PARIS UNDER TERRORIST ATTACK!! Multiple explosions; Over 150 DEAD; Yelled ‘Allah Akbar!!’

There has been a shooting at a Paris restaurant where two have died, and there are reports of an explosion at a soccer stadium where France was playing against Germany.

9:05 PM EST: Death count is at 153.

7:42 PM EST: 140 KILLED.

7:28 PM EST: 3 Attackers were killed.

7:23 PM EST: 100 dead at concert.

6:50 PM EST: It’s being reported that 150 hostages have been released, but 28 are still trapped.

And reportedly, one captured attacker says he was ISIS:

6:12 PM EST: An interview with someone who was at the theater when the attack commenced is posted here. 

President Hollande has announced that France has closed its borders.

6:06PM EST: Hostage at Bataclan Hall has updated his situation, saying: “still alive, just cuts.. carnage.. bodies everywhere”

5:58 PM EST: Obama releases statement, says he doesn’t want to “speculate on who did this.” Idiot.

5:44 PM EST: Parisian officials say 60 are dead. 5:32 PM EST: 35 people dead. ISIS is celebrating on Twitter.

MORE about the situation inside the theater, from a Parisan inside here!

From the UK Telegraph:

Louis, inside the Bataclan, told France Info radio the men opened fire and shouted “Allah Akbar”. He only saw silhouettes. He said:

The men came in and started shooting. Everyone fell to the ground. It was hell. I took my mum, and we hid. Someone near us said they have gone, so we ran out. I was only thinking of escaping. We’re out now. I think people are still inside. It’s a nightmare – a nightmare.


4:40 PM EST: EIGHTEEN people reported dead. There are THREE separate attacks, with a hostage situation at one…

Here’s a live video feed from Sky News:

Here’s a news report of the terrible event:

MORE of the aftermath:

From CNN:

Here’s video of the aftermath:

I’ll post more as information rolls in….

It should not be overlooked that Friday is when many Muslims plan their attacks as it is their religious day of observance. I must also add that this has not been confirmed as a terrorist attack yet.

Jake Tapper just reported that 18 dead, and President Hollande was at the stadium where explosions occurred – he was whisked away to safety.

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