BREAKING: Rep. Trey Gowdy says more Benghazi hearings ‘coming quickly’, promises EXPLOSIVE evidence

Rep. Trey Gowdy says that more Benghazi hearings are ‘coming quickly’ and they will be ‘explosive’. When asked if it will include witnesses who were there but haven’t been allowed to come forward, he wouldn’t say directly because of confidentiality but told the Fox News host that she was ‘very warm’ and suggested it may include ‘direct testimony by eyewitnesses’:

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265 thoughts on “BREAKING: Rep. Trey Gowdy says more Benghazi hearings ‘coming quickly’, promises EXPLOSIVE evidence

  1. I mentioned last year that the push for 2016 was going to be Hitlery and Jeb.  This will discredit her and push the next agenda which is pre-planned as Jeb for President….can’t say I’m surprised.  The fix is in.

  2. [email protected]  We have 545 elected and or appointed  citizens who actually perform as our nations Board of Directors.  The president administers our law, the congress legislate our laws and the Supreme Court determines if such legislation is Constitutional.  These Board of Directors are who We the People shall hold accountable.  When they plead the reason their policies are destructive and or cater to special interest groups it is the Board Members who have failed We the People by not throwing these high paid special interest out of their offices with the admonishment that they work for We the People and not special interest.  These Board of Directors serving in the 112th and 113th congress,  collectively stand in violation of the Constitution; specifically their oaths of office to “protect and defend the Constitution” when they have failed to demand that Barack H. Obama produce documented proof that he is in fact a Natural Born Citizen as per Article II, Title I, Clause V.  Article II in its entirety has never been amended.  Any amendment to our Constitution cannot stand in conflict with any other amendment.  Obama’s own admission that his father is a citizen of a foreign country disqualifies his nomination.  At best, from his known public record he qualifies as a US citizen through his mother.  His foreign father prevents his eligibility as a Natural Born Citizen.  John Jay who became our nations first Chief Justice in his letter to George Washington made clear the mandate that a candidate for president or vice president shall be a Natural Born Citizen was to protect the office of Command in Chief from any foreign influence.  Obama for anyone paying attention to his bad mouthing our nation and his statement of admiration and praise for the Muslim community can certainly appreciate the warning as voiced by John Jay to George Washington at the founding of our nation.  The first step in solving a problem is to define as clearly as possible just what the problem is.  From my many years of observing our nations politics, I am 79 years old, there is absolutely zero doubt in my mind that the low information voters have saddled WE the People with an ineligible candidate, that constantly by action and words of praise for our professed enemies has embraced policies that are destroying our economy, our national morality, our world wide reputation as the land of the free and the home of the brave.  There are reportedly some 47 million on welfare and food stamps.  Unfortunately we now know that the two Boston Radical Muslim Terrorist were in fact receiving food stamps and welfare.  Of the 47 million it is any ones guess how many are illegal immigrants.  Obama refuses to enforce DOM, he has mixed deportation policies for Mexico’s illegals, he plays games with border enforcement, he obviously sees nothing wrong with Roe v. Wade (9 men in black robes legalized abortion on demand in 1973, now termed “a woman’s right to choose.”  For the record almost 57 million future citizens have been terminated by abortion on demand over the past 40 years  which equates to ONE abortion every SINGLE second.  Our Declaration of Independence reads in part; “We hold these truths to be self evident , that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are the Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  Roe v. Wade viciously deprived some 57 million potential citizens of these unalienable Rights.  Obama champions gun control.  Inanimate objects are just that, objects without  the ability to harm a single individual by itself.  Inanimate object requires mans input in thought and physical action like loading, aiming and pulling the trigger. The criminal and mentally impaired who injure, maim or murder their fellow citizens should be the thrust of any legislation to bring such people to justice but leave the law abiding citizens alone.   If Obama wants to lead by example he would be the first person to undergo his proposed rigid background checks.  Obamacare is a liberal/democratic abomination born behind closed doors, where Republicans were excluded.  It has violated so many parts of the Constitution only a deaf, dumb and blind person would let it see the light of day.  Nancy Pelose’s  profound remarks, “We have to pass it so we can see whats in it.”  Another democratic senator made remarks such as why waste time reading it, I would have to have a lawyer help me understand it.  Obama policies have our Ship Of State in very very deep quana.  lee1233

    1. lee1233 
      Sir, I admire you for your honest comment. It is obvious you are a good person, certainly with the ability to distinguish between right and wrong……good and evil. I am certain I am not the only person, who is a citizen of this country, to agree with you in the areas we should all be concerned with; your words should be heeded by many. We hope those who will not acknowledge the truth, or those who are oblivious to reality, will pay attention to the harmful decisions being made in our government. Many are decisions aimed at taking away the rights given us by our Endowing Creator. Thank you for so accurately expressing your heartfelt concerns.

      1. govogue lee1233 Thanks for your kind words.  “The man who speaks the truth and keeps on keeping own will prevail.” lee1233

  3. It’s a disgrace to America – first that this country would chose a corrupt Chicago thug to lead the country, and more disgusting, that he’s a marxist working ceaselessly to subvert the Constituion and our freedoms.
    Then, that this most corrupt administration would engage in lawless acts that have killed numerous people, including a border patrol agent, and the 4 Americans in Benghazi.
    Obama and his subversive crew have blood on their hands and there needs to be an accounting.

      1. greatshades PaulLeslie I understand what you’re saying, but unfortunately, there was a combination of kool aid guzzlers, low-information voters, clueless democrats and comitted marxists who wanted a hand in getting more free gov’t bennies and/or subverting the Constitution who voted for the socialist.

    1. PaulLeslie Unfortunately for our nation, we have far too many sheep surrounded by a pack of socialist/liberal democrats wolves who feed at random on the low information sheep. lee1233

  4. Drudge headlines:
    The Obama/Biden/Clinton/Jarrett administration – DISRESPECT – the American people and – IGNORE – the Constitution/Laws of this nation.
    Soon Obama (and Jarrett) may pridefully over-step and find themselves in the deep doo doo they deserve.
    AFAIAC, Obama and company need to be put on a prison ship that is never allowed to land anywhere.  He does not deserve the office.
    However, as we know, some fools (from Hollywood to the ghettos) have voted for and like communism/free stuff.  We are getting the leadership THEY deserve.  (See Leviticus 26, esp. v. 17)
    God help us and the world with such people as the UN, CAIR/OIC Islamic apologists duping people right and left.
    Benghazi is just the tip of the ugly slime coated iceberg.

  5. And the Saudi national was involved in the Boston terror attack.  That’s a cover up currently happening.  When can Zero be arrested, prosecuted, and executed for treason?

  6. waytngtym He does many good things, but keep in mind is “compassion” for illegal aliens and a pathway to citizenship.

  7. Hilary said, “What difference does it make?”It makes a hell of difference.Did Hilary and Obama watch this attack that
    lasted nearly six and a half hours?Did
    they watch from drone surveillance in the situation room while Americans
    died?Did they sit on their hands while
    former Navy SEALs Tyrone
    Woods and Glen Doherty asked THREE TIMES for help and probably died thinking
    help was on the way?Why did Obama blame
    this attack on a video and went to Los Vegas to a fund raiser instead of
    getting answer on why there was a TERRORIST ATTACK on Americans?Demand answers!!!

    1. pondlizard Certainly they watched it and it went according to plan! Nobody has the balls to stand up against these Thugs and Frauds, nobody! But I do pray that Gordy may just be that Hero in a position to fight this evil to a conclusion!

      1. irishamrep1 pondlizard There are a few who will stand up.  If they do, others will get up their courage and stand up as well.

  8. The Republicans and, especially, the leaders are weak – they will never pursue Impeachment – it is so sad  obama, hillary, biden etc can lie and lie and put our country in distress economically and world wide – our country is weaker today because of the lies of this current administration and the weakness of the gope and lsm
    I stand with Gov Palin, Mark Levin and may God continue to bless them and their family

    1. DocBarry1 Unfortunately, with the Dems owning the Senate there is no way we can impeach him  – ref: Clinton.

    2. DocBarry1 It is up to us to MAKE them do it.  Every one of them who is not campaigning for removal from office is violating his/her oath of iffice.  They need to be remindd of that daily until they garner the courage to act responsibly.

  9. Congressman Trey Gowdy,
                     American Patriots are in awe of your audacity and moxie to stand up to those in Government who do NOT respect the laws of our Constitution….Thank you Sir, for your Stellar fortitude and Moral Compass, you are a light in this world, that proves the values and American legacy with stand a chance of TRANSFORMATION…..As a Gold Star Mother who raised a son with your same caliber of thought and deed, I know my son died believing that he could make a difference in this world, We salute you for your strong sense of duty and love of our Great Nation that is in a DANGEROUS place…May God Bless You in this fight for JUSTICE!!

    1. SusanPrice2 Dear Susan, I am in awe of the sacrifice laid down by your dear son for this nation! My heart is heavy and greatful.
      Did you send this letter to the congressman? He needs to read it. The nation needs to read it. God bless you and your family.

    2. SusanPrice2 God bless you.Our nation owes your son as well as yourself for your sacrifice for our nation!

    1. UnCL3 Think the Navy Seals from Seal Team Six that have mysteriously died after Bin Laden raid

    2. UnCL3 Then they need to stick together and/or hire bodyguards – I would donate to that cause.

  10. Let’s hope this goes better than Fast & furious does! what will you bet this goes nowhere just like F&F?
    My prayers are with Gowdy, but I’m not holding my breath.

    1. mikeinidaho Amen to that, my hope is to stop them for once, my expectation is zero! Good against evil and so far we do not have enough good! Maybe Gordy is the Hero we have been waiting for?

    2. mikeinidaho Amen to that, my hope is to stop them for once, my expectation is zero! Good against evil and so far we do not have enough good! Maybe Gordy is the Hero we have been waiting for?

      1. mikeinidaho 
        Think positive, and this WILL be brought out. Lies cannot live. God Bless those with the fortitude and principles to get the truth.

    3. mikeinidaho I think the dictator and his regime have congress by the Nads on something.  They are scared to death if they turn on BO… we will hear alot of sabors rattling but very little or nothing done.  And that my friends is the downfall of America…

      1. GlennMakin mikeinidaho The threat is behind the Obama administration.  Obama is also under threat and he just passes along those threats to Congress, I believe.  But we have to start somewhere.  Ideally, we will be able to get rid of the bankers, the CFR, the UN – very soon.  It starts with taking down the President and Vice President. That will encourage the cowardly to act.

  11. The corruption and deceit of the Obama administration is breath-taking.   But a corrupt nation gets corrupt leadership. 
    The nation’s capital has become the District of Corruption, where politics, perks, pork and paychecks seem to be our legislators and courts’ only concerns.  The APA groups have abandoned science and reason and are now ruled by sexual agenda politics.   We have laws and policies based on political ‘correctness’ and money, not evidence in science and statistics.
    The  sexualization and pornification of our children through the media and even our schools is disgusting. 
    Then the abortion industry – Planned Parenthood have invaded our schools and even the Girl Scouts. 
    God promised these consequences in Leviticus 26 – and in verse 17, God promised that if a nation abandons his Commandments (we have) those who hate them will rule over them.  This has come true with Barak Obama and company.   .

    1. Those who hate them. Not those who are incompetent. Conservatives recognizing this is step 1.

  12. Coming quickly. Yeah, like before the presidential election, that kind of quickly? Why am I not impressed? They going to haul 0 out of his ivory tower in cuffs? Pardon my cynicism but this sounds like more blah, blah, blah.

    1. Dr. Strangelove If there was live footage of Obama committing cannibalism in The Oval Office, it would not appear in the MSM and most people would never know and the left would support Obama’s “brilliant” human flesh eating. No, really. Colonel Neville.

      1. Colonel Neville Dr. Strangelove That’s very similar to what I write occasionally.
        It goes like this:
        The joke used to be that it would take barack getting caught in bed with a young boy to get the press to report on his negatives.  Then the joke became more like, it would take barack getting caught in the act of buggery with a boy on the Capital Steps before the press would report on his negatives.  Now its: If barack announced he was going to bugger a boy on the Capital Steps, the press would fall all over themselves to be invited to cover his latest act of greatness.

        1. K-Bob Colonel Neville Dr. Strangelove 
          Why am I laughing when I should be crying for Our Country…
          Truth is funnier than fiction!

      1. americalsgt Dr. Strangelove I know that I have bouts of negativity very often with this administration and all of the crooks running DC.  My Senators are almost clueless and when my Rep decided to finally get some backbone, he was slapped down by Boehner.  But maybe not as this may have to be part of what he was trying to do.  Keep the faith people and keep pressing on.  It’s all we can do and we need more people doing it.

        1. BetseyRoss americalsgt Dr. Strangelovethat damned pile of crap BoneHead….  i hate these ppl… i swear,  they need to be bitch slapped upside the head and publicly FLOGGED for what they have done to side step the OATH they took to protect and defend the Constitution…all they do is protect & defend themselves & their bank accounts….  There are only a few that I think have the integrity the Founding Fathers would be proud of…. sadly, a couple have already caved…. isn’t that right Mr Rubio?  Mr Flake?   —  WE have Louie Gohmert, Mike McCaul, Jason Chaffetz (I think we still have him) , TREY GOWDY!!!!, S. Tim Scott–and just a handful of others….. and i call them weekly, no matter if I am in their state or not, just to thank them for not giving in to the RINOs.

        2. We may have Gowdy on some issues but I question his commitment to the Rule of Law when it comes to illegal alien amnesty.

    2. Dr. Strangelove You are not impressed because you are paying attention and aren’t deluded.

    1. fireme I’ve heard Gowdy mention Graham several times in a positive light (never in a negative one). I wouldn’t be shocked if he endorses him.

      1. strangernfiction fireme Me either.  And Tim Scott hides in the wings and peaks his head out only when the wind is flowing in the correct direction.  I’m truly disappointed in him after Jim DeMint endorsed him.

  13. Yeah yeah yeah. When pigs fly. “Just be patient, conservatives, we’ll fix it for you.Trust us. Watch the news. We’ve got it all under control. Don’t just do something; stand there.
    Until the final nail is driven in America’s coffin, and in our coffins. Oh, I forgot – our coffins don’t use nails. They’re polyethylene:
    Just ignore it, folks. It’s all Rightwing, bitter-clinger paranoia. Go back to sleep. It’s just the noise of the birthers and truthers and conspiracy theorists. You’ll feel better in the morning.

    1. lawngreen You see, these Leftists are nothing like the Leftists of the past. They are going to use coffins.

    2. lawngreen The youtube video has a whopping 297 views and it was posted two years ago….most people prefer to be kept in the dark. Well, the prince of darkness is in the WH……..

      1. badbadlibs
        Yes, I know. <sigh> “And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.”
        Can’t wait to get off this planet. See you in the Kingdom.

  14. All O was worried about was winning the damn election that his cohorts so artfully stole! There is a God and with a few brave congressmen the blame will end up where it belongs!

  15. It’s so nice to listen to a southern gentleman!  Yes Maam.  Manners are a beautiful thing and thank goodness they still exist here in SC.

  16. I just saw a report today of an eye witness who says O was watching the whole thing in the situation room.

      1. Keyes greatshades   That, as I rexall, was the original report, as well and I think it was the truth. The nonsense about him going to bed, or more recently that he just went “somewhere” and was not contactable for hours (which is patently absurd when you are talking about the President of the United states)

        1. greatshades Keyes 
          I agree with you. I have always believed he watched the whole thing and it had to be him who refused the air cover for them. I believe he wanted him dead because they were running guns to al Qaeda. That is my belief.

  17. I have said this  over and over again.. The one real person that was responsible for the deaths of the four Americans is the Commander in chief.. Hillary was an accessory after the fact.
    They ware both guilty of lying to the American people.
     Conducting illegal operation to arm the Syrian rebels.
    To covertly overthrow a legitimate government of Syria.
    These qualify as high crimes and should start impeachment proceedings and potential jail time for all of the perp’s.
    But We all know it’s never going to happen.. The people with the power, abuse the power and get away completely free and unscathed, like they are all teflon coated..

  18. If Hillary was ‘ignorant’ of what was going on in Benghazi, as she claims, she’s too incompetent to ever be President.
    If Hillary was aware of what was going on in Benghazi, she’s complicit in it and the cover-up that followed.
    Will we find out what was really going on? Only after Holder isn’t running the ‘Just-Us’ Dept anymore.

    1. tinlizzieowner Obama didn’t know if the Ambassador was alive or dead and decided to go to bed. The next day, he skipped the intelligence briefing and went golfing. Day after that, he went to a fundraiser across the country. It’s almost as if Obama wanted the Ambassador to die. I could never imagine saying that about any other President. But going to bed, not sending help and skipping all briefings about it and then trying to blame it on some kind of youtube video. Not only that, but saying that Benghazi was “a bumb in the road”. I’m not the one saying Obama wanted the Ambassador dead. Obama’s actions indicate it. And that’s just a sad state of affairs to have a President that doesn’t care.

      1. vorlath tinlizzieowner   There are two theories about Benghazi and either or both may be true.  One that Obama had arranged to have the ambassador kidnapped so that he could trade the Blind Sheik to get him back and be a hero before the election (Morsi wants that terrorist set free and you know Obama would love to accommodate him).  The other is that it sure looks like Obama was recycling US weapons that had been supplied to the Libyan rebels to the rebels in Syria (through Turkey).  Of course, this is nothing less than treason because it is well known that Al Queda has infiltrated those rebels and is now the dominant power in Libya.  The ambassador was not at the consulate… he was at a small outpost without proper protection in the best of circumstances.  The building itself was far from secure… and the former SEALS who died because they refused to “stand down” as ordered were at a CIA station a mile away.  Obama did not want American voters to know what was really going on there before the election… so he let them die rather than sending help.  He also relieved a top military commander, General Ham, of duty when that man refused to stand down as ordered and made it clear he would do everything possible to rescue those men.  In the weeks that followed, Obama found reasons to remove all of the top military brass that was more loyal to the Constitution than to him.  I think he was afraid of a military coup because our military was so angry that he had betrayed the trust of the men in Benghazi who expected help to come.  You see, the help that was available was not in Libya… and only Obama can give the order for our troops to cross international borders… he refused to give that order, he went to bed.

        1. DeborahClemence vorlath tinlizzieowner Well Deborah let’s pray some of those brave military men come forward! You are absolutely right!

        2. irishamrep1 DeborahClemence vorlath tinlizzieowner The mother of one of them was on Hannity’s radio show last week. It was pretty sad and she was right to be outraged. Her daughter in law (one of the dead SEAL’s wives) is getting an all expense paid trip to the ceremony in DC but she wasn’t.

        3. irishamrep1 DeborahClemence vorlath tinlizzieowner   As I understand it, the military was trying to find a legal way to charge Obama with treason or impeach him without a military coup, but it leaked and they had to back off.  This is probably why Obama relieved some of the top military brass in ensuing weeks.  Obama was also inaugurated behind a large bulletproof shield and uses a food taster… so he does not feel secure in his office.

        4. Dr. Strangelove irishamrep1 DeborahClemence vorlath tinlizzieowner   I know that, and it is outrageous!  Hannity offered to pay for her to go, which was wonderful of him.

        5. DeborahClemence irishamrep1 vorlath tinlizzieowner 
          Change the dates and we a hitler in office.

        6. DeborahClemence irishamrep1 vorlath tinlizzieowner 
          Change the dates and we a hitler in office.

        7. DeborahClemence vorlath tinlizzieowner u r absolutely correct… but it was all of it… the guns & the trade…. oJerkOff knew that if he looked like some osrt of hero before the elections then he would win … ROmney was gaining ground… he had to do something. WHEN is this country going to wake up to realize how deeply they have been duped?

      2. vorlath tinlizzieowner infact – I believe that oPharoah and HillBitch set him up as the decoy for the blind sheik trade off…. so… he went to bed praying to allah that it would work.

  19. When I see it I will believe it. Until then every politician in this country is a lying good for nothing until proven otherwise.

  20. Exactly, I agree 100%!!!!   The new conservative television news station (launching in July 2013 I think) will be a huge bonus.  The schools will be tough.  Conservative parents must be vigilant as to their school’s curriculum, then negate it with facts as much as possible.  And the school districts are expanding from K thru 12, then college, to pre school through 12.  Watch for it.  It is happening in my community and no one really has caught on to “the game”.  More indoctrination, more teachers, more union dues payers, more pension liabilities for the taxpayers, more leftie voters.

    1. Amjean The answer is homeschool  preferably the one Ron Paul just initiated. Education, both secular and spritual has to happen rapidly.

  21. Loved how tough he sounded! And yes, he’s right, the state dept shouldn’t have gotten to investigate their own screw ups! So why did they?! Man, I wished this had gotten going and came out before the election! Oh well, better late than never! I want to be optimistic that justice will be done, but we’ve been burned so much these past years with a weak GOP!
    I want to believe, I want to believe…

  22. I really wish this man was Speaker of the House… we need somebody with his convictions and political courage to lead that body and use the power and authority of the House to oppose this administration and fight the corruption!

    1. DeborahClemence If he was SOH he could not be on the Oversight Committee. We need Louie Gohmert for Speaker!

    2. DonnyBlackmore DeborahClemence Well I think it’s due to intimidation more than anything else.

  23. Congressman Trey Gowdy,
         If you have not connected with this man, you need to, you are both leaders in America’s fight in taking back our POWER…His name is  David L VanDerBeek, and he is the Constitutions Party for Governor for the state of Nevada for 2014.   We The People, NEED to bring our leaders together not only for the JUSTICE for the Benghazi Tragedy, yet for the Preservation of our American Liberty, our Freedom’s….As a mother of a son who was KIA in an ambush a few years ago, as my son was a U.S.Marine with a TS/SCI Security Clearance, and to read his Investigation Report of over 500 pages of redacted B.S., and filled to the max with CRIMINAL Negligence, I am a voice to my fellow Gold Star Families, bringing together our Government Men of Valor, or what is left of them….Trey Gowdy you are among the few, and it is time for all the whispers of voices from every corner of this GREAT NATION to rise up to the ROAR it needs and go after the Alphabet Soup Creatures and Cast of Characters that try to “dumb down” all Americans….Let’s BRING IT TO THE TABLE HARD, and prosecute those who are TREASONOUS as we fight to preserve what is left of our Legacy, God knows we have become D’Americanized in this process…Please watch all of the videos this other American Patriot has to stand together with you and let each and every person on this page, bring to the table other contacts so that we like minded Patriots are the truest source of what is beginning to be the “Peoples Movement for American Justice”!!!     God Bless America      my website is                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

    1. SusanPrice2 Wow! I guess it doesn’t take much to bring me to tears anymore. Just hearing those words spoken by someone instead of steady lies of the media and the mealy mouth platitudes of the majority of politicians is music to my ears and touched my heart.

  24. Yea,  the truth come out AFTER the lame POTUS got reelected.  We now have to survive 31/2 more years of his islamo-fascist sympathy and incompetence.

    1. NotFooled86 “2014” the year of the return of a conservative Senate. It’s time to put Obama back on the golf course where he belongs.

    2. NotFooled86 No we don’t. The Supreme Court has found him guilty of criminal acts.  We need to push hard on the House of Representatives to initiateand carry out impeachment of both Obama and Biden.  We also need tosupport any and all liberty-minded candidates at all levels of government, and those few who have been recently elected.  There is safety in numbers. The evil is behind the administration as well as in it. WE need eople with the courage and conviction to fight it and win.

  25. Love this man! I thank God that he is on watch and looking out for those that died and for us.

  26. I chimed in earlier about the IN case of falsification of signatures and was called a defeatists by some of the folks here for saying it didn’t matter, and I’m standing by it.  You really think this is going anywhere with Holder at the helm?  I don’t.  Same thing here.  Unless we in the opposition stick to the issue of keeping the house and getting the Senate we can’t do anything.  They are holding documents about F and F, let people die in Benghazi to keep Obama’s record unblemished for the election, add in Sylandra, Fisker, throwing the Poles over for the Russians, giving F-16’s to the Brotherhood, and as for Hillary, she lied to Congress, and has a Muslim for her plenipotentiary. And to top it off, our opposition party is going along with an immigration policy that will add 25-30 million new Democratic voters on government subsistence, along with 10 or 20 million more people on food stamps by then.   Yea, maybe my critics are right, I am behaving defeated today – or am I just being realistic.

    1. americalsgt I can understand all that my americalsgt friend, but I have been hanging on this from the beginning and will never let it go. Everyone has one or 2 missions in life. This one is mine.

      1. AmericanborninCanada americalsgt Thanks Ducky.  The thing is we have them dead to rights on everyone of the issues I mentioned above and nothing happened because we don’t have the Senate, and there are no Woodwords or  Bernsteins or who will take up the issues at hand. Furthermore we are witnessing the likes of Rubio and others who appear to be being played like a Stradivarius with the respect to fairness and the Rino Republicans thinking that all these new people being placed on food stamps will vote Republican for sure.

        1. americalsgt AmericanborninCanada But we have Cruz and Lee in the Senate, both Constitutional attorneys, and they have Reid, Schumer, Feinstein running for cover.  Given they were only sworn in in January, let’s encourage them to keep at it!

        2. americalsgt AmericanborninCanada I may not be near a Woodward or Bernstein, but I’m still doing all I can sweet friend and so are others who are better than me.  We may seem to have an uphill battle, and while it seems everything is stacked against us, we have a whole lot behind us- including over 700 retired Special Ops heroes and a hand full of still loyal truth seeking representatives.  I ain’t givin’ up.

        3. AmericanborninCanada americalsgt When amnesty is killed in action, wonder what the Mexicans will do about Fast and Furious….

        4. americalsgt AmericanborninCanada Don’t get too hung up on Democrat/Republican.  There are a few good people in both parties. We need to support people who demonstrate their loyalty to the Constitution and their courage, regardless what label they are carrying.

    2. americalsgt I understand how you can be frustrated, I’ve been there myself.  There is a lot going on we are unaware of.  I’m betting Boehner is feeling a lot of lashback over supporting Barky Boy.  We know Cruz blew the whistle on both parties trying to opt themselves out of ObamaCare.  America is awake and fighting back.  The Boston events along with strong Senators are derailing the amnesty plan.  So far, the House has not released a bill.  Rubio is being BBQ’d and is out for 2016.  Benghazi is going to take Hillary out in 2016. We are in much better shape going into 2014 with the sun shiny on the politicians.  And lest we forget Sarah Palin.  She’s pushing back against the establishment.

      1. Orangeone americalsgt   Thanks for the kind words all.  I’ll pick you up some day should you fall.  But now it’s Saturday night, date night with my favorite high school cheerleader from 1965 and time for my honey and I to sit down to Hot Dogs and Beans and Episode 81 of Midsomer Mystery.  Even old people get lucky sometimes.

        1. americalsgt Orangeone  AH…. you like Midsomer Murders?  We have the whole set… at least all those that are available in the states.  We are still a few seasons behind the UK.  The new Barnaby has a new sidekick but we won’t meet him for awhile yet!  I miss John Nettles though…

      2. Orangeone americalsgt The key to 2016 is ensuring more honesty in the electoral process. We have, for the first time in many, many years, about 6 good people to choose from for President.

  27. This is almost like listening to a TV or radio show, “Stay tuned at the top of the hour” and when we finally wait to see what they are going to tell us it turns out to be explosive all right……an explosive let down.

    1. Addendum to my above statement ^
      What I mean by that is, I want to see heads roll for what happened to
      those American patriots. When the powers that be allow 4 brave
      Americans to die, and let’s be honest, they were willing to sacrifice
      the 30+ that were saved by those brave SEALs. No one says anything about
      the fact that the Messiah-In-Chief was going to sacrifice all of the
      people in that embassy while he went to bed.But “what does it
      matter now?” And no one can talk to the survivors. But I’m sure that I’m
      just having a conspiracy theory moment.

  28. I suspect Rep. Gowdy and I differ on the definition of explosive. This GOP House isn’t capable of explosive by my definition.

    1. strangernfiction It’s interesting though.  I had expected Jason Chaffetz to be pro-amnesty, yet he is not.  He has been very, very involved with Benghazi and was over in Libya shortly after the attacks.  I think there are more loyal Congress Critters than we may think.  Perhaps Cruz and Lee are giving them more confidence to shut crybaby Boehner down.

    2. strangernfictionI’m willing to wait until it’s over to decide whether enough was done. I see no reason not to be encouraged. If there’s anything we’ve all learned living on this planet there will be disappointments. If there’s anything I’ve learned living on this planet it’s hope springs eternal in the human breast.
      The proverb is  a quotation from‘s Essay on Man (1733).

    1. westernhunter Me too, I find it ironic that he wants to take guns away from law abiding citizens, yet will willingly hand them over to drug cartels.

  29. It’s people like Rep. Trey Gowdy that give me some hope that Congress can actually DO something right. In this case, it’s to bring justice to those four dead Americans in Benghazi. That never should have happened. Had they been given the proper security to begin with, they would be alive today. They were attacked BECAUSE they were nearly defenseless, and they died as a result of that negligence. Hillary Clinton and Obama will be held accountable for this and, despite what Clinton said (“Who cares what happened in Benghazi”) we will get to the bottom of this. Even though Obama, the Democrats, and the mainstream media are trying their best to hide it.

    1. Libertyship46 I like what he is doing on Benghazi, Fast and Furious has gone silent but I disagree with him on pathway to citizenship for illegals.

  30. It is about time. I really pray that this happens This administration has been able to keep so much from being known publicly in order to save their own hides. I pray that the real truth about Benghazi DOES actually come out and that these men can have the justice they deserve, albeit posthumously. If this truly does happen, my faith in America and her ability to   protect her citizens the way she was set up to do from the time the original founders designed her and this Constitution will be refreshed.

  31. Obama was watching everything in the SITUATION ROOM THAT IS SECOND TO
    IT..He ordered the stand down command, there is not one doubt in my
    mind. Once they
    get the witnesses talking, Pannetta and Clinton will turn on him to
    save themselves…the snake will eat it’s tail. And you wonder why they
    both stepped down from their positions…THEY CAN RUN BUT THEY CANNOT
    FORWARD…this is going to be very, very interesting times for our
    nation. Obama is a criminal to the highest degree and his loyalty is
    SCANDAL AND COVER UP…This is how this EVIL, CORRUPT administration rolls!

  32. Awesome!! The families of these men deserve no less than to be told the truth! It is a real shame we currently have a government that does not show any respect for families affected by any of these tragedies with the exception of scoring political points. 
    God Bless you Trey Gowdy… you have made the State of South Carolina very proud son!! Please do not give this fight up until you find the truth, the families of those men who died and the people of America are counting on you guys to get to find out what really happened that night!

    1. PaulAlvarez Yes. But exposing the truth is not enough – it needs to be acted upon!  Let’s clean house!

  33. And she’s relying in a complicit media and short-term memories of American citizens. We need to keep this issue front and center for a long time, at least 3 more years!!

  34. Appreciate you Congressman Trey Gowdy, as a GOLD STAR MOTHER who’s sons TRAGIC DEATH was treated like the Benghazi Tragedy, High Profile “GANJGAL AMBUSH”  September 8 2009, tied to the Marine Medal of Honor, We pray you get the JUSTICE for those who served our Country, and hold accountable those TREASONOUS for this CRIME, and then working backwards for the Investigations of others who served with honor and valor, who have been led to the slaughter and then discounted by those subhumans with a shadow agenda, drugs and arms….Thank you sir for your service and taking action, America WILL be watching and PATRIOTS, Veterans and Constitutionalists applaud you and your never ending efforts to exploit those CRIMINAL in their duties of serving our Government….Time to take our POWER back!!!

    1. SusanPrice2 Amen to you Susan. I am so very sorry for your son’s tragic death.  Obama/Panetta/Clinton has hid long enough. It is time to bring the witnesses in and in the holy name of JESUS CHRIST, MAY THE TRUTH BE TOLD AND MAY THE LIES BE FOUND OUT.  Pray our PUBLIC SERVANTS DO THEIR JOB AND PUT AMERICA FIRST AND THEIR OATH TO DEFEND OUR GREAT AMERICAN & CONSTITUTION.  We the People have had enough lies and cover ups for a LIFETIME!  These criminals will be exposed and WE THE PEOPLE WILL RISE UP TO MEET THIS AND MANY CHALLENGES AHEAD!  GOD BLESS YOU SUSAN PRICE…

    2. Thank you for your Sentiments, nothing hurts worse then losing a son or a daughter to the lies and deception of our own Government!!!  God Bless ALL of our Active Duty Military, Veterans, Gold Star Families and their Fallen loved ones, our Patriots and ALL those who are ready to FIGHT to take our POWER back…The time is NOW to ban together with like minded Leaders to save our Country.  God Bless America!!!

      1. SusanPrice2 
        I am truly sorry for your loss and pray justice if found for your son.
        Thank you so much for what you are doing.

    3. SusanPrice2 I am so very sorry for your devastating loss.  On another note, welcome to The Right Scoop.  You are among the greatest who love and respect our Constitution, Freedoms, Military and Veterans!  We couldn’t ask for a better site, thanks to Scoop, where we can gather and discuss important issues to our country and celebrate and pray for those who risk their lives daily so we can remain the freest country in the world.

    1. Orangeone I have feared for the lives of these witnesses from the moment I heard about them.  Especially, since the administration even refused to identify them to Congress.

      1. louisiana_mom Orangeone And the fact that Gowdy says they need lawyers tells me they are aware of crimes committed and did nothing.

  35. I forgot whose posted this documentary, but the “Agenda” film is on

    This is a great piece of work laying out the last 100 years of the socialist marxist agenda…be very afraid…

    1. edsmanedup One of the best films I’ve ever seen. Saw it a couple of years back This is what we should be showing in our schools to undo the socialist brainwashing.

      1. cabensg edsmanedup 
        ell that won’t happen. The schools are run by the same NWO bunch who run the government behind the scnes. the answer is homeschool.  Check out Ron Paul’s new homeschool program.

        1. greatshades  Your absolutely correct. 
          I didn’t say it would happen I said it should happen.

  36. ‘Oh, what does it matter!’ … well, it does Mizz Hillary.  Let’s commence with nailing all their balls to the wall!! you first, ma’am…
    Thank you Trey Gowdy for serving your country well.

    1. AmericanborninCanada DonnyBlackmore I hope she’ll be in prison orange (love that color btw) well before 2016 along with Barky Boy and his merry Marxist followers, including Jarrett, CorkscrewHair (57T’s WasAMan) and Can’tShutHerMouthCutter

      1. AmericanborninCanada Orangeone DonnyBlackmore Pink is reserved for cancer survivors sis…..

      2. Orangeone AmericanborninCanada DonnyBlackmore I can’t wait to have the last laugh in 2016 when this country has yet another wonderful democrat in power.

      3. DonnyBlackmore MERCCLS550C Orangeone AmericanborninCanada I’m trying to think how I should reply to this pathetic paragraph of yours.

      4. MERCCLS550C DonnyBlackmore Orangeone AmericanborninCanada I know exactly how to reply, politely ask a moderator to shut you down.

      5. MERCCLS550C Orangeone AmericanborninCanada DonnyBlackmore You know, you may be right.  We have so many low info ignorant people who have no clue allowed to vote.  Go ahead and laugh at America’s destruction if it happens.  Just don’t whine about it when all your free stuff is gone.

      6. MERCCLS550C DonnyBlackmore Orangeone AmericanborninCanada Don’t bother.  Go on back to mother jones or huff po where you wandered off from.  Or better yet, go learn history, then maybe you can come back with some common sense. See ya.

      7. Orangeone Should have done it when she made that moronic statement about illegals coming in through Ellis Island on the other thread. Oh well. sometimes it’s fun to see how they think.

      8. AmericanborninCanada Orangeone Oh I didn’t see that.  History tells me the LEGAL immigrants entered through Ellis Island.

      9. DonnyBlackmore AmericanborninCanada Orangeone I’m sorry.  I get alerts late too much and I’m not able to be on all the stories. She’s gone now. hopefully for good.  Welcome to The Right Scoop. We do try and deal with these quickly.

      10. AmericanborninCanada Orangeone Lots of libs believe that is one of a woman’s purpose, to be slapped around.

      11. DonnyBlackmore AmericanborninCanada Orangeone DOH! I wish I could since you put it that way, but I have no control once they’re banned.  I can only keep the peace, I can’t “let them out of jail”. I’m sorry!!

      12. MERCCLS550C Orangeone AmericanborninCanada DonnyBlackmore
        “I can’t wait to have the last laugh in 2016 when this country has yet another wonderful democrat in power.”
        Merc, is this seriously all that you got? 
        Can’t you point and tell us how great your side is, how great of a job they’ve managed the economy, housing market, the reduction they’ve made in welfare, driving down the costs of health care, controlled inflation, lowered unemployment, etc., anything? 
        Your great argument is the you want more failure and misery, seriously, that is your argument?

      13. Orangeone AmericanborninCanada DonnyBlackmore 
        I think Sheriff Arpaio (sp?) makes his prisoners wear pink underwear.

      14. MERCCLS550C DonnyBlackmore Orangeone AmericanborninCanada 
        Well, run along and get your instructions on what you should post because we all know you and the rest of your ilk can’t come up with an intelligent nor coherent thought of your own.

      15. AmericanborninCanada Orangeone DonnyBlackmore We knew that and it’s a great thought.  Love Sheriff Joe!

  37. The first response from the left will be, things like this has happened under other presidents, why are you attacking this one. They will use words like “Bigoted” and “Hater”.

      1. AmericanborninCanada Steven MD And along with Watergate, let’s toss in McConnellGate and query why the perp was at the WH just prior.

    1. Steven MD Well yes things like this have happened under other Presidents that is no reason not to stop it now. Enough is enough!  Prosecute them all!  I think every President since Kennedy has been a criminal puppet but that is no reason not to take this one out.  And I’d love to see Bush prosected for war crimes right along with Obama.

  38. This so rings of Nixon’s delay of the “Watergate Hearings.”  With the elections coming shortly, he didn’t want to distract the nation…  Total “Hogwash” then… And total “Hogwash” when applied to Obama and Benghazzi.
    I have a friend who tells me that Benghazzi is history and that no one is interested anymore.  I can’t, won’t accept that!

    1. David A Robier  Your friend is wrong.  The guilty who failed  the people in Benghazi WANT it to be history.  America won’t forget !! 
      We are thankful for  Trey Gowdy and those who won’t let it become just history.

    2. David A Robier   Only a liberal who trusts the state-run media would say that nobody is interested in Benghazi.  I know a whole lot of patriotic Americans who care very much about Benghazi, and Fast & Furious – and the corruption and treason in our government!

  39. Will be interesting to see how this chapter unfolds…
    I really appreciate Trey Gowdy!

    1. vettegal14 No one is untouchable!  Everyone in America (even the first black president) is to be held accountable.  We must not start with that type of thinking, that’s how third world countries end up with dictators!

    2. vettegal14  Oh no he’s not.  He works for the Devil himself.  Ever see what the Devil does to his own when they’ve outlived their usefulness?  When Barry falls, he’ll go down hard.  And fall he will.

    3. vettegal14 He’s touchable alright, it’s just that we have an “opposition party” that is nothing of the sort.

  40. I appreciate Trey Gowdy so much!
    I’ve given up hope on Benghazi-gate… just like Fast and Furious and many other heinous actions by this regime. Obama actually got reelected – even after Benghazi – and that NEVER should have happened. But if these guys have uncovered incontrovertable evidence that causes heads to roll (Obama, Hillary, etc.) then that would be very good. Lord willing.

    1. The Sentinel  
      We must never give up. Even if it looks like nothing will come of whatever it is we hammer on. We must never give up.

      1. Keyes The Sentinel  What you must realize is that the 2012 election was stolen through massive voter fraud.
        While it seems daunting that we can reverse the socialist/progressive/Marxist/communist takeover of our country, it is also comforting to know that more Americans voted for the other guy than what they would have us believe. 
        We need conservative leadership and there are a few guys who are providing it by sticking their necks out on issues whereby even the repub rinos have called them “whackos”, trying to destroy their credibility and rising popularity.  This will continue and only get worse.
        We need to be strong.  That means when one of these conservative candidates does or says something we may not completely agree with, we must look at the body of work and their potential before we stamp our little feet in a snit and “throw the baby out with the bath water (as my grandmother would say).
        It is, as always, up to us.

        1. Amjean Keyes The Sentinel  
          I believe we can reverse it too. It took the left 100 years to get to this point. IT will take us a long time too. We must first stop the hemoraging (get O out of office..stopping amnesty, etc) and then take back our schools and media.

    2. The Sentinel I feel like no matter what evidence is brought up Boehner and other republican leaders will never do anything about it as they are as yellow as the pee that flows down their leg when Obama frowns at them. If we had a Speaker such as Issa, Sessions, Gowdy, or Bachmann then we would see progress like we can only dream of now. As Levin says, Boehner is as much an embarrassment as Bammy and HAS TO GO!!!!

  41. yes, yes yes!!!  Thank you Congressman Gowdy, thank you, brave investigators and braver witnesses!  Please speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth loud and strong!  We are with you and we are listening!

  42. Could be the answer to our prayers. The truth needs to be told, any malfeasance prosecuted and the guilty punished to the fullest extent of the law and this means whether or not they are still in office Mrs. Clinton. Impeachment, Mr. President or perhaps treason charges if we are fortunate enough to hear from Admiral Lyons.
    This, if true, would certainly make sense as to the cover up.

    1. njmom this is what i believe to be true…I have been calling his office along with numerous others since early October when WesternJournalism put this out…then I saw Retired Admiral James  Lyons on Lou Dobbs’ program saying the exact same thing.  IF this is true- in ANY way, then they should all be hung…and this should take this ILLEGAL administration with the ILLEGAL OCCUPIER of the White House ( oooops I mean oPharoah’s Palace), DickHolder and that other Man>>>> Janet Nap   straight into prison & trials….

      1. JudyLeefeMiller njmom I’ve been following Benghazi also and knew from the beginning it was a cover up.
        I had read even before Benghazi Obama and Clinton were going to try to find a way to release the Blind Sheikh. Wish I’d have copied and saved it. I mentioned it now because I read not long ago Admiral Lyons had written Congress. 
        This is definitely treasonous territory they have stepped in.

  43. Thank you Rep. Gowdy for continuing to push this issue forward.  It is time for someone to tell the truth regarding the deaths of our service personal overseas.

  44. Gotta run.Grandson’s 8th birthday party is about to begin.Catch you all later.Have a great day Scoopers!

    1. YoJoe Probably because there are a few of us remaining that would like to see justice prevail with this lawless administration….at least ONCE! Is that too much to ask, America???????????

      1. AmericanborninCanada 57thunderbird I agree.I bet my congressman dreads seeing my name! 😀 I am relentless,as we all must be.

        1. 57thunderbird AmericanborninCanada I’m surprised Boehner hasn’t thrown both me and CFP twitter accounts in the gulag yet I’ve been tweeting the crap out of him, and ALL of them are polite but not pleasant!

        2. AmericanborninCanada 57thunderbird I can tell.What is left of the feathers are very ruffled! 😀

        3. AmericanborninCanada 57thunderbird I recalled you mentioning that!Gotta stop pulling those out.I know it’s difficult these days. 🙂

        4. 57thunderbird AmericanborninCanada I tend to be more stern and less polite calling Rubio out for what he is on Twitter.

  45. Thank YOU 
    ———————-Thank YOU 
    —————————————–Thank YOU 
    ————————————————————Thank YOU 
    For doing your job!

    1. YoJoe I have to wonder if this would have been sooner if members of the Oversight has focused on Benghazi not illegal alien amnesty.  Have to believe the push for a Select Committee got them off their backsides.

      1. Orangeone 
        I think you may well be right with that observation! The sudden push for immigration law is a bit suspicious in that context.

        1. colliemum Orangeone Just a gut feeling mum but Trey Gowdy chairs the House amnesty team.  And amnesty is backlashing in the Senate’s face.  Now it’s been revealed that Rubio’s amnesty plan guts e-Verify!

        2. Orangeone  
          I happen to think that gut feelings by us politi-nerds are usually to be relied on. Frankly, thanks to New and Social media, we know as much about politics as the true, old journalists used to know. We’ve learned to connect the dots, and we’ve become far more suspicious and far less trusting, as far as our political overlords are concerned.

        1. AmericanborninCanada YoJoe I say bring on the trolls, the Scoop family is ready 🙂  Last time I posted my reference, someone was confused (bulldog w/manparts in his mouth!)

    1. AmericanborninCanada Just emailed my Rep Luke Messer. Have to let our voices be heard. Especially with so many soft RINO’s!!

        1. badbadlibs 57thunderbird I’m sure Fox will at least play sound bites pf the hearings.I am even more confident that RS will bring any and all reports on this subject  right here for us to digest and discuss!

        2. badbadlibs 57thunderbird    That would be good.  Didn’t they cover all the debates leading up to Obamacare, as the impostor promised?  Oh,,,wait….

        3. badbadlibs 57thunderbird 
          I bet that RightScoop wil have it on here, and we who watch will have to function as magnifiers, i.e. spread the info coming out in those hearings far and wide, using all means available.

        4. colliemum badbadlibs 57thunderbird   Good term mum, magnifiers.  That’s us, magnifiers.  Pains in the but all American magnifiers and proud of it.

        5. NYGino badbadlibs 57thunderbird 
          The main stream media will cover this like they are covering the trial of the butcher of Philadelphia. And IF they must say something it will make the republicans look vindictive. Hence the low/non information voter will be placated. Dang it anyway.

        6. badbadlibs NYGino 57thunderbird That’s why we have to keep using social media to get the truth out- all the lies, all the pathetic, derogatory and completely thoughtless comments from “bumps in the road” to “What difference does it make” to Ketchup boy’s “We’ve got more important things to do”

        7. 57thunderbird colliemum badbadlibs Time for you to sign on Twitter my friend!  Your Scoop family on Twitter will help you get followers.

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