‘Civility’ just a ruse to neuter Republicans

The civility narrative that grew legs after the shooting in Arizona is really just a ruse to keep Republicans from calling Democrats what America knows they are – Socialists. After all, it’s that kind of ‘hateful rhetoric’ that gets people killed right? Yeah, right.

The Democrats lost power in the House after Americans got too big a taste of their left-wing socialist agenda over the last two years. Now that they’ve lost power they need to stem what could amount to even bigger losses in 2012. Since they can’t really legislate to cover their tracks, they need to prevent Republicans from continuing to remind Americans about their socialist agenda – and what better way to do that than to decide that America needs a dose of civility. Of course they cloak it in the ludicrous notion that it’s contributing to an atmosphere of hate that might set off a crazy person on another shooting spree. But to any able minded person that’s just nonsense.

What is really at work here is the Left trying to control the speech of a small group of impressionable people – Republicans. They could care less about how civil the nation is but if they can keep the Republicans from name calling, they end up looking better than they would if Republicans constantly reminded America of their socialist agenda.

Think about the mixed seating arrangement for the SOTU Tuesday night that everyone was talking about. I’ve heard people like Rush Limbaugh say that Democrats wanted to hide just how large the House Republican majority really is, and there may be some truth to that. But I think it had much more to do with civility. If Republicans and Democrats sit together in a show of civility and unity, it creates an atmosphere that will make it tougher for some weaker Republicans to continue with the ‘name calling’. In fact some Republicans will even buy into it and chastise other Republicans for using such tactics which could create tension within the Party as well as the electorate.

Yeah, I know that sounds small, even petty, perhaps. But it’s just a cog in a much bigger wheel that is turning and trying to run over Republicans.

Even Obama’s rhetorical move to the center also plays into this civility narrative. With the entire MSM and political world gushing over Obama’s new and improved centrist talk, it increases the chances that Republicans will feel more uncomfortable pointing out his socialist agenda, or even calling him a socialist, and it will serve to neuter Republicans and make them less effective.

The bottom line here is that Republicans simply need to stop mincing words and continue to remind Americans just how destructive these radicals are to this great country. If they do that, along with some great legislating, I assure you that Americans will respond in 2012 just as they did in 2010.

UPDATE: I’ve updated this one to reflect the newer version I posted at Hot Air.

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