Christian Pakistani family tells of HORRORS of being slaves to Muslim kiln owner

Making bricks is a big business for Muslims in Pakistan, with probably 3-5% of the population working in kilns all around Pakistan. But often the labor to run the kilns are bond slaves.

Kiln owners will give poor families loans in Pakistan and then require them to work in the kilns to pay off the loans. And that’s what happened to this Christian family in Pakistan, Saleem Masih and his wife Khalida. They were given a loan of 50,000 rupees (approx $813.00 dollars) which is around a 3 months wage in Pakistan. So the went into the kilns to work off the loan but said they were being underpaid dramatically and on top of that more and more interest was being added to their debt so they could never pay it off.

In essence they were forced slaves. But the money is only part of it. They were often beaten for any number of reasons, like if they were sick and couldn’t work. The slave owners would come to their home and beat them and force them back into the kilns.

They were trapped like many Christian families in Pakistan in brutal working conditions and were only making a pittance of what should have been their normal salary.

It’s bad enough that their working conditions were so terrible, but even their home didn’t have running water or a bathroom. They had to go out into the fields to…well, you know.

It’s a horrible story but thankfully they were rescued by Walid Shoebat’s group, Rescue Christians, and moved to a different location in Pakistan and aided in finding a real job making a normal wage.

Please listen to their story as they go far more in detail than I have about the horrors they had to deal with as slaves in Pakistan.

The cost for Rescue Christians to save a Christian family like this is only $600. You can save a family by clicking the button below to donate.

Save a Family

This is the only group rescuing Christians around the world and your gift is much appreciated.

We all know what can happen if these Christians remain as slaves to these radical Muslims.

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