CBO: 7 million Americans to lose employer insurance under Obamacare

And the media will ignore because they really don’t care. They wanted Obamacare:

WASHINGTON EXAMINER – President Obama famously promised Americans that if they liked their health care plan they could keep it, but a new report from the Congressional Budget Office estimates that 7 million Americans will lose employer-based insurance as a result of his national health care law.

“In 2022, by CBO and JCT’s estimate, 7 million fewer people will have employment-based health insurance as a result of the Affordable Care Act,” the CBO announced in its new budget outlook released on Tuesday. This is up from an estimate of 4 million last August, mostly reflecting the effects of tax changes.


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48 thoughts on “CBO: 7 million Americans to lose employer insurance under Obamacare

  1. And this is a surprise? That is why employers did not resist ObamaCare! This has the effect of transferring the costs from the employer to the worker / taxpayer!

  2. Just what Obama wanted! The whole premis of Obamacare is to destroy private insurance and replace it with UNIVERSAL, MANDATORY State-run insurance.
    It’s socialism, at best and communism at worst and it’s coming soon.

  3. And he keeps pushing his crappy Obamacare as an accomplishment. It is not an accomplishment, it is a pathway to socialism.

    That is also why many companies hire people part-time so they don’t have to give them benefits. What a crumbling society we have under the Obama regime.

  4. The media are going to be very, very unhappy when the collusion ends and the government starts telling them what to say… or else.

  5. The following transcript was from today’s Rush Limbaugh show when he spoke to a lovely lady named Donna from California about Obamacare and the shrinking of the economy that it is causing and the unaffordability of it all.

    It’s a great call and I hope her business friends will consider relocating their businesses to Louisiana or Texas or Florida or to some state which still is refusing to implement the Obamacare exchanges unlike Ohio and their caveman of a Republican governor, Kasich.

    John Craven
    New Orleans

    From the Rush Limbaugh Show of 2-5-2013:

    RUSH: It’s amazing how expensive health care is once it’s free. I’m telling you, people have no idea what’s headed their way. Even people who are moderately informed about this really don’t have any idea what is headed their way. Here’s Donna in Southern California. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

    CALLER: Hi there, Rush.

    RUSH: Hi.

    CALLER: You know, Rush, I’ve been in meetings for probably the last month with business owners out here in Southern California. Most of them are nonunion companies, all Republicans who are business owners, and everybody is looking at each other with doe-in-the-headlight eyes because we really believed that Barack Obama was not going to get reelected so this Obamacare was gonna be repealed and we would not have to deal with it in our businesses. So now, by 2014, it has to be implemented in your business. If you have employees that have worked under 40 hours a week, you’ve never had to give them insurance. Now, of course, you do, and it’s not gonna happen. So that implosion that you talked about earlier is coming.

    RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait. What do you mean, “It’s not gonna happen”?

    CALLER: Well, how could it happen when businesses can’t afford it? We can’t afford to insure these people.

    RUSH: You are supposed to forgo your profit.

    CALLER: Well, right and then whatever we do is gonna go to the consumer who no longer will be able to afford the product.

    RUSH: If you forgo your profit, maybe he can.

    CALLER: Well, right, but we’re not gonna forgo any profit. We are already have. We’re existing now without it. Any long-term business has been in business just for the employee’s sake, not because there’s any great profit.

    RUSH: Well, that’s the reason you’re there in the first place. You exist to provide health care and jobs for the community. That’s it. You’re not supposed to make a profit, and that’s what you’re gonna learn. That’s what Obama’s here to teach everybody, and you’re gonna learn that.

    CALLER: Well, you said it. You just said earlier: People have no idea how bad this is going to really get, and it really is. I mean, it’s gonna be companies closing across this nation. That’s why the economy is shrinking, is because companies are actually closing. (chuckling) So it’s bad.

    RUSH: They’re closing in advance of Obamacare implementation. That’s true.

    CALLER: Absolutely.

    RUSH: But, see, you need to be more like Amazon. You need to sit there and lose money, your stock price goes up, and everybody loves you.

    CALLER: Right. Well, that’s not how it works. That’s not the reality. That’s not the real world. Meanwhile, we have the GOP fighting one another — you know, Karl Rove and then the conservatives — instead of all of us coming together.

    RUSH: I know. I don’t understand. Look, for all of this desire Republicans have to wipe out conservatives, where is the same desire to wipe out the Democrats? How do these people get elected? They run against Democrats in their elections. How the hell do they get elected if they don’t fight and oppose ’em? Look, you’re exactly right. You’ve hit the nail on the head on practically everything. I appreciate it. In fact, Donna, I want you to hang on. Bring her back up. Would you like a new iPad?

    CALLER: Yes, I would. (chuckling)

    RUSH: All right. All right, I’m gonna have some in not too long. I’ll have one of these great 128-gigabyte storage ones. You may not know what that means, but it’s the best one. It’s all you need to know. Hang on so Mr. Snerdley can get your address. We’ll give you this for when you close your business and you’ll have something to do. It’s fun, you’ll love the thing, and you’ll find a way to be productive on it, too.

    CALLER: Thank you, Rush! God bless.

    RUSH: Thank you, Donna, very much.

  6. Another MN company with less than 50 employees is suing Barky over the mandated birth control and abortion requirements. The company is the one that helped to rescue the 33 Chilean miners. It is owned by a Roman Catholic deacon. He wants to offer medical insurance but if he does he must provide birth control and abortion. ABC mentioned Annex Medical’s suit but failed to mention they have won an injunction by the appellate court.

  7. Can keep your current health plan if you want (,or can afford, to pay 10x what you are now paying). Funny what read it to find out what’s in it really means.

  8. Here’s what we do folks. Let’s all drop our insurance. They have pre-existing conditions and cannot refuse anyone, right? Let’s get on the government dole. Let’s all claim Social Security disability, go on medicare and medicaid (if we hide our earnings), quit our businesses and take unemployment, take welfare as far as we can throw it and then see how long this liberal social experiment lasts.

    You can’t have an entitlement society without someone to pay for it. Once it collapses, we all know who amongst us will be able to survive and who will be lined up for non-existing handouts in Obamaville. It will be the quickest way to eliminate progressivism from our society, by forcing survival of the fittest.

    Come on, who’s with me? Let’s thin the herd through ‘man-made global leeching’.

    1. I’ve started down that path. I am insured this year but not using it. We have found a cash-only doctor. We just got physicals with comprehensive lab tests above and beyond what the insurance would pay for, for less than the annual deductible. Based on the tests we are off a few prescription meds and switched over to milder supplements.

      We will use this year to estimate out of pocket costs for our retirement, in which we will pay the Husseincare fine… and as you say, we will just buy insurance when we need it. The difference between what we pay out an the cost of insurance will go into a healthcare saving account.

      (I am still not getting straight answers form insurance agents on if the preexisting condition mandate absolutely applies to them so that my take the rest of the year to sort out)

      It is extremely important to find a doctor who does not use electronic health records.

      1. Every man has a price. Obama makes sure he knows what that price is.
        Roberts, like Obama didn’t make a mistake, they sold the country out.

  9. Somebody correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t Obama say that you can keep your insurance if you want and that the cheapest plan from the government would cost a family of four 2,000 dollars?

    Now 7 million people and their families will be without insurance and the cheapest plan will cost a family of four 20,000 dollars instead of 2,000?

    Wow. That is an even bigger lie then I thought they were telling us.

    1. Your health premium IS still only $2000. but the $18,000. is the tax part that Justice Roberts OK’d, plus your mandatory contributions to the Michelle/Barry vacation fund, support for Unions and various Democratic party special projects.

    2. Yes, you can keep your insurance if you want to. It’s just like those stock certificates you have of that company that just went bankrupt. You can keep those as well. Doesn’t mean it’s worth anything, though.

  10. There were two specific parts of Obamacare, struck down by federal judges recently, and a poster here shared a link to an article on one of those decisions. Does anybody know where I can find this information again? I read it, but I need it for someone else and didn’t pay attention to the news source… Google didn’t help.

        1. My pleasure! One is a MN case so I’ll be watching it closely…crickets from our media on this ruling.

  11. All part of the plan. Where are they gonna go then? Oh, here’s the poisoned apple known as “Obamacare”… go on, take a bite.


  12. The media might ignore this but the 7 million who will be without insurance won’t. Wonder how many voted for Obama?

  13. President Obama famously promised Americans that if they liked their health care plan they could keep it,

    Chalk this up to the many, many so-called promises (er lies) he will never have to account for. He has a get out of jail card for the rest of his term (from our “esteemed” fourth estate), that much is obvious.

    1. Thinking class action suit, something about fraud, misleading…

      If anyone doesn’t believe this was the plan in the first place then I have some ocean front property in Colorado I’d like to sell you, year round water skiing, fantastic mild climate, great deep sea fishing…

  14. Not only will the media ignore, they will celebrate it!

    More people on the state exchange and forced into government run “coverage.” Thereby, squeezing out private insurers. This is totally by design, as Rush would say.

  15. They are also being cut to 28 hours per week.

    Obama really cares about poor folks though. He cares about making them even poorer. Needs more Proletariat to take on the Bourgeoisie.

  16. As I posted on Breitbart earlier on this story….

    There are thousands of JOBS here:


    Jobs 1 – 10 of 45,749 – 45,749 Job vacancies available in Alberta on Indeed Canada.

    As a Canadian, I would much rather see my American friends get work than bringing in workers from overseas!

    Don’t worry you’ll get used to the cooler clime….but you will have work & buy your own food rather than become a “Bama Zombie on Food Stamps”!

    Besides, though it’s not Alberta, that “Tequila Sunrise” pic as my avatar is 100 % Canadian eh?…he heh….

    1. Well I tried to get in today. The immigration agent asked me the purpose of my visit.
      …I told her that I heard you guys had jobs.
      …She asked to see my work permit.
      …Who needs a stinkin’ work permit I said.
      …I told her I’m just gonna stroll on in anyway, get me wonna dem jobs.
      …I asked her where the kiosk was where I could get my free cellphone, food stamps and drivers license.
      …Of course I’d be needing that free operation before I could work, so I’d first head on over and park my ass in the emergency room cuz they can’t kick me out and hafta admit me to their hospital.
      …Are you frekin’ crazy? she asked me
      …No, I said, and asked how long I would have to keep doing all this before they made me a Canadian Citizen..

      That’s all I remember cuz next thing I recall was coming to in a dumpster in Buffalo.

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