BREAKING! SIXTEEN PEOPLE SHOT at New Orleans park after gunmen shot into large party [VIDEOS]

There’s been an awful shooting with multiple casualties in New Orleans after gunmen shot into a crowd at a park.

Here’s a local news report:

From the Associated Press:

New Orleans police say at least 10 people – and probably more – were wounded in an apparent shootout at a park in New Orleans’ 9th Ward.

Police spokesman Tyler Gamble says police were on their way to break up a big crowd when gunfire erupted at Bunny Friend Park.

He says ambulances took 10 people to hospitals, and police were told that others were taken by private vehicles.

Gamble says investigators don’t know how serious the wounds are, or what started the shooting.

He says there were two groups at the park – people who had walked there in a neighborhood parade and people watching or participating in a video.

Gamble says the video was being made without a permit to use the park.

Here’s video from the scene:


Here’s a really good description of the scene from

The after party that followed the Nine Times Social Aide & Pleasure Club’s annual second line was in full swing at Bunny Friend Park when gunfire erupted within a crowd of hundreds of revelers, several witnesses recounted Sunday (Nov. 22).

Music from a DJ was playing. As many as 300 people were wandering throughout the Upper 9th Ward park when the shots rang through the air.

One witness, a nurse who would not give her name, said it sounded like New Year’s Eve, when celebratory gunfire often occurs, all over again.

People scattered everywhere. Three witnesses said they saw a man with a silver-colored machine gun head toward Louisa Avenue. They also heard more gunshots coming from within the crowd as he ran away.

New Orleans police officers had been monitoring the second line, but witnesses say they were beginning to disperse as the after party kept going. As soon as gunshots were heard, however, officers were on the scene immediately, witnesses said.

Several victims were lying on the sidewalk along Gallier Street sidewalk after the chaos died down a bit.

I’ve seen many accounts say that as many as 16 were hospitalized after the shooting.

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