California family premiums go up almost $800 per month because of Obamacare…

Megyn Kelly highlighted this family last night whose premiums have gone up almost $800 because of Obamacare. Now they have to decide what they must give up in order to afford it.


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62 thoughts on “California family premiums go up almost $800 per month because of Obamacare…

  1. People really believe this crap? The (same) insurance company jacked the price up (on a policy that wasn’t required to be canceled unless it started after March 2010) on purpose. Who wants to bet it’s $299/mo on the exchange.

  2. Oh baby… must be tough knowing that your god and savior the all powerful Obama did exactly to you what Bashir wanted done to Sarah Palin.. and Obama is laughing so hard he can’t contain himself.. If there ever was reason for prosecuting this lying s.o.b. in the Whitehouse.. this is just one of them.. I hope these families get really pissed off and demand that this crappy law gets repealed…and the idiot behind it gets fired.

  3. Now you know what….if they voted for obama….you are reaping what you sowed. If not…..well it is a damned shame. But all in all this is what obamacare was designed to do….make life real hell for all Americans. After all it is the obama way….while he plays golf, has great health insurance, and Mooschelle jets to hollywood and all over the world with BO in the other plane. ( BO the Dog )

  4. My sympathy is thin. Sorry but it just is. People need to wake up and realize the world they live in. Smarten up as my Mom used to say. Either one can wake up with a bucket of ice water being dumped on them, like this couple, or they could of woke up nicely with the sun, regardless you have to choose.

    I think a lot this is karma…and I know that isn’t a nice thing to say but people thought they were going to get something for nothing. They are reaping what they sowed.

  5. But don’t they understand that their previous policy wasn’t good enough for them? For surely our president wouldn’t lie to Americans……

    excuse me while I throw up…..

    People were upset with the group that publicly announced that obuma could be a target for assassination. While I don’t agree with that, I do think the fact that so many Americans detest this man with a passion I have never seen towards another “American” (yeah, I’m not sure he can be called American anymore since he keeps doing things to bring us down) should be a wake up call. I, for one, will simply not be surprised in the least if it actually happens.

  6. Many people have NOTHING to give up… they are simply screwed!

    I am sick of hearing this B.S. of “there are always going to be winners and losers”. F.U. to any progressive, Marixist, libtard that happens to be reading this. This is a total redistribution of wealth; the total destruction of the best healthcare system on planet Earth; and the largest control grab over the general public that we have ever seen. You know why we have never seen it? Because this country has never operated under tyrannical control before.

    Are we going to allow the herd (that we are a part of) to be thinned out at anyone’s discretion beside God’s? That’s right you POS liberals… I JUST SAID GOD!!! STICK IT UP YOUR @$$ES!!!

    Man am I pissed off today.

      1. Strenght in numbers americans! what will the Communists in the white house do if ALL of us refuse to do as we are TOLD!!! And ignore his Dictator Law! It will crash an burn , just like his signup page. F. Him!!!

  7. Cutting that much every month will hurt the economy because this will happen en masse all over the country. The snowball effect to further destroy America is working and working like a well oiled machine. Obama’s bean counters knew this would happen and now Obama walks around as happy as a pig in a Olympic size pile of shit.

  8. As I have stated on another RS thread about Obamacare:
    The leftist lib-tards who are pushing this so hard don’t really care about the 80 million (or even if it’s 200 million) who lose their health care… they are thinking long term, and believe that after this generation is gone, the masses living in the “worker’s paradise” they are creating will forget the early pains this caused and it will be accepted (in about 2050) as “normal.” The libs would eagerly see all conservative Americans marched off to gulags, death camps, and re-education camps to achieve their global agenda. So they see this current Obamacare disaster as a mere speed bump on the way to their glorious future worker’s paradise. The modern Liberal is really just a Nazi in Birkenstocks and a ponytail.

    I wonder if they’d still feel that way if it’s US who put THEM in gulags, death camps, and re-education camps? Shall we start it now, please?

  9. they obviously had sub-par insurance. it is time they pay their fair share. somebody has to pay for obamacare. that is what the pres. said.

  10. Democrat Party: the party of the common man, the workers, the downtrodden, the minorities; it sure is putting the screws to all those that they claim they fight for and the ones they care about!!!!! Bunch of liars and losers!!!!!

  11. Notice that this family is selectively cutting their spending; and our government throws a tantrum at sequester time!

  12. I am quite puzzled as to why families like this don’t look at alternatives, especially since there was no mention of any one in this family having a serious health condition. Alternatives include short-term insurance, direct-pay concierge services, Christian medical sharing plans, critical illness insurance, accident protection insurance, and getting extra insurance on your auto policy to cover auto accident injuries.

      1. No, on the contrary, I offered these suggestions to help people destroy ObamaCare. They shouldn’t have to make these changes.

        However, I am of the opinion that for healthy people, health insurance should be more like auto insurance in that it primarily covers major accidents.

        1. Agreed, but Ubamacare must be repealed AND health insurance/care must be opened to the free market. Tort reform is also a major priority in this area.

      2. I agree with BostonBruin, there are alternatives to obamacare. We are members of a Christian Health sharing ministry. The best thing we ever did. We currently pay $370 a month for a family of three (it’s the same amount for a family of ten). When we go to the doctor (rarely) we pay cash, which recently our doctor lowered his office visits to $50 (was $80) for cash paying patients. So basically we have a major medical plan in the event of an emergency. Sharing one another’s burdens, it’s the way of the future, without obamacare!

        PS – our monthly share goes directly to the individual assigned to us with the medical need for that month. No middle man! We know exactly what our monthly share is paying for, whether that be a new baby or a hip operation, we know who and what we are spending our hard earned money on. With our share we send a note of encouragement and pray for the family in need.

          1. I don’t mind at all, it is There are others out their but I chose them because they are straight forward. Everything you want to know about their ministry is on their website, without having to give any of your information in advance. Nothing is hidden and like I mentioned your monthly share goes straight to your assigned family each month not to an office for disbursement.

            Tell them I sent you, if you decide to join. :o) They give referral credit, too! Our membership has grown from just over 21,000 in August to over 26,000 as of 9/20/2013 (latest info from current newsletter).

            More importantly, “Samaritan members are not subject to the penalty/tax and are not required to go to an exchange to show that they meet the requirements of the law.”

            1. Thank you for the info. I’m thinking more for my son and his soon to be family of four. I will go on medicare in July and pay the penalty for not purchasing the out the world, crazy increase of my insurance beginning in Jan.

            1. I personally want to thank you for mentioning this. A lot of people will see this and they will be helped. Including me.

        1. That’s what I did as well. And it should be pointed out that if you are a member of this type of plan, you are legally exempt from the ObamaCare tax penalty. And the monthly premium that I pay is less than the tax the first year (1% of AGI) and thereafter.

    1. Just off hand I would say that they don’t know about these alternatives. It is California. They didn’t have a clue that this would happen to them.

      1. I’m from CA and I figured out the alternatives on my own (see below) ;o) we aren’t all fruits and nuts out here, haha.

        1. I understand, but way to many of our fellow citizens, in California and across the country will not be paying attention until it happens to them. It’s true even in my state, too.

          1. I know, my sister keeps watching her policy premiums go up and she still hasn’t made the change. Her latest increase is over $165 a month, they will soon be paying over $20,000 a year. They are self employed and self insured. I don’t know how they do it!

  13. Meanwhile, the cost of electricity has gone up an average of 42% in the past decade. As more coal fired plants close this will only get worse. What budget cutbacks will allow this family to accommodate higher power bills on top of the o-vomitcare?
    I’m running out of words but not disgust for the cretins destroying everything that has worked for the good of the country.

    1. Many nuke plants are reaching the end of their service life also. We are facing a future energy crunch, by design. Remember 0’s campaign statement that he didn’t mind $5 gasoline?

          1. Do you find there are ironies peeking out from every corner in our bizarro world?
            Just another observation from Valerie Jarrett on twitter: Hobby Lobby employees should not be having their health decisions made by their boss.
            – But it’s okay for HER boss to make health decisions for everyone in the country.

  14. Obama is just implementing, by force, the moral code that everyone believes in – That it is moral to sacrifice, to give up your property, for the benefit of those “in need”. He’s just forcing everyone to be altruistic whether they want to be or not.

    What argument do you have against being forced to be altruistic, other than how you want to have the freedom to be selfish and therefore evil? Haven’t you been told ever since you were a little child, by your parents, your teachers, your preachers and by the culture at large that selfishness is evil and that you should “think of others first and think of self last”? Of course you have. We all have. So why do you renege on those moral lessons now that everyone has accepted as valid and right? You want to be selfish and therefore evil? GTFO of here! Your defense against being forced to be altruistic is pathetic and enabling of what everyone knows to be evil.

    Who among you is willing to refute and denounce altruism as evil, and stand up instead for rational self-interest? Only a relative handful – And THAT is why the intellectual battle is lost, why statism is winning, and why the Left are fighters/fanatics for their cause.

      1. Unfortunately the whole of society is chanting “think of others first, think of self last“, and people believe that’s what’s moral, even though the vast majority of people renege on it (and feel guilty for doing so) in order to survive and achieve some modicum of fulfilment in life.

    1. “A Republic, if you can keep it.” – Ben Franklin

      “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – John Adams

      Problem is that we are not keeping it, we are no longer a moral society, and we are only religious as long as we are not offensive to any other soul within a 100 mile radius.

      I for one refute state-sponsored “altruism,” because of the immoral and dangerous path it leads to: state-sponsored genocide. Sadly, you are correct that there are only a handful left.

      [Genesis 18:22-33]

  15. Hey! Republicans, Morons (but I repeat myself), will you remember to hang this around the necks of the Democrats who voted for this, come election time next year?!!

    1. They need to play an endless loop of two things.

      1) “If you like your plan you can keep your plan.”
      followed by:
      2) “It’s the law of the land, get over it.”

      Then ask one question at the end. “Are you over it ?”

  16. Welcome one and all to the fundamental transformation of the USA. Never made my decisions on the color of his skin but on the content of his character and what he said.

  17. Welcome to just the beginning of the fall out from this vicious law. The ripples have only just began. And yet there are still many people supporting this law, go on a left website (If you can handle the venom), they are convinced these things either are not happening or if they are, it’s to only be ignored.

    1. LOL, no different than any other issue.

      Liberals live in a fantasy land they construct for themselves so that they are never confronted with the reality.

      Anything that doesn’t jive with that alternate universe is ignored, or sought after and destroyed.

      1. You’ve got that right!
        I had someone tell me that at least the left doesn’t have their “crazies” in charge!
        There’s a level of stupid these morons have reached that is impenetrable.

          1. Lunatics can’t recognize other lunatics. It’s the same as the blind leading the blind; the only solution to blindness is redemption, which they throughly reject. They are indeed hopeless.

  18. Some of these monthly premiums are more than a mortgage or housing payment.

    Liberal economics exposed.

  19. Give Up? Lets see

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