Christianity thriving in China’s countryside

CBN has obtained exclusive footage of people all over China worshiping Jesus even though it is still illegal to do so without having government approval. CBN also points out that not only is Christianity thriving, it is growing more than any other religion in China right now.

This is excellent.

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20 thoughts on “Christianity thriving in China’s countryside

  1. As long as they’re not converting to Islam. That’s all I care about. Buddhism, xtianity, Taoism—all good.

  2. The Chinese government will ignore them until they start opening opposing government policy. At that time we will see another “Uighur” moment.

    1. Not sure what you mean by “another Uygur moment.” That small group of Uygurs that caused the problem do not now nor have ever represented the Uygurs of Xinjiang Province or anywhere else in China. The situation with Christians in China has absolutely nothing to do with the ethnic minority group called Uygurs. Christians come in all flavors of ethnicity from Han to Yi to Hmong.

      As long as Christians do not assemble illegally, most will be left alone. Do a quick survey of the Christians who have been jailed or beaten or otherwise abused. They were all involved in illegal assembling. To the Chinese, it did not matter who they were, they were illegally coming together as a group and that scares the authoritarian leaders in Beijing to death. There are Christian churches (authorized) all over China and there are even more house churches.

      One close Chinese Christian friend told me that there are upwards of 200 to 250 million practicing Chinese Christians in China including some who are in the very center of power in Beijing. That probably means there are more practicing Christians in China than in the US. And what is really interesting about this movement is that it is almost totally Chinese in its origins and dynamic growth. It is also very real and authentically Christian in all aspects of their beliefs.

      I have attended many congregations in China (authorized) but never a house church and I doubt if a foreigners has ever visited such a church as well. They are illegal but pretty much left alone unless they do something stupid, like trying to build a huge mega church like a group tried to do in Linfen. Instead prison and pain for illegal assemblage.

      1. The central government has a history of tolerating “movements” only for so long before they clamp down and clamp down hard. Perhaps,I should have used “Tiananmen” instead. The missionaries in Central America never saw the true colors of the Marxists until it was too late. They used the missionaries until they no longer needed them. We found many left in rot in the jungle.

  3. This is indeed a good thing.
    I pray that they will continue to see their numbers grow, as people there are introduced to the Love of Christ.

  4. My family has a good friend who is in the process of immigrating to America. She is Chinese and just as precious as she can be. She got straight A’s this last semester at our local college. She is loving America. My Father-in-law lived there for 20 years and loved it there too. She was his translator.

    I think it was Mao who said, I don’t care if it’s a white cat or a black cat…as long as it catches mice. Well, they are indeed “catching mice”.

    What’s the cat’s name Rshill7? Capitalism. But you already knew that 🙂

    1. We had similar situation. A friend and coworker working here as a pharmaceutical scientist. French citizen of Vietnamese parents who escaped Communists. A more loyal patriot would be hard to find. He truly understood the price of freedom, the Constitution and the need to protect strength through it. America was his dream. He worked tirelessly at his job and was productive and innovative.

      Immigration denied him a green card even with company sponsorship.

      US immigration policy is “diversity” based. We no longer bring in people who will make America great. We bring in Somali Muslims, South American Marxists etc etc

      1. Ahem…mi, mi, mi…

        Swing low, sweet pendulum, swing on back to where you belong. Swing high sweet pendulum, come on back from where you swung wrong.

        >i>”swung wrong”…that sounds Chinese. By the way, in somewhat related news, I think a good name for a Chinese restaurant would be “Two Can Chew”, don’t you?

    1. Lots of statistics but Islam is winning. Birth rates in Muslim nations approach 5. Christians under the survival level of 2.1

      Muslims slaughter Christians in Indonesia, Phillipines, Egypt, Paskistan, Nigeria, Russia, Africa. Just as we Christian nations and churches stand by and do nothing about this slaughter of the flocks we nurtured, we will do nothing when the Chinese crack down.

      God has blessed us with what we need to call out evil. It is we who turn a blind eye.

  5. “…Red and Yellow Black and White, they are precious in His sight…”

    It’s a very good thing. I heard China has a large population 🙂

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