CIA employee suspended for refusing to sign non-disclosure agreement on Benghazi

Maybe Dan Bongino’s plea finally got to someone.

FREE BEACON – A CIA employee who refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement barring him from discussing the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, has been suspended as a result and forced to hire legal counsel, according to a top House lawmaker.

Rep. Frank Wolf (R., Va.) revealed at an event on Monday that his office was anonymously informed about the CIA employee, who is purportedly facing an internal backlash after refusing to sign a legal document barring him from publicly or privately discussing events surrounding the Benghazi attack.

The revelation comes about a month after several media outlets reported that CIA employees with knowledge of the terror attack had been forced to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA) and submit to regular polygraph tests.

“The reports on the NDA are accurate. We’re getting people who call,” Wolf said Monday during an event marking the launch of the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi, a panel of former military and intelligence officials who are investigating unanswered questions surrounding the Benghazi incident.

Wolf’s office first received the anonymous call earlier in the summer, soon after CNN and Fox News reported on the NDAs and polygraph tests.

The caller told Wolf’s staff that an unnamed CIA employee has been suspended after refusing to sign a Benghazi-related NDA.

“My office received a call from a man saying that he knew a CIA employee who has retained legal counsel because he has refused to sign an additional NDA regarding the Sept. 11, 2012, events in Benghazi,” Wolf said in Sept. 9 remarks at a panel discussion hosted by Judicial Watch.

“I called the law firm and spoke with CIA employee’s attorney who confirmed that her client is having an issue with the agency and the firm is trying to address it,” Wolf said. “Based on my past experiences with the CIA, which is headquartered in my congressional district, I am not at all confident that these efforts will be successful.”

The NDA agreements are meant to instill fear in employees and stop them from speaking “to the media or Congress,” Wolf said on Monday.


The big glaring question to me is why would CIA employees be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement on a phony scandal? If they’ve got nothing to hide then the normal non-disclosure agreements they sign every few years should be sufficient, right?

Hopefully we’ll find out.

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69 thoughts on “CIA employee suspended for refusing to sign non-disclosure agreement on Benghazi

  1. Eventually, the truth will come out. And when it does, the guy who was in charge will no longer be in the White House. But we know what treasonous Party he belongs to and that muslim/communists everywhere are trying to hide the truth. ANYONE who votes for a Demunist is a traitor.

  2. Let’s hope this CIA employee who won’t sign on to Nero Obama’s regime’s treasonous actions to cover up the scandal of Benghazi will inspire others to come forward as well.
    We need the help of heaven I believe to reveal the evil secrets that Nero Obama is trying to keep hidden.
    John Craven
    New Orleans

  3. Something to think about, our Military Leaders know what happened and they won’t come forward, as in crickets………, if this country got attacked I’m not sure they would know what to do or have the bll’s to do it.

    1. it is very sad isn’t it? where are the true men of this country
      if all the survivors came together to appear before congress…it would be such an awesome show of love for the 4 dead Americans…..the USA……and finally put obamaer and that bimbo Hillary in their place
      why gentlemen don’t you do this??? YOU are CIA you will find another job with your sweet pensions………….get some guts for your country

  4. Obama, Hillary, CIA, and Republican’s know who this agent is. Wolf says he doubts anything can be done regarding the CIA, and Repubs say they can’t do anything about Obamacare unless they get the majority again. It’s all BS and none of them give a damned about America.

  5. i thought this was a criminal investigation? any of you lawyers out there … can a witness sign a nondisclosure and not give eye witness testimony to a crime?

  6. These fellow citizens are also getting subjected to repeated polygraph tests. Can we revolt now?

    Yo! Govt spies reading this. You suck! Betrayer of our Republic! Stop now!

  7. What more does one expect? One of the lickspittle obamabots, J. O. Brennan, is now subverting the CIA(Corrupt Irresponsible Asses).

  8. What more does one expect? One of the lickspittle obamabots, John Brennan, is subverting the CIA(Corrupt Irresponsible Asses).

  9. This churns my stomach. Supposedly there was nothing going on there, so why would all the information leading up to the attack, and during the attack, be classified information? There’s a lot more to this than Obama and Hillary pretend. and I don’t just mean with the cover-up. There had to be something much larger than Obama not wanting us to find out he was crappy on supplying security.

    1. Hillary Clinton, for the first time in history, as Sec. State ARMED rebels and was trying to buy back the weapon’s to send to Syria. She is a criminal just like Holder. They have both committed acts of war against independent countries and deserves that same guillotine.

            1. Oh, I think Benghazi is going to blow up and take BOTH of them with it. This is like watching an house of cards falling down in slow motion.

              1. I hope. As slowly as the info is coming out I don’t think it will ruin Obama. He’ll be done before we get there, But it had better come out before Hillary wins the election.

                1. Well, we need the house AND the senate this time next year and we get them and Holder. We must win the senate.

    2. running guns to Syria???? perhaps more help for the enemy in Syria and Libya……perhaps the chemicals were not used by Assad but the idiots we are now giving GUNS to

      1. I’ve believed that all along. The UN said they used them earlier in the year and Assad had no motive to do it. The UN never came to a conclusion on who used the weapons, but that doesn’t stop Obama and McCain.

  10. We are in the clutches of anti American Socialist Progressives….you think they are going to let the truth surface? HAH! That is strictly forbaden!

  11. Sooo – if Brennan denies these charges (see the full article), can we now expect the CIA employees attend the House Oversight Committee and give their full accounts?
    Or will Brennan insist they can only be heard behind closed doors?

    I think we really should find out – and I hope the coming election will light some fires on the various committee chairpeople and members!
    Yes, you, Mr Issa, for starters!

  12. What this CIA guy will wind up with is government (read “us”) paying for his legal counsel. Just imagine, being fired because of refusing to give up your 1st Amendment rights! Constitutional law means nothing to the Constitutional Scholar Obama. What an embarrassment to America this guy is!

    1. Because the only thing phony here is Pinocchio . Have you heard about the other attack after Benghazi at Fort Bastion in Afghanistan 10/14/ 13 . It’s just coming out now . Why ???

      1. It was briefly reported at the time, but vanished very quickly from the MSM. After all, there was a Presidential election on, and they had to polish that POS in the WH …

  13. So, when is the GOPe RINO leadership in the House going to stop the Issa committee charade and appoint a special committee with real counsel and real judicial authority to get into this? And what about the IRS scandal? Answer, never. They are complicit!

    1. What about Fast & Furious? We never got the real answers for that debacle. Doesn’t the DOJ have to appoint a special counsel and of course he won’t. He always says the Dept of Justice will investigate which means the findings will be what they want them to be.

      1. Exactly! I cannot believe there are no lawyers available to the House Committee chairs who’d be able to tear the BOJ to shreds by now.

        So we can ask – what are they so afraid of? Has Holder, has thePOS, some dirt on them, thanks to NSA?

    2. I don’t see Issa as the problem and I have watched most of the hearings. Not only on Benghazi but on all the issues going on now. The problem is with the democrats, especially Cummings, obstructing the hearings.

      1. Cummings and the dems are well-known to Issa and his colleagues. He should have had his researchers run rings around the dems by now.

    3. Indeed.
      But as well know, they are all in it together – it doesn’t do to rock the boat, etc etc. excuses excuses.
      Perhaps next year’s elections might concentrate their minds just a bit – not that it has worked for Fast and Furious ..

  14. So let’s see, the first person to pay for testifying about the Benghazi cover-up, former Deputy Chief of Mission in the U.S. Embassy in Libya Gregory Hicks and now we learn of a CIA employee who refused to sign a nondisclosure agreement and was suspended are the only 2 people that the Obama administration has punished. Everyone who was complicit in Obama’s Benghazi cover-up have ALL be rewarded for keeping their silence. All I can say is heil Obama – freaking unbelievable.

    1. That’s no worse than Maobama holding an Unconstitutional war with Libya after winning the Nobel/ Joke Piece Prize.

        1. It is good to be back Milady! For some reason, I couldn’t sign on with lyvefyre, so while I could read here, I couldn’t comment here. I happy that Scoop reinstated Disqus. Sure Disqus has its problems, but I can log on and visit with all of my dear friends, like YOU milady!

          1. awwww that blessed charm from the South…love it! So happy Scoop got us all back together where we belong!

          1. Doing my best vg. Trying to cope with the insanity with a sense of humor and the wisdom of the folks here at TRS.

            Thank you for asking my friend.

        1. Hello Mum! Long time since we’ve talked! How is it going on the other side of the pond?
          I’m doing better, with the exception of a mild stroke over the July 4th weekend. After rehab, I’m almost as good as new! But I don’t hold a hot cup of tea or coffee in my left hand these days because it will let go all by itself.!!

  15. That’s it feds, keep pissing off the public. You may hold office but we out number you @$$hats. I say, off with their heads. We need to bring the Guillotine back.

  16. why would CIA employees be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement on a phony scandal?

    That’s a great question… as well as an obvious question. Well put! The leftist-progressives running Washington and the media have neither “truck nor trade” with the obvious questions.

    The contamination is to the bone.

  17. The Dark Side of the Force runs deeply through the District of Corruption, does it not padawan? Evil lurks in the White House and in the Halls of Government.

    All mistakes made by Obama, the Congress, federal agencies are quickly scrubbed from the public domain and those involved are pressured into signing NDA’s.
    Gee, ya don’t think government is trying to HIDE the truth do ya?

    When a brave Jedi steps forth to right some wrongs, the evil Emperor Obama and his minions quickly step forward to squash and defame the brave knight!

    If this is your idea of good government, you must be a socialist. If, on the other hand, this lights the fires of Constitutional Restoration in your heart, welcome to the Second American Revolution! This war will be fought in the courts, at the ballot box, in town halls, and, IF, all else fails in dislodging socialism from America, the Founders included the Second Amendment solution for just such a time as this.

    Don’t just get pissed off, stand up for your Constitution and AGAINST socialism.

    1. Well, there is that.

      When access to our government is only attained through the court system, and the common man cannot afford to challenge laws he cannot even understand as written…
      Weren’t these some of the issues we dealt with in the Revolution?

  18. Brennan, CIA Director, just recently stated that there was no intimidation of any Benghazi witnesses.

    So obviously, this report is the truth.

    Brennan is evil, a liar, an alleged Muslim, himself, certainly, part of the enemy of the Constitution Cult led by the WH Liar-in-Chief.

    We will fight this for the next three years, but do not allow the issue to disappear. Keep this alive. It is an insidious coverup of a treasonous event, a callous disregard for the safety and security of our Ambassador, our consulate, our State Dept. employees, and thirty other CIA employees and contractors. The Liar-in-chief went AWOL before they even knew Stevens was dead. Hillary went AWOL during the entire event. The two big name men who ‘reviewed’ the incident (crime-tragedy), Pickering and Mullen covered up the people at the top. They are criminals for such actions.

    We have a thoroughly corrupt, criminal regime in place lying and misdirecting this nation.

    To protect the Cult Leader, they do anything and everything evil, tyrannical and criminal.

    Be crystal clear in analyzing and judging these miscreants. It is high treason playing out in this Benghazi event and coverup.

    1. Pickering… that slug of a man with his ties to CAIR is worse than a slug. He also has ties to Soros and the National Iranian American Council. The flies (of which he is one) sure do gather around the sh#t… do they not?

      One slug…

      Another slug:

  19. Every person involved whether or not they signed a piece of paper should be forced with threat of prison if they do not come forth and they should be protected from reprisals from this treacherous obama administration once they’ve spoken up an told the truth about what happened in Benghazi. Obama and all dept heads who are involved in the ongoing cover up , their heads should be on the chopping block of impeachment and imprisonment.
    One other point The media if they were worth a dime should be bringing Libyan witnesses testimony to the American public. But where are they?

      1. I know, that is the $1.000.00 question with a zero sum answer. ):
        All those who are stonewalling or withholding evidence are pathetic people who have no heart or conscious, but fact is, their judgement day will come.

  20. Every fire starts with one match or spark. Every truth starts with one willing to speak it. Every revolution starts with one person brave enough to step out into the open and lead. Fire burns away the chaff. Truth illuminates the darkness. And heroes do the right thing… even if it exposes the regime for the corrupt, lying entity that it is.
    I applaud this brave soul and hope that congress gets to him and gets him to testify publicly… and then, that they protect this hero from the damned corrupt forces of our government who are trying to silence him (and others).
    Perhaps this will finally embolden others to come forth and speak the truth? Hoping so.

  21. Naturally those who share in the responsibility that were suspended are now enjoying full employment and someone who is trying to stand up for the truth is being punished, severely. But, that’s the evil is good and good is evil world of this lawless and hopelessly malignant administration. Scum, everyone who serves that ruinous o bama and his mother v alerie j arret.

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