what he’s trying to say.

              What I comprehend is the stupidity of making ill advised comments on race issues.

              People don’t light matches when they are standing next to a vat of gasoline because the fumes will catch, and that’s what this inarticulate old fool just did.

              Might say he just shot himself in the foot.
              Now I bet even you can comprehend that concept.

              1. Nope.Not so much.I had no problem at all understanding the point he was trying to make.I use a thought process to think about such things,instead of running on my emotions.The racism only exists in your own heart and mind.PC be damned.

                1. That thought process may sound good in your inner thought process but when it comes to winning the hearts and minds of others through the political process you might as well cut your wrists after pouring fuel on your head and light a match in protest.
                  The destructive power of that demonstration is about as effective as what the rancher just said.

                  People with any sense call this political suicide.

                  The really pathetic thing about these moments of abject stupidity is we always manage to take multiple steps backwards after gaining just a few small steps.

                  The rancher’s comments can’t be defended.

                2. Realizing the folly of pissing into the wind is not a cowardly act, it’s the mark of wisdom and discretion.

                3. Sure. Whatever words comfort the notion. But the “flinch away” response on the right is pathetic. Your own words show you decided to flinch away before watching the actual recording.

                  There’s a huge difference between “not publicly endorsing” something or someone, and “jumping on the bandwagon” to try and bury them.

                4. Well when the government comes for your property we will be sure and read your ‘wisdom today and remember the folly of pissing in the wind.

                5. Cliven Bundy is not a politician… that’s the problem here, everyone trying to be “politically correct” so that they don’t “offend” anyone. Let’s just focus on the emotion and ignore the facts. If he had been a radical leftist politician and said something “inarticulate”, the media would be bending over backwards to spin this in his direction. Just recall BHO’s “You didn’t build that” comment.

                6. Or my personal favorite is his comment to Joe The Plumber.

                  Heck I could clog up this blog for certain with misstatements by the left that are defended in the media.

                7. How true… My all time favorite is from Bill Clinton… absolutely priceless:
                  “But I want to say one thing to the American people. I want you to listen to me. I’m going to say this again. I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky. I never told anybody to lie, not a single time – never. These allegations are false. And I need to go back to work for the American people.”
                  And let’s not forget what the definition of “is” is!

                8. How is it political suicide when he isn’t running for office?

                  You are comparing apples to kumquats.

          1. Really? I don’t think KKK cares too much about believing that blacks shouldn’t have to go back to the times when they werent free- which is what he was saying. Need to listen to the first minute of his speech, not just the last bit that the lamestream showed.

            1. I’m pretty sure the KKK cares enough to wish the black could be placed back into pre civil war slavery.

              The KKK was born from a frustration over freed blacks. Since the blacks were no longer going to be slaves the KKK set their sights on terrorism and murder. It’s difficult to get around the sentiment of the rancher when he glorifies southern slavery while trying to compare that with their current status.

              Freedom to be a worthless piece of trash is still freedom, whether I think that status is worth living in.

              It strains credulity to think blacks would be better off being slaves on a plantation unless the alternative was life in a concentration camp in WWII Germany.

              The lamestream media picked the part that turns the man’s words back at him.

              1. Uhm, the KKK was originally intended to murder Republicans, but then again even back then there were more black republcians than democrats- so I’ll give you that point.
                But you’re way off if you think Bundy was glorifying slavery. What part of “Blacks shouldn’t have to go back to that” is glorifying it?

                Of course the mainstream picked the parts- and people here calling everyone and him a KKK loving slavery loving racist have allowed them to get away with the narrative.

          2. And you right there is where you should of taken your own advice or the advice of Solomon. You just over played your hand and showed your emotions….which is Progressive and leftist.

      1. I think he should have kept that particular nugget to himself , but I still do not see it as racist. The blacks (and other welfare recipients) are actually slaves to their government, they simply do not realize it. Look up Johnsons famous quote on the black voters ( he didn’t use the term ‘black voter’) before he signed the Civil Rights act, and you can see history has proven him to be absolutely correct.

        1. I agree in concept, the plantation is still with us, but the metaphor lost it’s elegance now that the rancher stripped it naked.

          Metaphors are not meant to be exact parallels they are broad brush constructs that carry an ideal.
          As often as I’ve heard the phrase, “they living on the liberal plantation” I’ve never considered the logic when carried through like the Rancher expressed it.

          No one is forcing any black person to stay on welfare or embrace indolence but too many manage to allow themselves to become comfortable with that status. So, from that standpoint I understand the rancher’s frame of reference. That said, I don’t polish turds no matter who lays them.

      2. Supporting the right to free speech includes speech you may or may not agree with. This changes nothing.

        1. The rancher can have all the time to speak his mind he wants. I never said I wanted to deny him that basic right.
          You see, I also have the right to speak my mind and in regards to the rancher; and I just did.

      3. Did he lose your sympathy because you listened to his whole speech or just the last half that was reported?

        1. I read the part that was reported which is what the vast majority of people will be doing.
          The patronizing overtone of his comments overshadowed any truth to his statements.

          1. So the vast majority are spending the day calling others they’ve never met as racist because of a half shown comment made by a elderly rancher, who should be as polished or slick as a politician because the mainstream media wanted a narrative to be given, and attention diverted from the fact that the government has grown way too big for it’s britches..
            Ok. I got it.

            1. The reality of life is a thing not to take lightly.
              Whether we like it or not wisdom demands prudence and the elderly rancher should have kept his mouth shut.

              There’s an old proverb that says only a fool empties all his thoughts for all to see and gawk at.

              I used a little license to carry the thought of King Solomon but I don’t think he’ll take offense.

              The feds will be coming back for sure now because they understand the momentum just moved to their liking.

              1. Should have kept his mouth shut.
                Why? People still (for now) have freedom to say what they want in this country- it’s not his mess, it’s the media who has taken liberties where the founders never intended, by being the mouthpiece of the government.

                1. For now Duck. Go to Black Sphere and you will see what Congress is cooking up in regards to hate speech.

      4. First off not all Blacks by any stretch were treated as you portrayed. “Roots” is fiction. Wre some Blacks mistreated, separated, etc? Absolutely! No doubt about that. But there were also plenty of Blacks who weren’t whipped, starved, and over worked either.

        Next up, I pity you if you aren’t smart enough to separate the wheat from the chaff. So you think it’s okay for the government to trample rights of any kind because you disagree with Cliven Bundy’s personal opinion about an entirely separate matter?!

        I guess I should endorse the government seizing your property at gunpoint because I disagree with you. Same logic that you posted.

  52. Isn’t it a shame and so horrible being a “racist” these days, or is it? Isn’t the term indiscriminately used by the left, implying that the person is a murderer, child molester, terrorist, or some other type of criminal? Isn’t the labeled person almost always not a politician, administrator, bureaucrat, politician, community organizer, etc., and thereby virtually powerless to enforce law or dictate public policy? Isn’t this supposed to be a free country where everyone is entitled to their own perspective, or does this apply only to leftists and their cohorts hell-bent on suppressing free speech in the name of political correctness? Isn’t the opposition relentless regarding any conservative critique of other “socially acceptable” groups such as “illegal immigrants”, “environmentalists”, “abortionists”, “communists”, “Marxists”, “atheists”, etc.? Isn’t this really disguised social engineering with “conformity / uniformity” being established and pursued by the left to support their total control crusade in the name of “fairness” and “equality”? Isn’t it time that the radical leftists looked in the mirror?

    1. Where are you getting the idea that people don’t want the rancher to speak his mind?
      At this point the liberals are hoping he keeps talking.

      1. You should read my post again, as it does not address “… the rancher…” whasoever. And you’re not a radical leftist? From your posts here, that’s hard… make that impossible, to believe.

  53. I love it! Keep the comments coming supporting this grand, old fella. In fact, write a letter to the editor, tell all your neighbors, heck even hold a sign above some freeway overpass. Let all know that a new civil rights hero has emerged with a true plan to save this country and the negros too!

    1. And while we are at it we can wrap that rancher’s words in pretty paper, put a bow on that and send it to the White House so Obama can make some real hay with it.

      1. While we are at it why don’t we call these worthless freeloading negroes what we really think they are?
        Why don’t we just strip off the varnish and call them a bunch of niggers?
        I can think of great rhetoric to justify that tact, so who wants to carry that banner?

  54. It seems anything a conservative can grab onto is punched down, knocked out and diminished. Hmmm. Prop a gan da. I don’t think for one minute this guy is a racist against black skinned people. Ugh. Maddening. Beck and Fox fell right in line.

  55. Guys, guys….trust me on this. The younger, educated generations do not get caught up in the race issue. Racism is about ignorance. Can we please “just all get along”?

    1. “Younger, educated” ? Most people under 50 in the USA are a bunch of utter dumbasses. I include myself in that age range, being under 50. This guy is not behaving as a “racist”. He is simply making observations on race. There is a difference.

  56. It’s a good argument he used.

    We are all slaves today. But since people only seemed to have a care about the history of the negro slave. Well, then why not use it as an example?

  57. They underestimated how many people would support the rancher. Using Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals as their guide they have to create a conflict situation to cause the public opinion to turn against him. The rancher is now a racist. It works every time. Just ask the good Reverend.

    1. SOOOO True this racist thing is bogus and I am Black American Born and saying it not like our president who has no ties to Black Slave America.

  58. I just watched MSNBC and they took this WAY out of context. Nothing he said was wrong it was just like he stated and I fully agree. Obama has kept the black people And poor in general alive with free money They will NEVER have a nice house or a nice car or go to Japan and eat $300 sushi like the prince of Kenya as long as the fed is “helping” them.

  59. I believe that the majority of people agree with this… IF they weren’t indoctrinated by the PC police.

    Slavery has been falsely taught in the public schools for decades. MOST slaves were NOT abused. They were valuable assets to the plantation owners who wanted them in good physical condition to take care of their property. Slaves WERE allowed to raise families, have their own plot of land to raise crops and had livestock.

    Today, they are slaves of the government! And you don’t get a little plot of land, you get a ghetto apartment.

    BTW, this Nevada gentleman is from the days when MLK referred to HIMSELF as “negro”! Another BTW, isn’t the NAACP still using the obsolete word; COLORED????

    1. American negro college fund? That’s why the vast majority of slaves stayed with their original owners once they were set free, as employees.

    2. Agreed… The libtards have written the history books as though every white person was a slave owner, disregarding this was primarily the wealthy who could afford it.

    1. Cliven Bundy is not a master of words, but some people are not smart enough to recognize some sarcasm.

      1. I understand what he was saying but it wasn’t in good taste. Slavery was
        wrong period and no one would be better off. All people would be best
        to find a job and get off the government enabling system of welfare and
        government handouts. But to say that was in poor taste. Shame on the NYT for not providing the entire video.

  60. Good job! Go Bundy. They will try anything to smear you because they weren’t able to steamroll you. They will keep trying. Please stay vigilant.

  61. If you read his entire statement it’s just not that far from the truth. You are still a slave if your totally dependent on subsistence from government. Even if you don’t agree with how he stated it…IT’S CALLED FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

  62. The only difference after 60 years of the so called “Great Society”, is Moochelle is proud of this country and now I’m not…. It was suppose to bring us both together…. The white elites of the left are laughing their asses off at both sides of the aisle……

  63. He makes a valid point, however he was not aware that if you mentioned a few verboten words, the PC Police go ape$hit. Blacks were, by far, better off being slaves than they are today- they were much better treated and had more opportunity to have a normal family life. Ouch, the truth hurts. Clive is not saying he wishes slavery on anyone, just the truth man, The truth hurts and when someone who is not attune to the political correctness, may use terms that are frowned uppon.

    1. I can’t vouch for the fact they were better off in all areas as slaves. I also can’t vouch for them having a family life. I do agree they are still slaves if they’re totally dependent on government and the government took away all semblance of family when they instituted the War on Poverty and housed them in highrise dumps on welfare.

    1. Great Video! I PRAY that everyone would read:
      They Own It All (Including You)!: By Means of Toxic Currency.
      They are gonna break our backs if we can not stand together. Cliven is one small pawn, but he is putting up a fight and if you can not look past his simple look at things your no better then the MASTERS of the WORLD pushing us into WAR. I have family in the military, and as I sit here thinking of all the young men and women that I taught going into battle just for some ELITE makes me want to scream and just SAY NO MORE! WE ARE TIRED OF BEING YOUR PAWNS IN THIS GAME. LET US LIVE!! ALL I SEE now is the HUNGER GAME AS THEY TALK ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING BUT FLY AROUND THE WORLD AND SPEW MORE CRAP INTO THE AIR. Their Green Agenda Lies just to push us into city centers and smart growth communities it is all crap. THEY ARE SO FULL OF HORSE APPLES (CONTROL IS THE NAME OF THE GAME). It is us who pay the bills of the elite with blood and they love the chess game because they are never in the fight bleeding.

  64. Its the same NYT destruction they tried with George Zimmerman. About a week or so after the verdict, they began nipping anything they could to discredit and anger him hoping George would make a dumb move.
    Same play book – different player.

  65. Typical, some guy that mainstream conservative can support due to governmental overreach says something like this. Todd Akin anyone? Why didn’t you folks in Nevada ensure Mr. Bundy could communicate correctly and effectively in todays political environment. Right, wrong or indifferent this statement by Bundy not only isolated his cause but hose who had supported him. WTF Bundy? You don’t come off like this ya friggein Momo. You could and should have just said nothing. Well ya lost me because of it.

      1. Agreed! If you can’t take straight talk than put fingers in your ears and sing la-la-la….

      1. Yes, not judging fellow citizens here… (not my job), just the actions on behalf of my dear Govt., which was elected to represent me.

    1. Are you going on the point the media made in response to his comment or the ACTUAL comment Bundy made?

    2. Grow up. Be open enough to accept anyones beliefs and stances. You don’t have to agree. He can say whatever he wants, just like you can. You don’t have to be a conservative to be on Bundy’s side – you just have to be an American. America is the “melting pot” remember? Everyone has their own beliefs. Deal with it.

    3. I doubt he is even aware of how he was set up and how his comments were isolated, and taken out of context from of the rest of the things he said about the subject he was led into. He was merely making a point that an intact family was more important than anything, and that he viewed that as what brings happiness. He was “wondering”, thinking, about which would be worse. Apparently, in his view, he might rather have hardships if it meant having his family. Apparently he would be miserable stuck on public assistance. Obviously not a seasoned political speaker that is aware of the bloodsport out there.

      1. The government doesn’t want anybody thinking for themselves do they…No…No thinking, no wondering, no questioning the collective lest you and your property be confiscated and destroyed. Dependancy is not Dignity!

    4. Good riddance to you. While maybe his words weren’t as eloquent as some, as he didn’t go to an all white-prep school and do his learnin’ as good as you. You are an arrogant white aren’t you? Political correctness is nothing more than moral confusion.

    1. did you write the book that exposed the murder up north as a drug dealer issue and not sexist crime?

          1. question is, would he prefer going back into the dark closet or being in bondage? I’m thinking NOT!!!!!!

  66. The man is a rancher –a common man –not a politician. There is no requirement that he speak delicately. Regardless, his rural colloquialisms don’t mean that he hates African Americans by any means, but the left-leaning MSM is desperate to do anything they can to deflect attention away from the huge bungles being made by Obama and his administration.

  67. NYT is lying and they are racist, this is part of the Democrat plan to instill totalitarian Nazi style government. They see Bundy as a threat and will stop at nothing to defame him, here is what Bundy really said unedited by the racist liberal NYT.


      1. Probably not too far from the truth, although I prefer to think of the Anti-Christ as servants of Satans will, as the bible seems to refer to the Anti-Christ in a plural way. They are part of the synagogue of Satan, such as the Hollywood Jewish elites like the Weinsteins, and others, up to Rahm Emmanuel they are Jews that disavow their own faith, and use Judaism to sell smut, and other things that break the commandments. But that is more of a philosophical debate, as we need to stop the actions of this sect of people such as the Anti Christ, and using their own tools against them is a great start.

      1. I actually cannot, HuffPo, MSNBC, NYT, LATimes, SAC. Bee, etc all keep deleting it they do not want the truth out.

      2. Please, copy the link and do the same as well. I am just one person, and please spread the link to other news sites as much as possible. Do not let them hide the truth of the racist liberal agenda!

  68. Better to zip the lip. He had loads of support, but no one in their right mind can stand behind him if he’s talking racism. Of course people are running away from him.

    1. He isn’t talking racism — and don’t let the politically correct bullsh|tters in the media tell you any different. He is asking a very rational question that the LEFT should have to answer.

      The left and the Feds have DESTROYED the american black family — and the blacks DON’T SEEM TO CARE!

      1. Not only have they “DESTROYED the american black family”, they have pretty much destroyed the middle class be it black, red, yellow, brown, or whatever color. In regards to a comment above, being part of the American dream did not and does not mean the government owes anyone anything; it means that you can be part of that dream if you work for it or create it in some way on your own. Gee, I wonder….oops! Since I am not always PC in expressing myself I would probably be considered a racist so I had better not be doing any wondering.

      1. Who knows how his parents raised him, what educational level he achieved, and what, if any, his impairments are! Plus, we have no way of knowing what his life experiences have been. Put any one of us bloggers out there to fend for ourselves among the sharks…..good luck to us!

    2. It’s so funny that you say this. What did he say that was racist? A person is allowed to “wonder” and figure things out in their own head. No one is running away. That is a left-wing drive-by media mud flinging. It’s time to put this stuff aside and be Americans – not left or right. I can believe whatever I want and you can believe what you want – and so can Bundy. Grow up. He isn’t talking racism. He simply asked a question(s).

  69. You can twist this so Bundy is a racist but everyone knows he was making a point about government and the way they use people and keep certain people down.

    But if you want to use it as racist, which it clearly wasn’t, we should revisit Sen. Harry Reid (being Bundy’s Senator, yes Reid works for us including Bundy) and his intelligent comment about Obama…a ‘light-skinned’ African American ‘with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one,’ as he later put it privately,”

    Just be fair. People say things. It can be edited and twisted of course. Why not just debate the man on the point he made and not choose to make into an unfair fight where we leap to accusations of vile ideologies.

    1. Excellent recall bezane!
      a ‘light-skinned’ African American ‘with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one,

    2. Reid, Biden, and most liberals are racists; their allies in media let them get away with it, and — as long as they’re giving away other people’s stuff — so does much of the electorate.

      None of which justifies Bundy’s equating slavery and subsidies.

      (How perverse!)

      1. Why not use the word slavery to make a point? Are we going to stop saying SLAVERY and if you do it’s offensive?

        I say to our Government, FIX the problem going down in our poor communities. Kids facing drugs and gangs and murder and broken families and it KEEPS GETTING WORSE. 40 people shot 10 killed in ONE WEEKEND in CHICAGO on EASTER WEEKEND!!!!! Just Chicago. Bundy makes a point that welfare has contributed to this by taking the motivation to overcome out of a segment of our citizens.

        I think the alarming nature of what’s happening to out youth certainly deserves a comparison to such a dismal part of our history as SLAVERY.

      2. He wasn’t equating them directly, he was comparing their effects. The government is just a different Master.

  70. He’s not refusing to pay grazing fees. He just does not want to pay them to BLM because they use it to do things that are harmful to ranchers. He has tried to give the money to the county, but they wouldn’t take it.

    As far as his “racist” statements, since when is being honest racist? He is probably right that in some ways blacks were better off under slavery. NOT because they were slaves, but because their families were stronger and everyone had useful skills.

    Now, the black family has been decimated because government welfare has allowed and encouraged a complete abdication of personal responsibility. You have lots of out of wedlock births and abortions. Black men commit crimes and leave responsibility of raising the children they irresponsibly create to the irresponsible mothers. It’s self-perpetuating cycle of poverty and dependence on the government.

    And dependence on the government is a form of slavery. Maybe it doesn’t seem like they are slaves as they collect their monthly check, and sleep til noon, and wasting the day away on their front porch, but that is certainly something that is as harmful to a person as physical slavery. Maybe even worse because this is mental and spiritual slavery. Imagine waking up every day knowing that you are worthless and could not survive without being a leech? Even the most shallow and unintelligent person likely feels a sense of pain at being a burden.

    Additionally, if the government wanted to make those beholden to it jump through some hoops to get their biscuit. they could absolutely do it. Now, do the parasites dependent on government for their very existence really think they are “free”?

    P.S. I don’t know any farmers or ranchers who are moochers. It is VERY hard work, both physically and mentally and you don’t get a day off, EVER! A moocher is someone that sleeps until noon, does not have a job, and lives off of other people’s labor.

    1. People seem to forget that during the early part of the 20th century, blacks were overwhelmingly Conservative. It wasn’t until John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, and all of the free goodies that they doled out to Blacks, that the Black family, and work ethic crumbled into what we have now.

      1. the wealthiest center of black commerce was in Tulsa, OK. in 1920! Where was welfare then? it didn’t exist!

    2. Well said. That, in my opinion, is what the rancher had hoped to verbalize but didn’t have the same abilty of wordsmithing as you.

      1. Few people will ever follow a link just thrown at the bottom of a comment. You need to explain what it is, or make it clear from context.

        Best is to use the Anchor element to embed it in your comment where the context is obvious.

  71. Bundy should have stuck to the teleprompter. When those in the spotlight wander from the screen, they’re wandering off the ranch. Maybe Cliven ought to get David Axlerod to help him get back on track.

    1. Cliven Bundy is doing just fine — and don’t ever suggest the weasel Axelrod has any integrity and value.

  72. Clive, a piece of personal advice, don’t go on the road with this and don’t give up your day job.

    1. He never was seeking the spotlight. He only wanted to run a ranch that his family has run for over 100 years. Why don’t you do something helpful instead of throwing worthless advice?

  73. What the poor dumb rancher was trying to say, in my opinion, is that people feel better about themselves when they earn their own way. The whole slavery slant was just him showing how old and out of touch he is with how sensitive an issue that is.

    1. The destruction of the black family, abortions and the dissolution of fatherhood are outcomes of liberal oppression every bit as destructive as the curse of slavery was to pre -1865. Yes, Mr. Bundy is 67 and a plain speaking rancher who he is definitely “out of touch” with the rapid slide that a depraved, feckless liberal federal government has taken this nation.

  74. You find yourself in a burning building-by the way burning to death is a hideous way. to die so very very painful. Who do you want to save your ass, the 95 lb polictically lady or the 200 pounder male hunk? idiot libbies that are so much more concerned with PC. Morons until they find themselves in a sticky life death situation. Farging morons.


    1. A forum like this can be brutal. You probably should edit your post a couple of times before you click the Post As Kathy Hansen button.
      Don’t give the drittsekk dems anything to attack you with.

  75. Maybe we should enslave all people of color, they’d be happier, have more freedom and something to do, a skill, yep, learn ’em all how to pick cotton, and pick it right! /end sarcasm

  76. Admittedly he said it inelegantly but he’s comparing the government and their subsidies to slavery…

    1. Amazing isn’t it. He’s a racist, because the lamestreams said he is. It’s the same damned thing again like MSLSD painting Tea Partiers as racist gun clingers- showing a guy in a white shirt with an AK strapped to his back at a rally- never bothering to show their sheep that the guy was black and he was in an open carry State.

      I’ve spent all freaking day on 2 threads on Scoop with trolls who won’t bother looking at that link, not bother listening to his full ‘speech’, yet call us bigots and liars for showing his words were completely taken out of context.

      Meanwhile, what’s the federal thugs been up to while everyone’s focused on this????

  77. 87% of black babies born out of wedlock now? Yep, looking real good to be 98% democRAT voters. Multiple times. In multiple precincts.

  78. People have a right to be disgusted at Cliven Bundy’s remarks, but he was telling the truth in that the Democratic Party is the modern day slave masters over the majority in the black community.

      1. He was just wondering if bondage to dependence seems like slavery. His point is that independence and freedom are preferred to bondage and dependence.

        1. He might have meant that, but that is not what he said.

          What he believes is much more likely represented by what he said than by what you hope he meant.

          There is no comparison between slavery and subsidies. To suggest otherwise is an offense against Heaven.

      2. If you remember the 1970’s, Black women were told by welfare workers that if they wanted the help, they needed to get rid of the man in the house. Thus starting the break up of the black family, who were, back in the 50’s and 60’s, pro family and largely Republican.

    1. I thought Eric Holder said right out of the box that we needed a conversation on race in America. Clive Bundy was expressing frustration that the federal government has not done much to promote the promise of freedom for all, just changed the rules of enslavement.

    2. You call it subsidies. He called it a system that takes the will and opportunity from many Blacks. He used the word slavery to grab your attention.

      The point is, slavery with the majority of the country AGAINST IT and working toward defeating it in the name of equality is better than a government just using them for voting day only to return them to their hopeless existence.

      This is nothing new here. Bundy did not spin this as original thought. It’s a debate that many on the left have grown to ignore and hate as it exposes a system of manipulation as opposed to making people feel good about themselves throwing scraps to those less fortunate than themselves.

  79. Carol Bundy very eloquently explains what her not so eloquent husband feels…

    “What he was saying, and perhaps not as eloquently as was relayed, that
    America is becoming a welfare state that makes us more reliant upon the
    government and eats away at the freedom of us all. He was attempting to
    point out what little progress has been made for black people who once
    lived in slavery. During that point in our history, black people were
    totally reliant upon someone else for their food, homes, etc. and not
    much has changed, sadly, in many cases for poor black families. Slavery
    was wrong, horrible, and we do not support that. Cliven was trying to
    illustrate how dire the situation was not only in the past, but
    currently, and how it will negatively impact the future, if Americans,
    of any color, continue to be dependent upon the government to survive.”

      1. Rev. C.L Bryant made a movie about it called Runaway Slave. Maybe we should have that discussion American. Cheers to Bundy for tackling the tough issues only a rancher could ..

      1. In the name of all that is holy, man! Give it a rest! Clive Bundy is not a racist. You seem to think that you know better what he thinks that his wife. What’s up with that?

  80. Marxist revisionist historians asked the same question years ago, they got tenure not criticism.

  81. I’ve read a couple of articles on this rancher-moocher, and he HAS BEEN ‘consistently’ quoted, thus far…

    If his cattle are on public lands, and he refuses to pay, (as other ranchers do / have done…), he loses the cattle; NO ifs, and’s, or butts, ’bout it!
    The government will simply bankrupt him, and then repossess his property until / unless he pays up!
    And that is how it should be!

    If he actually said what he’s been quoted as saying, about ‘negros…/…abortion…/…cotton’, etc….
    He should receive a $25 check, (redeemable for 1 rat burgher at ‘Chik-Fil-A’!), and a large ‘thanks, couldn’t have done it w/o you!’ card from Hillary Clinton;
    …Soon as she’s settled, snug, as a bug, in a rug, within her new, (‘1600 Pennsylvania Av., Washington, D.C.’…), digs;
    Sometime in late 2017 / early 2018…

    BTW: ANY Republican, currently, scurrying for political cover…should look in a mirror!

    Every time Republicans talk against abortion / condoms / contraception / marriage-equality / and/or, just about any/all of this ‘haul-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps’ stuff, let alone…
    Voting against ‘medicaid-expansion’ money that has ALREADY been

    It comes over in precisely the SAME way as this rancher-moocher’s blatant racist-rhetoric!

    I look forward to (finally) reading the 2012-Republican-autopsy-report, along with it’s siblings, describing the 2014 / ’16 Republican disasters…

    It will be a welcome break from all the commercials, as I watch Mrs. Clinton take the first of two oaths, of office!

    1. Kind of funny how you say you have read up on this “rancher-moocher” and yet it is apparent from your ignorant statements that you have no actually studied the issue. You need to stop listening to the completely biased one sided media that is only telling about a quarter of the story. Nice try though.

    2. Bobby, you’re a moron. Nothing you state is within a million miles of facts. Get back in your parent’s basement and play with your obamaphone. Or, yourself.

    3. Democrats are so smug….. Its laughable and so predictable… Wishing for the Titanic to sink by putting another Clinton in office is rather amusing…. The old broad will probably get in with this dumb bunch so your wish for sinking this country is assured…..

    4. You see Bobby, the thing is…. HAHAHAHAHA!! What will she base her oath on? Her word? HAHAHAHA! You’re wonderful! HAHAHAHAHA!

    5. Pravda referred to your type as, “governments useful idiot…Americas illiterate!” You obviously know nothing about NV and the federal land grab going on there! Im from there!
      BLM has yet to prove its case! Harry Reid and his corrupt deal of brokering that land for a Chinese wind mill farm!
      Is your head up your rear for comfort?

    1. In the old days you could say what you think. Now, you keep your mouth shut and still believe what you use to. Somehow the left thinks the problems are solved…. What a joke…. Now when one cowboy speaks his mind the left’s hair is on fire like he’s the only one in America left that thinks this way…… This country has become a laughing stock in the world….

  82. Blacks are 15 percent of the population. They will never have equal protection. No different than the Lions and Tigers in the animal world going to let the rabbits run the show. Its the world in which we live, get used to it. Only the left is guarantying the weak will inherit the earth and in-slave us all by shutting up free speech.

    1. “CruzerDog • 3 hours ago

      Blacks are 15 percent of the population’ and they only commit 50+5 of the crime.

    2. They could’ve been up to 20% by now if the Democrats didn’t put abortion clinics in every black neighborhood. Dems love the option to kill babies, burn babies for energy, steal income and steal land.

    3. The left uses the Blackman for their political gain, THAT’S WHITE ELITES…… African Americans used to know that they were slaves. Now the white man owns them (left), and their meek and cooperative to vote WHITE ELITE every cycle….. AMAZING! If that’s not RACISM then I dont know the term….

    1. If you mean all those blacks in prison, on drugs, undereducated and underemployed, the knock out gangs, gangbangers, teen pregnancies aborted, etc. sure. Knock yourself out. The choice of two bad systems is not the criteria, compared to the hope for freedom and liberty for all.

  83. Something fundamentally wrong with blacks. In the US the cities and communities they control politically mirror the countries they control.

  84. Right on, Cliven! Slavery is slavery. At least MY ancestors provided work, shoes, hats, coats, and shelter and food to their slaves, and treated them with respect. Not saying I approve. Just stating a fact. My ancestors knew each by name, and gave a shit about their welfare. Obama cares little who lives or dies, as long as he is “emperor”. He and his consort are just putah.

  85. If you’re posting personnel attacks, expect to get kicked off soon. They don’t play here. There is no need to cuss or get personnel. This is exactly what the political elite want–for us to fight each other.

  86. Prior to the racial set asides, affirmative action and hundreds of different pay offs to the Black community life was better for everyone, especially Black folk. They had intact families, they built communities, they worked, they saved, they built colleges and sent their children there so they could have a better life. They were healthy, they were industrious, they were Americans. There was no Black thug subculture, there was Black culture, music, real music and art that set trends and was universal. NOT NO MORE!

  87. Same old Democrat game. Throw an accusation of racism at anyone who dares stand against Big Gov thuggery. But what happens when the actual racist is a Democrat? You already know the answer…

  88. Why won’t this guy just pack up and let Dirty Harry and Son have thier dang-nabbit chinese wind farm already?

  89. I get what he is saying and honestly I think he is just ignorant of what life was under slavery. However, for sake of argument, here are some observations from someone who lives in a northern city and has visited southern cities. Black neighborhoods are sectioned off from the downtown areas by highways. These highways were built straight down the middle of most of these neighborhoods to prevent them from organizing. Furthermore the war on drugs has destabilized the black market, which always has and will exist, leading to power vacuums which are violently filled further damaging the community and bringing in people, who normally would not be involved, therefor destabilizing the family structure. As the neighborhood deteriorated, due to both violence and deindustrialization, businesses moved out and soon the black market was the only way to make money. This is all intentional and is a form of backhanded slavery and racism. However unlike actual overt slavery there is a choice to leave. That choice however is nothing more than an illusion to people who barely can make enough to survive.

    1. Where exactly have you been in the South, and where in the North do you live? You sound like you are describing some northern cities and towns.

      1. Most of my experience is in DC Baltimore and Philly. The south mostly Raleigh, Wilmington North Carolina and Jacksonville Florida. The south does do it differently than I described but the results are similar. I will admit my information is limited and maybe some places its not like this.

    2. So this all stems from the lack a monopoly on the black market? We need a monopoly on the black market to make places safer? The real goal behind the war on drugs was to cause this destabilization so downstream the economy would go under?

      1. A black market controlled by a powerful organization regulates itself better than one that has 50 people fighting for territory. I would think having a main organization is a little easier to monitor as well. I don’t know the solution to this problem but I can tell you the current methods are doing more harm than good.

    3. Not sure what you are talking about.
      One of the first things I noticed when I moved back to the South 10 years ago was how blacks and whites were living side by side.

    4. Where is the comparison to southern life? You inferred at the outset that you had some insight… I lived in Virginia for a few years. They all lived together – the largest landowner in the county was black… he was respected by EVERY person who know him or about him.

      1. In Richmond? or Newport News? I am strictly talking about cites which is why I said there is an out from this environment.

    5. Also I want to say just because people seem to get along in the south doesn’t mean that the police treat everyone the same.

  90. Bundy is correct. He is blunt and to the point, but he is correct in his assessment. Blacks traded in the old South plantations for the Democrat Party plantation.

          1. Then shut your ignorant hole if you do not know what in the hell you are talking about. It is well-known rhetoric to anybody who has an inkling of knowledge about the fraud in the Oval who attended Rev Wright’s We-Hate-Whitey-and-Jews Trinity United Church for twenty years.

            1. You could have said it nicer, but yeah…that was awful stuff to hear about….really awful and ignorant rants, if you can believe what was televised…..

            2. given the responses to your diatribe, you are the village idiot….bhaw hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa..

      1. Agreed. The younger generations are on board now. I hope we can do them a favor and lead by example.

    1. You must subscribe to the belief that Martin Luther King, Jr. said he looked forward to the day his children would be judged by the color of their skin and not the content of their character. Lose the bias and prejudice.

    2. What’s “gun tottin”? [2 “t” – are you confused with your mamma’s breasts?] Or, were you channeling Totenberg on PBS?

  91. So the guy who illegally uses federal land to graze his cows is accusing others of freeloading.Glad you all see the hypocrisy.

    1. No different then the freeloaders and their Obamaphones… When we take both away at the same time then Im for that as a taxpayer…. This guy never asked for anything. The feds are trying to get the freebie…..

    2. He used the commons like the commons were intended to be used.

      He never took any handouts.

      He improved those lands by his own labor and money by adding wells and other structures.

      And he never “accused” those others of freeloading: he was implying that the government was causing them harm.

    3. There is no such thing as Federal Land. All land not privately owned is owned by “everyone” in common aka no one in particular.

      The Federal Government also has no right to claim land in ownership.

      A private person or business can buy or be gifted land from another private person or business, but that is all.

      That is why all taxation is fraudulent theft.

      All State and Federal Boundaries have no basis in property rights. The State cannot “own” property.

      It can only usurp its delegated powers.

      This is also true for States as well.

      Any usurpation of power by a federal government or state government is grounds enough for it to be dissolved completely.

        1. Federal law trumps state law…….
          Try again…..
          The US Constitution can not be over ridden by a state law.

          That’s why the pot is now LEGAL in some states. The Feds are just waiting to see the revenues. If they think there is enough they will continue to turn a blind eye. But until its legal on a federal level, at ANY time, the FBI could show up and arrest whomever they want. It would not matter if your state made it legal or not.

          If there were a provision in the Constitution for the BLM then I would suggest that they lobby to change the law. Since there is NOT, then its is a disgusting example of how Reid is attempting to use an outdated state law to cash in and drive the last rancher in that county off the land.

    4. It is Nevada land. Read the US Constitution. BLM didn’t even come into existence until 1976, probably before you were born… ALL land within a territory that becomes a state is to become state land. Period – any questions?

        1. Howbout *understand* the Nevada Constitution?

          First, the language in the Nevada constitution that cedes land to the feds was a “temporary” thing, necessary to consolidate title. All the other states that executed the same cession language received much more land back from the feds (as was promised, since the feds are not legally entitled to own it in the first place).

          Federal courts have always sided (unsurprisingly) with the feds over their failure to comply with the provisions of statehood.

          The feds cannot “own” the land, they merely “manage” it via several complex statutes that attempt to wave away the contractual obligations to restore the states’ lands.

          The Nevada legislature even passed bill that became a “Legislative Finding” which puts on record their arguments why the feds need to give the state what it is owed.

  92. The guy is talking about cause and effect. This is an opinion, not RACISM… The truth is a terrible thing when connected to someones belief of his reality, and the other side doesn’t want to talk about it….. He’s wondering…. Doesn’t make him a Racist……

    1. Bundy was speaking figuratively vs literally. Something the so-called elitist snobs are too ignorant of life to recognize or deliberately deny.

  93. Firing somebody because they are black = racism
    Hiring somebody because they are black = affirmative action
    As far as I am concerned, the N E G R O brought this hardship down on themselves.
    Think like a business owner. You have a black person and a white person both equally qualified in every way. The only difference is one is white, and the other is black.
    Lets say they both have the same mannerism, both like to party, and both have a hard time getting to work on time, and both end up fired.
    One will have the option to try and play the race card. One could claim that his firing was an act of racism, regardless that his co-worker got fired too.
    Which one do you think would do that?
    Which one would cost the company more money in legal fees?
    Causing disruptions in business?
    Bringing bad press TO the business?
    And as a business owner, why would you take that chance?
    Are ALL people like this? Of course not. But the few making the headlines ARE.
    So again, how could you know? Why would you chance it? For the other employee would go on to find another job. One will be stigmatized for the rest of his career (assuming he uses his former employer as a reference, and even if he does not, the media attention will warn any other prospects)
    So yes. I feel no pity. My pity was burned away with affirmative action…

    1. One point of disagreement: the negro did not do it. MLK wanted skin color to NOT be a part of one’s “resume”. The plantation owning Democrats did. And still do.

      1. Yes they did, but the problem was escalated and empowered by allowing things like the “Race” card.
        And at the rate that it is used, one can not just blame the Democrats.(as tempting as that is) The people actually playing that card need to grow up and accept responsibility themselves (Holder)
        So they very first thing one must do to ensure “equal rights” is to surround Al Sharptons house with 200 armed men and take anything he has of value to pay his back taxes.
        However, I will say this.
        The Democrats started the KKK
        The Democrats were key players in the racial riots of the 60s
        And just about every “group” that separates and classifies people by race (NAACP) has Democratic ties.
        So they started off as the enemy of the black man, what happened? Change of heart?
        The Dems saw that whites were beginning to side with the blacks. That scared them. So they cooked up another scheme.
        Get them hooked on government. Give them as many subsidies as possible. Make the dependent on these things SO bad that life becomes unbearable without them. And get them registered to vote. Because anybody that runs against the Dems will have a population ready to mobilize and riot to contend with. Not like they are doing anything else.

  94. This country is not so much in racial divide- though there are still some racists, we no longer have a huge country of KKK or Black Panthers.


    What we have more of, is Class-ism and Gentrification.

    Carlin is right, we need to stop reaching out for what divides us, and focus on what brings people together.

    This is why people who think “If we just had good government” are ALL WRONG… There is no such thing. Even Jesus was an Anarchist. And back in the Old Testament, God said to the people who clamored for Government, that they were disobeying the First Commandment, and to look out for what was about to happen. 1 Sam 8.

    Today, the people have been placing their faith in Good Government, it is misplaced. There is no such thing. Romans 13 has nothing to do with obeying government or going to hell. I suppose if you believe that, then a lot of Chinese Christians are going to hell. Of course not.

    “Liberals” say that they need government to reign in corporate power. They do not realize, the corporate bosses run the government and regulate it so that their competitors never have a fighting chance at prosperity. In a Free Market, no business could get large enough to write laws putting others out of business or “controlling” their competitors. Governments enforce Monopolies and Cartels. Without them, competitors can break off and take market share- and profit from larger competitors.

    In a Free Market, if a business hurt its customers, or behaved in a way that offended them, they could go elsewhere to find a competitor who would do business in a way they preferred.

    It is time to abolish the governments of the world. Then the corporations that depend on those governments to enforce their advantaged positions would disappear, and people would be free to compete in a truly libertarian manner: First, Do No Harm.

    1. Then George should not denigrate ANYONE, left, right, middle, on ANY issues. But, now dead, he made a fortune criticizing and joking about what DIVIDED us. So, what does that make HIM???

      1. I can’t believe you are trying to legitimize government propaganda!

        Carlin used humor to make a point. In this clip, as in others, he pointed out that politicians seek to divide us so that we will not band together to overthrow them or over-power them.

        No one was FORCED to buy tickets to see George Carlin, and if many saw his shows and talked and discouraged others, then he would not have been successful. Instead, he made people think about life, and the ways government seeks to manipulate all of us. No one had to be taxed to see his shows- they voluntarily bought tickets!

    Be patient.
    Soon we will dump the tea in the Delaware.
    And they won’t be under the protection of the King.

    1. This is such Patriot Porn.
      Yes, you are truly a descendent of the Founders. You can draw a direct line from Washington, Adams and Jefferson to Glenn Grey. So ridiculous. Love your country all you want, but get over yourselves.

      1. So you would have turned in the Founders to the Crown?
        Because they opposed the King?
        Which was against the Law?

      2. And where do YOU draw your lineage line? Moscow or the Hudson? You are a TROLL and if trolls were insects, they’d be sprayed into oblivion by now.

  96. So he used the now-politically-incorrect word ‘negro’. So what! He’s an old man. I’ll bet there are plenty of people out there old enough to remember when ‘colored’ was an acceptable word. Which evolved into ‘negro’, then to ‘black’, then ‘Afro-American’, then back to ‘black’, to the now-accepted ‘African-American’.
    This is just a blatant attempt by the lamestream news media to demonize Bundy for his staring down their Dear Leader and making him (Dear Leader) blink.
    Had Bundy used the term ‘African-American’, this wouldn’t be a story. Which it isn’t.

    1. The constant changing of the politically correct term is an intentional moving target. It allows anyone to be able to play the race card and be a victim.

      I have asked friends what they prefer, and almost to a man, they said, “Just call me by my given name”… in other words, they are less concerned with a racial label than as being seen as an individual who just happens to share ancestry with others from a specific part of the globe

  97. What is wrong with making this comment modified by ” I was wondering”. I see this as a big nothing burger kind of like bill-r-e who is a big ( I mean really big) nothing.

    Is it a crime to wonder?

    At least he didn’t call them “clean” or “light skined” or no accent “negroes” like Biden and Reid did.

    1. Remember Michelle: “I was ashamed of America” or some such stupid phrase – “until we stole the elections”… Now, she cannot get enough of the high life, the $300 sushi dinners, the MILLIONS of dollars of FREE travel that not ONE SINGLE negro in Chicago gets.

  98. Firing somebody because they are black = racism
    Hiring somebody because they are black = affirmative action
    As far as I am concerned, the N E G R O brought this hardship down on themselves.
    Think like a business owner. You have a black person and a white person both equally qualified in every way. The only difference is one is white, and the other is black.
    Lets say they both have the same mannerism, both like to party, and both have a hard time getting to work on time, and both end up fired.
    One will have the option to try and play the race card. One could claim that his firing was an act of racism, regardless that his co-worker got fired too.
    Which one do you think would do that?
    Which one would cost the company more money in legal fees?
    Causing disruptions in business?
    Bringing bad press TO the business?
    And as a business owner, why would you take that chance?
    Are ALL people like this? Of course not. But the few making the headlines ARE.
    So again, how could you know? Why would you chance it? For the other employee would go on to find another job. One will be stigmatized for the rest of his career (assuming he uses his former employer as a reference, and even if he does not, the media attention will warn any other prospects)
    So yes. I feel no pity. My pity was burned away with affirmative action

    1. Did they bring this hardship on themselves when they wore the chains and sailed into slavery?

      1. Look at the whole picture. NO culture has ever assimilated itself into another culture as fast as the blacks have done here. How many black elitists, and there are many, give back and push forward for their own culture?

  99. This is just an Old Coots using small town verbiage, tinctured with a lack of diplomacy.

    He knows what he’s trying to say, he just does not have the right words to say it.

    And the Left is using that against him, as we know they are very capable of doing.

  100. It is a very sad staement of our “Great Society” that Mr, Bundy is correct. When you look at the statistics, young black men lived longer back then.

  101. I love this guy. All the phony politicians running away from such honest, straight truth won’t have my vote. Yes, I’m looking at you Rand!

    1. Jelly Fish all!!, and this is exactly why the left can keep winning elections. When they throw fire on the right , they try and put it out with a eye dropper instead of grabbing a fire hose.

  102. The Obamatons, the lefties at the Main Stream Media, the NY Times, etc. have all theorized that the opposition to Obama from the right is racially based. This just feeds into that. You cannot say in today’s world that someone is “better off as a slave”. Especially if you’re a white man. It was a stupid stupid comment by a man that has been so much recently in the public spotlight.

  103. You have but to go to the Black Conservatives to hear exactly the same thing fleshed out .. only they call it “slavery today” …. !! To listen to the NAACP my god you’d swear they are channeling Jefferson Davis !!
    Runaway Slave … a heart breaking documentary … lays it out very clearly !!

  104. Maybe he should do like hank arron did recently and say “that’s not what I said, I wasn’t being racist, shut up, no more comments” and leave it at that.
    Or do like any number of really racist comments by liberals, and just ignore them.

  105. I’m a stone cold fiscal conservative and I say, bundy, you are wrong, you are a racist, you are a part of the Republican brand that will destroy the Party. Nobody has the right to own a human being-nobody-period. Someone has to put a muzzle on you because you epitomize the what the Left brands Conservatives with. Please believe Democrats, that we do not all share Bundy’s mindset.

      1. You are dead wrong wales- I’m a registered Republican and have voted such my entire life- farthest thing from a plant or troll. Bundy stepped way way over the line here and it can only hurt fiscal Republican Conservatives like me. We do not need his type or his racist comments if we want to get anywhere with our party.

        1. If all you’re concerned about is politics and not how Bundy’s truth concerning how the left have enslaved the black community, then you may be more stone cold than conservative,

        1. Forgive me. His assertion that they are comparable. Whether he said he was just wondering or not he did compare them. They are not comparable.

          Slaves were not able to have family structures together. His comparison is flawed. That being said it doesn’t make him a racist.

          1. Yep. We can even say his comments were “racial,” because obviously one must buy into the concept of “race” in order to think about this at all.

          2. I have not studied the matter but I remember from the movie “Roots” that some did maintain their family structure.

            “The slave family did all the things families normally do, but the fact that other human beings owned its members made it vulnerable to unique constrictions, disruptions, frustrations, and pain.”


            I am not in any way saying this link is right or that slavery compares to receiving welfare from the federal government but my point is that many of us who grew up knowing about africans only what we saw on the news and in movies might, like me, have believed there was some family life and the family life that was allowed to exist was strong but as the linked article says, subject to unilateral dismemberment.

            I could name 20 movies that portray this exact image.

            I like Bundy was never exposed to african americans until I was in my 40s. Bundy has probably NEVER been exposed to african americans in a one on one basis.

            1. Let’s not hare off into the corners of what did or didn’t happen under slavery. It was wrong. That’s enough to get on with.

        2. Here is the short of it:
          Blacks kill more blacks today than any other group.
          Blacks kill more whites today than any other group.
          Blacks have the highest abortion rate in this country and those numbers are alarming! They kill their own offspring at a rate that’s alarming!
          You can go to the FBI web site and validate the murder stats…
          Under slavery they held together as family units, regardless of their slavery they had a sense of dignity, strove and fought for their own freedom!
          Having been giving TRILLIONS of dollars over the last two decades they’ve become cesspool, give me give me, hand outs with no sense of dignity and no sense of self responsibility and zero desire to better themselves! They actually believe now, society owes them something!
          It’s downright pathetic!

    1. Also Democrats don’t care if you’re racist or not. Calling you one helps to get them elected and shut you up. Or in your case it gets you to apologize for something and thereby validate them when they call your fellow conservatives racists for doing nothing more than saying what Bundy said.

      1. I’m also white and am against holding up people, black, white whatever for generations, however as another poster stated, there have always been more whites on the dole than blacks-look it up if you dare. We as Americans do not want to go down the nazi route-condemning one race or group for all our woes. I have known and respected plenty of African Americans. I do not respect, however, those of any creed , race etc. that take advantage of the system and if you are honest, you will look up the numbers. And no, I am not a troll, I am a person that checks out both sides of any argument. If you want to react from your bitterness so be it but I do not agree-I have had the disadvantage of knowing plenty of white tras

        1. Fact check? Really. Guess you didn’t see the video and just read the NYT hit job. Get back with me when you see him speak.

        2. I didn’t see anything bitter in K-Bob’s reply.

          However you don’t want to go “down that nazi road condemning one race or group for all our woes” , most folks don’t want to paint groups of people with a wide brush either as what’s been going on here all day. One rancher who says something non pc, and all of us are bigots. Nice.

          “Someone has to put a muzzle on you because you epitomize the what the Left brands Conservatives with. Please believe Democrats, that we do not all share Bundy’s mindset.”

          1. I never get bitter. But I do have a bite. Θ^))

            Hard to be patient on this thread. The broad brushes are so wide they aren’t even able to hit the canvas with them.

    2. You don’t speak for me, speak for yourself. You have no ability to look at the context of what people say, you are stuck on words. You are a lib.

    3. You totally misconstrued what Bundy is saying! He’s speaking from a statistical standpoint and the statistics don’t lie!!! In fact they are appalling!

  106. What makes his comments worse than Harry Reid calling hard working, taxpaying Americans “DOMESTIC TERRORISTS”? This isn’t the first time American citizens have been subjected to name calling by elected members of Congress. The highest standard required to be elected under the banner of the democrat party seems to be that the elected act like the jackass symbol of the party. Harry Reid certainly fits that image just like Nancy Piglosi.

    1. It’s a campaign of demonizing everything conservative. Hitler had to do this to the Jewish population in the 1930’s, and the dimocrats are doing it to conservatives now. That’s the only way they can finally get rid of us, by making us “the enemy” once and for all.
      They’ve done it with SUV’s, guns… everything they don’t like.

    2. If you are not paying your bills and then take up guns to advance your illegal position then you are a domestic terrorist.

    3. These nutjobs aiming at Federal officers were not hard working tax paying Americans. WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND that welfare moochers, no matter what their color get off the Federal teat.

  107. Oh, so, Clive is worried about those negros? But, he must’ve visited Vegas in the 1930’s. Because if it was in 2014, he would be saying that about all those anglo/aryan beggars and meth heads that’s ubiquitous throughout the Vegas valley corners and sidewalks. That way old Clive could enslave someone that looks just like him. Oh, by the way Clive, it’s more anglo/aryan welfare recipients, you being one of them, than negros. So, don’t waste your small mind energy on worrying about those negros. Because everyone know its not sincere.

    1. He was talking about all you worthless scumbags. He was just talking about Negroes because the little smarmy “reporter” was sent there to bring it up.

        1. Bundy is up and does more before 4:30 AM than a little pissant like you does in a week. And you take more in welfare than any rancher giving his cattle grass could ever use.

  108. As for Rand Paul… he’s a joke. If he runs from this, how in the world will he deal with all the racist improprieties of Barack Obama and Eric Holder?!?! That’s the take away from this whole fiasco. Rand wants to be POTUS? No thanks!

    It’s that time to stop the political correctness. It’s do or die now. Time to start speaking out.

    Let’s recap here, because the things black citizens paint on white citizens is far worse than this statement! Facts are facts. Blacks are miserable, angry, and always on the verge of violence. Blacks did seem happier when they were slaves. They had a culture which was family-oriented. They weren’t killing each other. They weren’t a public nuisance.

    You want to see the real truth about all this??? Youtube “Detroit eviction”. Just look at any eviction in Detroit. Go into one of those houses or apartments. You would think there were animals living there.
    They get locked into Gov’t subsidies at the same time as contracting the US consumer virus. They struggle to pay rent while buying such items as Ipads. Iphones, Jordan sneakers, big screens, Xboxes & playstations (ya have to have both, ya know), etc, etc.

    Black citizens will never view Gov’t subsidies as welfare. They will always see it as retribution. Payback. Deferred pay. And because of tehir conditions, they ain’t getting paid enough! They want MORE!!!!!

    Case in point– a black guy I confer with on occasion says slavery built America, and all blacks are owed for that slave labor. He believes he deserves a check or land. They see “work” now as another form of “slavery”. Labor has become taboo. So they avoid it like the plague.

    Then add on top of this mess, you have the images coming from Puff Daddy and JayZ flaunting their worthless wealth. They sing songs about themselves. These kids are not listening to songs about love and life. They’re listening to songs about “How to be like P.Diddy”.

    If the older more responsible black citizenry would stand up and say something, this might someday get fixed. But unfortunately it is also taboo for a black person to criticize another black person in the presence of whitey. So we’ll never see this solution. Ever.

    The next generation is not being properly educated. Last I checked, we’re feeding young black children marijuana blunts. The next generation is already corrupted, and more intensely.

    We’re caught in a perfect storm here. We see the problem, but we can’t say or do anything without falling to the sharks. There’s no way we can get away from it, because our sails( our gov’t) are torn to shreds. We’re floating aimlessly. We pray the storm changes direction, but it stubbornly “moves forward” heading straight toward us. And all we can do is sit here and wait. Wait for this triple storm to hit us, and hit us hard.

    1. That’s the best advise that you have? Right straight from your own experience heh? Bye all…

    2. You can wonder objectively, but investigate the tone he is using to describe slavery and current situation on gov’t subsidy? You can tell he is inferring a value, which is no longer objective.

  109. Verbal imagery of metaphors used by farmers and ranchers are like ancient Greek to those who are urban and suburban raised. The first one I was exposed to was in an engineering department when the lead engineer who was raised on a farm said, “Management is making us suck hind teat here”. The imagery was repugnant to me at first until he clarified what it meant to me, a city boy. I guess this is the reason I didn’t take his imagery as racist, but someone from The New York Times certainly would.

    1. So can you explain his remarks then? And please include a rationalization for them as well.

  110. I had to cancel my “BLAZE” subscription again, I just think Glenn Beck has lost his way, himself, and no longer do I feel as he does almost on anything.
    I will NEVER rejoin, and I may not even watch if it winds up FREE on cable…some day.
    NO offense to GB fans, I will try not to rag on him too much in the future, but his mouth is so big, he just inserts himself when he does not need to. I suggest he just fade away and be with his family and do his deals in the background.
    Bundy’s story is about the land and the FEDS taking it away from the American people to control US…PERIOD. All the talk and discussion leading us here and there is just babble. PROGRESSIVES making some power moves, an desperate before the elections because they are responsible for OBUMMERCARE.
    He did not say it well, and should stay away from holding court on such issues, but BUNDY was just giving his opinion on BIG GOVERNMENT, and was of course taken out of context, even by GB and the Blaze……
    Bundy WAS MOSTLY RIGHT, and I do not need a lecture from idiotic progressives about what a racist he is. He has black supporters out on his ranch trying to keep him alive from his own Government !!!!!!
    Wake up people, and realize Glenn Beck may not be doing things in your best interest anymore. GB is out to protect GB and his little empire he has built. He said he has given up on politics, yet will then spend 2 HOURS talking about politics. Egaddsssss!!!

    1. Glen Beck is a pastey face fake conservative. Only only thing he knows how to do is to milk his audience for money and make them like his puppets.

  111. Mr.Bundy does not have a strong grasp of the English language,but nonetheless his point is valid.This is a discussion that needs to be had,and nobody hast the guts to get it started.And anybody that dares try to get it started are ostracized for doing so.LBJ’s War on Poverty has been a miserable failure,despite trillions of dollars that have been spent on it..When you make a person dependent on government,you steal away any drive or ambition they may have at one time possessed.It may be a step above slavery,only in the sense that your shackles are not made of iron.

    1. Could it be that a rancher from Nevada will break the logjam this prohibits discussion of all our dirty laundry? As a friend of mine once put it, “let’s look at the entire enchilada”. From spying on US citizens to corrupt officials, from rules of engagement that tie the hands of our military to Federal subsidies, everything on the table with no carve-outs, perks or other emoluments. We can all ways hope.

      1. I would like to hope that this would be the dam breaker.It is far beyond time to air the dirty laundry.Your friend sounds like a wise person

  112. How did Bundy let a little Leftist puke reporter lead him into talking about blacks?? Didn’t someone warn him the Leftists would be sending in their goons to get the whole mess off their backs and into the race card deck?

      1. The Republicans, or, I should say, conservatives are FAR less racist than liberals. You hide your guilt behind affirmative action as if it’s a favor to the downtrodden. It’s not a favor, it’s an insult. Equal is equal. Being held to a lesser standard is not only unequal, but the epitome of self-serving hypocrisy. Grow up. Get some life experience.

      2. You should listen to the entire unedited version. The NY Times did you a disservice by cutting out select portions. Talk to me when you have listened to the whole thing. He is actually sticking up for Mexicans and Blacks, unlike what the Feds are doing to them.

  113. We are so stupid! What difference, at this point, does it make? He has a opinion. That’s all, an opinion. If we don’t get over this constant gnashing of teeth every time some liberal says the word “racist” we will never stop being manipulated by them.

    1. I don’t think Bundy is a racist. I honestly think he was trying to point out a plight that many African Americans find themselves in today. But comments like this are easily twisted and sold to low information individuals. Bundy should have been more careful but I understand that the guy isn’t a PR guru, just a blue collar rancher. It’s a shame that his words will be twisted.

      1. I’m glad he didn’t back down. Of course, some lib asked just the right question, probably after a strategy session on how can we get him to say something we can use to get everybody’s mind off his just cause and they are happy as clams. Don’t fall for it. It’s all they have now. And we are all going to be slaves if they have their way.

  114. He’s incorrect about the slavery time period vrs. welfare………….but the Democrats KKK 60 years where the blacks were free, but persecuted on a lot smaller scale than generational welfare……….they were better off than now…………..

  115. What part of his comments are untruthful? We are so timid and PC that we can’t even see truth no matter how raw it comes out. I didn’t hear racism. I heard a battle cry to get people off dependency….

  116. I believe I understand the point he is trying to make, but he worded it poorly and did no better the second time around.
    The fact is that many, not just blacks, Americans are essentially slaves to the government. But, the burdens and conditions that the government subjects the citizenry to is only by a great strech comparable to chattel slavery as existed in the CSA.

  117. Bundy is right, We need to stand up for black people as well. They live under the thumb of (liberal) white controlled governments in big cities, enticed to live in government housing , kept from jobs with small amounts of welfare checks
    Black people should be out working so they can own their own homes, not deal with crime, not beg the white man for every crumb
    The biggest most horrid thing the white racist liberal has ever done is convince black people they have to beg them. for every little thing
    They want to keep blacks poor , needy and begging to them for every tiny morsel of food

  118. There is no doubt that obama, sharpton, jackson, holder and all the rest of the black liberal leaders have a passionate “plantation” mentality for their liberal base. Feed them and give them a free phone and you will have their vote for life!

  119. Mr. Bundy, stuck his foot in it. Since Senator Paul come out in public and backed him, now he’s having to do cartwheels to distance himself from Bundy’s untimely unwise comments. Same with the GOP Senator from Nevada, Dean Heller. Stick to the points at hand !!!

  120. Seems really legit. Didn’t Michelle Obama support what Bundy said?? He’s just saying what Michelle Obummer said.. There is a whole generation of inner city blacks that have been raised not to work.. Yep, another strong straight white man being correct again… Nothing knew..

  121. I was raised in the western U.S. my High school had 1287 students with a total of 3 Negros. Yes Negros, that was what they were called then. Negro is French for Black. My father and Grandfather were raised in the South, now going on a hundred years ago. Back then they were called Niger’s. That is now a PC error but that was then, not now. Bundy was unfortunately caught up in a generational default. He doesn’t realize you can no longer be truthful in your conversation and if you do it had better be concealed. Anyone with a soul, a brain and common sense knows by and large what he speaks about here concerning Blacks is true. Not all but far far too many and Obama is doing nothing to change their plot and just making it more difficult.

    1. MLK JR used the word Negro, not African Amercian

      Negro is not a bad word . Liberals changed the word so they could attack people who use the former one.

        1. Yup . You should see Reid’s twitter page today
          It’s obvious he’s working with the other white liberal slavers at the NYT’s and Washington Post

    2. Candor is not an appreciated thing these days. WORDS… individual words are currency. It’s a damned shame because I understand exactly what he means but people see the word “Negro” and he is racist old bastard by default

      1. The problem is that he’s equating the Democrats’ institutionalized racial dependence with the Democrats’ institutionalized racial slavery.

        As immoral as liberals’ race-based paternalism is, it’s nothing compared to the actual atrocities carried out by many (not all) who perpetuated the abominable practice.

        No one who has a clue — and a soul — can compare the evils that many of our fellow countrymen were forced to endure under slavery. Here’s a brief listing of some of the atrocities committed by Americans against their fellow Americans from someone who lived through it, Frederick Douglass:

        “What! Am I to argue that it is wrong to make men brutes, to rob them of their liberty, to work them without wages, to keep them ignorant of their relations to their fellow men, to beat them with sticks, to flay their flesh with the lash, to load their limbs with irons, to hunt them with dogs, to sell them at auction, to sunder their families, to knock out their teeth, to burn their flesh, to starve them into obedience and submission to their masters? Must I argue that a system thus marked with blood and stained with pollution is wrong? No – I will not. I have better employment for my time and strength than such arguments would imply.”

        Only the deranged — like Bundy — and his fellow racists (whether Democrat or RINO) can think that slavery is better than whatever degraded condition some might wallow in today.

        1. Yeah, but it’s a problem with some real context.

          He’s not Al Sharpton, he’s just a guy caught up in an issue. The real problem isn’t him. It’s the way laws are selectively enforced, and the way the feds keep grabbing land or failing to turn it over as required.

          If the feds had followed the law, the land would be entirely state owned (or private) by now. The reason Bundy lost his case is because the federal courts aren’t going to side with the states regarding the agreed-upon transfer of land to state ownership.

            1. Most folks have long ceded that particular point. That’s because he was not choosing his words carefully. However, the points he was making were not shocking heresy, nor even surprising.

              It’s a fact that decades of Democrat/Progressive policies have really done great harm (and are still doing major harm) to those who think of themselves as African-Americans or black.

              It’s also a fact that the left will use this single instance for years as proof all Conservatives and Republicans are racist in order to keep their voter plantations focused on the enemy, and not on their own prosperity.

              You hear worse racism in Reverend Wright’s church every week. That’s because he makes a lot of money helping to keep the plantation angry.

  122. In case you were not around, back in the early days of Eisenhower(?) (may be early Kennedy), the question came up as to whether or not the government could limit the number of children that a welfare mother has. At that time it was a racial question of the blacks flooding the population with black problem people and could accepting welfare force a woman to have her tubes tied. It was well understood at the time by the adults in the room that the liberals’ plan was essentially a welfare program that would eventually flood the population with black voters who would vote liberal (Which eventually turned out to be democrat.) The supreme court ruled that personal behaviors could not affect welfare payments. That a woman could have as many kids by as many daddies as she chooses. That is the ruling that set all of this into motion. Women had a source of support other than a man, and men were free to screw around as much as they choose. It didn’t take long for the chaos in the black society to develop. It is now generations old. But, the thing to remember is that it was predicted back then and people wondered why a political party would do this just to buy votes. The other thing to remember is that the Bundy question was being asked back then and has been asked privately ever since. The conclusion that is often drawn is that blacks are owned in a different form by the government and its agent, the democrat party. And they have established the cultural concept of “racism” that to bring this issue up is anathema. It is done so that people will not trace out what the democrats did to the blacks for votes.

  123. Grazing fees? Its a Western desert, no rain no grass. Does the BLM guarantee rain and fresh supply of grass every year for those fees?

  124. There is an insane amount of defense of THE COMMENTS. It’s one thing to still defend his position against the BLN. But man, so many twisting themselves into knots to stick up for the words you just read.

    1. Carol Bundy on Cliven’s remarks:

      “What he was saying, and perhaps not as eloquently as was relayed, that America is becoming a welfare state that makes us more reliant upon the government and eats away at the freedom of us all. He was attempting to point out what little progress has been made for black people who once lived in slavery. During that point in our history, black people were totally reliant upon someone else for their food, homes, etc. and not much has changed, sadly, in many cases for poor black families. Slavery was wrong, horrible, and we do not support that. Cliven was trying to illustrate how dire the situation was not only in the past, but currently, and how it will negatively impact the future, if Americans, of any color, continue to be dependent upon the government to survive.”

    2. He’s not saying that slavery is good He’s saying that black people have it just as bad now as ever and it’s the white governments fault
      And he’s right.
      More young black men are in jail (cages) than ever were under slavery .and government is the cause
      Bundy is right, we need to stand up for black people as well!

      1. And he couldn’t have said it it a less eloquent and less useful way. His fault. I’m not gonna run around trying to defend his words.

        1. No one is asking you to defend Bundy’s words.

          But that doesn’t make his question illegit.

          It IS a legitimate question – are Blacks better off ?
          Yes, living free is better than living as a slave.
          But when you live without hope, just how much better is it, actually ? Answer: not much.

          1. The whole idea is that the blacks, and anyone else that is on welfare, are just as much a slave as the blacks were during the nineteenth century. When your next meal is coming from the government, and the next one after that then you learn pretty quickly to say, “yes master.” Do you really think those that have grown comfortable living on welfare are going to vote in politicians that are going to try to end that kind of lifestyle? Dream on. As long as the left keeps promising those checks those votes are secure.

      2. The slavery years not soo much, but I’ll contend they were better off when the Democrats via their KKK thugs persecuted them for 60 years on a much smaller scale than the broadbased effects of generational welfare……..

    3. What he said was poorly thought out and incorrect. But by no means is he supporting slavery. He was trying to make an illustration. He’s comparing something terrible to something he sees as comparably terrible or worse. I don’t think it was a well thought out conclusion but saying one thing might be worse than another is by no means a show of support for the other.

      1. The way that he said it was not as it was reported either. The NYT made some creative edits. When I first heard this this morning… I fell for it hook line and sinker… even knowing the way the left stream media can distort the truth. My first reaction was that Bundy had destroyed all the good with a single speech by giving the left the ammo to destroy this stand against tyranny. I fell for it not having all the Facts. He could have framed his allegory better but it really does not matter. The left will always twist and distort to further their psychological attacks. I am ashamed of myself for not getting all the facts before reacting, but truth will always rise to the surface in a progressive sea of lies. We really are in the phase of an infowar leading to a final confrontation.

    4. Most comments here are about the issues Bundy brought up, not his words. Almost everyone has agreed he used words that were not wise. Most folks agree that he shouldn’t have said it.

      But the flood of leftist BS and attacking of everyone on the right as racist, and the replies back to them is what takes up the majority of the space here.

      I see few “twisting” anything, other than those determined to paint Bundy as some sort of evil person, and all Republicans as racist.

    5. Even if poorly expressed, Bundy’s question is legitimate.

      Are Blacks better off than they were as slaves ?

      Answer: yes, but just barely.

      And that fact is an indictment on Democrats and The War on Poverty and The Great Society. What we see today of the conditions the majority of urban Blacks live in, is a direct result of those policies in play over the past 50 years.

      That may p-1-ss people off to hear, but it is the truth.

      1. Oprah and the likes are much better off, but the mast has always had his house servant Uncle Toms.

        Then there are the Herman Cains and Allan West that are called that because they are trying to bring about real freedom.

        1. And yet Herman Cain and Allan West are vilified and excoriated by The Left.

          They (and others like them such as Dr. Ben Carson) are now labeled “Jewish Nazis”.

          The Left is desperate. The more invective they hurl, the more despairing they reveal themselves to be.

          Such an empty, fruitless, damaging way of looking at life – believing everyone who differs from your worldview is an evil enemy.

          How is it these Leftist-types have become such a cacophony of dismal, useless voices in our culture? There at times I wish they would all just take a happy pill and go watch clouds roll by – anything to give the rest of us a moment’s peace.

    6. The government of today has these people on the plantation, with no future and no hope. The Great Society welfare plan drove the black man out of the home, offering a check only to a husbandless woman, and now black women have no husbands and their children have no fathers. I believe they are at least no better off than they were, and perhaps even worse, except they cannot be beaten, killed or sold by a master. What Bundy spoke was the truth, and I don’t believe like others suggest that he even said it badly. .

  125. It was dumb to say it in the first place (no matter how correct it is)… but it was dumber to double down it. You are diluting the issue at hand… government tyranny. The black community does not need your help to speak up for them. Now the focus is not on the land grab… it is on the stupid comment. Well done… militia go home.

    1. This. For some ignorant reason he totally took everyones eye off the ball with these comments. His original position had validity. He really hurt himself here, because that position still has validity. But anyone in the middle that wasn’t sure…they’re gone now.

    2. Everyone can see what he means. Your position is racist because you think black people can’t see what he means

    3. Militia stay there.. Media , stop attacking strong intelligen straight white men out of pure jealousy

    4. “The Black community does not need your help to speak up for them.”

      Well, someone should because so far, they haven’t. All their national-level spokespersons are a bunch of shysters looking for aggrandizement for themselves – men like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc could give a crap about the Black community.

  126. I think its shameful that supporters of Bundy’s plight are running from his poorly articulated comments knowing full well they were not meant as a slam to blacks , but instead to a system poor blacks live under ,

    Why ? because they are afraid the left will bash them over the head with them. They are already doing that and have been right along. they dont need anything Bundy said to do it.

    Instead of running man up , stand up and raise what Bundy was TRYING to say to a new level of national conversation that’s long long over due. The black community deserves better , America deserves better.

    Carpe diem! jelly fish, not retreat!

  127. This is a liberal tactic straight out of the Clinton book, folks. If you can’t win the war of ideas, use character assassination to destroy the credibility of your opponent. Divide and conquer. It’s ruthless, effective, and we should be smart enough to not fall for it again.

  128. He should have kept his mouth shut about race issues. He gave the left wing media exactly what they needed to now link all these other issues to racism. And to the average person out there who won’t do any more investigating that’s enough to derail all the other issues.

    1. Keep an eye on France and the Muslim invasion with their demands. I worked in the Middle East.

      1. You are right …. they say London is already half Muslim/African/Arab. Sweden is getting the flood now. Europe may be half non-White in just 40 years.

    2. Because we have a “racism” problem and the only way to solve our “racism” is by flooding White countries with non-Whites and forcing racial integration until there are no more White people. Duh…

    3. The white countries are under the control of the Rothschild banksters, so they can do what ever agenda they want to. Even tiny Norway with a population of 4 million has been flooded with immigrants from Somalia which has caused crime rates in Oslo to soar.

    4. Diversity is imposed on everyone. Its natural

      Heck, Abraham did the interracial condoned by God. Hello

      1. It’s natural, huh ? When you go to Japan, what do you see, Japanese. When you go to India, what do you see…..Indians. When you to the Sudan, what do you see,……Sudanese I could go on and on. So your thought that diversity is imposed on everyone is kinda mute.

  129. One of the biggest issues in the black community is their refusal to assimilate to the American culture. This is evident by the fact that they most often refer to themselves as African-American.

    “In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language… and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

    Theodore Roosevelt

    1. Maybe you haven’t been watching or listening, but they’ve(the media controllers) made the black culture the American culture. Yes complete with prison tatts, pierced body parts like African tribes, whites talking, dressing and acting like black gangbangers, etc. etc.

  130. I think he is trying to expand the idea that we are all becoming slaves to this big federal government … and none of us are better off as slaves to this big federal government.

    I think he was asking everyone to think about whether we are better off with or without this big federal government … but I think we should all answer that question for ourselves … including members of the black community.

    It might shock you to learn that many members of the black community agree with him.


    1. You do know the federal government has no right to any land without the state legislator approval of the state or the individuals agreement to sell the land?

      1. “The people inhabiting [Nevada] do agree and declare, that they forever disclaim all right and title to the unappropriated public lands lying within said territory, and that the same shall be and remain at the sole and entire disposition of the United States.” Nevada Constitution, introductory Ordinance.

        1. That land is appropriated. It has been for 200 plus years. The federal government has no right to the land.

          1. You can believe what you want to believe about this legal question, even if your belief contradicts history, the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and the Nevada Constitution. But your opinion has no relevance. We decide these legal questions in Court in the United States of America, not on internet comment strings, and the Courts have ruled that the U.S. Government owns that land.

            Should they agree to cede it to Nevada? Maybe. But that’s a political question that we have political methods for determining. Go lobby or go get out the vote. As long as we have that right, there’s no legitimate basis for raising arms against the lawful government’s exercise of control over real property that it owns, as sad silly Cliven Bundy has done.

  131. Here’s the passage Sen. Reid would prefer we forget:

    “He (Reid) was wowed by Obama’s oratorical gifts and believed that the country was ready to embrace a black presidential candidate, especially one such as Obama – a ‘light-skinned’ African American ‘with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one,’ as he later put it privately.”

    Later, Reid told The Atlantic he regretted “using such a poor choice of words,” stating, “I sincerely apologize for offending any and all Americans, especially African-Americans for my improper comments.”

    1. Harry Reid’s statement is real racism, it belies an expectation based on race and a belief that people can’t make a honest judgment based on reason and not racial politics. His statement is his racism that he believes he sees in others, but is just his mirror!

  132. This statement is not racism, it’s honest concern from a 67 year old man who doesn’t no how to be politically correct! Sadly the most obvious people who are slaves to the state are black, but the truth is more whites are slaves to the state than blacks. Because near everyone gets some kind of subsidy from the state we now weight our votes on whether will will continue to receive those subsidies, if we vote for or against our man. We are no longer republicans and democrats we are surfs begging the castle lord for scrapes from his table. The rich buy their scraps with campaign contributions hoping the profit outweighs the price. You and I fall for the lies about how the jobs will rain down like manna from heaven, or our poor aunt will keep getting her SS. When you vote that way you get what we have now, craven power hungry potentates making promises they never intend to keep!

  133. Slavery was a way of dealing with a social problem — the black underclass. Slavery is gone, and gone for good, but one has to wonder if the black underclass is any better off.

    1. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having
      listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    2. That’s absurd; slavery was not “a way of dealing with a social problem”; it was slavery.

      Don’t you have any shame about saying something so ill-informed and immoral?

  134. of course the answer to Bundy’s question is “no”. Black folks have the opportunity to make something of themselves, many do, many do not, (many white trash families and individuals also do not) To not have the opportunity would be worse than any state of poverty. Lack of opportunity crushes the soul. Poor people, black and white, feel that to the point that they stop trying. Bundy’s question comes from a view of the world that sees people only as flesh and blood, and judges quality of life based on level of comfort, when in reality there is so much more. Most of us know that people can be very well satisfied even when we are most uncomfortable, if we feel we are working toward a goal.

  135. I don’t think he even met to really imply ‘slavery’ but he used it and yes, he shouldn’t have. So, we will never get to his point and the Left will yell ‘racist’ all over again (finally, they have a real case). And we will completely miss his point and forget the actual issue w/ him and the BLM.

    1. Yeah, that’s what upset me, too. His poor word choices didn’t do a thing to help him, and the political left LOVES it because now they can change the subject and yell “RRRRAAACCCIIISSSTTT!”

  136. Speaking of the race race… I’ve been following the MT Everest story and had occasion to enter the question on Google “Who was the first African-American (sic) to climb Mt. Everest?”

    Phil Henderson made the attempt but I couldn’t find the whole story. Finally I got the answer:

    “The first African-American to climb Mt. Everest was Sibusiso Vilane, a Swazi national and park ranger.”

    Do African-Americans also get preferential hiring for federal jobs in Swaziland, Africa or did Obama Executively Order that all Africans are American citizens?

  137. Cliven’s correct you know , Hypothetically Socialism is the same as slavery , you don’t get to choose your own way once you are mired up to your neck in government social services ,and handouts.
    For everything they give out that isn’t theirs they expect something more in return that is yours. Like your freedom, your exceptionalism , your right to life and fair liberty …these are all the things we will trade in to our government everytime we receive an entitlement from them. It’s an unspoken forced expectancy and It’s the exact same as being a slave ,on some farm, only socialist slavery is impartial to all race , everyone regardless of race color and creed get’s to wear the same heavy yoke !

  138. Having done some farm work, I can’t imagine having to pick cotton by hand all day long, even if I were receiving a paycheck. It’s backbreaking work. On the other hand, I do, in fact, believe that the African-American community would be a lot better off today if Lindon Johnson had never existed (or if he hadn’t had JFK murdered).

  139. Yep, bars on the windows at a McDonald’s in Philly right outside Temple University.

    Yep, bullet proof glass at a Subway in Chicago.

    And tards still don’t think we have a problem within the African American community.

    1. They just need more money. According to liberals, money solves everything. So dump trillions more into failing schools, violence prevention programs, midnight basketball, welfare and minority scholarships. If that doesn’t work, then dump even more money until it does work. If it never works, well, then those greedy taxpayers didn’t give enough money.

    1. Wow, a twenty year old reference. Just saw something on Fox news talking about this. Seems to me it was documented pretty well when it was happening, but then again that was over 20 years ago.

          1. The article and incident I referenced were twitter comments made because of Justice Thomas’s stance on striking down the Affirmative Action laws pertaining to college enrollment in the state of Michigan. Apparently, liberals and black think that if you are black, you must think and act a certain way or else be ostracized. Don’t you believe it is racist to think a man should hold a certain opinion simply because he is a certain color?

            1. I thought you were referring to when he was first nominated to the Supreme Court. Funny how things dont change. No they should be called out on this. Though it does seem hypocritical to use AA and then be against it.

              1. No more hypocritical than thinking a man should have certain opinions because of the color of his skin while crying racism if someone of another color was to do the same thing. AA may have had its purpose in years past, but we have reached a point where it is no longer necessary. Our President is half black, our Attorney General is black and many representatives on the federal, state and local level are black. We have business leaders that are black, college professors that are black, etc, etc. Where is AA when it comes to things such as professional sports? Shouldn’t teams be required to have a certain number of white players on their teams since they seem to be in the minority?

  140. Wonder if Bundy thinks he would be better off a slave since he’s been
    freeloading for twenty years? I guess it’s ok to be a mooch when you
    wear a cowboy hat. LOL. You couldn’t make something like this up if you

    1. I hardly consider the business of ranching to be “freeloading”. If you have never worked on a ranch, or been around it, then you don’t know what you are talking about. Mr. Bundy may have put his foot in his mouth, but he is far from being a freeloader.

    2. There is no such thing as “grazingtaxes”
      The “fees’ were for BLM services, not for having grazing rights
      BLM stopped providing services, Bundy stopped paying for them.

    3. You need to spend more time researching what the problems with the BLM are before talking about moochers. Spend some time ranching and see if “moocher” applies to anything they do. Let’s just say you’ll end every day feeling like you got rode hard and put up wet. Ranching is far from being an easy occupation.

  141. He’s is saying in a ROUND ABOUT WAY..that people (regardless of race) have put themselves on the GOVERNMENT PLANTATION instead of being free. Welfare was never meant to be a way of life.

  142. Are the Japanese better off because they were nuked? Are the Germans better off because they were defeated?

    1. He’s saying both forms of slavery are bad. and that many aspects today are worse
      For instance, young black men are in jail….actual cages , at a much higher rate than even during slavery
      More black people have been put in cages in the last 40 years than ever were in cages during slavery.

      Why is that? ….Government is the cause
      Government legalized the original slavery and it legalized another kind today

    2. That argument can be made…. Certainly some will disagree but there are two reasonable sides.

  143. Who is safer? A black man walking through a white neighborhood late at night or a white man walking through a black neighborhood late at night.

    1. Even Jerry on “Seinfeld” had, what, five locks on his door?

      You think that was to keep George out?

  144. IN the 30’s black neighborhoods had lower crime rates than white neighborhoods. then government came to “help”

  145. Bundy is saying that a large percentage of black Americans have traded the antebellum plantation, for a government-subsidised plantation. It’s a very un-PC statement, but nevertheless true.

    1. Perfect analogy. Bundy’s a simple man, with simple but very wise thoughts. I think a lot can be learned from him.

      1. Just because he didn’t sugarcoat the issue doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It just means he got people’s attention, whether it’s positive or negative. Gotta admire the guy.

    2. Like when Romney said something to the effect a segment of the population would always vote for the big government party and not much you can do about it. Politically incorrect but very true.

  146. The media would probably never think to ask the democrat’s about Bundy’s legitimate question, given that democrats have enslaved blacks to their “plantation” since the days of LBJ.

    Probably the best strategy is to ignore the issue raised and focus on a campaign to label him a racist instead. No one would probably even notice, right?

  147. So…
    Use statistical data to prove him wrong. Otherwise, you have no leg to stand on because he’s speaking the truth. The sooner we face it, the sooner we can fix it.

  148. Government housing means you will never own anything
    Bundy’s right, Black people need to move out of the government plantation and actually buy their own property, have real jobs that aren’t controlled by fat white rich liberals in Chicago and NYC ……and DC

    1. Not only blacks but still true. As for the rest of us…try not paying property taxes and see who really owns their property.

      1. You control your property rates in your local government

        High taxes means you arent voting for who will be Mayor

        1. You miss the point. Regardless of the tax rate there is a property tax and not paying will result in the government taking it. It is nearly impossible to own land. We all pay a version of grazing fees in the form of property tax.

  149. Quote — Among a large class, there seemed to be a dependence upon the government for every conceivable thing. The members of this class had little ambition to create a position for themselves, but wanted the federal officials to create one for them. How many times I wished then and have often wished since, that by some power of magic, I might remove the great bulk of these people into the country districts and plant them upon the soil – upon the solid and never deceptive foundation of Mother Nature, where all nations and races that have ever succeeded have gotten their start – a start that at first may be slow and toilsome, but one that nevertheless is real. — Booker T. Washington 1901 – Up from Slavery; page 90,+there+seemed+to+be+a+dependence+upon+the+government+for+every+conceivable+thing.&hl=en&sa=X&ei=Jn9ZU9HTNYOp2QWNhoCoBA&ved=0CD4Q6AEwAw#v=onepage&q=Among%20a%20large%20class%2C%20there%20seemed%20to%20be%20a%20dependence%20upon%20the%20government%20for%20every%20conceivable%20thing.&f=false

    1. You should remind the Demwit mouthpieces before the trolling begins that Booker T. Washington is black, dead, and quite the historical spokesman. An educator, orator, and adviser to Presidents, he suffered the last vestiges of the generation of slavery as well as Jim Crow and preached black empowerment through education, entrepreneurship and not sitting on one’s arse collecting a check as a Government Chattel.
      While Bundy may be ignorant and coarse, That does not mean that he never has an accurate thought as evinced by his similarity of message with a great American of another era…
      Oh, and Booker referred to himself and his people as Negroes… So, can the fake indignation and BS.

      1. Jonathan Miller – Thank ya’ll for your reply.
        Well said.
        I really like Booker T. Washington. A very very honest guy. He knew what he was doing.

    1. She doesn’t consider herself black; but she called her stepmother n**gg*r. How pathetic of her to buy the most expensive house nearest to 1600 Penn Ave in 2009. That’s a bootlikker right there.

    2. That’s raccissst! Oh, well. Consider the Source. Ophrah hates whites and holds them with contempt, but she sees only green when it comes to counting her money from whites…

  150. What Bundy said about Blacks and welfare was right on target. His remarks about cotton are not racist at all. He may not be a genius at wordsmithing, and its true that most black teens are unskilled and have no training to anything. Picking cotton is no different that picking apples, or framing a house, or fixing tires. If black youth are not trained to something that provides them wages, then they become part of the welfare cycle that has been ongoing for the last hundred years. Rand Paul had been looking like a
    decent politician up until now, but sooner or later they reveal themselves. Paul is now a has been, like Rubio, and the others that
    look and act conservative but trip themselves and say something that tells they are really pandering to a specific race.

    1. I agree with Bundy. For a majority of black Americans he has a great point. Of course conservative blacks have lifted themselves out of poverty with hard work and dedication. This seems to be a rare trait in the black community. Then we have the blacks that have benefitted greatly by Affirmative Action Policies That Bypass hard work and qualifications like the Obama’s.

  151. Liberals will never understand the comments made by Bundy. Just like a study a few years back involving ‘incompetence’. It found that a majority of those regarded as incompetent, don’t think that they are incompetent, but just the opposite. The reason they don’t see themselves as incompetent is because they are indeed incompetent and pointing that out to them is a complete waste of time because they don’t ‘get it’ in the first place. Does that make sense?

    1. It has nothing to do with being a Liberal…if it was such a supported view among conservatives, then why are all of the politicians that were supporting him for fighting for his right to steal as much grass off of land that wasn’t his, now all of a sudden they want nothing to do with him?….its not a liberal/conservative issue, its a racist/non-racist issue

  152. Quote — There is another class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out
    of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs. — Booker T. Washington

  153. Bundy is going to get a lot of Black Conservatives who agree with him. In the 1940’s, before MLK, before Brown vs the Board of Education, before the 1964 Civil Rights Act Blacks had a better family structure than Whites. You would be hard pressed to find a Black woman with a child unmarried. The unemployment rate among Blacks was lower than among Whites, the crime rate was also lower and they were religious.

    What happened to the Black culture is that the Democrat Party, the Party of slavery and the Party of segregation erected new plantations and instituted dependency politics thereby cultivating the welfare state along with the matriarchal family structure as they continue to do so today and will keep doing so for as long as it grows votes they need for their socialist agenda. They don’t have a tiny wit of compassion for what they have enabled and cultivated. They are socialists and the ends justify the means.

    1. Black neighborhoods used to have lower crime rates than white neighborhoods.
      Government housing,and welfare have only harmed black people in the long run.

    2. 79% of the Democrats darling Planned Parenthood abortion services are located in black neighborhoods.

  154. Bundy has lost his ranch, and I guess he has only himself to blame for that! He had the support of well meaning people, and now his true colors have come to the fore! An unapologetic racist is what he is.

    1. Puleeze, you are an assumed HS graduate and can’t even read. It’s been a long term plan to “dumb you down” and you walked right into it. Fool.

    2. Don’t know if he is a racist or not, but I do know that supporting someone for one thing has nothing to do with supporting them for everything they say or do in their whole lives.

      The people were not supporting HIM, they were angry that the federal government sent ARMED forces to take his herd because he hadn’t paid some bills. It has way more to do with Government overreach than any rancher. He isn’t running for office.

    3. So this makes the government BLM, inside the beltway politics OK? What Bundy said was true. He lacked the elegance to say it correctly yet he still stands behind the meaning that falls on deaf ears who only want to talk about race. I’m half Italian and if 80% of the Italians believed the World was flat I think I’d be somewhat embarrassed but still have to face the characterization.

    4. He’s only saying that maybe they aren’t any better off today than in the 19th century. Unemployment, collapse of family, drug use, highest % of abortions, education! Of course he’s wrong just like politicians comparing their rivals to Hitler! This man should back off the press!

  155. I apologize for the following language but we have to understand the truth that is not being told any longer. The following quotes are LBJ quotes:

    “I’ll have those nigg–s voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” —Lyndon B. Johnson to two governors on Air Force One –

    “These Negr–s, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.”—LBJ

    You can find this in Ronald Kessler’s “Inside The White House”

    1. It is mazing how no one will look at that part of history when it comes to the Democratic Party.

    2. “light skinned” African-American “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one” Harry Reid

  156. Let’s ask Bob Marley what he thought. This is from his song Slave Driver:

    Today they say that we are free,
    Only to be chained in poverty.
    Good God, I think it’s illiteracy;
    It’s only a machine that makes money.

    I guess he’s racist too

  157. Here we go with the “race” stuff again. There is only one race: the human race. Power mongers have been using the “race” stuff to control human beings for far too long. Can we PLEASE evolve away from this crapola? Corralling humans by the way they reflect light is just so BC.

    1. Exactly. Race is the oldest con game. Probably the third or fourth oldest profession is the race-hustler.

      Few white men in the world have any record of the race of their direct, lineal, female ancestor of six generations back. It was almost never recorded until recently.

      Many people in India have skin at least as dark as LeVar Burton.
      Many Aborigines in Australia have light skin.

      Nobody can say where the color boundaries begin or end. It’s a hoax, meant to divide and stir people up so that the hoaxer gains power.

  158. It’s not proper to talk about how bad blacks have it in America, especially not when we have a Democrat President, and a black one at that. The media only allows discussion about the poor when there is a Republican in office. It’s true.

    1. Obama seeks to cure poverty by taking from those work and giving to those that won’t…
      Exactly what Jefferson said would be the end of the Nation.
      Obama is a fool that thinks you can cure wealth disparity by being a racial Robin Hood…

  159. read a damn map people, there are 180 miles separating Bundy’s land from the proposed site of the solar plant, which was canceled in 2013 anyway. This man is a freeloader, and he has rallied people behind him under false pretenses.

    And he then has the nerve to lecture people on the state of the welfare system, when he himself is one of its biggest poster children. Racism aside, he and others like him are preying on your ignorance.

    If you want to complain about the merit of Reagan’s executive orders on federal grazing, fine. If you want to bitch about the first amendment zones, cool. If you feel the Fed is too pushy, you’re entitled to hold that opinion. But don’t stand there and defend this guy. Pool your efforts behind someone that is actually fighting the good fight. Rand Paul comes to mind…

    *edit: no it’s not about any of that militaristic crap. The militias did not exercise civil disobedience, they straight up pointed guns at police. I am not condoning the BLM showing up with choppers and snipers, that was poorly thought out. I agree.

    Also, the land was set aside as protection for the desert tortoise, not the solar plant. Those lands were discussed and quickly passed over in favor of lands closer to Laughlin where they wouldn’t have to move the tortoise. You can’t build solar on protected grounds. You can’t build fires on protected land either. Should we get up in arms about that too?

    1. Umm, the solar site is not the issue
      The land in question is a mitigation site FOR the solar project … , land set aside so the solar project can take up other land.
      In other words, dirty Harry got the Bundy area land set aside in an agreement so Harry could be aloud to have his 5 billion dollar solar project on other protected land.
      More specifically, a place to dumb turtles displaced by the solar project.
      You don’t know what you are talking about.

    2. This is about the govt. using militaristic personnel, equip, and guns leveled on citizens who were NO threat to collect a bill. Period. You can make it into whatever your active mind wants but this is what the American people will not stand for, the govt. using weapons to intimidate people standing up and disagreeing with a govt. action.

  160. Bundy is hardly a wordsmith and his articulation was poor at best and suspect at worst , I think any intellectually honest person would be able to figure out that his comments were not meant to be a slam to blacks but a slam to the system that low income blacks have been living under that has served to perpetuate a sense of hopelessness , social decay and break down of the family structure.

    Of course blacks are better off now than they were as slaves, it was a stupid and foolish way to frame his point , If Bundy is guilty of anything it is speaking to a topic that had little to no bearing on his situation and one he probably has even less experience with.

    Its not uncommon for people who have lived their lives out of the spot light to burn themselves once in it.

    It would be interesting to know what kind of questions from the New York Times Bundy was responding to and did they in some way help bait Bundy into that blunder? I wouldn’t put it past them.

      1. Thx but i think its shameful that supporters of his plight are running from his comments because they are afraid the left will bash them over the head with them. Instead of running they should man up and raise what Bundy was TRYING to say to a new level of national conversation thats long long over due. Carpe diem! jelly fish, not retreat!

      1. the NYT have a long history of liberal bias and running hit pieces on conservatives.

      2. I think they were just reporting, there is no way those bow ties in NYC would go stand in Nevada dry heat for a quote.

        What they did was liberally excerpt and imply a different answer than what this guy said.


        Carol Bundy on Cliven’s remarks:

        “What he was saying, and perhaps not as eloquently as was relayed, that America is becoming a welfare state that makes us more reliant upon the government and eats away at the freedom of us all. He was attempting to point out what little progress has been made for black people who once lived in slavery. During that point in our history, black people were totally reliant upon someone else for their food, homes, etc. and not much has changed, sadly, in many cases for poor black families. Slavery was wrong, horrible, and we do not support that. Cliven was trying to illustrate how dire the situation was not only in the past, but currently, and how it will negatively impact the future, if Americans, of any color, continue to be dependent upon the government to survive.”

  161. If white liberals in NYC had’t jailed the black dad for everything under the sun, (weed smoking/having a otherwise legal firearm) , their young children wouldnt be without fathers. there wouldn’t be such a level of poverty and dispair
    Thanks Mr Bundy , you are right, Black people deserve better than government induced slavery

    1. northeast liberals deny the local black guy, a chance to make a living, the best way he can; but, build for themselves, their kids and friends a pot smoking mecca in Colorado.

    2. that and a welfare system that punishes (or at least fails to support) intact families. If a woman has a man around, her welfare checks are cut, if there is income in the household, assistance is cut even if the income is not enough to pay the bills. so the men are banished for the more expedient method of putting food on the table. then young men grow up seeing men as expendable, and women as ho’s. None of this helps resolve the problem at a root level. All of it is just another way of expressing the “soft bigotry of low expectations”
      Folks on the left are trying to help, they see suffering and want to stop it, some of them from the point of view of messiahs sent from heaven to save the little brown babies. Racists, greedy people and cultural sadists see poor people as deserving of their fate. The answer lies in seeing everyone as equal and respecting everyone, including ourselves, enough to demand righteous action. You do your job, I will do mine. Seeing you struggle, I will be happy to lend a hand because I have seen that you are worth it.
      Of course, I need to be able to see you, (some of us walk through life with our eyes closed), and I need to see that you are doing your part, (some of you don’t)

  162. I’m surprised it took this long for libs to start the smear campaign against Bundy. Sure, his comments were controversial, but justified none the less.

  163. Of course he’s not being racist, but Democrat media wants to terminate support for him so they are promoting it as racism. 96% of blacks voluntarily returned to the Democrat plantation, which has morphed into organized crime government stealing property for them without any work except to go to the polls and vote for it for themselves and/or others. They have gotten exactly what they keep voting for.

  164. “Negro” superseded “colored” as the most polite terminology, at a time when “black” was more offensive. This usage was accepted as normal, even by people classified as Negroes, until the later Civil Rights movement in the late 1960s. One well-known example is the identification by Martin Luther King, Jr. of his own race as ‘Negro’ in his famous 1963 speech I Have a Dream.

    In Bundys day, that is the word they used.

    1. Negro is still the proper term for people of sub-Saharan African origin, the same as Caucasian is the proper term for those of us of European and west Asian origin. The important thing is to be polite, NOT politically correct. And Bundy was polite.

      Americans should not allow liberals to redefine our language; it is the common property of all of us. Orwell explained why liberals want to redefine the English language in “1984”, and that is to control what we think.

    2. Yes MLK Jr called blacks “Negroes’ and it wasn’t a bad word
      White people at the NYT’s made even the word negroe mean something bad
      Its really a reflection of how the whites at the NYT’s think of black people.

  165. Oh boy! Lots of comments on this thread. There are so many people who defend the democrats right to make people miserable through broken relationships, genocide and incarceration. The rest are happy just getting their free obama phones and a government credit card and existing in a perpetual state of incompetency through drug and alcohol abuse.

    It warms my heart to see people sucking off the pork of government adding nothing to improve America but believing that they are somehow making this country a better place.

  166. So its okay to make free use of federal lands for grazing but not okay to take government subsidies. I wonder if he can spell hypocrite.

        1. Let’s see. The Bundy’s have been ranching there since 1878. Nevada became a state in 1864. So the question needs to be asked…when did the federal government decide it was THEIRS?

    1. That sounds like the typical obama voter: grazing and taking subsidies.
      Or did you mean something else?

    2. The Bundy family has been paying for the use of the land since the 1800’s. They do not make free use of federal land; however, even if they did, it is out where people do not go and they have made drinking holes for their animals which the wild animals benefit from as well.

  167. On the other hand; I would rather see obama seating in front of the tenement building in chicago, doing nothing, than have him in the presidency doing his marxist stuff.

  168. Not a thing wrong with “wondering”.
    If we can’ t :wonder” without everyone going apesh1t, how can we say we are a free people, or that we have freedom of speech.
    If it’s okay for the porn industry to exist as a form of “free speech”, why is Bundy being persecuted for wondering out loud???

  169. WOW! The education level needed to understand what this old rancher was trying to get across is easy. The sad thing is he just did not phrase his words right and he singled out one group. The entire human race is enslaved to the debt of the elite period. One group however was on the way up until SOCIAL Darwinist got moving. When they start to class some races as inferior. This was planned by them because down deep inside they wanted them to kill each other off. So they stuck them in environments that lead to what we see today (Chicago, Detroit, LA). Sad thing is more black on black crime and more abortion in these neighborhoods. I truly believe that if they would have held their family structure strong they would have gained so much more power as a whole then just the few talking heads. That is what Lincoln the moderate wanted. It is what WILSON FDR AND JOHNSON ALL WANTED. A minority group that was beholden to them, no they are working on the next group that has surpased them in numbers. To be addicted to ones master for handouts and not being able to carve out of this world your own LIFE! FREEDOM in America has two meanings: 1. Is to never have to rely on the MASTER own your land and live free. 2. One has to rely on the MASTER but master fools you into thinking you are free (SERF). Most of us think we are FREE, but are you truly FREE(Jack Reacher: Watch the Movie). Yes their is an evil group in our society and they are driven to KILL everyone black or white or yellow that does not fit into their mold and if you have not figured that out, YOU ARE TRULY DUMBER THEN A BOX OF ROCKS!! They are brewing for the next WORLD WAR, As more wake up to the game they wont be able to control us all. That is why the propaganda is going crazy for a fight, I am so sick of the Hegelian Dialectic.

  170. The man did not say anything disparaging about one race. He did say disparaging things about this government that treats people like modern slaves and makes them dependent for generations. That’s not racism, that’s the truth!

  171. If Bundy is wrong, then, the opposite is true. The democrats have these folks back in the plantation; the democrat plantation that is.

  172. Good for Bundy! When a liberal calls an American a “racist”, the proper response for an American is to give them a quizzical look and say, “So what?” Liberals have been intimidating Americans for years with insults that are as childish as they are meaningless. It’s high time we told them we don’t care what they think.

    1. All the pathetic supporters and their organizations of Obama use the term racist. That’s because it is an easy word to say and pronounce. The intellectually inferior morons , and the list is long. We can start with Sharpton and Jackson..

      1. I agree. We Americans can present ourselves in both moral and logical terms. But because liberalism is logically indefensible, liberals can only present their views in moral terms. All we have to do is reject their moral standards for what they are–insane and immoral.

        This fact also explains the stark liberal dichotomy in which there are only two kinds of white people: Liberals who are as virtuous as they are smart, and fascists who are as vicious as they are stupid. This is why liberals are not only wrong, but come across as insufferable.

  173. Slavery didnt just happen, Government legalized it , and government protected it’s creation
    Today government has legalized a form of slavery and government is still protecting it
    Why are you protecting slavery Harry Reid?
    Black people troubles today are all caused by a predominately white controlled government

  174. It’s a fair observation or mind exercise. I’ll take it one further: Would everyone else be better off?

    1. People in government legalized and protected slavery
      And it’s people (mostly white) in government today that have legalized another form of slavery that mimics the conditions of the former type.

  175. What’s even scarier about modern liberal America is that we’ve gone from a country where at least some people had slaves to a country where all people are slaves, bound in servitude – whether it is to corporations, punitive taxation, disarmament, property confiscation, debt, or political correctness.

    And now, with a $17T federal debt, they’re coming after our children.

  176. Cliven Bundy is not defending slavery. He’s questioning the new form of slavery that Democrats put black people into in an attempt to cover the tracks of their racist past–slavery, civil war, KKK, Jim Crow, etc. Civil rights became welfare rights. We need honest discussion instead of self righteous goodie two shoes liberals going on another politically correct rampage against free speech. If you think your ideology is water proof, let it float instead of torpedoing everyone else’s boat through mob activity.

    Cultural Marxism and welfare for a vote policies have largely ruined the black family to the point that there is a valid comparison to slavery. It’s time you politically correct goons stop attacking others personally for their opinions and start rethinking your own bankrupt agendas which you make even more dubious with your tyrannical manners.

    1. The Left is largely incapable of understanding any reasoning beyond 3 words. That’s why most Democrat talking points boil down to 3 words. E.g., “Hope and Change,” “War on Women,” “You are Racist.” This is well known in political circles.

      1. Bingo, Jason, that’s been my theorem since I started commentating and attempting a dialogue. The left writers just wont read the articles or the in depth comments such as “clipper’ just posted.

        They have their own hand picked answers and the most popular one is that “I” am a racist.

        Well, here’s my prediction, if that ex Sec State inexperienced wannabe Prez ever makes it…then we will all of a sudden become sexists. Just like the snap of a finger.

    2. Actually, I think he was comparing slavery favorably to today. Let’s face it, from ancient Rome to pre-civil war Georgia, slave family life existed to a degree, but it was totally dependent on the whim and the changing financial condition of the owner.

      That said, what Bundy said means nothing in terms of the real issue here, and people running to distance themselves are missing it::

  177. Who cares what he said, now all the left is trying to do is use this as a smoke screen. The question still remains, do any of us want the government surrounding our property over a civil dispute? I don’t.

  178. There’s no point in saying anything. Blacks largely vote Democrat and that means they support abortion, which means they support black genocide. 1/3 of the black US population has been killed in the womb since 1970. That is by definition genocide, and black America supports it. And if you can’t convince black America to stop supporting self-genocide, there’s no point in saying anything at all.

  179. Bundy had the political momentum. All he had to do was stay in his house and watch Duck Dynasty and he would have been fine.

    1. Amen. What’s wrong with all these conservatives? Bundy is a racist that is resisting extortion. Why is this so hard to accept?

  180. Although what he said does not sound good on its face, he makes a solid point. We cannot deny that blacks were once slaves and I don’t believe he was referring to all blacks, but rather only those in government assistnace. He also is not suggesting they become slaves again. He is only pointing out that the govenment has made them slaves in another way and the oppression of this “slavery” may actually be worse.

  181. Wow. That man is a creature of extremes. Things were getting better! Why’d he have to go and be a racist bastard?!

  182. No matter the veracity of his statements, Mr. Bundy unnecessarily burned a bridge to many people who were inclined to be sympathetic to his beef with the BLM (sorry for the terrible pun), but who no longer can support him because for some inexplicable reason he decided to talk about race!

    1. Nah…he didn’t burn any bridges. The people that understood his message will still be there. Just like the people that still stood by Obama when he said the Republican’s can come along for the ride, they just have to ride in the back of the bus.

        1. The founding moms and dads had stones and ovaries; their kids on the other hand; don’t know what they have, and whatever it is, they want to change it to something else, therefore the ‘hoppey change’ mantra from the marxist in chief.

      1. It’s a pretty proven argument. Higher the one lower the other. This guy had it, he had people in his corner and then espouses something like this. We get it, most want less government in our lives, most want less of an entitlement society. But to say people were better off in chains? C’mon, how the f did you think people were going to react.

        1. He didnt say they were, He’s saying that black people are still in a bad situation
          Government legalized slavery then and it’ legalizes a form of slavery today

  183. I get where he is going, but, his delivery sucks.

    He’s saying the black family unit has been decimated ever since LBJ decided to “help.” This is 100% accurate. The marriage rates for black families were considerably higher (which lower divorce rates) 50 years ago (I guess you can say that about marriage in general too). Between Ms. Sanger and Mr. Johnson the progressive movement has managed to do what the KKK could have only dreamed of. Return a subset of people to slavery and not only will they not realize they are slaves, but they will like it.

  184. One of the creations of FDR’s Great Society was the WPA (Work Projects Administration (one of the first attempts to federalize America’s
    workforce). One WPA project, “Born in Slavery: Slave Narratives”,
    1936-1938, consisted of interviews with former slaves. The language used
    in these interviews would be deemed incendiary by today’s cultural
    Marxist standards, but that is not my point. Many of the former slaves
    interviewed were children when slavery ended, but one common denominator
    among them was that families never left the service of their former
    slave masters. Their responses indicated they were happy where they
    were; freedom was frightening to them. Leftists will never accept this
    fact, because it doesn’t fit their agenda, but we owe to ourselves to
    put Mr. Bundy’s generational prejudices aside and see that his words
    have a kernel of truth in them.

  185. This is much ADO about nothing. Nobody in their right mind ever wants to see slavery anywhere again. And this is just an Old Coots verbiage, or lack of diplomacy, asking if poor Blacks really think they are better off. For they are still on the Democrats plantation. But instead of picking cotton – they now must hand in a bumper crop of Votes.

    1. Really necessary to call him an “old coot?” Lack of diplomacy when you yourself say they are still on the Democrats plantation but not picking cotton but harvesting votes. Undiplomatic?

      1. As they do out west…he shot from the hip. From those that live his lifestyle, his message made perfect sense.

        1. I wasn’t proving any point. My point is why was it necessary to call him an old coot. That being undiplomatic on your part. Any comment on that?

          1. Do you know what “Old Coot” means?
            What Bundy said was phrased in a stupid way. I know what he meant, but he missed the mark and other people took it the wrong way. And Bundy is an Old Man. Those two things make him eligible to be called an Old Coot. Fair enough?