BRUTAL: Dem Congressman who beat Allen West EXPOSED for LYING about his PAST!!

An investigatory report from CBS has exposed Democrat Congressman Patrick Murphy for lying about his resume and it’s absolutely brutal.

This video is worth watching:

Dayammmmm. It’s too bad they didn’t feel like performing the duties of the free press when it would have helped Allen West, huh?

Here are some the lies Patrick Murphy told the American people:

In a televised debate during his 2012 run for Congress, Patrick Murphy provided the following description of his work as a CPA: “Well, first of all when I graduated college I went to work at Deloitte & Touche, I got my CPA license and I spent years going to numerous Fortune 500 companies, looking for inefficiencies, waste and fraud.”

That statement gives a decidedly misleading impression of Murphy’s time after he was licensed as a CPA.

Murphy joined Deloitte & Touche on September 16, 2007 working in the firm’s Miami office located at 200 South Biscayne Boulevard.

Yet despite working in Miami, Murphy has never held a CPA license in the state of Florida.

Instead, he obtained a license in Colorado. And because the requirements are lower in Colorado, Florida does not accept the license as valid in Florida. As a result, none of the work Murphy did in Florida for Deloitte & Touche was as a CPA.

Through a public records request of the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, which oversees CPA licensing, CBS4 News obtained a copy of Murphy’s Colorado application. In the application, dated June 26, 2009, Murphy listed his position with Deloitte & Touche as “Audit Assistant.”

Experts in the accounting industry said it seems unlikely that someone, fresh out of college and without a CPA license in the State of Florida, and holding the entry level title of “Audit Assistant” was tasked with “looking for inefficiencies, waste and fraud.”

“The entry level audit assistant is kind of like a gopher,” said Charles Lee a professor at the Graduate School of Business as Stanford University and a former senior manager with the accounting firm KPMG. “He would be given a green pencil and told to check a series of numbers. That’s a very junior position.”


So when Murphy said in 2012, “I got my CPA license and I spent years going to numerous Fortune 500 companies,” the truth is he only spent at most eight months – and not years – with Deloitte & Touche holding a CPA license valid only in Colorado, a state where Murphy has never lived or worked.

How pathetic is that? And how is it he got to be a congressman based on a pure lie??! Makes me wanna run for Congress!!

And that’s just the beginning – CBS has a part two coming out tomorrow…

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