Christians not safe in Egypt; 10-yr-old Christian girl murdered by Muslim Brotherhood

Fox News did a segment today on how Christians are no longer safe in Egypt as they are being targeted by the Muslim Brotherhood.


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36 thoughts on “Christians not safe in Egypt; 10-yr-old Christian girl murdered by Muslim Brotherhood

  1. Islam is nothing more than a totalitarian political organization hiding behind the name of their false god.
    They are a cult of death.  By their fruits you will know them.

  2. 7th century savages consider a 10 year old girl such a threat to their precious religion that they murder her in Allah’s name.  And the media and Palestinians make excuses for these people?  The Egypian military has the right idea:  get rid of these people by the millions.

  3. I heard on WBAI last night on ‘muslim state of mind’ that MOST muslims in NYC vote DEMOCRAT.
    That is all I need to know.
    So much for MODERATE !

  4. “No longer safe” – that’s not quite an accurate statement.  Christians have never been safe in the lands controlled by Muslims.  
    Muslims are not a religion of peace (that’s The Tyrant and the progressive left’s propaganda)!  They harbor a hatred for Christians that is born of the gates of hell.

  5. K-Bob I clicked on your link to the teacher who brings porn stars to class … What is going on in this country?! How can the school not fire this child-corrupting sleazoid, yet the rodeo had to fire the clown and ALL the clowns needed sensitivity training?

  6. So sad.  As in the Bible, this is not a war among man, it is a spiritual war. It is written these days would come, still very hard to watch the world happenings. The Lord will prevail. We must continue praying intensely and frequently for all the world, and people who suffer in His Name.

  7. K-Bob The little Syrian girl`s picture and story should be put on the Front Page of EVERY Newspaper in America Next Sunday

  8. You would think that Nero Obama would at least have come out and said this young lady looked like one of his daughters and that it was white Egyptians who should be brought to justice for her murder.
    John Craven – New Orleans

  9. Even many Republicans have gotten behind the Muslim Brotherhood and the uprooting of dictators that protect Chistians.   These last 5 years have been devastating for world security and for Christians.
    I could have sworn that lady was Solidad O’Brien.  Speaking of which, did she get fired?

  10. K-Bob
    True dat iz. Is there any reports about how many have been murdered since Obama’s love fest with terrorists? Just curious about the number differences between now and prior. I’m sure someone somewhere is keeping a tally.

  11. Orangeone ryanomaniac They’re welcome to read my prayer for obama, which for years now has been Psalm 109:6-20. And I hereby officially extend coverage under that prayer to the IRS, NSA, and DHS. And EPA.
    Might as well hang for a sheep as hang for a lamb.

  12. Not a peep from the U.N. or Obama on what is happening to Christians in Africa, namely Egypt and Nigeria.

  13. taurnil  
    No, it’s not “new” but it has stepped up greatly since barack lost Egypt.  That part is definitely new, and it’s clearly got his full blessing.

  14. Do you think that Martha actually believes Obamao will step up and condemn these actions by MB?I doubt she truly believes that will happen.

  15. PNWShan A sad story indeed,but remember that martyrs are the seeds of the church.God is a just God,and I would not want to be in the MB’s shoes.

  16. Again, this is a job for: the SPECIAL FORCES.
    FID: Foreign Internal Defense. Teach the Copts to defend themselves against the Muslim aggressors, like we did with the Montenard, in Vietnam. Redistribute the weapons from Syria to Copt held Egypt.
    SR: Special Reconnaissance. Have SFODA (Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha) teams work with the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) and CDD (Central Security Service) to find evidence of Muslum Brotherhood collusion with other terrorist forces in Benghazi and Afghanistan.
    DA: Direct Action. Captute or kill all identified targets. Detainees are to be shipped to a military black site for interrogation, before execution. Find, identify and make public by covert means all Muslim weapons caches and operational sites, before destroying them.
    Clandestine training and covert operations is the way to clean out this infestation.

  17. PNWShan Without a doubt this will happen. The Bible speaks about Egyptians that cry to Christ to come to Egypt to liberate them from their oppressors. “The Lord comes on a swift cloud to fight EGYPT.”

  18. ryanomaniac Or sharing information on US Christians since the IRS has been targeting Christian nonprofits, asked for content of prayers.

  19. Last I heard, checked, Coptic Christians were being murdered there before Morsi was tossed out so this isn’t new and the same old xenophobic tenant of the Muslim cult. Sure there are those practicing Muslims that want to live peacefully but the bottom line is this; those “peaceful” Muslims will be the next target after they run out of Coptic Christians.

  20. Same people Obama has for dinner at he White House. Maybe he is keeping our enemies closer?? Just for having those vile pieces of sh** in our country should get him impeached!!
    Poor girl. Disgusting and evil. Blood is on your hands Obama and who knows what else!

  21. I heard that the Muslim shopkeeper ran out of his shop, wrapped her in his shirt and rushed her to a hospital. I pray for this man and other Muslims in the community who knew her or others like her, that they would be sickened by what the MB is doing and that they would search for the True God. Muslims are converting to Christ in large numbers in the ME; I pray that this incident spurs more conversions to Jesus Christ.

  22. The middle east is on fire beginning with dumb a$$ carter destroying Iran, there was a semblance of order under Reagan and both Bush’s, enter the comrade from hell with his mother val Jarrett and the rest of the ME will burn.
    Jesus will straighten everything out one day. Be hidden in Him to bare what will come.

  23. Exit Bible Study, Enter Heaven and the Arms of Jesus.
    Her blood will cry out until Jesus returns and then you bast ar d mooselimbs will cry for mercy like the cowards you are and find none.

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