BULLIED? HGTV had already vetted Benham brothers over videos on gay remarks…over a year ago

The Benham brothers were filming their new reality series on HGTV, called flip it Forward, when HGTV decided to cancel the show. What happened was Right Wing Watch had labeled the Benham brothers “anti-gay, anti-choice extremists” and posted video of one of the Benham Brothers to support their claim. Suddenly, HGTV canceled the show without stating why.

Yes, we’ve all seen this before.

But the Benham brothers, both evangelical Christians, said that HGTV already knew about the clip because they vetted them over a year ago when this process got started. They said they met with an executive at HGTV and once the people there got to know them and realized they did not hate nor would discriminate against gay people, despite being against the idea of homosexuality, they proceeded with the show.

The Benham brothers, who harbor no anger toward HGTV, said they felt like HGTV was bullied into canceling the show and feel bad that HGTV got put in a predicament. Further, they also pointed out that RWW got it wrong in attributing comments to them that they never said.

Watch the full interview below as the Benham brothers acquit themselves quite well from this smear campaign against them:

So here we go again. The left punishes more Christians simply because of their views on homosexuality. It’s becoming an epidemic in this country.

But I must also add that these two brothers give me hope for the country, despite what happened to them. It’s clear to me that their faith is very important to them and I expect they will use this to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to more needing souls.

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