Schumer claims he just assumes Obama supports Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, doesn’t care the platform has changed

Charles Schumer was asked this morning about the new DNC platform position that Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel, and he doesn’t seem to care that it’s changed. He tries to play it off as though most of the Democratic Party believes Jerusalem is the capital anyway. But when pressed on it and asked what Obama’s position on Jerusalem is, he claims he doesn’t know and that he’s always just assumed he supported Jerusalem:

Schumer is lying through his teeth. There’s no way in Hades that he doesn’t know Obama’s position on it, especially having a large Jewish constituency himself. He’s just playing politics.

But the party platform has changed and while there may be some Democrats who believe Jerusalem should be Israel’s capital, clearly the Democratic Party doesn’t believe that any more, led by Obama. And Schumer, instead of disagreeing with Obama, tries to sidestep this landmine and play it off like it’s not a big deal without offending his constituencies or his president.

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66 thoughts on “Schumer claims he just assumes Obama supports Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, doesn’t care the platform has changed

  1. I don’t understand why Brett Baier had the discussion with Dick Durbin about removing God/Jerusalem from all DNC speeches. Durbin spun the issue and never responded. So what did they DNC do, they changed their speeches and added God/Jerusalem.

    Now Schumer is involved and he said that Obamas feelings, he assumes support Israel/Jerusalem. The true fact is that the Obama regime has thrown Israel under the bus numerous times and they are pro abortion (hypocrites)…..Why give them any leverage that can give them a better chance of winning the election. GOD FORBID!!

    I like Brett Baier but I think he made a mistake by having the discussion with Dick Durbin (the bag of wind) in the first place.

  2. Stupid Chucky seems to stand for party first. Wonder if any of his JEWISH family members were victims of the Holocaust??? He would probably sing a different toon if Hitler played a role in his ancestry! I doubt he ever heard stories of Hitler sending his family members to gas chambers! If he did, he would be singing a different Jewish tune!!!!~

  3. “Schumer claims he assumes Obama supports Jerusalem as capital of Israel” — Well, you know what they say about assuming….

  4. The Dems are a deceived group of people and their party loyalty is placed above everything and everyone else, including God. As a Jew the senator should be outraged and demand the necessary change to the platform, but he won’t because he is being led down the road to perdition and cannot even smell the smoke or the odor from the fire and brimstone.

  5. This was a “nice” way for slimy schumer to be seen as pro-Isreal after his debacle yesterday with Foxnews. Guess he doesn’t realize how stupid he appears.

  6. Why the hell am I having to listen to anything Chuck Shumer has to say about anything on this website??????? If I cared to listen to anything he has to say, I would go to some left-wing website. The RIGHT SCOOP is supposed to be posting “RIGHT” points of view.

    1. At ease. It IS the week of the caliphate conference, after all. I mean DNC conference. Tomato, tomahto.

    2. Do you want Scoop to turn into what you get from all the leftist crap sites? TRS shows the relevant events of the day. If you don’t want to listen to the video, don’t click on the play button. I, for one, don’t want to turn into a right version of the leftie ‘sheeple’ who are spoonfed their diatribe and thereby get indoctrinated.

      This video, in my opinion, is relevant. The fact that libs are trying to run from the fact that God and Israel are both removed from the DNC platform is an important issue. The fact that Schumer is a POS has nothing to do with it, but it shows their side.

      Our side gets stronger when we hear their bable.

  7. We’ve reached another “Beyond Stupid” moments. If the freaking muslims hiding out in white neighborhoods and infiltrating city, county and state governments in this country can figure out that President Deep Throat is pos for muz-love, how can the world’s smartest, most successful, intelligent and creative people not figure out that the Obamerrhoid despises them?

    Consider the deletion, not an omission, not a typo, not an oversight, but DELETION!! of Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol the equivalent of smacking a schmuck upside the head with a dead Gefilte. Here, fools, welcome back to 1939. Want to feel it again?

    BeYOND Stupid!

  8. Schumer is a typical leftwing doubletalker who talks out of both sides of his mouth. He is the perfect example of why out country is reeling from lack of leadership from BOTH sides of the aisles. He can talk endlessly without saying anything that is definitive.This is why he and his ilk cannot be trusted. They cannot even trust themselves because they are so devoid from the truth. We have evolved from the inspirational work established by our founding fathers to being cowardly group of babbling fools. Since the demonrat party ceased to exist with the election of Carter, this was inevitable

  9. This is just incredulous to me. This IS the example of putting your faith second to an idol and an ideology. Faith in name only!! Nothing more.

    Making an assumption of a guy who has shown PUBLICLY his disdain for Israel. PUBLICLY. And Schumer just won’t admit it. There is nothing principled about this crapweasel!

    I have to go back to the book that Glenn Beck touted a while back. ‘How to Kill 11 Million People’.

  10. The democrats taking the Jewish vote for granted again. I wonder how bad this will hurt them in New York City, which is why Schumer was doing his best not to answer?
    Obama’s attitude toward Israel has already hurt him with Jewish voters, lets see what the new democrat platform will do.

  11. He fears being Bookerized should he tell the truth. This scenario will be played out more and more as (if) the Dems are asked this question. There will be lots of hemming and hawing and outright lying. It appears the word from the White House is for everybody to play dumb on this issue. This is going to be harder and harder to do as cracks in the armor appear. This may turn out to be very important to Obama’s defeat.

  12. Schumer is the Senate’s affirmative action Jew, and he is willing to play the part.

    Schumer is another reason why we need term limits or national elections for Senators.

    Better yet repeal the 17th amendment.

  13. Typical liberal response. We can just assume that the liberals will assume that all Americans like the current economy, the fact that the Catholic church is being forced to offer contraceptives, that Jews just HAVE to support Dems even though Obama wants to Israel to not only move boundaries to pre 1967 but also denounce Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

  14. Assume makes an “Ass” of “U” and “Me.” Chuckie, you’ve been around long enough to know that one should never assume anything with anyone, especially with obama because he’ll let you down every time!!! American Jews better understand that obama doesn’t support you, he’s more interested in helping the Palestinians chop up Israel and make it their own, while driving the Israelis into the sea.

  15. Let me say it: ANY person who is Jewish and votes or supports NObama in ANY way, is either delusional or not right in the head! NO self respecting Jewish person would ever support a man who spits in their face! Support a man that makes non-aggression pacts with a sworn enemy of Israel! Did you not read your history? Are you that naive? Are you a self-hating Jew? Can’t you see the parallels with a certain even in the 1933-1945 years in a certain central European country? Are you just plain stupid? There is NO reason to support NObama… Even if you are a Liberal Jew… For if Iran gets the nuke and….

    How will you ever forgive yourself for standing by and watching…

    Remember… First the came for the Jews? We do! Do YOU!!!

    1. What I am waiting for now is for Obama to repeat what Yasir Arafat told Bill Clinton at the 2000 Camp David Summit, “You Didn’t Build That” in reference to Solomons Temple in Jerusalem. This statement has become known as Temple Denial and is one of the many historical revisions being promoted.

  16. If he does not care, why not leave it in the platform. b.o. has created an entire adminstration that is the equivalent of the Fonz trying to say I am s…orry when it comes to Jerusalem.

  17. RS, you had the perfect word. Landmine. This came about because of Obama’s policy towards Israel, and he’s making it very difficult for Dems to explain it. They could come right out and say “Obama hates Israel”, but it would be political suicide for the Democrat party. They know there is no logical answer other than that, so they are really stuck here. Even if he’s telling the truth, the fact that he would have to assume what Obama’s position is is pathetic. Obama’s position should be obvious with no guessing.

    But we all know what Obama’s position is, and so does Chuckie. One of these days those stupid idiots will learn that if you attack Republicans on issues about the party itself, such as changes to the platform, we are going to reciprocate. Morons.

      1. Lol, just like Obama’s autobiography that said he was born in Kenya. They edited many things below it multiple times and never noticed the so-called typo. How stupid do they think people are? Democrat voters buy it, so I guess (they think) pretty stupid.

  18. How come Schumer isn’t calling for Sheldon Silver’s immediate ARREST – for handing over taxpayer money to hush up that little scandal ?

  19. No Senator Schumer, no way. Obama in many ways repeatedly explained: he just hates Israel. There is absolutely no surprise in this. At least stand up and say: I disagree with him and the program.

  20. …you have removed that Jerusalem should be Israel’s capital. Mitt Romney calls that shameful. Why ido that?‘ – CBS

    Once again, they do not answer the question of why. Attack the premise or poo-poo the assumption, but do not, I repeat, do not answer the simple question. I suspect they fear the retribution of the populace once we truly do find out why.

    But then, we already know why, don’t we.

      1. Some of us have (many gather here at TRS), but many still do not. They believe what the libs say even though the libs’ actions say differently. Our tough task this political season has been to get these people to see the light and see the libs for what they truly are.

        When that lightbulb does comes on, and more and more bulbs are shining every day, then we will see that Tsunami that I predict will wash away the insane Obamanation.

        If you watch the DNC at all (with your Tums and Excedrin by your side), you will see the likes of Michelle and Harry saying the American people know who Barack Obama is. Well, to their dismay, the American people are finally seeing who he is.

        Michelle, in her speech, said, “Being President doesn’t change who you are. It reveals who you are.” She truly doesn’t know how accurate that has become with Barack. As hard as he has tried to conceal his identity, being President has revealed it to all who wish to look.

        Oh, look. The Emperor has no clothes!

        1. But I think the Republican party is largely to blame for Obama being able to conceal his agenda. They play nice. They say he’s just not succeeding. It’s a lie. He is succeeding and they don’t talk to the press about what Obama is really up to…other than rarities like Allen West.

          One example is the racism charges every time we turn around. Dems try to say the entire Republican party is racist, and when they can’t prove it they say “Chicago” is a code word targeting blacks (for example). Republicans could have easily given a speech during the convention that would have listed off the history of both parties. If not a speech, say it to the press when being accused. But do they? No.

          Could you imagine the response from the Democrat party if the Republicans did list off the history of the Democrat party with the KKK, segregation laws, slavery, and etc.? They would have gone ballistic and would be bouncing off the walls along with the MSM!!!

          I heard a new excuse yesterday from a lib. Both parties were conservative back then, so it’s our fault no matter what. Additionally, Abe Lincoln was a liberal by today’s standards. Pure lunacy!!

          1. I take your point. However, what the libs are doing (according to Alinsky) is trying to put us on the defensive. Yes, we should state the facts, but if we spend all our time defending who we are, we don’t attack. A response that throws it back in their face is a good response.

            Take Schumer, for example. He used up all his airtime dodging and diverting, so that he never had to answer the question. If they’re good, it comes across as strong. If they’re not, they look weak. We must not be put on the defensive. We must stay on the attack. Conservative politicians that spend all their airtime trying to explain themselves never get their true points across – and that’s what the Dems and the media want (btw, you will never see Lt Col West doing that).

            The libs will lie. Like with a troll, it’s fruitless to try to refute their claims. Just state the facts and turn it on them. You would have a hard time refuting someone claiming that you hate poor people. Oh, you could try to give all kinds of examples of why you don’t, but you can’t really prove the fact. And if you did, they would twist the argument to another lie.

            We either fight fire with fire, or as in the racist scenario, we state the facts and ignore their crap.

            1. That’s true. If we spend all our time deflecting the racism charges we don’t get the economic message out.

    1. That was as sharp as a razor. These politicians wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes in my high school debate class. Non Sequiturs, Ad Hominems, dogmatism, straw men, on and on…morons on parade

      These pathetic communist pleadings, whinings and blusterings are child’s play to an educated mind. Where’s Bill Buckley’s replacement?

  21. Schumer is not dumb. He is a politician. It’s his job to play both sides against the middle. He does it well. Weasel.

    1. Isn’t it interesting that the politician who knows and cares about nothing but himself makes these high price talking heads look like idiots? Are they all simply starstruck by these sycophantic criminals?

    2. Schumer just can’t believe they did it too him while he wasn’t looking. But sure enough his butt is sore from it!

  22. There is no doubt in my mind of Obama’s disgust towards all things Israel. He supports Jerusalem as the capital, but for the Palestinians. The funny thing about this is that so many individuals, including him, associate the current “Palestinians” (in reality, Jordanians) with Muslim indigenous population dating back thousands of years. When in fact, the first “Palestinians” were neither Muslim nor Arab. They were Egyptians that migrated North (Philistines, Caananites, etc.) In a nutshell, there is truly no such thing as a “Palestinian”, much less an indigenous one.

  23. They removed Jerusalem as the capital of Israel out of the DNC platform, included gay marriage, the removed any references to God, included BObama’s name 200 times.
    This is a party of “In God we Don’t Trust, Everyone Belongs to Government”

    1. NO! We the People Belong to God! Government is here to serve US not the other way around! I know you know it V.L. But some don’t seem to get it!

      Libtards, I don’t know whether to call them sheep or lemmings some days!

      1. As long as you keep sending them that paycheck on the first of every month, they don’t care if you have sex with a pig.

          1. I guess I should have said they don’t care if the President has sex with a pig. I think I’m gonna go change that, lol. 🙂

        1. I am hoping Romney adapts the type of bankruptcy tactics with the Federal govt he used in industry. Past members of the executive and congress who offered themselves for service to their country will get a ribbon in lieu of a pension. Federal employees earning over $150K get a 35% salary cut (like we got during United Airlines bankruptcy) with lower income workers getting cuts down to 15% till we balance the budget.

          1. I believe we need to reduce government benefits and wages to the same level as in the private industry….if not less. Let them contribute to their own retirement via 401k like most of everyone else. I am dead set against pensions….period. They no longer work there so they shouldn’t still be getting paid. Pensions are for high dollar executives that may save companies millions of dollars, not for the bus driver that retires at 45 and makes more after retirement than he ever dreamed of making while on the job. It’s a joke we can’t afford. Democrats want to talk fair, so I’d like to ask them how it’s fair to make someone earning $10 an hour with no benefits and no pension help pay for someone else doing menial work to earn a fortune.

    2. That’s so true, this awful platform has just GOT to cost them votes. Its hard to see how much more leftwing these nutjobs can go before people wake up.

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