Catherine Herridge: The FBI had concluded Michael Flynn was NOT lying to them…

Well here’s a new wrinkle in this saga about Flynn lying to the FBI.

According to Catherine Herridge the FBI had concluded that Flynn was not lying to them, but that he was just not remembering things correctly as they had so much coming at them during the transition. She got this from Bret Baier, who learned of this from someone who was familiar with Comey’s testimony:

Bret Baier received some information earlier today from a source who has knowledge of FBI Director Comey’s testimony to Congress earlier this year, that his agents felt that Flynn hadn’t deliberately mislead them, but that he was somehow mistaken in his conversations.

What I’m trying to say…is that in the spring of this year, Comey’s agents felt that Flynn had made a mistake. He was overwhelmed, he was confused. He couldn’t remember the events.

But when special prosecutor Mueller came in and his team went through the information, perhaps with additional evidence, they concluded something very different, that there was a deliberate effort to do so.

In the first part of the reporting from Herridge, she goes through in a detailed way what the conversations with the Russian Ambassador were at the end of December as it related to the sanctions.

Here’s some screenshots from the video that explain it:

Herridge also points out that after Putin’s announcement, Trump tweeted this:

So the bottom line is that Flynn, after consultation with the Trump transition team, simply told the Russian Ambassador not to escalate matters over the newly imposed sanctions when Kislyak called about the sanctions.

And when he had trouble conveying this to the FBI, they felt he wasn’t deliberately lying or trying to mislead them. But Mueller determined he was and, as Herridge also points out, Flynn didn’t take issue with that during the plea hearing in court.

You should watch the whole video as Herridge goes into more detail:

In case you missed it, read the article where we wrote about Herridge discussing why the Trump transition team told Flynn to call the Russian Ambassador earlier in December.

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