BREAKING: Fireman with concealed carry STOPS gunman armed with 100 rounds of ammo at Walmart!

An armed man with a rifle and 100 rounds of ammo entered a Walmart in Springfield intent on causing chaos. But thanks to smart store manager and an off-duty fireman with a concealed carry gun, the armed assailant is now in police custody:

KSFY – A man with loaded weapons and more than 100 rounds of ammunition was stopped by an off-duty firefighter at a Walmart Neighborhood Market in Missouri Thursday night.

According to KY3, the Springfield Police Department said officers responded to a report of an active shooter. They said the man walked into the Walmart, grabbed a cart, began pushing it around the store, and started recording himself with a cell phone.

The store manager pulled a fire alarm, urging people to get out of the store. The armed man left the store through an emergency exit, where an off-duty firefighter held him at gunpoint. Officers arrived within minutes to detain the suspect. They said the suspect had tactical weapons, body armor, and military fatigues.

Lieutenant Mike Lucas with the Springfield Police Department said it was clear the man’s intent was to cause chaos, saying in part, “His intent was not to cause peace or comfort…He’s lucky he’s alive still, to be honest.”

The department is still working to identify the man’s motives.

Another good guy with a gun stops a bad guy in his tracks. Awesome!

Below is a photo of the man with his hands up and face blurred:

If the gunman had escaped, who knows what he might have done. It was totally the right thing for the off-duty fireman to hold this idiot at gunpoint.

Also kudos to the store manager for not allowing his customers to become victims of another massacre.

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11 thoughts on “BREAKING: Fireman with concealed carry STOPS gunman armed with 100 rounds of ammo at Walmart!

  1. MO is an open carry state. The man was well within his rights to carry.
    While I think that entering the store the way did was not the brightest thing he could have done, there is a possibility that he might have worn the armor due to the recent shootings and wanted to either protect himself or make a point about unsafe stores.

    Here’s what we know from the article;
    A man walks into a Walmart wearing body armor. A store manager panicked at the sight of him and pulled the fire alarm to empty shoppers from the store.
    After the shoppers left the armed man walked though the store and went out the back door without ever having fired a round.
    The fireman didn’t stop anything from happening since the most likely targets had already left the store.

    The manager might well have gotten this man killed for do nothing more than exercising his 2nd amendment right.

    1. From looking at the pictures, he was wearing a tactical vest not body armour. As well, that was a very dumb thing to do right after two mass shootings, he’s lucky he’s not dead.

    2. Oh come on. This does not sound like an innocent person simply practicing open carry. Walking in with a rifle, body armor and 100 rounds of ammo is not a good citizen just wanting to protect himself and others…. At the very least he’s trying to cause a panic. I suspect he’ll be charge with terroristic threat.

      But I would not be surprised if he is some loony leftist who wants to convince people how easy it is to stage a mass shooting so they’ll want to ban guns.

      1. You are pretending that 100 rounds of Ammo is a large amount of ammo. Go into walmart and buy a box of 150 rounds for $35 bucks and see how large that box is.

      2. Also, if that is what happened it was the wrong time to do it, right after the other shootings. Either way it is sure to give the left ammunition in their gun grabbing ways.

      3. All of those thoughts were my initial reaction too and I went a few rounds with guy this morning and I think there is merit to it.

    3. Ironically, if more people did this, mass shooters like the one in El Paso wouldn’t pick Walmart as a place to shoot-up. They will always go to where the shooting is easy and safe.

    4. It doesn’t appear to be body armor either. Instead it looks like a tactical load bearing vest.
      Unfortunately it looks “military” so it is deemed scary in America.

      The reality is in America folks are so isolated from the military compared to other countries. Even here in Mexico it is common to see a HUMVEE full of military personnel drive through town and even stop at a local business to grab a quick lunch or cool drink.

      The more common citizen carry was and the sight of military personnel is to a populace, the less scary their “tools of the trade” are to the common folks.

  2. He didn’t do anything illegal. The person that detained him should be under arrest for illegally detaining a person, he had no right to do that.
    More people need to open carry, there would be no more mass shootings.

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