BREAKING: Mark Levin just announced he is officially #NEVERTRUMP!

Mark Levin just announced on his radio show that he is now officially #NeverTrump. This just after he hammered #NeverTrumpers the other day.

He explains below:

Levin attributed his #NeverTrump conversion to the sleazy tactics of Trump thug Roger Stone, who he says put out an obscure article claiming he was bought and paid for by the Establishment, simply because the Senate Conservative Fund bought copies of his books to promote membership a couple of years ago.

But Levin said he wasn’t involved in it, nor did he have any control over it.

Levin says what this is really about is his support for Ted Cruz. And because of these smear tactics, Levin has decided to become #NeverTrump.

He adds that if Trump’s henchmen piss him off again, he will then encourage all his listeners to become #NeverTrump.

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