Catherine Engelbrecht hammers Elijah Cummings over new emails

Catherine Engelbrecht was on Fox tonight with Megyn Kelly to talk about the newly discovered emails that show collusion between the IRS and Elijah Cummings and his staff.


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58 thoughts on “Catherine Engelbrecht hammers Elijah Cummings over new emails

  1. This is only one example of how filthy our government has become under obamam but the government can’t fight all of us. Let’s go get them and show the resolve this brave woman has. No guts, no glory!

  2. Once again, because Cummings is black and a demoncrat, he will get a free pass instead of a one way ticket to a jail cell for perjury and abuse of power! Cummings, Holder, and Lerner are nothing more than covers for their boss and all of them should be sitting in in federal prison for abuse of power against the citizenry!

    1. Hey buddy… don’t go trying to pull that “foreign & domestic” thing on me now… you DON’T want to go there.

  3. Think about it. Whoever released these emails is now willing to throw Lerner and Cummings under the bus AS DAMAGE CONTROL.

    1. A very very interesting point you raise. Only those further up the food chain would consider this damage control. Care to venture a guess as to whom is trying to control the ‘damage’?

  4. I’ve always found that the louder and faster a person talks the more likely it is that he is lying.

  5. cummings is not alone . Just ask schumer what the IRS has done for him when it comes to the RIGHT .

    1. This investigation will move into the Senate and expose the communist totalitarians there as well IF the senate can be taken in November.
      They have a lot to lose. Hopefully the freedom they sought to take from all of us.

  6. We haven’t heard much from dear old Elijah the last few days, is he on vacation? I would bet probably lawyering up would be more likely.

  7. Did anyone here stop to think that these policies were crafted out of love, ie love for Obama. They do love Obama you know. h/t jeb
    Seriously, this Catherine Engelbrecht should be in high office as she seems to be super intelligent and patriotic. She would be very good replacement for any one of several of these maggots, if they ever get thrown out.
    Never before have we ever had corruption of this magnitude, not even close. We need to get out the broom !!

    1. More important to keep her where she is, demanding that our VOTES be protected and counted. Everyone on TRS should be supporting her and signing up to help True the VOTE!

  8. The Dems just keep digging themselves deeper and the GOP is letting them do it. Eventually it will reach the WH.

  9. Ms. Engelbrecht is right millions of Americans are being harassed. She is just the tip of the iceberg. Many don’t know, haven’t piece it together or have and are afraid to come forward.

  10. Catherine Engelbrecht is a true American Heroine.

    Intelligent, principled, determined, courageous, honorable.

    1. You are 100% correct about her and boy oh boy do we need people like her who aren’t afraid even when they know they will be
      intimidated, harassed, lied about, investigated, audited, threatened, etc.
      I admire her very much.

  11. Is E-lie-jah a member of the most racist corrupt spiteful mealy mouthed ignorant imbecilic group of LIARS known as the Congressional Black Caucus? Why YES he is, so there you have all you need to know about him, well plus he’s a democRat.

  12. Whoops…Elijah “Holier Than Thou” Cummings has been caught in…another…lie. I’m stunned and shocked beyond words (sarc off). Lyin’ Dimorats!!!!! I’ve never seen such corruption and lying in politics as has occurred since the Chief Liar obama was elected. I know lying and crooked politicians have been around since George Washington’s time, but this is beyond the pale in my opinion and I blame obama.

    1. Hank Aaron can go F’ himself. I am absolutely fed up with racists screaming racism. They all need to be told to go F’ themselves… repeatedly.

    2. He was a great ball player, but likely took an inside fastball to the noggin one too many times.

  13. Catherine Engelbrecht is a courageous American patriot and she nailed it on the head when she said that what the IRS and other agencies did to her group True the Vote in coordination with Elijah Cummings and probably others in the Nero Obama regime is “the weaponization of government” against its own citizens.

    The movie “Captain America – The Winter Soldier” is all about exactly that – “the weaponization of government” against its citizens. It’s a great movie.

    Always remember, God does not sleep.

    God does not sleep. He watches and waits to see if we do what is right and then He acts.

    John Craven
    New Orleans

  14. It wasn’t until I realized Cummings is a smart man that his actions became very offensive. He knows what he is doing and what he is doing is destroying the institution that represents all of us.

  15. When Elijah Cummings said, “What she just said is absoluely incorrect and not true” in response to Cleta Mitchel’s notion that there may be coordination between people on this committee, staffers, and other government agencies, he was lying to his own committee. Cummings should be removed, indicted, held in contempt of Congress, end his salary, and thrown in prison.

    1. At the Least, Rep. Elijah Cummings should resign from congress. But we know, he won’t.

    2. He should be re-acquainted with Nero Obama’s terrorist buddies in Club Gitmo.
      John Craven
      New Orleans

  16. Yet, I hear/read others who continue to state that there is NOTHING to see here and the investigation should end. Unbelievable.

  17. If only this would be Cummings’ demise. But he can always play the race card as his last line of defense.

  18. ANY statements by ANY Democrats on this committee has NO credibility and should be taken as statements to obstruct this investigation as well as covering their own criminal deeds. Yet, people will continue to vote for the SOBs…

  19. If I had a 48″ Viking gas range, this IRS issue would occupy one of the Front four burners. The other three burners would have Fast & Furious, Benghazigate, and b.o.`s ID Fraud issue (Social Security, Selective Service, and birth records), respectively positioned. And NOW would be an Xlnt time to start crankin` UP the Heat….

  20. I think this liar Cummings will look good in orange or a black and white stripped suit, I guaranty it.
    Just think of it, one day this Mandel murdering communist piece of cramp, could be Cummings and his staff having their on prison clothes auction for other mentially insane miscreants communist to purchase.

    1. Managed?

      Perhaps these antonyms would better describe the mess that Cummings created — mismanaged? obstructed? made light of? impugned?

      1. I mean, it does, right? That’s like hiring yourself to investigate yourself! I can’t possibly see how this doesn’t warrant some serious sanction from Congress or minimally a requirement that he recuse himself from the proceedings going forward.

    2. They stonewall and lie to conceal the facts, and then the Bob Beckels of the world go on TV and say “all these hearings and you got nuttin’.”

      1. Agreed, but it’s kinda/sorta been apparent for some time that neither party really wants to get to the bottom of anything. No special prosecutors. No true independent counsels. No grand jury. I get what you’re saying, but, when neither party actively seeks to establish the facts, then (as much as I hate the man) Beckel ends up being right.

  21. Catherine Engelbrecht is a brave patriot who has suffered greatly under this fascist regime.

    Yet, MSNBC’s Alex Wagner states that the IRS is being unfairly targeted by McCarthyites.

    It’s surreal!

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