Brit Hume: The issue of gay marriage is now politically dead

Because of what the Supreme Court did today Brit Hume believes that, politically speaking, the issue of gay marriage is now politically dead. He says there’s just no momentum against the issue at this point and points out that this is that fastest change in public opinion on a major issue that he’s ever seen.


BRET BAIER: Brit you look around the country now politically and there aren’t Republicans running on this issue. Is this it?

BRIT HUME: I think this is it, Bret. I think that, while the Supreme Court didn’t really take up the issue today, what it did, leaving intact these rulings against the bans and given the public opinion where it stands, that there’s just no political momentum on the side of this issue.

This is as fast a reversal of public opinion that I’ve ever seen on a major issue, particularly one this contentious.

And there’s now a constituency in both parties in favor of this. You have, of course, many liberals favor it. They constitute most of the Democrat party. And you have the libertarian element of the Republican Party, an important part of the Republican Party, favoring it as well. So it’s been a fast movement, but a bipartisan one.

Now who knows what the long-term consequences is as I suggested earlier will be, but for now, I think this issue is politically — it’s basically over.

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