CNN host offers the STUPIDEST reason border security ‘HURTS’ America… WATCH!

One of the worst things CNN has done to show its bias is to give “comedian” Kamau Bell a show documenting all the racially racist stories in America he can find. They’re all terribly biased and mind-bogglingly stupid, so of course he got an Emmy for them.

In any case, in his latest idiotic offering he tells Jake Tapper how border security is “hurting” America.

You won’t believe it:

Yup, he says that America is hurt because Mexicans can’t cross the border to shop in Nogales, Arizona. Dude. Like, wow. That is the most blisteringly stupid reason to open the borders I’ve ever heard.


Even if Nogales was utterly destroyed by there being no open borders, we would STILL be doing better than handing out literally billions in welfare that ends up in illegals’ hands (through their American born kids), and all the huge costs that illegals incur on the social safety net.

But I guess we have to worry about shopkeepers in Nogales, so let’s throw open the borders!!

I mean, honestly, I could make a better argument than that off the top of my head, but it doesn’t matter because CNN viewers, and apparently Jake Tapper, will accept anything if it pushes open borders.

Unbelievably stupid. Or rather, all too believable from the left, and CNN…

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