Bush internal polling shows CRUZ SURGE in South Carolina!!!

According to Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz, the internal polls from the Bush campaign show a much tighter race, and a jump for Cruz…

This would be very much like what happened in Iowa, where the public polling was WAY off. Either they were just inaccurate, or Cruz got a late surge, and a big one.

Hmmmm… dang those Evangelicals!!! Who, by the way, were a tiny portion of the electorate in New Hampshire.

Again, in Iowa, the “surge” turned out AGAINST Trump, even though he later claimed it was for him.

Shut up Kurtz!!! We need hope!!! Just kidding Howie, you’re cool.

Also what the heck, open thread – please take this time to tell me how awesome I am. You don’t do that enough. And it’s Valentine’s Day dammit.

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