BREAKING! Mexican officials GIVE UP on stopping caravan – and it’s WAY BIGGER NOW!

Well this is terrible news. Mexican officials were unable to stop the migrant caravan from Honduras and they’re instead helping them out now. And it’s way bigger now.

From the Associated Press:

Federal police monitored the caravan’s progress from a helicopter and had a few units escorting it. Outside Tapachula, about 500 black-uniformed officers briefly gathered along the highway on buses and in patrol units, but they said their orders were to maintain traffic and not to stop the caravan. They moved on toward the city before the caravan reached them.

As the migrants passed through villages on the outskirts of Ciudad Hidalgo, locals applauded, shouted encouragement and donated supplies.

And even more openly:

Mexico’s Interior Department said in a statement that federal and Chiapas state authorities were providing assistance to migrants, including legal counseling for those who applied for asylum. It released a video showing workers doling out food, medicine and medical treatment.

Yah, that’s bad. Especially after it seemed that Mexico was willing to work on behalf of the U.S. to stop the caravan. This is a yuge mistake and it’s stupid to think Trump won’t take retaliatory action.

It sounds like many Mexican nationals are hopping on board the effort:

The throng grew even larger than when the migrants arrived at the border bridge Friday, swelling overnight to 5,000 or so.

It was not immediately clear where the additional travelers came from since about 2,000 had been gathered on the Mexican side Saturday night. But people have been joining and leaving the caravan daily, some moving at their own pace and strung out in a series of columns.

I know it’s popular to believe on the right that these people are being paid off by Soros, but I think that is unlikely. They are getting support from Mexican citizens along the way who probably feel bad for them:

They received help at every turn from sympathetic Mexicans who offered food, water and clothing. Hundreds of locals driving pickups, vans and cargo trucks stopped to let them clamber aboard.

I think there’s a much simpler explanation than a vast Democratic conspiracy, and I haven’t seen much evidence of it except from screeching hysterics like Dobbs and others.

But regardless of whether it’s funded or not, it’s a horrible idea, and it’s gonna help Trump and I very much doubt he’s gonna let any of these people in. Mexico is making a big mistake. 

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