[UPDATE FROM DOJ] — AG Barr is considering QUITTING over Trump’s tweets!

It’s being reported right now that AG Barr is considering leaving the DOJ because of Trump’s tweets:

Here’s more from the AP:

Attorney General William Barr has told people close to him he’s considering quitting his post after President Donald Trump wouldn’t heed his warning to stop tweeting about Justice Department cases, an administration official told The Associated Press.

The revelation came days after Barr took a public swipe at the president, saying in a television interview that Trump’s tweets about Justice Department cases and staffers make it “impossible” for him to do his job. The next day, Trump ignored Barr’s request and insisted that he has the “legal right” to intervene in criminal cases and sidestep the Justice Department’s historical independence.

Trump tweeted on Tuesday that he’s considering suing those involved in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation and opined that his confidant Roger Stone deserved a new trial after being convicted of witness tampering and obstruction.

Oh man this would be the worst thing for Trump right now. How would it look for him in an election year if Barr quits because Trump couldn’t stop tweeting about the DOJ. I get Trump has his voice and all, but Barr is giving him an ultimatum and it’s one he simply cannot refuse. Barr is the best thing to happen to him at the DOJ and if he leaves, it’s doubtful he’ll find another AG like him.

UPDATE: The official DOJ account says Barr has no plans to resign:

As someone wrote on Twitter, it doesn’t necessarily dispute the report. He could still be considering it with no current plans to resign. I guess we’ll find in the coming days if Trump keeps tweeting about DOJ court cases.

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