BREAKING: There will be a vote today to dismiss Trump’s phony impeachment trial

Hugh Hewitt interviewed Senator John Barrasso this morning, who revealed that there will be a vote in the Senate today on dismissing the impeachment trial.

Barrasso told Hewitt “Rand Paul and Ron Johnson have a vote lined up for this afternoon after we get sworn in as jurors. And I think that’s about 2:30 this afternoon.”

Barrasso added that he didn’t believe there would be enough votes to dismiss. It would take all fifty Republicans and at least one Democrat to vote to dismiss.

Regardless of that, I think this vote is important because it puts every Republican on the record as to whether they believe Trump’s impeachment should even happen. And you can be sure Mitt Romney will be one of the few Republicans to allow the impeachment to happen. The question is how many Republicans will join him?

I suspect it won’t be many because there’s really no point in a senator ‘outing’ themselves with a vote if they haven’t already put themselves on the record, especially if they believe the vote is going to fail.

But like Romney, maybe a few will have the ‘courage of their convictions’ and reveal whether they truly believe this phony impeachment circus should happen. If that’s the case, then we’ll know which Republicans are for this and which are against.

All eyes will be focused on Mitch McConnell.

We’ll be sure and bring you the results of the vote when it happens.

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