CBS News: Top US security chief in Libya says State Dept. told them to stop asking for more security

CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson has sat down with Lt. Col. Andy Wood to discuss the security situation in Libya prior to them leaving in August and he told her that the State Dept. was telling them to stop asking for more security:

ATTKISSON: Do you feel like there was a disconnect between what you saw on the ground and what the State Dept. folks thought was going on in Libya?

WOOD: There was certainly no disconnect in our transfer of information to them. They were getting the information on the situation on the ground. We sent it up through State Dept. cables and I sent it up to the military side on the D.O.D. side. So, there was awareness of what the situation in Libya was about.

ATTKISSON: How did you get the word that your team would not be allowed to stay?

WOOD: We knew that was coming through the cables and the draft cables that were going back and forth. The requests were being modified to say ‘don’t even request for D.O.D. support’.

ATTKISSON: So State Dept. was telling the folks on the ground in Libya ‘don’t continue to ask for this help’?

WOOD: Correct.

Watch the full report below:

Kudos to CBS News for this report. Nicely done.

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80 thoughts on “CBS News: Top US security chief in Libya says State Dept. told them to stop asking for more security

  1. Snake Hunter Sez,

    Please folks, don’t blame Barry Obama; it’s his job to give us pep-talks on Tv, and show a little improvement in his golf game. His 20 yr senior advisor Valerie Jarrett is the “acting president” of the united states anyway.

    Our Secretary of State is making some ‘security adjustments’ for our embassies in the middle east, and she has Huma Abedin to consult if Hilly gets in serious trouble again… after those four Bengazi diplomats were murdered… so relax, go back to sleep! – reb
    ___ ___

    1. Oh please! Obama has taken 25% of the vacations that Bush did in his first term and has never done an interview about the war on the golf range like Bush did! I am so sick of all this anti-Obama rhetoric…I dare you to spend one day in his shoes, any one of you armchair patriots! Pathetic!

  2. By taking credit for what his team did to take out bin Laden, Pres. Obama also has to take responsible for the death of our ambassador to Libya because of what his team failed to do to protect him. If Pres. Obama received a request to provide Big Bird protection from Romney, is there any doubt he would comply? I’d be surprised if he didn’t send in Seal Team 6.

  3. The enemy is Here and President Romney MUST hold ALL those accountable, starting with the treasonous Obama. Same goes for those ‘civil servants’ who are politically appointed and continuously work to undermine this country as Levin pointed out last night.

  4. I can only imagine the dread and foreboding Ambassador Stevens felt when he was told to quit asking for more security even though he was aware an attack on the embassy was imminent!!! Hillary Clinton should be held accountable for the deaths of four Americans at the American Embassy in Libya, but we know that won’t happen because she’s part and parcel of a corrupt obama administration.

  5. Great report by the courageous Ms Attkisson.

    There may still be more to this murderous affair. Read this:

    “Did Obama deliberately try to stage a hostage taking in Benghazi as an “October Surprise” PR stunt that blew up in his face?”

    Read more

    Some rather compelling joining-up of dots, I think.

    1. OMG, Scoop, I think you should take Collie Mum’s article and post it as it’s own story. Holy Cow…….

  6. What was that sound behind Obama during the debate? That wasn’t just his poll numbers dropping, it was also Hillary’s election chances for 2016.

  7. If Romney wins, Sharyl Attkisson stands to get herself a Pulitzer. But if Obama wins, she’ll be sent by CBS to do local news stories at their West Buttplug, ND affiliate.

    1. Sober, the devil do not sleep at all anyway. These people are really destroying lives as in this case. I wonder if there’s anything good about life and America they do care about.
      For this current admin to get reelected again spells dooms day for this great nation.

      Loosing these lives that Obama calls a “bump on the road ” should alerts all citizens that loves life. This is how this man child look at your precious life. It’s a bump on the road, as good as not exist.

    2. But, uuhhh, you have to keep in mind that, uuhh, campaigning in Vegas is hard work!


      You can see how Lt. Col. Wood had been deeply affected by the entire thing.

    3. Hanging from the rafters upside down when they’re on the road, otherwise in their coffins when at home.

  8. I read this mere hours after reading about Team Obama derisively telling Romney to “bring it on” in regards to foreign policy? Wow, once again, karma gives Team Obama a royal bitch-slap.

  9. Great, but WHO at the State Department was telling him not to ask for more security? Did it go all the way up to Hillary Clinton? I wonder who the Obama administration is going to hang out to dry? I don’t think Bill Clinton will allow Hillary to take the fall for this.

    1. I’d wager it goes as high as Hillary. That’s why no one has been thrown under the bus yet. Bar Hillary and of course Obama, anyone else would’ve had tire marks on their back by now.

      1. As I understand it, the one response that Amb. Stevens received came from the white house, not the state department,

  10. Keep questioning the veracity of the story being told to the American public.

    If it walks like shit,talks like shit……Wham…it’s shit.

  11. Heads should roll for this! They need to find out who authorized those cables and convict them to the fullest extent of the law!

  12. NBC is the only one now who has not reported Benghazi gate and they will not be able to continue to cover for Obama without looking like Pravda.

    What exactly is the administration covering up? There are a whole lot of questions which need to be answered.

  13. Normally, I would say to this woman, “Don’t turn your back, be alone at night, or go walking down the street by yourself. You might just ‘accidentally’ have a heart attack.” But, since this is starting to break on most networks and all over the internet, she may be safe.

    Obama’s downfall will be complete when his personal network goes after him (NBC, especially MSNBC). CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX, Univision have all come out with everything from mild questions to scathing reports on this administration.

    You can’t pull ‘Executive Order’ on everything. Something has to give and I think this is Obama’s own ‘October Surprise’. If this keeps up, he may have to take the next midnight flight to Venezuela.

    1. She needs security. I think Chavez stealing his election is the preamble with O’Bambi trying to pull the same here. It frightens me we will have tanks in the street Nov 6th.

      1. With tanks in the street, I’d be the Tom Hanks type, in the movie Saving Private Ryan, sitting on the bridge, firing my 1911 .45 cal, trying to bring it down.

  14. Sharyl Attkisson has been all over Fast $ Furious and now Benghazi-gate. She is a very good reporter asking relevant and direct questions. Plus this just further shows the diaster that is in the White House!

    1. Both are indefensible. People died. People that dedicated their lives to freedom and liberty. I may not have support Stevens’ politics and Obama worshipping but he was an American and entitled to the best protection given his post.

      Has anyone else noticed the deafening silence from the families?

      1. What has been most interesting to me is the people who *haven’t* talked, those who haven’t come forward to add to the cover-up. What have we heard from General Petraeus? From the families of the dead? From the FBI – who were prevented from going to Bengazi for 3 weeks until the “crime scene” was sufficiently compromised?

        I still think that this administration was either arming or “in bed” with the enemy and that this was a hit on Amb. Stevens.

  15. Hillary and DuhOne should be brought up on charges of treason posthaste. There is no other way to describe the reprehensible actions of these two.

    1. No, throw shrillary naked into afghanistan. No money, phone or id. Tattoo a big Star of David on her big, commie ass. Leave her to enjoy her koranimal buddies.

  16. This doesn’t look good for the Obama administration, and it’s coming from CBS. I don’t understand… CBS is an integral part of the Obama reelection campaign. What are we missing here?

    1. Since I don’t watch CBS or 60 Minutes, I didn’t know how all of the stuff seems to be hitting the fan all of a sudden. Last night apparently Lara Logan was on 60 Minutes telling about her experience at Egypt’s Arab Srping back in 2011. Rush was talking about it today. She was gang raped and was lucky to be alive when they finished with her. She spent 4 days in the hospital where they had to repair lots of internal damage. No one ever said much about it except that it happened.

      At first I was just wondering if CBS was committing random acts of journalism, but it seems like a co-ordinated attack on the Obama administration. Will the other alphabet networks go with it too, just to keep up appearances? The new media will be all over it. The timing seems to be just right. Whatever it takes to get rid of the worst and most dangerous president America has ever had.

  17. This is malpractice and neglect by the State Department.
    Why were the pleas for security ignored? The horrible torture, sodomy,
    and death of our ambassador and 3 others were the result.
    Mrs. Clinton’s statements were a travesty, all lies.

      1. It’s just that simple. They might as well have pulled the trigger’s. Let’s see how Bubba spins this one.

  18. trea·son

    1.betrayal of country: a violation of the allegiance owed by somebody to his or her own country, e.g. by aiding an enemy.
    2.treachery: betrayal or disloyalty
    3.act of betrayal: an act of betrayal or disloyalty

      1. You think O’s counting on them taking out Hillary…??? He does like to point that finger of blame…..

    1. In other words, almost everyone on this post, especially the military folks on this blog should be tried for treason because you are all betraying and being disloyal to the president. There are many more details coming on this. I know folks in Libya and what you are all claiming here is a bunch of biased nonsense. Stevens told the state dept that he felt the Libyan forces he had securing them were sufficient and beyond the standard security they had, he did NOT ask for more security. Now someone in this bunch is lying! After the disasters of the last administration, to talk treason for this president who does more for veterans and military families than any president has of recent history, is just plain shameful!

      1. hmmmm. Nkif gotta wonder what you’re smoking… Obama hates the military, wants to cut their pay, their insurance, doesn’t want them to vote because they will not vote for him.. this is the worst president in history. He’s driving us off a fiscal precipice, he’s courting the Muslim Brotherhood, he wants to drive America to its knees so it’s no longer a superpower, he’s cutting our arsenals, leaving us at the mercy of the countries that hate us, he’s opening our borders to illegal aliens, when we have enough people of our own that need help, he’s apologizing to the people that perpetrated 9/11, all in the name of socialism. do your research, his own words betray him! Get ready for Sharia Law and Sharia Courts, they’re coming to a city near you with his blessing.

    2. How did that Republican $20 million dollar cut in funding for embassy security work out for you folks? Now you blame the Admin? Wow!!! Just WOW!!!!

      1. Hey Numbnuts. We need to cut spending, and the choices are not always popular. The real test of LEADERSHIP comes in being smart enough to reallocating your resources to the sites that are most vulnerable. How can he call himself a commander in chief if he doesn’t even recognize where the “hot spots” are? They sat and watched this unfold in real time, and CHOSE to watch these Americans die. The next day he hops a plane to Vegas. Day after that, he’s on Letterman, yucking it up. He disgusts me. I hope Hillary releases the proof that she has documentation of her orders to beef up security, and Obama denied it. Maybe then you will admit he is as big a failure as the rest of us can already plainly see.

    1. And unfortunately, the blind will continue to follow him off of the cliff. It is so sad how blind and devoted the little sheep are to their amazingly deceitful master.

  19. Another fantastic story by Sharyl Attkisson and what a hero in Lt. Col. Andy Wood for bring this matter to the attention of Congress. I hope the families of those killed in the embassy attacks are given the truth much sooner and much clearer than the Terry and Zapata families.

    1. Now…. Hwe believe that We The People should keep paying for his jet fuel, ands his golf games…!

  20. Huzzah RS– RightScoop is linked on the new! the word spreads about your excellence.

  21. Woodward’s been in the news lately. Hey Woodward, go get Bernstein and start covering “Libya-Gate”. None of the other MSM sycophants will do it.

    1. This is a CBS report….is that not the MSM? Come on….more and more are covering….ABC did another report and 60 Minutes Lara Crofton gave a speech just the other day in Chicago in which she drilled the Obama Adm over Libya….There is more coverage and it keeps dripping out and it is engulfing Obama on Foreign Policy!

      1. Glad they’re covering it, but it’s far too little far too late. Because of their treasonous failure to vet obama, and to expose the truth about the gov’t, the United States of America is at the brink of extinction. Far as I’m concerned, they should all be tried for aiding & abetting the enemy!

        1. My thoughts exactly Shell–they continue to do nothing until after Americans are murdered and there is no other alternative but for them to actually cover SOME news. Their refusal to vet Obama and then carry the water for him for 4 straight years kind of negates this. Unfortunately, the people who actually still watch those networks are only there for the prime time shows and have little interest in heavy matters like this one.

      2. Its been almost a freakin’ month since the incident the only reason its being covered at all is because other sources are actively pointing it out and they would lose all credibility if they didn’t.

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