***UPDATED: FEDS HAD COPY OF VIDEO*** — DOJ told Ferguson police to NOT release video, calling it ‘inflammatory’

What is with this administration and videos?!?! They think videos are the cause of all riots, both in Benghazi, and in Ferguson! Oh well. Here ya go:

Goldie Taylor is an MSNBC contributor who’s followed this case closely. She tries to spin it as evidence that the Ferguson police were acting rashly in releasing the video, but doesn’t it show that the Obama administration is trying to keep information away from the public?

How dare local police exert autonomy when our federal government overlords tell us what to do!!!??

Pretty incredible.

UPDATE: It looks like not only did the feds tell Ferguson to not release the video, but they had a copy of it too!!

Isn’t it kind of insulting to black people that the Obama administration thinks they can’t handle the truth?

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