BREAKING! Kimmel-Hannity feud is OVER!! Nation returns to peacetime…

Jimmy Kimmel offered an apology to the gay community for his insult against Sean Hannity, and kinda sorta offered an apology to Hannity. I think.

I’m not sure – read it:

Here’s the joke that Kimmel is apologizing for:

Well anyway, he didn’t think what he did to make fun of Melania was that bad (it wasn’t), but he didn’t really apologize to Hannity, it was more a snarky sarcastic remark.

But, you know, Hannity will just take the occasion to say he won a great moral victory for the #MAGA crusades. Here was his threat that apparently forced Kimmel to kneel before the Trump throne:

And he’s got a point – there’s TONS of stuff that Kimmel did that the left would call sexist, racist, and homophobic if a Republican did it. In case you didn’t know it, this is morality works these days – you can do whatever you want as long as you can point to someone worse when someone calls you on it.

Hannity promises a “full and comprehensive response” tomorrow:

A nations waits with baited breath.

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