‘Charlie Hebdo attacks were caused by racism, hate speech and ISLAMOPHOBIA’

You probably thought this was said on MSNBC. Well, it was actually said by the president of Turkey, Erdogan who apparently thinks it was justified:

TODAY’S ZAMAN – Speaking about the Charlie Hebdo attack, where 12 people, including 10 journalists, were gunned down by three extremists in Paris last Tuesday, Erdoğan branded the situation as “part of a scenario.” Claiming that racism is the cause of the violence in Europe, Erdoğan said the hypocrisy of the West is “obvious” and that as a Muslim, “we have never stood by terrorism and massacres.” He stated that racism, hate speech and Islamophobia are what caused these massacres.

He asked the European authorities to take preventive measures against those who attack mosques and Muslims. “Look, these all are provocations,” Erdoğan said, adding that “these things are not being done for nothing.”

“These are all a result of a scenario. There are also games being played over the Islamic world. We need to be aware of this too,” he warned. The president said it is rather meaningful that Muslims are blamed for a massacre that was committed by French citizens.

Erdogan also slammed Netanyahu for showing up at the march yesterday, blaming him for killing 2,500 palestinians in Gaza, saying he should be ashamed of participating in the march or something:

When asked about his feelings over the participation of Netanyahu in the Paris march, Erdoğan said how one could view a man, referring to Netanyahu, who “committed a state terrorism by killing 2,500 people in Gaza” waving hands. “As if people in platforms are impatiently waiting for him to wave hands,” Erdoğan said, adding that it is difficult for him to understand how Netanyahu is not ashamed of participating in the march.

Turkey has never been as Israel-hating as it is now, but of course, it’s all Israel’s fault.

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