CMS Official: We don’t know who has paid their Obamacare premiums

The payment system for the Obamacare website is still being built and this CMS official testifying today before Congress doesn’t know when it will be finished. He also admitted that they don’t know who has paid their Obamacare premiums yet.

I thought it was all going to be finished by November 30?

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46 thoughts on “CMS Official: We don’t know who has paid their Obamacare premiums

  1. While successes such as penicillin’s discovery may be accidental and thus have little merit, many useless failures have been of great merit.

  2. This year when I file my taxes, I am going to use the excuse, “Uh, I was working on it, but then I got distracted. So i will send in my returns when they are ready.”

  3. “I thought it was all going to be finished by November 30?”

    Uhh…did they say what year? You have to watch out. These libs are very tricky.

  4. Has anyone here done their taxes yet? Is there a question, or series of questions, on what kind of health care coverage you have?

  5. They don’t know who has paid their premiums and those who haven’t are being fined for not paying? That sounds about like obama’s speed.

  6. All part of the plan. Force insurance companies to cancel plans for those paying, order them to the gov’t exchange where no premiums are paid, go to doctor and be turned away because your premiums are not paid, scream racism to get free services, gov’t will NEVER reimburse insurance company or pay doctors. Both insurance companies and physicians clinics & hospitals quickly become bankrupt. System collapses and gov’t takes over with doctors as gov’t employees told who lives and who dies.

    1. No need to worry. Emperor obama has ordered that a new government clinic be opened by next November 30th “to handle the overflow.” And in the meantime, if you like your doctor, you can keep him.

      The new Clinic is named after obama’s favorite doctor: “The Mengele Mangelah Clinic”.

  7. Don’t worry folks, they got it all in control, to control you that is. Remember, “Don’t let a good crisis go to waste”. Translation, one payer, government controlled healthcare. Stay tuned.

  8. There is no payment capability and there is no security. This website is a mere front end skeleton and a bad one at that. Who is now in charge of this thing? HP?

  9. that’s brilliant,

    they dont have to lie about how many people actually paid, because they decided not to build it yet so people won’t find out….

  10. I seem to recall that they decided some time back to use some sort of “reconciliation” process instead of a functional online enrollment & payment system. The gov’t is going to accept “estimates” of premiums owed the insurers for payments people are UNABLE to pay when they sign up. I feel sorry for the insurance companies as they have to sort this mess out.

    1. Don’t feel sorry for the insurance companies Patriot, we’ve just found out there is a “bailout” clause for them buried deep within the legalese of Obamacare. The insurance companies won’t lose anything, We taxpayers will be covering any loses.

      See, Nancy was right, we had to pass the law to find out what is in it, and we haven’t found it all out yet, they keep adding to it and amending it. It is the bill that will never stop being written.

        1. Gee, you’re not implying that there is collusion and payback of some kind going on here, are you? Certainly not by the “most transparent administration ever”.

          1. Given the insurance companies contributed HUGE sums to his campaigns I think they are getting what they paid for….when you do business with the devil….

            1. They thought the government was going to funnel a bunch of new customers their way – young, healthy customers. Greed – plus the fear of not joining when every other insurance company was – blinded their judgment.

      1. You’re right about the bailout by the taxpayers, Gino. My sympathy extends only to the poor schmucks in operations who will have to wade through the mess.
        I doubt many of these companies realized just what they were getting into but I’m sure they will long for the days when they could run their operations the way they did in the good old days before they let the gov nationalize them.
        If they had any sense, they would back the “repeal it” movement.

  11. It’s January 16th. Nobody knows if bills have been paid – and the billing part of Obamacare is still not in place? After how many weeks?
    Is anybody actually standing up and say that this is a government scandal which must be resolved?
    Is anybody actually standing up in a law court and asks that this whole shebang be repealed immediately because it does not even fulfil the simple guarantee that everybody is equal before the law?

    Why are people taking this lying down?
    Where is the anger, where is the uproar?

    1. People paying a dollar for coverage when another pays hundreds is surely not equal treatment nor a “tax”. I think a class action suit against John Roberts is reasonable for We the People to pursue.

      1. I hope Roberts is happy with himself. Whatever will he do when his homosexual relative cannot get medical care because insurance premiums were unpaid.

      1. Bowing, scraping and kissing Obama’s butt, along with most of the rest of Congress, that’s where!

      2. John Boehner, John Boehner. That name sounds familiar for some reason. Where have I heard that?

        Was he the drummer in Led Zeppelin?

    2. Well that would be Issa’s job but he is busy dropping the Holder contempt, blocking the Benghazi Select Committee, oh and working on the GOP amnesty plan.

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