Buzzfeed editor in full DAMAGE CONTROL mode, swears hit piece on Christians is fair

Earlier we posted about the hit piece Buzzfeed published against the church of Chip and Joanna Gaines, the hosts of “Fixer Upper” on HGTV. Rather than inspiring an online LGBT mob against them, Buzzfeed is now taking a lot of heat over the unfair and biased article.

Szoldra is a Business Insider journalist:

Ben Smith, the editor of Buzzfeed, is now trying to reframe the story to make it sound as if it’s not really anti-Christian, when it clearly is:

It’s worth pointing out that Gabriel Malor is gay himself, just not of the rabid anti-Christian variety.

Notice he doesn’t answer that question. Odd how Muslims get a free pass on the gay issue, huh?

But this isn’t what the post is about, as AllahPundit points out:

As someone pointed out, this is exactly the kind of thing that Americans are fed up with and why they voted for a guy like Trump who will at least outrage all of these morons over his very existence.

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