BREAKING: Dan Bongino concedes hard fought race to Congressman Delaney

Dan Bongino conceded his race this morning to Congressman Delaney on Facebook just over 15 minutes ago:

Friends and Supporters,

A few months ago, Congressman Delaney and I had a long conversation at the Frederick County Fair. During the conversation, he asked me how my family was holding up during the final months of the campaign. I told him that my wife was having some issues with her health which were being compounded by the stress and difficulty of a relentless campaign schedule, and that I had to curtail the schedule as a result.

Later that week, I received a handwritten letter from Congressman Delaney expressing his heartfelt concerns for my wife and my family, given the circumstances we were dealing with. I never forgot that. It reminded me that although our wonderful country is currently marked by passionate political differences, these differences should never become personal. The artificial divisions in our country created by those interested in stirring emotions today, rather than fixing tomorrow, are the only enemy that stands a chance at dismantling what we have created here.

After a hard fought race, it is now time to move on and allow the citizens of Maryland to be heard. Although there are still some outstanding votes, it is clear that Congressman Delaney will emerge the victor. Congressman Delaney ran an incredible race and has emerged as an important voice in Maryland’s political environment. I look forward to seeing what the future brings to his doorstep.

Thank you to my campaign manager Sharon Strine, and my entire campaign team for believing in me, and inspiring me, when everyone insisted on telling us what was impossible. And, most importantly, I want to thank my wife Paula and my two daughters, Isabel and Amelia, for standing with me through the early mornings, the late nights, the long weeks, the longer weekends, the ups, the downs, the smiles, and the tears. You will always provide all the inspiration I need to continue on.

God bless the great state of Maryland, its new Governor-Elect Larry Hogan, Congressman John Delaney, and the newly elected officials who have been entrusted with the most solemn responsibility of all, guarding individual liberty while providing public leadership.

Very Respectfully,
Dan Bongino

It’s a shame that Bongino didn’t win. There aren’t many voices as articulate and conservative as his and I was so looking forward to seeing him make waves in the House next year.

But I’m sure things aren’t over for him and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Dan and his family.

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