Buchanan: Israel a bigger threat than Iran


Pat Buchanan says he doesn’t see Iran as a threat because they don’t have a nuke and haven’t decided to build one. But Israel has 300 nukes, according to Buchanan, and he asks which is more of an existential threat, Iran or Israel?


UPDATE: Philip Klein tweeted me to say that, though he strongly disagrees, he believes that Buchanan was saying Israel was an existential threat to Iran, not to America. Perhaps, I can hear it both ways, but I can see his point. So I’ve edited to remove “America” from the context. Either way, whichever he means, both are absurd.

Just to be clear about Klein’s position, he also tweeted to say:

Even given benefit of doubt, it’s absurd moral equivalence. Israel’s leaders aren’t talking about wiping Iran off the map.

He’s right. Buchanan has what I call the “Ron Paul syndrome” in this regard.

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