Clarion Project: Jihadi training camps found in Texas and 21 other states

Clarion Project’s Ryan Mauro tells Fox News how they’ve found a Jihadi training camp in Texas run by Jamaat ul Fuqra (Muslims of the Americas). This is the same network that runs Islamberg in New York. There are apparently 22 of these training camps all around the US and the reason they can run these camps is because they are American citizens and the State Department doesn’t recognize Jamaat ul Fuqra as a foreign terrorist group.

Ryan Mauro explains further:

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73 thoughts on “Clarion Project: Jihadi training camps found in Texas and 21 other states

  1. The liberty school understands that we benefit more from the voluntary collaboration of free men than from centralized government coercion.

  2. I think all we need do is let a herd of pigs run loose on their camp lands. Then they will have to find other land and just keep repeating the process till they run out of money.

  3. If they are Americans citizens then they are TREASONNESS TRAITORS. They do not have the defense of this country if they are terrorist TRAITORS!!

  4. “….the State Department doesn’t recognize Jamaat ul Fuqra as a foreign terrorist group.” Why not? Their ideology is seditious, citizens or not.

  5. I’m sure the FBI is too taxed to investigate because they have their hands full monitoring Christian Vacation Bible Schools.

    1. and Conservatives. Oh lets not forget the Military, The Tea Party, Law abiding gun owners & Christians period. Yeah! The FBI, NSA, IRS, EPA & THE SCHOOL UNIONS are monitoring all these above organizations because WHY. Oh that’s right they BELIEVE IN FREEDOM, THE CONSTITUTION, THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, FREE ENTERPRISE & FREE SPEECH.
      30 Million people flooded the streets in Cairo to rid themselves of the oppressive Muslim Brotherhood whom Obama supports. 100’s of thousands fought in protest in Ukrane against the oppression of COMMUNISM & tore down Lennin’s statue. Thousands are protesting in VENEZUELA against the oppression of socialism/communism/ TOTALITARISM/TYRANNY from the oppressive leaders.
      LOOK AT MEXICO, CENTRAL AMERICA, AFRICA all live in proverty & filth from socialism, liberal B.S. Europe broke. England, Norway, Sweden over run with Muslim Terrorist. ALL LIBERAL GARBAGE. Get rid of these looney tunes. Throw them out of offices, jobs & our educational system.

  6. It has been said that the 12th ImamBama’s “fundamental transformation” of America has arrived. Any wonder why his muzzi-bruthahood contingents are invited to secret WH meetings on a weekly basis? And let’s not forget his gutting the military and firing top generals on trumped-up charges… the list goes on in lock step with our consorting congress.

  7. homeland security along wth the FBI have files on them. but what good is it if this obama/holder admin. has censored and white washed any mention of islam, jihad, the Koran and any other evidence from it training manuels and protocols ?? We in trouble. keep yor powder dry..

  8. I’m sorry but it’s hard for me to believe that our government is ignorant of these camps. Surely the FBI, CIA and HS know about it. The question is are they taking them seriously.

        1. If the leader of our government is supportive of these people and we put him in the WH, we are the scary thought!

    1. They can’t violate the religious rights of these folks. It’s not like they’re Hobby Lobby or something.

  9. Add to this illegal immigration, student visas, etc. and what we have is:

    The “Melting Pot” on acid.

  10. Headquarters in Hancock,NY. PA locations are Warren County, Saylorsburg and Philly. Terror groups that should never been allowed!
    Check out FBI pic having a picnic with them at Hancock .

    1. THANKS, coach. It`s gonna be up to “We the People”, to get the word out…As long as b.o. and his muzbro slugbuds are runnin` the show, the Reality will be Suppressed….

    2. Woah Saylorsbug! I almost bought a property in that area. It was close to my old church. I now live in TN, but I dream of moving back to the Pocono / Stroudsburg area. It’s so beautiful there, expensive but beautiufl!

  11. The one thing the terrorists have is patience. For instance, when they
    failed to cause greater damage to the World Trade
    Center in 1992, they waited until they had a better plan in 2001.
    I don’t think they are training them to go overseas as much as they are
    training them to create simultaneous massive destruction in this country
    at some future date. There are huge communities of islam worshippers in cities all across the country.
    Purchase your weapons and plenty of ammunition. When this happens,
    I doubt if the police will be able to protect all of us.

    1. WELL STATED, and Amen, Amjean. The more one researches, the more one will realize you are Spot ON with your assessment.

  12. Any “religion” that calls for the murder and eradication of all non believers is not a religion. It is a murderous cult that resorts to deception, lies, intimidation, fear, and oppression.

    1. Just the type of stuff the DEMONIC DEMOCRAT/COMMUNIST PARTY LIKES. Deception, lies, intimidation, fear & oppression! That’s right up their ally!

  13. Sent the link to my contacts. I’m not going to say what I’m thinking.

    “homeland security”, my a**. We have a president who is an enemy combatant.

    1. I believe it is important that we not lose sight of the fact that this started under Bush2 who worked closely with Grover Norquist to bring islamists into the White House, FBI, immigration and intelligence agencies

      It runs deep.

      1. Check out our Duckie`s latest @ She posted Part 1 on 20 Feb., and Part 2 went up today.

      2. No BUSH DIDN’T BRING THE Muslim BROTHERHOOD or Terrorist Islamist into THE WHITEHOUSE. He sought to have a relationship with American Muslims PEACEFULL Muslim’s. Bush had these Terrorist on the run. He ran them into the ground & bankrupted them. Iraq was about free, Al Queda was about dead. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Bush wanted VICTORY from these DEVILS. Obama’s working with the Terrorist network & not for peace Brother!!!

  14. Ironic, how everything went to hell after the Twin Towers fell. Go figure, and then the USA vote in a Muslim President……..

  15. Just ban the freaking religion already and deport anyone who practices it.

    I’m sick of having to be tolerant of it.

    1. Absolutely. This is even worse – far worse – than illegal immigration. Members of this religion are on a mission to destroy every government and every religion but their own, by all means available.

      There is no reason to argue with, “dialogue with”, or negotiate with muslims. There is nothing to talk about. They never should have been allowed into the country to start with.

      1. …and to think the Democrat party is inviting them into politics. The Muslim Brotherhood is good…..the Tea Party is evil.

  16. funamentalist islam is CONTRARY to the Constitution, therefore a threat to it! Please expose this for the local residents of where these enemy camps are!!!!

      1. You’re very welcome! The one in Ruston, La. surprised me. That’s a very conservative area. I thought for sure it was going to be Kenner (suburban New Orleans near the airport) since the Muslims have taken over a large part of that area, including some prime land that they were supposed to build a huge mosque and school on (it may have been done – I haven’t been back in years) I know there was a small mosque in Metairie, that was pretty obscure until 9/11.

        1. I think muslim strategy is to seek out conservative areas, now that they know the muslim in the White House supports them. They know the “law” is on their side.

          1. You think so? That’s where they are the most likely to be met with armed resistance when the SHTF.

            1. I think they are counting on intimidating and wearing down resistance mentally and emotionally before they begin attacking people on a regular basis. The camel’s nose. Psywar. If they can dominate the centers of conservativism, the rest of the nation will be all the more easily dominated.

              And I think they are counting heavily on the suicidal culture of diversity and tolerance the liberals have created in America, and the muslim in the White House, and his appointees / advisors in the military, DHS, FBI, etc.

              Gut-check time.

        1. , and , among others, have the story up…better keep your helmet on, Sister….

            1. Some of the cartels have been hooked up with the muzbros for years…Hamas in South America, as an example.

              1. Very true. And they’re training the terrorists to look and act more Hispanic so they can more easily sneak across our borders. There’s been a lot of that activity in Monterey MX, as well, according to one of my formers clients whose wife was born there. I didn’t know until he told me back in 2006

              1. Good for you! This place is just way too huge (if you’re coming from NYC, this will likely look like Mayberry to you!) The city itself is run by idiots and falls into the “blue” category, the newspaper is just another liberal bird cage liner, and the traffic is horrendous! I can’t wait to get out of here! lol!

                1. LOL! You must be young! “Andy of Mayberry” – old tv show…little hick town where everybody knows everybody and everything about them. I’m not sure yet where I’m going-maybe a smaller town in TX, maybe back to La. –it depends on many things, and the timeline isn’t even determined yet. Likely no less than a year from now.

                2. Sad what the hippies did to SA. If the hippies from the sixties came back they’d kick the a$$es of the modern hippies that have turned the place into Disney-esque, fake, hippie chic.

                  The place was amazing back in the day when Gilbert Shelton was printing posters there.

                3. There’s not a lot of 60’s hippie influence here now, but Austin is a whole nother story. It always was liberal up there and it’s so bad now the city motto is “Keep Austin Weird.”

                4. Whoops, you’re right! I’m confusing the two again. Austin is where Shelton got his start and where the Hippie scene was. S.A. was not a hippie haven. I’ve been to both places, and I liked the more southwestern feel around S.A.

                  Austin seemed kind of dysfunctional.

                5. They’ve got a lot going on up there -it’s “Silicon Hills” since some CA tech companies moved facilities there, huge music scene, “green” neighborhoods where everybody has electric cars–yeah, it’s dysfunctional! lol!

    1. Wow, there’s one in Rockford, IL. Interestingly enough they built a great big mosque there a few years before I moved out in ’10. Thanks for posting.

  17. 8 years later, Fox news catches up to Pamela Geller.

    The jihadis are in every damn mosque in America for this singular reason.

    The camps are not the problem. it is those at all levels of our government and media who enable it. How about Fox expose them? Nah…. the globalists need to keep a few pitbulls among the sheeples.

    1. by Pamela Geller. Most everything I know about
      Islam came from reading her website. What a courageous woman!
      One day a few years ago I emailed her out of frustration; “What is going on?”
      Her reply, “Evil is winning”. I have never forgotten it.

      1. Meeting her changed my life. If we could elect Congressmen with even a 1/10th the courage and integrity of Pamela Geller, good would be winning once again in America.

        1. Pamela Geller for State Department appointment. She would straighten up the immigration problem very efficiently.

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