UPDATED – Chris Matthews says Mark Levin has crossed the line…then smears him

It’s really funny hearing Chris Matthews say that someone on the right has crossed the line…or heck, anybody else for that matter:

Well you could say that many on the hard right have been overzealous with their criticism of President Obama and the ACA. But some just don’t know where to stop.

Conservative radio host Mark Levin is the latest to cross the line. This time he’s likening supporters of the ACA to Nazi brown shirts – the storm troopers Hitler used to disrupt, harass, kill or intimidate his opponents during his rise to power in the early 1930s.

“Here’s the headline at the McClatchy Washington bureau, Obama strives to pivot from health care woes. Obama told hundreds of hand-picked supporters at the White House complex that America needed to move beyond the healthcare website to focus on the benefits of the law. A hand-picked group of supporters. All they need is special uniforms, Mr. Producer, and learn how to march, and salute and carry flags. I think brown would be good, you know, brown shirts.”

I’m sure Mark Levin’s awaiting my interview tomorrow night with the president.

UPDATE: I should point out that Matthews smeared Mark Levin by saying he likened ‘supporters’ of the ACA to Nazi brown shirts. But he didn’t. Mark Levin was referring to the people Obama handpicked for his audience. Obama’s been doing this since he came into office in 2009, handpicking audiences so they will clap for him and make him look better. It’s all propaganda and that’s what Mark Levin was attacking in this piece of audio, not the general supporters of Obama and his health care law.

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